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  1. Bison Tactical in the US. He will also do a part exchange on an old unit.
  2. Your favourite Nightforce reticle

    Honestly, none and that’s why I moved away from them. The new Mil C if you twisted my arm but the long awaited improvement in their reticle designs never came through at SHOT this year.
  3. Satterlee load development method

    I’ve used his approach but loaded in 0.1 increments. The flat spots were very easy to identify.
  4. Testing 2 loads

    How temp sensitive is the RS line of powders ?
  5. SP-4001. You have 20 MOA in your rail so you’ll be able to zero at 100 and dial out to well over 1000. 1.18” high / 34mm
  6. Trigger Tech

    They were one of the few to survive the PRS finale when many others went down in the dust. TriggerTech were actually at the match and helped out some shooters by switching out their triggers to some spares they had.
  7. Something like this. You can saw down the centre column to get it lower for prone. I found a £15 aluminium mount with a bit of camo padding. Will dig out a picture. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323118742793
  8. Another Headspace Headache

    Are you saying your FL die won’t FL size or bump the shoulder ? Brass not fire formed in your chamber should be FL sized. It may or may not fit if not.
  9. AI AT Build

    Have a look at the Vortex Gen 2. It might have the same reticle you are looking at in the Viper but is great quality for the price.
  10. AI AT Build

    I’d ditch the idea of a monopod. They were not invented to be shot off and whilst they can be used for that it isn’t optimal. Also, i don’t mean to offend but if you can stretch the budget on the scope it might be worth considering something a little higher quality. It’s like telling Usain Bolt to run in Clarke’s ! He’ll still win but he wouldn’t thank you !
  11. Now sorted thanks

    I’ve got a MAE in an AI thread whatever that is. I can’t remember.
  12. Reloading solutions

    Met too. I keep checking in to see if they’ve changed it but end up always going elsewhere even if it costs me more.
  13. This guys knows his stuff and will give you some ideas on cleaning
  14. Sharp feet for Harris bipod?

    Hawk Hill. Suspect one of their many dealers will be able help you. https://www.hawkhillcustom.com/dealers.html

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