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  1. bes thermal handheld spotter

    Pulsar Helion XQ38F - it's far and away the best bang for your buck thermal spotter. Get her to buy it from Blackwood Outdoors http://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/thermal/thermal-monoculars/pulsar-helion-xq38f-thermal-monocular If she asks nicely and use her womanly wiles, and she should get 10% off that price. Cheers Bruce
  2. The scope is designed for long range shooting so it will not focus at distances below 50 or even 100 yards. If you want to shoot at 25 yards and get a sharp image, you'll need a different scope According to the Vortex website the Golden Eagle will focus down to 20 yards http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/vortex-golden-eagle-hd-ecr-1-moa-riflescope Cheers Bruce
  3. Centrefire semi autos have been banned since Hungerford. It's a ban on things like the MARS and Southern Gun Company rifles which are not technically semi autos but which can have a high rate of fire. It is not a ban on semi auto 22 rimfire rifles Cheers Bruce
  4. Ward 800 NV add on...as a spotter ??

    The lens in the Ward 800 is either 12mm or 16mm. That will give a very wide field of view. and virtually no magnification. For a decent NV spotter the lens needs to be 50mm or longer to get decent range Because it uses a mirror to keep the overall length short, there is no way a 50mm lens can be fitted into Ward The Ward was designed to fit on the back of a riflescope and produce a clear image of the scope reticle at a distance of about 3 inches - and it does that extremely well. It wasn't designed as a spotter - so it doesn't do that well. There are plenty of cheap, perfectly good NV spotters on E Bay that will do the job better than the Ward Cheers Bruce
  5. Home Office to change Doctors Fee agreement

    Just the same as it has been in Scotland since April 2016 I hope, given that there are many more FAC/SGC holders in England and Wales than in Scotland, that someone who is refused a grant or renewal of an FAC or SGC purely on the grounds of the police not getting a response to the initial GP letter will actually mount a legal challenge to this. Cheers Bruce
  6. Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Have a look at this comparison between different Pulsar thermal spotters. The guy is speaking Polish or Lithuanian (I think) but it's basically a comparison of the XQ38/XQ50/XP38/XP50 at different ranges at base magnification and at maximum magnification OK, they're not scopes but they use the same lenses, sensors and display as the scopes so what you see when you look through one will be the same. The Ward WT1-75-3 is definitely the best bang for your buck thermal scope available at the moment, and IMHO the Trail XQ is a s close to it as Pulsar can get. The XP50 has lower magnification than the XQ and costs a lot more, but both have the same detection range, so I don't see any big advantage in it. Cheers Bruce
  7. night vision set up

    The Drone Pro is no longer available new, although there a few used ones cropping up regularly. If you want to mount the rifle normally, then a NiteSite is useless. The best rear add-on is the Ward 800 from the Night Vision Store, but you need to have right scope to get the best out of it. Probably the best digital NV scope available at the moment are the Pulsar Digisights with the N355 being the pick of the bunch (although it doesn't have a built in rangefinder) There's a new ATN X Sight coming out in May /June, and although I have royally slagged off the current X Sight and wouldn't touch one with a barge pole, I did look through one of the new 4K X Sight at the BSS and it was very impressive. Cheers Bruce
  8. Island for sale

    That 2 acre plantation of trees must be the only trees in Shetland Also, near the coast at the right side of the picture are 3 lines in the water - that's a mussel farm Cheers Bruce
  9. IR Eliminater

    You can go to a longer wavelength IR such as 940nm and that will essentially be invisible. However the camera in the drone pro will only be about 1/3 as sensitive to the light at 940nm as it is to the light you're probably using at the moment (850nm), so although you will be less visible, you will also have a significant reduction in range. There are no thermal scopes commercially available that have the resolution of a drone pro. However, I moved from a drone pro to a 640x480 thermal scope with a 75mm lens more than 2 years ago and I now shoot a lot more foxes than I did before. The scope I'm using can be bought from the Night vision store - it's called a WT1-76-6 and it costs £5450 Cheers Bruce
  10. Ward add-on now sold - illuminator still available Cheers Bruce
  11. Selling on behalf of a shooting buddy. He bought this Ward-D- Vision 800L a few months ago, used it a couple of times but just can't get on with it. I'ts unmarked and in perfect working order and comes with 4 plastic collars to fit different size scope eyebells, the charger, and is in a plastic Peli type case Price for this is £650 posted RMSD to anywhere in the UK He also has a Ward B672 illuminator and scope mounting clamp. These were bought at the same time as the add-on and are in perfect working condition Price for the illuminator and clamp is £50 posted RMSD to anywhere in the UK. Cheers Bruce LAND ROVER - THE WORLD'S WORST 4X4 BY FAR
  12. Posting a rifle

    This is my understanding of how this should work: If you hand the rifle to an RFD at your end and ask him to send it to the prospective buyers RFD purely for his RFD to inspect it, there is no need for the rifle to be taken off your ticket., and you're not doing anything illegal. If the prospective buyer wants to buy the rifle (and you agree to the sale) then, before the buyer can actually posses the rifle he needs to send his FAC to you (not either of the RFDs). When you receive his FAC you need to check that he has a slot on his FAC for a rifle of the calibre you're selling (and a moderator if that's included in the sale) If his FAC is in order then you write on his FAC that you are the seller of the rifle along with your details and the details of the rifle. You then send the buyers FAC back to him. When he gets the FAC he goes to his RFD and collects the rifle. Once the buyer has possession of the rifle you must inform the police force that issued your FAC that you have disposed of the rifle, giving them the buyers details As for payment, I suggest that payment for the rifle is made to you before you send his FAC back to him. Also, you need to agree beforehand who pays for RFD costs if he decides not to buy the rifle Cheers Bruce
  13. DPT - buy a complete 6.5 moderator (magnum or non magnum) and also a rear section with the same thread as your 243 and then simply swap the baffle section between the rifles. Cheers Bruce
  14. Steel pins

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stainless-Steel-Polishing-0-5x5mm-Pins-Magnetic-Tumbler-Polishers-shot-polishers-/192008112610?hash=item2cb49349e2 Cheers Bruce
  15. Reloading Advice

    I just realised I had forgotten the very first step I've edited the post to show that I clean the inside of the necks as my first step. That reduces the chance of the sizing die getting dirt on it Cheers Bruce

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