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  1. Malxwal

    Nosler 130gr 6.5mm Accubond

    As per title, looking for Nosler 6.5mm 130gr Accubonds.
  2. Malxwal

    6.5x47 Bullet Recommendations

    Nosler 120BT are the favourite. Have a bit more than a half box here I would sell if you're interested ? Cheers Malc
  3. For sale, a stainless muzzle brake, 18x1. No idea what make, but nicely made. £40 posted. PM me for photos by email etc Cheers Malc
  4. Malxwal

    6.5x47L Dies

    Gave in, bit the bullet so to speak....ouch.
  5. Malxwal


    Ed Bewsher, Edinburgh Rfles http://new.ersg.com/
  6. Malxwal

    Rebarreling cost

    Contact Big Al on here for top quality work and very fair prices. I am not affiliated in any way, but have seen his work in action, most impressed.
  7. Malxwal

    6.5mm Hornady & Nosler

    Updated to include 123gr SST.
  8. Malxwal

    6.5mm Hornady & Nosler

    Looking to rehome your unloved 6.5mm Hornady and Nosler bullets, for cash ? Look no further... Wil buy the following 123gr Amax (AKA unicorn tears) 123gr SST 129gr SST 100gr and 120gr Nosler BT Hunting No pulled stuff please (unless its with a good amount of new) PM me please Cheers Malc
  9. Malxwal

    6.5x47L Dies

    Still looking folks. In reality, I'm only looking for Reddng.
  10. Malxwal

    Wildcat Evolution diffusers

    A good enough idea, but not my aim in this instance.
  11. Malxwal

    Wildcat Evolution diffusers

    Looking for Wildcat Evolution diffusers in 243/green and 270/blue. PM cheers !
  12. Malxwal

    6.5x47L Dies

    Weekend bump. Bound to be some of you jumped to Creed and have 47 dies lying unloved ?
  13. Malxwal

    6.5x47L Dies

    Potentially in the market for 6.5x47L dies.Quite happy to buy individual bits n bobs. Not looking for arbor press type.PM me please.CheersMalc
  14. Prepared to consider offers IRO £1150 for rifle, mod, dies and new or used brass.
  15. Been a while, rifle not getting to see the light of day, should be out getting used. Open to sensible discussion on trades and/or price.

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