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  1. High end scopes hunting scopes are primarily sold on their improved ability to give a usable sight picture at dawn and dusk. Good glass is very important, but it's lens coatings that give these scopes their edge at dawn and dusk. At those times of day, blue light predominates and the coatings used are designed to optimise the passage from light at the blue end of the spectrum. Because they are optimised for blue light, these coatings have the down side of not passing infra red light very well. It's their poor performance in passing the IR light used with all digital NV kit, along with their lack of low parallax adjustment that can often make top end scopes perform less well than cheaper scopes Cheers Bruce
  2. I fitted a PARD NV007 to an S&B 3-12x50 ffp scope last week. it did not have any parallax adjustment The image was just about usable out to around 100 yards, but only at x3 magnification. Anything much above that was pretty terrible. Cheers Bruce
  3. For daytime use - yes If you want to use it as an NV unit, then no - none of the top end scopes work well with IR illumination and none of them parallax down below 50m. Cheers Bruce
  4. BSA R10 Mk2 non fac air rifle in excellent condition. Comes with 2 magazines, fill probe and hard case. Has moderator and AGS3-12x44 SWAT scope fitted £550.00 Cheers Bruce
  5. Bushnell 6500 Elite 2.5-16x42 scope in excellent condition. Glass and body are clean and comes in manufacturers original box £250.00 Cheers Bruce
  6. Hawke Frontier 3-15x50 ffp scope in excellent condition, glass and body are unmarked. Comes in original manufacturers box £400.00 Cheers bruce
  7. Neil McKillop mount to fit Drone Pro to Tikka M590/595, T3/T3x Only 12 of these were ever made so they are like rocking horse poo £150.00 Cheers Bruce
  8. Selling my x10 Drone Pro, purchased from Carl Moore at Night vision guys and has the genuine 800x600 OLED display No haggling, no offers - £1400.00 end of story Cheers Bruce
  9. It's generally agreed that the Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x50 is a bit better than the 42. Not just because of the bigger objective, it just seem to have better glass throughout Cheers Bruce
  10. I have a Hawke Frontier 3-15x50 ffp scope with a PARD NV007 rear add-on and it's a good set up for anything out to 200 yards or so. I also have a Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x42 and the Hawke is slightly better with that add-on I have no experience with tubed NV gear, but I do know that for a digital NV add-on, 24 or 30 magnification is way too high for the add-on to produce a decent image For NV work, I'd always have a scope with a low end magnification of 4 or less so that the wide field of view makes target acquisition easy, and an upper end magnification of not more than 20 so that there is still enough light coming out of the back of the scope to give the camera a chance of producing a decent image. Obviously a larger objective lens (50mm or larger) also helps Cheers Bruce

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