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  1. brown dog


  2. brown dog

    AR Iron Sights

    Like to drop me a pm?
  3. brown dog

    AR Iron Sights

    Mark, thanks, apols, I should have said, I'm after something 'permanent' rather than pop up. Edit to add: Something 416 or LMTish
  4. brown dog

    AR Iron Sights

    Scratching an itch: Anyone got any picatinny iron sights gathering dust they'd like to sell?
  5. brown dog

    Oceania Defence

    Yup. Have to say though, I've tried/heard some shockers that don't even give the (false) impression of being ear safe.... one particular Brit brand leaps to mind. As regards diminishing returns on firearms launching supersonic projectiles, I'm not sure I understand where the similarly logarithmic increased cash spend chasing the Nth degree of suppression sits against the realities of supersonic crack?
  6. brown dog


    Steve, I seem to be unable to pm you. Is your inbox full? Atb Matt
  7. I'll buy it back, less the scope and bipod, if you'd like to ping me a price.
  8. brown dog

    Red light headtorch

    Thanks - trying to find one with red-only.
  9. brown dog

    Red light headtorch

    After a lightweight, exclusively red light headtorch, grateful for any recommendations!
  10. brown dog

    .22 tracer rounds

  11. Sounds to be an amazing facility. Out of no more than idle fascination (since, less for MBTs, you're at indirect fire distances, to my brain!) : What's the size of the target at 2 miles? - must be hard to see, let alone hit! What sort of kit (particularly optics) are people using? What sort of groups are being achieved?
  12. Just occurred to me that I still haven't sold these. Offers?
  13. brown dog

    Mdt chaissy

    Or in UK: https://www.blackrifle.co.uk
  14. brown dog

    Mdt chaissy

    What country are you in Torsten?

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