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  1. brown dog

    The very last BAR-22

    The most fun rifle I own, Mark and your product support has been above and beyond.
  2. Ha! My thoughts exactly!😂
  3. and p/x considered : FAC .22 air rifle, workhorse side by side, moderated 12b.
  4. Tooth and Nail conversion for me by Bradders. Magpul MOE stock. Magpul recoil pad. Mil spec Buffer tube, castle nut etc. Large bolt handle installed. Large mag release fitted. 4 x 10rd mags 2 x5rd mags (All mags fettled for previous owner by shooting shed). Box and all original ancillaries. Obviously, FAC, not SGC. £480 plus transfer fees at cost.
  5. brown dog

    site not secure

    Thanks Nick 😊
  6. brown dog

    site not secure

    Anyone else getting 'site not secure'? - I'm not.
  7. NomadUK Stealth Tweed Game Shooter Coat. NomadUK stealth kit tends to be the choice of Highland stalkers. Super comfy, super tough, silent, light, superwaterproof and weatherproof, awesome breathability. (The nomad website is awful, but here's their full info: https://uk-nomad.myshopify.com/collections/stealth-tweed/products/gameshooter-coat ) Size Large Cupboard clearout: Virtually as new. Argyll colour (same as in the pic below with the two labs) £200 posted (current new price £430) I'll put some pictures of the actual coat up. Meanwhile:
  8. 😂 Lapua offer the doppler drag data in their app. I think they're the only bullet manufacturer to offer that in the civ market. I think calling BCs a 'con job' is an odd take. BC are a legacy from the old days and provided manageable best-fit modelling to early (pre-doppler) military ballisticians. They were 'invented' by the military, for the military - intially, almost exclusively artillery. ....things like FACE, AFDC and MFDC used best fit modelling 😉 Subsequently, significantly, post-war, I would imagine, hobbyists took hold too. The only conning I could imagine being associated with BCs, would be bullet manufacturers providing 'optimistic' BCs for their products, knowing joe public couldn't readily test them and would buy the apparently 'fastest' bullets. ....and I'd utterly disagree about drift! (odd that he compared a deterministic lateral displacement quantifiable in metres (in, for example .338 / 8.59 within effective ranges) to BC fudges?! Wind deflection would have been sequitur) was he also a shooting hobbyist (I suspect so, if he was even aware of BCs) beating a pet hobby horse?!😁
  9. Andy, thanks, but I think Shuggy may be able to outrun me on this stuff! 😁😊 As to inputs, don't know. I think anything 'Litz' is likely to be 'on' in this respect. For auto latitude, the thing would need gps. For bearing of fire, either a data entry field or an ability to point the gps (compass) at the tgt and press 'on'.
  10. Yup. Thanks 😊 In that one he's making the point about latitude and bearing of fire inputs. ...if they're not updated for every change to bearing of fire or new shooting location, the outputs will be wrong. Sh11t in. Sh11t out. SISO. Found another one, where he went a bit flat earth: http://forum.snipershide.com/threads/coriolis-effect-shooting-east-and-west.6871954/#js-post-6904777 There's definitely a confusion of effects being talked about, and that's getting meshed with some apps appearing to miss steps. We've all agreed disciplines that allow sighters rather negate the requirement, I suppose, it's worth saying that if you always shoot on the same range, or in the same valley, at a target on the same compass bearing, the effect will not change from occasion to occasion, and is also rendered irrelevant in those circumstances. I think it's important to split away SISO (failure to update/input bearing of fire and latitude for each occasion) and any 'badly scienced' apps that may be around, from the effect itself, which is real and deterministic. Properly updated&inputted on a 'properly scienced' app, why would anyone choose to ignore a deterministic part of the error budget?
  11. As per earlier post, agree with everyone saying sighters render coriolis irrelevant. That said, I'm surprised to read that different apps are treating coriolis differently, and that some are believed not to factor in velocity decay. As Pops said, that would be a bit of a pre-school error, but then, apps are written by people who are good at writing apps. The only benefit I can imagine from turning coriolis off, would be no longer having to input shot latitude and bearing of fire for each shot. So, a reduced data entry requirement. Anyone got a link to Frank G's thoughts (which, being as they're pals, will probably mirror thinking at Rifles Only)?
  12. Attached Litz's piece on it. The effects of coriolis vary according to both latitude and bearing of fire. The effects are deterministic (ie you can quantify them with certainty) and make sense to include if your shooting discipline doesn't allow you sighters. But, with sighters allowed, coriolis is a layer of detail that, as others said earlier, is probably not worth bothering with.😊 ABDOC108_GyroscopicAndCoriolis.pdf
  13. brown dog

    Ammo Wallets

    My point was only meant to show that we all use covers because we recognise, that although not required by statute, they're common sense to avoid unwanted policing or legal outcomes. I'd suggest ditto for travelling with filled magazines 😊
  14. brown dog

    Ammo Wallets

    Agreed, it only matters if a decision is being made as to whether an individual is to be charged or prosecuted. ....but, at that point, it suddenly really matters 😊 A thought: Do you transport your rifles in gun covers, slips or cases? If so, why? I would stand corrected, but I believe there's nothing in statute law mandating covers, slips or cases. ...but we all use them.

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