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  1. can you send me some pics please
  2. TJC

    What primers are using in. 260

    CCI LR 200. Haven’t had a single issue and rarely have ES worse than 6 FPS and I can’t reload for toffee.
  3. TJC

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    I’ll be a little controversial having had a few but I wouldn’t bother with the AI brake or mod. I don’t particularly rate either and think there are better options. My last AI barrel was 20”. It was fine and will fit your needs but I was much happier when I swapped it out for a custom barrel.
  4. TJC

    Gun store new york

    Dicks aspiring Goods, 45 Fitzgerald St Yonkers, NY 10710-7508 Its not great but has basic reloading supplies and is easy to get to from NYC.
  5. TJC

    Scope elevation question

    Your AT has a 20 MO rail built-in so the 0 MOA Spuhr Mount is correct. If you’ve got a good zero at 100 then you need to correctly re-set your scope to zero. You must be doing something wrong with the re-set because the rifle/scope/mount all work together well.
  6. My data is real world recorded here in the U.K. and the US. I take handloads and factory ammunition to both places and specifically record the effects. We often shoot matches in the US at 50F in the mornings and over 90-100F in the afternoons so it becomes critically important. As to your other question, I’ve seen similar effects in .308 and 6.5mm but I think a bigger variable than calibre is lots. They can vary considerably hence the benefit of buying same lot powders in bulk. Below is one example I’ve recorded that shows some readings.
  7. POI at 600 yards with the temp and powders you refer to is minimal ie 3”. At 1000 yards with the N500 series of powders you are talking close to a 35 FPS difference between 5-25C change, or 10 inches in POI. Effectively, it is 1 FPS change per 1 degree F change. It’s another variable you can control by either accounting for it through accurate data collection or by using a less temp sensitive powder (1FPS change is deemed very sensitive). With a 338 at greater distances than 1000 the effect will be magnified and the effect of temp on velocity isn’t always linear so as you get up into the high 20s the effect can be more marked making accurate data collection extremely valuable.
  8. TJC

    .260 bullet & powder choice

    Interesting. Thx
  9. TJC

    .260 bullet & powder choice

    Curious what your barrel length, load and velocity is ?
  10. Large primer. Tried some new loads. Incredibly there was no pressure signs. 44.5 2955 44.6 2964 44.7 2951 44.8 2969 44.9 2976 45.0 2978 45.1 2994 45.2 2989 45.3 2992 45.4 3013 45.5 3004 I’m backing down to a 2800 FPS load but interesting to see.
  11. TJC

    Tubb ATR

    When do you get it ?
  12. TJC

    Tubb ATR

    Very nice rig. Tubb has been at the top of the game for a long time now.
  13. TJC

    Accuracy International

    I ordered my AI barrel without the spigot or the flats. Re cost: The mod was £417 and the brake £91 back when I bought it in 2015.
  14. TJC

    140g btlr bergers in 6.5

    Try https://www.cdsgltd.co.uk/ I bought 3000 Berger 140s from the earlier this month.

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