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  1. Legal??

    Section 3 (2) of the current legislation here https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1968/27 Basically says it is an offence to sell or transfer ammunition unless the person buying or receiving the ammunition has an FAC with that calibre listed on it and the quantity they buy/receive does not result in them holding more than the maximum quantity listed on their FAC. Similarly, the person manufacturing the ammunition also must have an FAC with the relevant calibre listed and the quantity manufactured must not result in them holding more than the maximum quantity listed on their FAC. So, on Bob's FAC it says he can hold a maximum of 200 rounds of 223. On Fred's FAC it says he can hold a maximum of 200 rounds of 223. Bob reloads, but Fred doesn't Bob has 100 rounds of 223 in stock and makes another 50 rounds which he is going to give to Fred. Fred also has 100 rounds of 223 in stock, so receiving the 50 rounds from Bob is no problem, as long as Bob writes the 50 rounds onto Fred's certificate. Cheers Bruce
  2. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    I had two and eventually gave them up as a bad job. I had one barrel blockage that was, very fortunately, so near the start of the rifling that the next round wouldn't chamber, otherwise it could have been very nasty. However, my main issue was ammunition variability. I had a CZ 452 and a Weihrauch HW66 - both excellent rifles, but neither would produce repeatable 5 shot groups at 100 yards with any of the many different types of ammo I tried. Typically 3 shots from 5 would be in the one inch ring at 100 yards but one would be a couple of inches high and left and the other would be a couple of inches low and right. I eventually gave up and bought a 22 Hornet (Weihrauch HW66) and my world is now a much happier place Cheers Bruce
  3. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    Think I'll move to Gwent - they sound like a force who like to follow the HO Guidance Cheers Bruce
  4. Air rifles in Scotland

    Maximus, Thanks for that, and my apologies to all for getting it wrong. Cheers Bruce
  5. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    http://www.g4s.com/en/Media Centre/News/2013/06/24/UK Policing Support Services/ In the Key Highlights section, on 1 April 2012, 575 people who were previously employed by Lincolnshire Police, ceased to be employees of Lincolnshire police and became employees of G4S - so a lot more than firearms licensing was involved! Although the terms and conditions of those 575 people are unchanged (they're protected by the TUPE regulations), any of those people who leave G4S (or are fired by G4S) can be replaced with people who do not have the same terms and conditions as those who transferred from Lincolnshire police. Since Lincolnshire's deal with G4S lasts for 10 years, there will probably be a significant reduction in the 575 people protected under the TUPE regulations. My guess is that G4S hope to make a profit from the contract by running it more efficiently that the police ever did (police forces are not renowned for their best use of human resources) and by using cheaper people to fill posts that become vacant as that 575 number reduces. Cheers Bruce
  6. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    I think the G4S involvement in firearms licensing may be office staff who administer the system I don't believe the FEOs are G4S employees and neither are the people making the final grant/refuse decisions. Cheers Bruce
  7. Air rifles in Scotland

    You will need a visitors permit for your non FAC air rifle, even although you hold an FAC or SGC from a Police force in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. However, if your air rifle is FAC rated you won't need a visitors permit (crazy or what!!!) Cheers Bruce
  8. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    I think it's fairly common knowledge that the Police would far prefer not to have firearms licensing as one of their statutory duties, It uses a lot of police resources for what is (in population terms) a small group of people, so reducing or eliminating privately held firearms is something the police would not be unhappy about. However, the devil you know etc means that I fully agree with Bradders that using a private contractor to handle firearms licensing would be a disaster. Look at what has happened when private companies are used to assess the medical condition of many of those people on long term sickness benefit. Those companies get a bonus for every long term sick person that they can get off benefits, even although that person is unfit to work. I'm not speaking about malingerers - who are playing the system and shouldn't be getting benefits, but about people who have genuine ailments that mean work is simply not possible for them Cheers Bruc
  9. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    If the police could subcontract the work of their FEOs then I have no doubt they would, and would probably have a clause in their contract that gives them a bonus for every certificate they recommend for refusal or revocation
  10. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    That currently happens in Scotland: no response from GP = no certificate. A lot of Police forces in England and Wales would like to follow the same policy and one or two are starting to try it on. Cheers Bruce
  11. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Montey makes an excellent point about the Drone pro abilities in low light. It's several orders of magnitude better than even the best Swaros, Zeiss or S&B at dawn and dusk. In Scotland it would be illegal to to shoot any sort of deer at any time of day or night with a rifle fitted with a Drone Pro, but I don't believe that's the case in England and Wales. Cheers Bruce
  12. Warde 800L

    Top end scopes like Zeiss, Swaro and S&B have lens coatings optimised for use at dawn and dusk where blue light predominates. The compromise is that being good with blue light means they are significantly less good with IR light beyond the red end of the spectrum. The Ward handles IR light very well, it's the scope that doesn't transmit it very well. I have both a Sightron S Tac 2.5-17.5 x 56 and a Swaro Z6i and yes, the Swaro edges it at dawn and dusk, but at all other times the difference is minimal. Cheers Bruce
  13. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    I don't see how Night vision gear being based in Northern Ireland would have any influence on a decision to buy a Drone pro. I talk from personal experience when I say that Carl Moore provides exceptional service and back up to his customers. If you buy a Yukon or Pulsar from a UK mainland shop and there are problems with it, the retailer won't fix it, he'll simply send it back to Thomas Jacks for them to repair or replace. If you have a problem with a Drone pro you call Carl and he will, if possible, resolve the issue over the phone. if it can't be fixed that way, simply return it to him for repair or replacement.. The objective lenses in the N355 and Photon RT are both 50mm and the sensors in both scopes are very similar in pixel count - 752x582 for the N355 and 768x576 for the Photon. The difference in optical magnification comes from the fact that the sensor in the N355 is physically larger than that in the Photon. That makes for lower magnification, but because the individual pixels are larger they are more sensitive than those in the Photon. However, the resolution of both scopes is essentially the same so, using x4 digital mag (total mag x14) on the N355 is going to produce a poorer image than the Photon on digital mag x2 (total mag x12) because the image on the Photon is created using 4 times as many pixels as in the N355 Cheers Bruce
  14. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    In summary: Large targets at short range (e.g boar) then N355 Small targets at long range (e.g fox and rabbit) then Drone pro x10 or Yukon Photon 6.5 x 50 For virtually all UK NV shooting, that means it has to be a Drone pro or the Photon The Photon RT is a good starter for not much money and far better value than the N355 The best source for all NV shooting related stuff is the nightvision forum uk http://www.nightvisionforumuk.com/index.php Cheers Bruce
  15. Warde 800L

    Sightron S Tac 2.5-17.5 x56ED Delta Optical 2.5-15x56HD Cheers Bruce

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