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  1. brown dog

    VhitN140- 123grn

    My memory has the factory ammo being unreproducable with identical chargeweights of either 140 or 150; I remember the deduction back then was that the powder in the commercially loaded stuff sat somewhere between 140 and 150(?)
  2. brown dog

    VhitN140- 123grn

    I think you're spot on - and it's little more than brain-in-neutral-crowd following internet fashion; chasing imagined advantages that, empirically, are unrealisable. I don't think any of the 6.5s offer anything empirically different, to a field shooter, to 6.5x55. My personal mind game includes buying the best brass - and, to me, that's Lapua. Repeat after me: "We are all individuals" 😂
  3. brown dog

    VhitN140- 123grn

    Mark, was this the thread? Just had an amused 5 minutes re-reading it!😂😊 I'm a bit of a reload-nuance non-believer, so probably not the best person to take reloading advice from, I just expect sensible (consistently produced) stuff to work and I generally find it does. (I'd say absolute consistency of production (and shooting technique) is more important at he target than a few fractions of a grain deliberate load changes - I think there's a bunch of interesting pschology affecting how people operate and interpret what they're seeing/doing in this area) You'll see my results with 37.5gr, and the comments of others with far greater reloading knowledge. Don't really have much to add to the findings in that - N140 is an excellent choice for 6.5x47 - especially when also taken in the 'holistic' sense - ease of supply, lot to lot consistency, temperature sensitivity. [Edit: If I struggled to find n140, I'd look for a powder marketed as an equivalent, and with similar chemistry - without checking my memory, I think one of the reload swiss powders was in that category - but I wouldn't compare/contrast, just pick a sensible powder (and n140 definitely is one) produce totally consistent ammo, and expect it to work...and it will]
  4. brown dog

    Wanted: EOTECH

    Now sorted, courtesy of Savage Steve. 😊
  5. brown dog

    Wanted: EOTECH

    After an unwanted Eotech, Pref a 512. 1 moa dot. Must have box, paperwork and original receipt (or happy to consider suggestions of other ways of demonstrating authenticity)
  6. brown dog

    Sorted thanks

  7. brown dog

    British Military Watches

    You thinking of the personal dosimeters on g10 straps?
  8. brown dog

    British Military Watches

    Not sure they were that good - IWC, Rolex and Omega excepted- I think it's more about being hard-to-get coupled with the same mindset that thinks anything issued is special (as opposed to the reality of it being the product of the lowest bidder! 😂)
  9. brown dog

    British Military Watches

    I think that's what bank robbers say in films 😂 Squaddies? Only rarely, if in a job that needed one, but generally no.... and some eejits would pride themselves on not wearing any watch in order to have a sort-of excuse for being late - wouldn't last long.
  10. brown dog

    British Military Watches

    Would depend on job, and whether 'needing to know the time' was part of that job, so, generally, Cpl and above if in a command position eg sect comd, gun no1, tank comd, or, maybe LCpl as 2IC. Watches were G1098, issued to sub unit as MODACS for individual issue by the sub-unit Q: SQMS/CQMS/BQMS
  11. brown dog

    British Military Watches

    I think one of the probs is that actually, most can't sniff them out, and even when sniffed out for them by those who can, many are too apathetic to care... there was one fairly well known 'smith 'outed' as a walt on here; many stated they couldn't care a less as long as he made a good rifle. Welcome to honour and values in modern Britain. 😕 Anyway, great watch vid! 😊
  12. brown dog

    British Military Watches

    Really good. Thanks!
  13. This poster caught my eye just now:
  14. brown dog

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    MV: Has the minimum mv requirement been removed for Scotland? If not, I'd wonder whether 30/30 out of a 14" barrel is deer legal. ME: Similarly, has anyone done the maths on 30/30 out of a 12 or 14" barrel? I'd also wonder whether it would be sufficient in either Scot or Eng/Wales (?)
  15. brown dog

    What pistol grip

    Ergo grip on mine: https://www.blackrifle.co.uk/Ergo-Flat-Top-Tactical-Deluxe-Grip-p/ergo-td-ft.htm

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