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  1. Logged out/Locked out

    Apols, but you keep omitting this part from your posts, it's about bookmarks, not cookies: HAVE YOU DELETED YOUR OLD UKV 'FAVOURITE' / 'BOOKMARK' AND MADE A NEW ONE?!
  2. 22LR speeds

    Great info, Chris!
  3. Logged out/Locked out

    Clear cache/cookies? (and I don't have an ipad) looks easy to do: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201265
  4. Logged out/Locked out

    Are you visiting from a bookmark or favourite? If so, delete it. It's to the old site with your old log in. Re login to ukv. Make a new bookmark.
  5. Logged out/Locked out

    It's something on your device. The login lockout will be typo/finger trouble. Did you follow the advice to delete any ukv favourites or bookmarks, and redo them?
  6. FCSA leading the way!

  7. FCSA leading the way!

    Sniped? Blimey, calm down. Someone posted the opening piece here with a peculiar sort of challenge to respond. Whilst the quoted email is clear, there are other viewpoints, or, perhaps, opinions to consider. That's a 'debate' and people have different opinions in a debate. If pointing out that a central tenet of the email is that it appears to accept or endorse the HO myth as well as expand it into other calbres is 'sniping (I didn't mention that I'm also struck by the peculiarity of offering 'security mitigation', which implies acceptance of the myth), well so be it.... or it coild be read as comment that might inform and develop future FCSA argument. A cup half full issue, but, certainly, if the purpose of the OP was to create debate, and your expectation was a round of North Korean applause; 'Your points are faultless great leader'....
  8. FCSA leading the way!

    An interesting and clear email. However, I must state that I have a major problem with the mindset in the wording quoted above; which appears to run counter to sporting shooters sticking together: 'united we stand'. The wording appears to reflect a, perhaps subconscious, attempt to cross-contaminate other calibres and shooters, rather than focus on comparison with the actual primary threat to public safety. The FCSA response absolutely shouldn't say 'a bad guy armed with a 300wm or 308'. Such language draws other sporting shooters into this facile HO argument, putting further wind in the sails of this new HO myth that terrorists would see stolen privately owned firearms as a realistic/practical route to arming themselves; which is a nonsense that's been discussed on here before: The terrorists' primary route is the easiest one; vehicles, knives and improvised explosives; with smuggled Eastern and Middle Eastern assault weapons a, more difficult, but equally attractive (to them) route. The FCSA should not allow or endorse comparison with 'bad guys' armed with other sporting calibres (what a silly and dreadful term; 'bad guys'); you should be making comparisons with the primary threat that's prompting the review: Islamist terrorists (note: Islamist, not Islamic)) armed with eastern block military weapons in calibres, 7.62x39, 7.62x54 or 12.7mm, either obtained in Europe and the former USSR or in middle east.
  9. Log in

  10. Log in

    We had a 'North Korean moment' and decided to pick out deliberately block that single piece of functionality, just to piss people off. It was a lot of work, and researching the coding took hours.
  11. Log in

    Thank you, Dave - it's been rather a frustrating and, to say the least, rather thankless task thus far, so your words are much appreciated
  12. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    Realised that my reasoning omitted the fact that this rifle has a 19.5" barrel! Fag packeting @21fps per inch, 2720fps would have been: 2814 from a 24" Or 2856 from a 26" So, not as slow as it looked. (6.5 chop article: https://rifleshooter.com/2016/02/6-5-creedmoor-effect-of-barrel-length-on-velocity-cutting-up-a-creedmoor/ )
  13. Log in

    Good info. Thanks, Steve!
  14. Log in

    I just logged out and back in again. No problem. I think this is operator error.

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