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  1. Could I have second dibs please ?
  2. Malxwal

    Load data RS62/Scenar 123gr

    You could just sell me the 200 123 Scenars.....
  3. Looking for a set of Redding S type competition dies, FL size, micrometer seating die. PM if you have a set lying around in need of new home. Cheers Malc
  4. Updated, three boxes left of the original five.
  5. Malxwal

    Temperature sensitive powders

    Well, as for style of shooting, I'm purely doing medium range informal gong stuff, no fast strings etc. The 22" barrel limits velocity, so stick to the 123gr and accept the velocity, as long as the accuracy is there. The increased barrel burner effects are not a concern, hence I tried the RS60. Load development produced a fantastic grouping at between 40.1 and 40.7, but that went completely out the window when temps rose to above 20c (not something we have to worry about a lot up here, but still, I like an easy life). Interesting about the Murom primers; locally can only get CCI or Federal, AFAIK. Its the CCI450 primers I use.
  6. Malxwal

    Temperature sensitive powders

    Interesting, what sort of charge weight are you at for that ? going by Quikload, the N540 offers little advantage over N140, so perhaps worth doing a load work up with what N140 I have left.
  7. Malxwal

    Temperature sensitive powders

    RS62 was one that was looking good for a trial in the 47. I also had a good load of N140 and 123 Amax, seemed to be fine in excessive temperatures the other day ( NE Scotland, but it was up above 20, so we were all near naked). I will have to try some behind the Scenars. Always looking for a wee bit extra poke, so the N540 piqued my gaze. My 308 for some reason detested N140 behind any one of five different bullets, a bit odd, so I moved to Varget, of which I have one tub left.
  8. Malxwal

    Temperature sensitive powders

    Looking for peoples experience of N540/N550 in terms of temperature sensitivity, also any other experience of Viht and RS powders in this respect. My own experience of RS60 of late is that it was very temp sensitive, and so I'm now looking to change to something more stable in my 47, 22" barrel and sticking to 123 gr (mostly Scenars).
  9. Three boxes of 100ea Nosler Accubond LR 129gr 6.5mm. One box opened but no bullets used, others sealed.Currently retailing at £70/box, will part with all three boxes for £160 posted, or by the box at £55 posted.https://www.1967spud.com/shop/reload...ge-6-5mm-129g/CheersMalc
  10. (Buyer backed out) Three sealed tubs of RS60, same batch. £70/tub, £200 for the three. Collected Deeside, Aberdeenshire, or by some other arrangement. Cheers Malc
  11. Malxwal

    6.5 re-barrel options

    The chamber I currently have fits 123gr bullets, anything else is encroaching on powder space. Would most likely stick with the 123 Scenars or similar, with the 123 ELDs in the absence of Amax (I still have 400 or so) or Nosler 120BT for deer. I have a fair stock of 129 ABLR too, they seem to fit well in the chamber, but haven't worked up a load for them. I have to say, I like the characteristic of 47 whereby, as Baldie says, "that the 47 can be loaded with dog s**t".
  12. Malxwal

    6.5 re-barrel options

    Two pals running 47s running 140gr Berger Hybrids / H4350, one at about 2850, but they are longer barrels with 8 twist.
  13. Malxwal

    6.5 re-barrel options

    The only reason I ask about the Creed thing is in case my current 47 sold with dies and brass etc. Ideally the dies and brass would stay with me and I'd stick with 47. Barrels: experiences good or bad. rifling, fancy 5R stuff ? Smiths I think I have a good idea of.

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