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  1. brown dog

    Kite Sight half-blacked

    Thanks Rob - it's had no bumps; I've had someone advise that one of the seals in it may have gone past its 'use by' - suspect it might need a new tube.
  2. brown dog

    Kite Sight half-blacked

    Had cause to get my Kite out last night. Hasn't been used since last winter. On switching on, a little over the top half of the FOV stayed black. Battery change had no effect. I'm at a loss - I've no idea what's happened. Anyone had or heard of this happening before?
  3. brown dog

    Sad news: Bradders.

    How excellent.
  4. brown dog

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Very sad news, which many here have already heard, and which percolated to me a short while ago. I think Mark's stoicism in the face of his illness is what people mean when they say brave. Not sure if I'd have been as brave. Larger than life. Honest to a fault. I'm quite saddened. He'll be missed. As someone texted to me just now: no doubt he'll already be bending someone's ear in the afterlife. We are diminished.
  5. brown dog

    Wanted: MagpulPRS mk2

    Anyone upgrading to a mk3 got a mk2 that's surplus to reqt?
  6. Well, that was a while ago😊 Would still be interested. Will PM an offer 😊
  7. brown dog

    Left hand blues

    I'm exactly the same. R/h but left dominant eye ... squash, writing etc r/h, rifles & shotguns l/h, and a lot of confusion with pistols! What stops you operating a l/h bolt? Deciding that you can would make your life simpler! ☺
  8. brown dog

    Left hand blues

    I'm a bit confused, aren't you describing a bog standard r/h rifle with an ambidextrous stock? I'm not understanding why people are talking of cutting stock slots.
  9. brown dog


    It wouldn't be too shabby for that, using google earth photo view it, essentially, gives a point mensurated target location. ... and 3m x 3m box isn't 3m accuracy, it probably represents a CEP of about 1.7m ....plenty close enough for government work.
  10. brown dog


    Well, yes, but rather a negative take. How are you visualising the UK communication between caller and recipient taking place? No mobile phones. VHF/ phonebox only? Individuals without gps, but carrying relevant maps or charts? That sounds like a scenario from the era of Heartbeat😂😊 For UK use, ithe what3words comparator is against the inaccuracy of gps postcodes: Imagine you're calling an ambulance (presumably, from a phonebox, because your scenario doesn't envisage havinh a mobile phone) to someone in a large car park - what3words will get them within 3 metres. Postcode or address, if you know it, would just get them to the general area, and then you'd have to try to talk them in...from the phonebox. Lat Long? Good luck with finding your Lat Long in that car park, to similar accuracy, without a gps: Carrying an air nav chart when you go shopping, being able to determine your Lat Long from that chart, and then passing that Lat Long on a 999 call (again, from a phonebox, because you don't have a mobile phone) and it being understood and useable by a recipient also without a gps but, happily, with a chart covering where you happen to be. (Think a helo could prob deal with it (albeit, almost certainly with dig lat long into a gps, rather than charts) but anyone else: no chart, no understanding of lat long, blank face) Same goes for grid ref without gps: You'd have to be out shopping carrying the correct map sheet in the car park (does anyone?!) and be able to map read precisely to 8fig anywhere; and then pass the grid by phone (again, from a phonebox, because you don't have a mobile phone) to someone else who not only has the same sheet, but can also map read to 8 fig - I doubt most emergency vehs carry full 1:50,000 OS mappage for their whole area, or, other than mtn rescue, have many (any?) responders trained in reading such maps to 8fig. Or.. less dramatic... you're meeting a pal's picnic group at a massive outdoor concert ...what3words gets you within 3m in the open space covered by crowds of people I can only see postives, and nothing to be reflexively cynical about. 😊
  11. brown dog


    Heads-up to a really clever app for sharing gps locations to the nearest 3m, without using Lat Long. Emergency services in my neck of the woods have started using it. And great for RVing with people/family at precise, rather than vague, locations: https://what3words.com/about-us/
  12. brown dog

    6 Creedmoor

  13. brown dog

    6 Creedmoor

    😂 Yup, 6cm, great calibre - but, too much for fox? ☺

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