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  1. TJC

    65 creedmoor powders

    Agreed. I’m getting 2810 FPS with 43.3gr RS62 in Lapua SRP brass with the Berger 140gr and am getting low single digit SD in a 26”. 44.0gr gives me almost 2900 FPS.
  2. TJC

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Do the test 5 times with the same loads and then see if you have the same nodes or plateaus. Evidence from those who have tried it says no which basically suggests the 10 round process is not repeatable and is therefore statistically irrelevant.
  3. TJC

    Straight line recoil

    Pan works great for movers !
  4. TJC

    Hog Saddle Technique

    You can do either and it largely depends on the shot but more importantly the quality of the tripod and it’s ability to manage the weight of the firearm. Free recoil is increasingly being employed but it requires total confidence in your equipment and most importantly in your ability to use the trigger without subjecting the rifle to any movement whatsoever. Those doing this in competition are often using trigger weights at or under 1lb and with 6.5 and increasingly 6mm rifles that weigh 20lbs . If that’s not you, then being more physical with the tripod is the way forward. Try to remain square behind the rifle, apply the proper fundamentals and don’t fight the recoil / don’t load the tripod too aggressively and try to keep your legs locked - bend at the waist forward not at the knees. Tripod height for standing should be roughly at the bottom of your chest. Finding a comfortable spot for your non-shooting hand is often the challenge. Finally, dry fire...a lot.
  5. I’d be tempted to explore the 224 Valkyrie over the 6.5CM especially if you are shooting inside 600 yards and want a longer barrel life. Factory ammo is probably easier to obtain in the 6.5CM but 224 ammo is crazy cheap in the US so if you had some imported it would probably still be cost effective esp factoring in barrel life.
  6. TJC

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Me neither without RS60, perhaps someone else will chime in. Average for 6.5 CM should be 2500-3000 but if you’ve been pumping them out at 3000 FPS with N550 then that could be it, i bet you’ve got some throat erosion ? I’ve heard good things about the 147 but you have to put them down at 2700+ to get optimal stability from a 1:8 twist, 1:7 seems to be a popular option for this particular bullet.
  7. TJC

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Thanks. So it could be down to both round count and Lot variation in addition to 50 FPS or so of the difference coming from the change in temperature. 2000 is a little on the low side to see velocity drop off so much especially if you’ve only been pushing a 139gr at 2800 but it depends on the barrel and how you’ve shot those 2000 (ie rapid hot strings) rounds. Throw in a little variation in Lots and that could explain it. If you want to keep the barrel but push for more velocity then you could try N550. You shouldn’t need as much powder which will help avoid the crunch issue you described. I’ve moved to buying components in bulk to avoid the Lot variation issues. Something to consider for the next barrel but it’s expensive upfront.
  8. TJC

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    I doubt this is just temperature driven. 1>30C is approx 34F > 86F, a 52F change. If you said your velocity was c50 FPS different I’d imagine it would be temp driven but a 140 FPS change or 3 FPS per 1F is possibly too great. Some of the most temp sensitive powders are about 1FPS per 1F. I do think RS62 is more sensitive than they claim but not perhaps this much ?? How many rounds do you have through the barrel ? Are you using the same Lot of powder ? There have been reports of considerable variation in Lot to Lot consistency with RS powders.
  9. So you are consistently getting 0.3 MOA with an ES OF 99 and SD of 28 !!! You aren’t going to be anywhere near 0.3 MOA at distance.
  10. TJC

    What system do you use and why ? MOA or MRAD .

    I went to a course in the US. I was the only one shooting a SFP MOA. Learnt the hard way and now only run FFP MIL.
  11. Damn. If I was larger than an unpa lumpa I’d bite your hand off at that price.
  12. I’m testing some RS62 at the moment and it’s more temp sensitive than I expected. Not yet finished working through it, need some warmer weather for that but it’s approx 0.8 FPS per 1F change at lower temps but these things aren’t always linear.
  13. TJC

    First Custom Build

    Cool. I shot the last SH Cup at RO. It is a bit different in format and approach as you say but for me it’s all fun and just a hobby.
  14. TJC

    First Custom Build

    I’m always looking for ways to compensate for my lack of true underlying skill 😌 see this link, it is by far the most popular chassis in the US PRS scene if you care about that type of competition. https://precisionrifleblog.com/2019/01/12/best-rifle-chassis-stocks/

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