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  1. hi, i will give you £500 posted. payment by paypal or bank transfer. let me know if you are interested. davie
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    i know this is going to be a long shot but does anybody have such a thing as a bolt for a Kelby Stolle Panda in 6.5-284? mines was damaged and it would be great if i could find a replacement for the damaged bolt rather than buy a new bolt.
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    thanks bradders.
  4. 25dynod


    i heard you had the same problem as mine Vince. i thought i might ask just in case somebody had one in their possession. i am awaiting the outcome before i know what i can do. Davie
  5. 6mmBR Forster Neck Bushing/Shoulder Bump Die Kit with 3 neck bushings (,264, .266 and .268) and spare de-capping rods - £75 i will take this if it is still for sale. let me know what method of payment. Paypal as a gift???
  6. 25dynod

    looking for help

    will be there on Friday Vince about 4pm or 5pm depending on the traffic as i intend to shoot the 100yd BR on the Saturday and the 1000yd BR on the Sunday. i guess it will be a rebarrelling job then. if it is what barrel would you recommend but still keeping it as a 6.5-284. i am not sure how go about rebarrelling a rifle and could use some advice if you could advise me what i need to do. cheers, Davie
  7. 25dynod

    looking for help

    i normally shoot my Stolle Panda 6.5-284 in 1000 yd bench rest. for some reason i find that my first round of 5 bullets is usually a good group but as i shoot my next 3 rounds my grouping start to get larger. i take great care loading my rounds and regularly clean my rifle before any competition so i do not think it is either my rifle or my bullets. i have just set up my savage 6br and while shooting it on Sunday found my groupings were the same. first group was really good but the next 3 were progressively increasing. first group on Sunday was 6.653" with the other three steadily increasing until the last round which was 15.433". i have a feeling it is a fault with me. either the way i hold the rifle or maybe the way i shoot so i am open to any constructive suggestions as to what the problem might be. i do not grip the stock but i keep my thumb on the trigger finger side of the stock. i use the same Seb rest and back bag for both rifles. both rifles are zeroed at 100yds and are very good groups. i have a Nightforce on the SP and a Sightron on the Savage. the Stolle Panda has probably fired around 800-900 rounds and the Savage is new and has only fired about 150rounds. As i said i am looking for some suggestions as to why this is happening so if you have any constructive ideas then please let me know. davie
  8. 25dynod

    looking for help

    hi Vince, i think you are spot on with the 6.5-284. here are a couple of snaps from the bore cam. is that fire-cracking? if it is, it looks quite bad and i probably need to get it rebarrelled soon. Davie
  9. 25dynod

    looking for help

    thanks Vince. i have a bore scope and will check it and post some pics. i honestly think it is the nut behind the gun rather than the rifle as both are doing the same thing and the shooter is the common factor. the 6.5-284 shot a terrific group a couple of months go at Gelston, 4 shots in 1.5"(37mm) group but one was a flyer at 8". i don't know which of the 5 shots was the flyer but boy was i disappointed. some one suggested getting another shooter to watch me as i shoot to see where i am making mistakes. cheers, davie
  10. 25dynod

    looking for help

    thanks for the replies and i will take your suggestions on board. i have now bought a cooler for the barrel and will try cooling the barrel between relays, if that doesn't help i will try cleaning between each relay. Rem, barrels are target barrels and are much heavier than stalking barrels. i have a magneto chrono and will check out the speeds to see the differences between the bullets in both calibers. i am going to Diggle this weekend so i will try and watch how i hold the rifle and try to get somebody to watch me. thanks, davie
  11. for sale is my Mauser K98 in first class condition. . all numbers are matching but for some reason there is a number scored off and a new matching number teeped on the the bottom metal. reason for sale is my eyes are getting so bad that i only shoot with a scope now. buyer will not be disappointed with this rifle plus it is very accurate. i have about 110 factory rounds(50 s & b match the rest ex military) i also have about 22 stripper clips + the ex military have 12 stripper clips. there is about 110 once fired cases. REDUCED Looking for £375.
  12. i phoned him a few days ago Larry and he told me you had to do that. stupid rule, all it does is cause frutration.
  13. OK that's the rifle at the RFD. i have enclosed the 21 stripper clips and also one of the cases so you can see that they are berdan primers and are also crimped. davie.
  14. OK Larry i will take the rifle up to my RFD either today or tomorrow and text you. davie
  15. sorry for the delay but have been busy with selling my house. i have good and bad news. i found the cases and clips but the cases are all berdan primers and unless you have a berdan depriming tool then the cases are no use to you. also i am sure you might need different primers. not sure about that tho but i am sure someone on here can clarify that point. i have 21 stripper clips.
  16. just been on to my RFD and he needs to get your RFDs details. he doesn't need your FAC as he will send the rifle to your RFD who will put it on your license. my RFD charges me £25 for sending the rifle, cases and clips. regarding the money, please wait until i look out the clips and cases so we are sure i have them and not dumped them. i am in a bit of a muddle as we are in the process of selling our house and things are a bit upside down at the moment. My RFD : Dalgleish Gunsmiths, 11 Montgomery St, Eaglesham, Glasgow G76 0AS Phone : 01355 303595
  17. sorry but you have lost me. normally when i have sold a rifle you send your FAC to my RFD and he fills it in then posts it back to you. he then, after contacting your RFD, sends the rifle to him. you then go to your RFD with the filled out FAC and he will give the rifle to you. that's the way it has been on my last 2 rifle sales. sorry but i only ever used factory ammo.
  18. hi Larry, all seems to be ok with the rifle and the trigger pull is about normal for a military rifle. i will look out the cases and clips and agree with the £350 + £25 + cases and clips. let me know how payment will be made and i will contact my RFD to expect a call from your RFD. we will need to swap RFD details.
  19. hi Larry, you will not be disappointed with this rifle but i will let it go for £350 + RFD charge. i can always sell the ammo, clips and cases locally. sorry but that's the best i can do. i have it sitting in my cabinet and would rather somebody got the use of it. as stated my eyes are not what they used to be and iron sights are no use but if it isn't sold i can always see about putting a scope on it. regards, davie.
  20. HI Larry. yes rifle is still for sale.
  21. hi, yes rifle is still for sale. let me know if you are interested please. davie.
  22. i have about 400 x 308 1 or 2 times fired cases mainly winchester and s+b the majority are cleaned, deprimed and f/l resized but you would be better f/l resizing them just to be sure. CASES - £45 + £5/200
  23. 25dynod

    RCBS 10-10 scales

    hi, there are 2 for sale on ebay at the moment.

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