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  1. brown dog

    Font Colour

    Blimey. That's a sh1t-tonne nicer.
  2. brown dog

    Font Colour

    Hmm Half fixed?
  3. brown dog

    Font Colour

    It'll get changed. Patience, grasshopper.
  4. brown dog

    Font Colour

    The board had a software upgrade. A few settings seem to have changed themselves.
  5. brown dog

    George Balfour

    Damn. Didn't expect to hear this so soon. What very sad news. All the very best to you, Les, and to George's family
  6. brown dog

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    Blimey, those links are an eye-opener! I had Warnes on a Sauer 202 years back. Never liked the things, always felt the vertical spilt was a rather counter-intuitive engineering solution that was 'different just for the sake of being different'. Just goes to show: Never fight your intuition!
  7. brown dog

    Amazing group!

    Yup! This thread has reminded me of the first book I bought way back to begin to learn about the precision-end of riflery. Benchrest is at the head of the precision rifle river:
  8. brown dog

    Amazing group!

    Ya, but the same isn't true of a race, or just about any other competitive endeavour: I don't think Bannister ran sub 4 minute on every outing; just the once. And we still talk about it.😉
  9. brown dog

    Amazing group!

    I'm not sure I understand the 'downer' here. The chap has shot a group at 600 that most only occasionally achieve at 100. (Certainly, I know, when I shoot sub 0.3 moa at 100m, I'm at 'as good as it gets' for me) If people are seeing an element of luck to Sauter's achievement... well, Sauter seems to have a multi-year track record of being repeatedly lucky, then! I can't claim to fully understand benchrest results. Assuming I've found the right ones, perhaps someone could translate. Reads to me as though he's routinely sub 2" at 600 and this record is indeed the 'boaster' (a term I think I remember from my old 'Precision Shooting' subscription!). I think it's safe to say that Sauter is the architect of his own 'luck'.
  10. brown dog

    Amazing group!

    Wow!! Thanks!
  11. brown dog

    Czech mil comp

    Blimey. Nice!
  12. Chosenman, I have a pair of Hensoldt D16s, from my light-role FOOing days, gathering dust if you want something at the same size as these steiners with a ret (and laser filter). Please drop me a line if of interest.
  13. brown dog

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Les, What utterly crap news. Please pass on my very best to George when you next see him. Thanks Matt
  14. brown dog

    Any body handled one

    L/h ?
  15. brown dog

    Lock and Load

    So, stored cocked?

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