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  1. BoltHead


    Can I have the 10 round 7.62 AICS PMAG please?
  2. BoltHead

    Dry tumbling

    If you go down the Walnut media route, you can use walnut reptile bedding from a pet shop. It's the same stuff but cheaper than walnut tumbling media. If it comes in fine and coarse grit, get the coarse, the fine is like dust and gets everywhere. Add a capful of ammonia free car polish and a splash of white spirit every few uses to treat it. Not too much or you will have cases full of sludge. Brasso contains ammonia, which can cause stress cracking in brass, so best avoided.
  3. BoltHead

    Practical rifle comp Norwich 1980,s

    I think Team HK was Adrian Bull's team. I shot with an M1A back then, but only did the individual match on the Sunday. I didn't get to do the turkey run until the mid 90s.
  4. BoltHead

    Practical rifle comp Norwich 1980,s

    I shot at the PR matches at Horsford, the first one I did was in the mid 80's, and then I did most of the annual matches in the 90's that were part of the PR national league. I only got to shoot the 2 man 'Turkey run' once though.
  5. BoltHead

    Plot-o-matic scoring strategy

    If you do develop an app for plotting, remember that some disciplines don't allow use of electronic devices. For example, from the ICFRA F-Class Technical rules F6.8 ....No personal electronic device(s) may be taken to the firing point except timers and electronic earmuffs ... Hence these paper based solutions such as Plot-o-matic.
  6. BoltHead

    .224 Valkyrie

    It would be legal in Practical Optic class, but not in Service Optic. Remember that the maximum permitted MV on MOD gallery ranges is 1000m/s (3280 fps), so be careful not to exceed this if using lighter bullets.
  7. BoltHead

    Trigger Tech

    I have one on a Rem 700, supplied by Bradley Arms. Very pleased with it. The clicks on the weight adjustment screw are an an idea that is long overdue. The competitions I shoot require a min. trigger weight of 1.5Kg, which is comfortably within it's adjustment range. It fits easily in an AICS stock without any modification.
  8. BoltHead

    Powder Choice for 7.62 tracer

    A knurled cannelure is put on tracer bullets so they can be more easily identified, even by feel at night if necessary, rather than for crimping. On an RG 7.62 NATO tracer round, the cannelure is about 0.1" above the case mouth, and the COAL is 2.775" on the ones I've just measured.
  9. BoltHead

    Markers Bisly

    The zero range is 71ft 7ins (23.86 yds) so that 1 MOA is exactly 0.25" on the target. 23.86 ÷ 100 × 1.047 = 0.25 (well, close enough). 1 MOA is 1.047" @ 100 yds. We were shooting 1000yds on Stickledown as well on Sunday. Our markers said the sand was wet and wasn't showing much splash.
  10. BoltHead

    Milsurp .303?

    The bottom of the primer pocket in S&B .303 brass is concave, the depth at the flash hole is OK, but it's too shallow at the edges. Even S&B primers won't seat flush. The pockets can be cut square with a primer pocket uniformer in an electric drill and then primers will seat flush.
  11. BoltHead

    Tier one ring reducers

    Unlike other makes of reducers, which consist of two halves of Aluminium or a hard plastic such as Delrin, the Tier One reducers are a single C shaped piece of flexible plastic that snaps around the scope. They work very well and I've had no problems with them.
  12. I've read that some Rem 700s had a slightly bevelled firing pin hole designed to cause cratering to thicken the primer brass around the firing pin to prevent pierced primers.
  13. BoltHead

    Remington s/a bottom metal

    I've got one of the bottom metals as shown above, that I was going to fit. I ended getting an AICS stock instead, so it's going spare. £80 posted.

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