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  1. Malxwal

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    You may get a new unit from GMK (via your local gunshop) but it could cost you £145... I previously tried a CG trigger from the mob that are doing them in Australia, but it was a disaster, didn't fit, hopeless technical asisstance etc, so was retutned. Expensive mistake that one, a shame as I'd heard the CG units were great.
  2. Malxwal

    Lee Breech Lock quick change bushings

    PM inbound Sir.
  3. Malxwal

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    Apologies, too brief there. To expand, I was sent a T3 unit by GMK in error, it didn't fit, but this could just be due to the angle of the thumb pad on the safety lever. However, that's not a very easy thing to modify. I went on to purchase a unit from Bix n Andy, which I was assured they'd done many times. Turns out it also didn't fit due to the safety lever. I had to modify the action of my M595 slightly to make it work (done after consultation with a most revered riflesmith). Bix n Andy solution was just to bend it, but to me that was not the solution, it was simply the wrong shape. In summary, do not order anything that is designed for T3 and expect it to be a straight fit to M595/M695.
  4. Malxwal

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    FFS, I just sold a brand new unused M595/695 genuine assembly for half price two days ago, as it had been lying about in my cupboard for a year. I have a Tikka set trigger unit (Stecher) for these too, could be persuaded....
  5. Malxwal

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    T3 unit is not interchangeable, from experience.
  6. Malxwal

    Lee Breech Lock quick change bushings

    Bump...anybody ?
  7. Barky buggers, that was my concern. Very happy with the Wildcat Evo thougn.
  8. Malxwal

    RS52 22-250

    Not going to bother pursuing this much further, although will have to confirm once brass sized. This is three shots, 100yds, load as above, shot with a head on quartering R to L breeze. The circle is drawn round a 10p. Apologies to those who prefer more technical stuff.
  9. Malxwal

    RS52 and 308W load data

    Looking at this change to burn rate, has piqued my interest, mainly in understanding more. I tried changing the burn rate for my own load using Nosler 125gr bullets, and see that only a change up to 0.5100 is required to match my chrono'd velocities of 3010. Looking at it, the given value of 0.5045 gives a velocity of 20fps lower for my load. So, modifying burn rate only applies to a given load, , in this case the 150gr and up bullets; if using 0.55 in my other loads/rounds, they subsequently appear to be over pressure. What other factor should be changed as a constant so that RS52 QL data can be more accurate across the board ?
  10. As per title, some Lee Breech Lock quick change bushings wanted. Need at least four. Cheers Malc
  11. Malxwal

    RS52 22-250

    Well, so far, 37.0gr behind 55gr Sierra HPBT at 2.350 OAL, produces zero pressure signs and 0.5moa groups. That was in virgin Lapua brass completely unprepped. Will try a few more at that, then use the once fired and then neck sized to do a bit more detailed load development. Not chasing lands, but will try and get the best out of what was a bargain old T3.
  12. Malxwal

    Optilock rings, 30mm ex-lo blued

    Still in the market for these!
  13. Think my experiences of this cartridge are based on a shorter barrel, with a Jet Z on it, really quite boomy, especially beside my 223 at the time. This Evo has none of that.
  14. Opted for the Wildcat Evolution, and am mightily impressed.
  15. Malxwal

    RS52 22-250

    Although they only list one 22-250 load, it is with RS52. Their own calibre comparability chart shows it as being ideal for the calibre, and their burn rate chart has it as an equal of N540, bit faster burning than Varget. I shall carry out due dilligence, start sensible and work up.

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