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  1. brown dog

    6 Creedmoor

  2. brown dog

    6 Creedmoor

    😂 Yup, 6cm, great calibre - but, too much for fox? ☺
  3. brown dog

    D-Day recollections

  4. brown dog

    D-Day recollections

  5. brown dog

    How do I add a photo to a PM?

    Got it - don't think I can try it from mobile app as can't see url. And..a security glitch? Can you link other people's photos that they've shared to you as a friend, and set not to be public?
  6. brown dog

    How do I add a photo to a PM?

    😂😂 (mis)understood!
  7. brown dog

    How do I add a photo to a PM?

    How'd you do that?! Affected by privacy settings?
  8. brown dog

    How do I add a photo to a PM?

    My personal micro-experience was exchanging an email with a legal clerk with whom I have zero, zip, nada connection beyond that email - within hours, they appeared as a 'friend suggestion' on fb. Big (secret and misused) data. FB is deffo not a place to electronically network yourself to unknown people with an unknown data footprint that may get you placed in parts of an intelligence venn diagram that you wouldn't choose ...and I keep getting ads for russian wives, which makes no sense (😂😂) [Tel, just scanned that talk you mentioned; pity she links it to Brexit, which will prob switch off 50% of readers, but I like her line that 'FB is a crime scene, and they hold all the evidence']
  9. brown dog

    How do I add a photo to a PM?

    Yeah, but here, your personal data and pics aren't getting secretly cross referenced to ALL your other web activity, your online banking, your email accounts, your email content, all the pages you visit, all your searches etc and sold and re-sold and re- sold for whatever uses to whoever wants it........ just a thought 😉 😊
  10. brown dog

    First Official PRL comp at Roundhouse.

    Great pics! (Who's the prize giver?)
  11. brown dog

    How do I add a photo to a PM?

    I've not been able to. I don't think the functionality exists.
  12. brown dog

    The 'Paradox Gun' is reborn - in Russia

    Very interesting - I see they also tried a Lancaster oval bore version; I suspect that the Lancaster version would, arguably, qualify as smoothbore in UK law (?)
  13. brown dog

    The very last BAR-22

    The most fun rifle I own, Mark and your product support has been above and beyond.

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