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  1. "Weapon" is the term used throughout and interchangably with "firearm" and "shotgun" in the firearms Act so there is no distinction in law, Nowhere in UK law does it say that a wepaon used against people and a rifle used against animals A rifle used for sporting purposes is, in law, no different from a rifle used for any other purpose, they are all "weapons" Cheers Bruce
  2. phoenix

    GP.s and FAC renewals

    You guys are lucky. In Scotland you simply will not get and FAC or SGC granted or renewed unless the the police receive a response to the GP letter. GPs are charging anything from £20- to £200 to complete the letter. Remember that the HO Guidance is guidance and not law. In Scotland they'll tell you (correctly) that the laws says the chief constable has to be "satisfied" that the applicant is a suitable person to be allowed guns. They then go on to say that the chief constable cannot be "satisfied" unless they have a response to the GP letter (pure BS of course) Up until now, Police forces in England and Wales have followed the guidance, and applicants who have not had the GP letter returned to the police either because the applicant refuses to pay or the GP refuses to take part in the system have not had their applications refused. However, many English and Welsh forces have been watching the "experiment" in Scotland and are beginning to try the same thing in their force areas. The police can do what they like with this until there's either a judicial review of their policy or someone who is refused, challenges the refusal via an appeal in the courts Cheers Bruce
  3. phoenix

    New Tikka rimfire

    For subsonics,and a 50 yard zero, the bullet will be around 7.5 inches low at 100 yards. Cheers Bruce
  4. phoenix

     Optisan EVX 6-24x56 FFP

    I tried an Optisan EVX 4-14x44 FFP as a first venture into ffp scopes and hoping to use it as a day scope and with a night vision rear add-on. Frankly, I was disappointed with the image both in daylight and with the add-on. I returned it and bought a Hawke Frontier 3-15x50 FFP with which I am very pleased IMHO the Hawke is a class above the Optisan Cheers Bruce
  5. phoenix


    If it's still withing the warranty period, contact Thomas Jacks and they will repair it or replace it free of charge. If it's outside the warranty period, Thomas Jacks may be able to fix it, or have it fixed by sending it back to Yukon. In either case you will have to pay for the repair. It will probably not be cheap or quick. Cheers Bruce
  6. phoenix

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    I had this same problem with my Weihrauch 22 Hornet. I got some PPU ammo with it and it regularly failed to extract - and there was nothing wrong with the extractor. Cleaning the chamber helped a bit, but it still happened regularly Since I reload for the hornet, I solved the problem by using a less hot load than might otherwise have used. Something i noticed and you might want to try this, is that when I put a case which had extracted normally back into the chamber lined up exactly as it had been when it was fired, it would extract perfectly. if I rotated the case and put it back in the chamber in a different orientation from where it was fired, it would feel tight going in and would not extract. That kind makes me think the chamber is not perfectly round Cheers Bruce
  7. No problem to install it on multiple computers. Just make sure you enter the serial number correctly each time and keep your personal details the same . Cheers Bruce
  8. phoenix

    Advice on QR Mounts for Yukon RT 6x50?

    OK, but putting a picatinny rail on top of the existing dovetail and then fitting QR mounts on top of that is going to result in the Photon being pretty high above the scope - hope you've got a long neck!! Cheers Bruce
  9. phoenix

    Advice on QR Mounts for Yukon RT 6x50?

    In most cases, the Yukon has to be mounted much further back than a normal scope because your eye needs to be in contact with the rubber eye cup to get a clear view of the display Unfortunately, the tube on the scope is not long enough to get the eye cup in the correct position without using a set of reach forward mounts turned around so that the scope can be position far enough back. These will do the job https://www.ant-supplies.uk/scope-ring-mounts/dovetail-scope-rings-forward-reach.html but not quick release Also - quick release mounts for an 11mm dovetail rail is that even a thing? Cheers Bruce
  10. phoenix

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    I gave a lot of thought to getting a 204 and then a gamekeeper pal of mine bought a remington 700 in 204, put a GRS stock on it and had it professionally bedded. He is a much better shot than me, but he recently sold the 204 because he could not consistently kill foxes with it. He now has a 22-250 I strongly suspect that the problem was that particular rifle, but once he lost confidence in i,t it had to go Cheers Bruce
  11. phoenix

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    You'll never get unanimity on this one because everyone has their own opinions and preferences. For me, it has to be 22-250 if only because it clears any doubt I have in my mind that it's enough to do the job I've seen too many runners with 17HMR, 204 and 22 Hornet to want to use them. I thought long and hard between 223 and 22-250 but since almost all my shooting is at night where range estimation is difficult, the flatter shooting, higher MV of the 22-250 wins every time Cheers Bruce
  12. The proposed amendment to restrict home loading to FAC holders has been dropped. Cheers Bruce
  13. phoenix

    Trijicon thermal in states

    Because of ITAR, you can't legally bring them out of the USA and neither can trijicon (without an export license) , so they can't sell them here. Cheers Bruce
  14. Got to agree with Akeld on this. I had two 17HMRs, a CZ and a Weihrauch and in both cases ammunition inconsistency spoiled any pleasure gained from shooting these excellent rifles. From a 5 shot group I'd have 2 in the bull, 1 off to the left by a couple of inches, 1 off to the right by a couple of inches and one about 2 inches high or low It didn't notice any split necks prior to firing rounds, but saw plenty after firing. However, there was no relationship between the accuracy of a given round and whether or not it split on firing. Re squibs - I had one and didn't realise it. i was very lucky that the bullet had only gone into the barrel a very short distance and prevented the next round from fully chambering, other wise it could have been pretty bad. I think that was the incident that really made my mind up to get out of 17HMR. A shame really since it has such great potential. Cheers Bruce
  15. I have a pair of the 10x42 and have compared them side by side with a pair of Swarovski 10x42. In the limit, at very first or last light, the Swarovskis are better, but during normal daylight the differences are minimal. I wouldn't pay double the price for the Swaros for 5 minutes more visibility. The Kahles are great value for money , but I'd have to agree about the lens covers - just a bit too much knee slapping lederhosen vibe about them!!!

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