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  1. TJC


    Can I ask how day 2 runs vs day 1 ie is the second day a repeat for the same 10 stages run on the first day or are there differences ? Thx
  2. Optimally, it needs to be done in the transonic / subsonic range. What distance that is will depend on what bullet, velocity, density altitude etc that you are using/shooting in.
  3. TJC

    N540 In 6.5 Creedmoor

    In general that’s true. However, both mid and high end loads can affect throat erosion. What matters more is how aggressive you are in putting them down the barrel. If you are allowing the barrel to cool between shots then it’s much less of an issue than if you fire a rapid string of shots so it depends on what you do as much as the powder you choose.
  4. It’s expensive for what it is imho. Don’t get me wrong, it does what you want it to do but I’ve gone back to the Harris with a podlock and spiked feet. For me, it’s faster to deploy and locks up tighter than the Atlas which loosens itself. Admittedly, it’s not as cool looking. https://www.sportingservices.co.uk/collections/sporting-services/products/podlock-for-the-harris-s-swivel-head-bipod There is a good thread here you might like to read: https://forum.snipershide.com/threads/who-has-gone-back-to-a-harris.6897655/
  5. Unless you really need one right now, I’d be tempted to wait. The US military put out a tender for a new bipod design and none of the existing models on the market met the standard so you are about to see a glut of new designs and models coming through over the next few months in spec with the tender. I think some might even have exhibited at the Precision Rifle Expo last week but I hear they are a vast improvement over what options are out there at the moment. Personally, I run the Atlas PRS. It’s ok but I wouldn’t buy it again.
  6. TJC


    IMR 4451 😂
  7. TJC

    My DIY annealing machine!

    Me too for .308 /.260 / 6.5CM thx
  8. Don’t think so. Def no crunch on bullet seating and I load them pretty long ie over 2.90” OAL. I was just testing a couple of loads and will be backing down. Thx
  9. TJC

    Temporary relocation abroad and FAC

    Yes. When I moved to the US my Firearms dept told me I had to hand in my FAC and re—apply in full upon my return which I did. I also had to take the firearms with me or sign them over to someone else. They claimed that I needed to be a tax paying resident in order to keep my FAC When I came back and re-applied they told me that their original instruction had been a mistake and I should never have had to surrender my FAC. They turned my application around very quickly.
  10. I’ve tried the 208gr in my .308 but couldn’t push them fast enough without pressure signs to really exploit their high BC.
  11. I believe you can go up to about 43gr N140 with the 155gr and your current 2450 FPS would appear to suggest the same. Your bullet will lose quite a lot of it’s ‘stability’ at 1k at 2450 so if you can get it over 2800 that would be good otherwise you will be going transonic around 800 yards. 2900 might be possible but in a 24” barrel you will have to push it a bit harder / night not be wise if you aren’t an experienced reloader. As a reference, I’m getting 2640 FPS with the 155gr from the NRA RUAG ammo out of a 20” barrel so you have some room to accelerate the load. Mind you, 1 MOA groups at 300 yards is good going. BTW your 24” 1:10 barrel would be ideal for the 175gr bullets.
  12. If it is a few times a year and you are just starting out then the 2155 is absolutely fine. Sure there is better but if you are just learning and only doing the occasional LR shoot then it will be fine provided you are pushing it fast enough ie 2900 FPS / probably need a 26”+ barrel. The 168 SMK is literally the only choice I wouldn’t recommend for 1k. Yes it can work but there are thousands of pages written on it being sub optimal. If you want to try something else that’s affordable and in regular supply then the 175gr Sierra TMK or SMK is perfectly good enough. Again, there are better of course. Spend your time, money and effort on good instruction vs trying to find the optimal bullet would be my 2 cents at this stage of your journey.
  13. What is your RS62 load with the 139gr and what velocity does that produce ?
  14. A Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 CM. I’m an AI guy and would highly recommend them if your budget allows but not if it comes at the expense of not being able to afford good glass. I also have a custom rifle being built and both are good but expensive options. The RPR is a solid entrance rifle and is in a different league to a out of the box Remington.

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