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  1. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    Cor blimey, golly jeepers, e-paranoia does get a bit wearing. There was another thread with exactly the same name as this one, that got taken down because it strayed into ad hominems and name-calling arguing both sides of the well trodden Seal Team 6, or more realistically 'Man at G10", shooting attire debate. The thread was then regenerated, for some reason, who knows why, and I don't actually mind or care, it's obviously of interest to some, with an identical title. I imagine your 'gone' post was collateral damage in the destruction of the Seal Team 6 version. Hugs and flowers all round. Everyone OK now? (I'm actually silently screaming 'FFS', well, nearer 'FFFFFFFFS' with spittle and froth. This repetitive, ungrateful, righteous indignation e-paranoia (sorry, not just your post JB1, myriad other sniffy and handbag comments like 'I expect the mods didn't like it' etc), when all the modding crew is trying to do is maintain a civil and mutually-respectful hobby space for us all to enjoy, is beginning to 'do my head in')
  2. Think that'd have to be answered with 'define best'. If it's only in terms of sharpness, then yes. But if it's 'best for intended application', then no. Best for making razor sharp edges? Yes Best for dive knives etc? No
  3. They're also generally hammer forged, for cheapness, which I suspect is the primary driver for that choice, and I would suspect that there are multiple other economies of scale for mass production (ie non-stainless is cheaper) and production (tooling wear etc?) that drive military-lowest-bidder choice away from stainless.
  4. Only just caught up with this thread. Fascinating stuff and awesomely expert. My thick take on the original question is 'always stainless' - based on simple reasoning that I wouldn't buy a non-stainless knife for practical outdoor use, cos, without pampering, it'd rust.
  5. Is the image of the British shooter important?

    In this debate, there appear to be those to whom this cartoon would describe a truism, and those to whom it would not. Shall we leave this apparently irreconcilable and circular debate there?
  6. 10x42 ELs (with old style Butler Creek scope caps fitted to the objectives in place of the useless Swaro obj covers - the butlers show flaked paint when I originally painted them green ) Glass perfect. Would describe as close to mint, less for small & normal wear to the anodising on the bridge. The best there is: £950 shipped (bank transfer or cash, please).
  7. What sort of charge weight does that thing have?!
  8. Military History

    Years back, heard an after dinner talk by one of that crowd. Most understated chap I ever met.

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