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    Thermal and night vision foxing , plus some rabbit control and the odd bit of roe deer stalking

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  1. phoenix

    Pulsar nv455

    Overpriced for what it is. Get a PARD NV008 for less than half the price, and you'll have more optical magnification in much smaller and neater package, and still get all the toys in the Pulsar. Cheers Bruce
  2. phoenix

    Hornady V-MAX .243 58GR Loads

    Enough RS60 will get you those speeds (if your barrel is long enough) but don't expect the barrel to last for very long. Also, check with a ballistic program the difference in drop at a given range for a drop in MV of 100fps - it's not very much. Accuracy beats speed every time Cheers Bruce
  3. Will sell the rifle in one of the non Jagdmatch stocks for £500 and include 175 Hornady and Frontier previously fired brass. Cheers Bruce
  4. phoenix


    They are both bright, but the Sirius illuminated the field of view of the scope much more uniformly. The blacksun engine produces a beam that has a noticeably darker circle in the centre of the illuminated area (just where the reticle would likely be)
  5. phoenix


    For the N455 you will need a laser based illuminator to get the best out of it, and of the laser illuminators available the Sirius XTL is the best I have measured the brightness and power output and then done field testing on the Solaris, Sirius XTL (with and without dome) and the BlackSun engine, and IMHO the SIrius XTL domed version is definitely the one to have. Cheers Bruce
  6. phoenix

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    The buyer needs to send his FAC to you so you can check that he has authority to purchase the rifle. Then you need to complete Table 1 on his certificate where you put the date, your name, details of the rifle (make, model and serial number) your FAC number and finally your signature. Then you send his FAC back to him. Then you take the rifle to your RFD and have him send it to the buyers nominated rfd Cheers Bruce
  7. I'm just not using this rifle as much as it deserves to be used, so it needs to find a new home with someone who will make more use of it than me.It's a Weihrauch HW60J in 22 hornet with 16.5 inch barrel2 magazines are included, but no moderator, scope or rings.The rifle is in first class condition and shoots very accurately.I had a thermal scope on it and was hitting a 1" square hand warmer at 200 yards with easePrice is £450 and I will pay for any RFD costs at my end. Buyer to pay any RFD costs at their end Now includes 175 previously fired cases (Hornady and Frontier) CheersBruce
  8. For sale is my Daystate Huntsman Regal air rifle in 0.177.This rifle is fitted with a Huma regulator and puts out 11.6ftlbsAlso included is a hard plastic case, Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x40 scope (no rings), a Huma pressure gauge and spare seals for the regulatorPrice is £680 including ParcelForce 48 to anywhere in the UKCheersBruce
  9. Mate uses one with a PARD NV007 and it works great That's a lot of scope for the money - best of luck with the sale Cheers Bruce
  10. High end scopes hunting scopes are primarily sold on their improved ability to give a usable sight picture at dawn and dusk. Good glass is very important, but it's lens coatings that give these scopes their edge at dawn and dusk. At those times of day, blue light predominates and the coatings used are designed to optimise the passage from light at the blue end of the spectrum. Because they are optimised for blue light, these coatings have the down side of not passing infra red light very well. It's their poor performance in passing the IR light used with all digital NV kit, along with their lack of low parallax adjustment that can often make top end scopes perform less well than cheaper scopes Cheers Bruce

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