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  1. This guys knows his stuff and will give you some ideas on cleaning
  2. Sharp feet for Harris bipod?

    Hawk Hill. Suspect one of their many dealers will be able help you. https://www.hawkhillcustom.com/dealers.html
  3. Scope Calibration

    A different take on the Tall Target Test
  4. jetz compact

    Armageddon Gear or TAB. I have both and prefer the AG.
  5. ASE ultra

    Sounds odd. I’d contact the company directly.
  6. Yep, rarely is but I’m sure it will be worth it.
  7. Cool. Who is doing the export paperwork ?
  8. Temperature Sensitivity

    I record MV/Temp all the time and even took a batch of handloads to Florida recently to help gather more data.
  9. He does some great work. Love to hear more as you care to share. Thx
  10. Which ballistic app

    I think SS is 90 yards not 111 yards.
  11. DLC Coating

    Has anyone got a DLC coated action ? I’m curious what you think about them and if you’ve got a pic or two I’d love to see how they look once coated and then on some worn parts of the bolt to see how it holds up with use. Thanks
  12. Agreed. It’s amazing software and hardware. Expensive but just about the best there is.

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