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  1. Malxwal

    Nightforce ATACR

    There is one on Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nightforce-ATACR-7-35-56-F1-Illuminated-SF-ZS-Riflescope-FFP/123869578013?hash=item1cd733c31d:g:HaMAAOSwCg9dH7r2
  2. Malxwal

    Quad bike wanted

    I could be interested in your Kodiak, PM'd you.
  3. Malxwal

    Nitride bushings .310, .309, .308

    Wanted, nitride bushings sizes .310..309, .308 to suit Redding FL bushing die Any of the above, not steel thanks. Cheers Malc
  4. Malxwal

    Which rs powder

    Running 140 ELD-M over RS62, velocities circa 2735, 42.0gr 2.825 OAL. 24" barrel. The RS60 is more temp sensitive I found, but would be fine for minute of deer accuracy and give better velocities.
  5. In the process of load development with 180gr ELD-M using N165 out of a 28", 56.7gr with an OAL of 3.370. SD is generally around the 9, 0.3gr more or less same results. Two pals running theres, one ELD-M, one Berger, both getting excellent results with N160.
  6. No, this was tge FFP version, less mag. Really quite impressed for what they cost.
  7. Too late, it's on my rifle (incidentally, the 284 Matthew advertised at the same time.)
  8. Malxwal

    Summer Boots

    Used to love my Altbergs (Gamekeeper Stark Extremes), but first pair leaked within warranty, replacement pair leaked, now rebuilt and still leak. Perhaps buying their more traditional leather options may be better.
  9. Malxwal

    Gun smith in NE Scotland

    PJS by Forfar, will get it done quickly and at a very fair price. I think you'd be waiting a while to get Callum to attend to it. Or, Eric Burnett, who I think is still working outside Mintlaw for Buchan Guns ? Grant Taylor on the edge of Dundee also would do a proper job.
  10. Malxwal

    Remington 700 aftermarket trigger

    Anybody thinking of moving on a Remmy 700 aftermarket trigger unit, Timney, Jewell etc (must have safety and bolt release), drop me a PM please. Cheers Malc
  11. Malxwal

    Mcmillan/PSE or similar for T3

    Still in the market...WHY ?
  12. Malxwal

    Behind the license revocation

    Surely "commercial" covers a broad spectrum, from the estate shoots run as described by Drum, to the big money stuff run by specialist companies or the big game rearers. Commercial would generally refer to where a keeper/keepers aare mployed full time and some days are let ?
  13. Malxwal

    Mcmillan/PSE or similar for T3

    Anybody have a Mcmillan/PSE or similar stock for a T3 they are thinking of moving on ? It's for a 30-06 stalking rifle, so doesn't have to be adjustable. Cheers Malc
  14. Malxwal

    Behind the license revocation

    Personally, a 150 bird day about twice a year is my stretch. I beat a lot more, and at that shoot the surplus is breasted out and the meat used in pies to feed the guns and beaters. But if other folk can afford to pay to shoot 500 or 1000 birds in a day, I have no problem, as long as the meat goes into the food chain. I really cannot see the pleasure in such a day myself, as I cannot imagine the birds would be presented as fair or challenging ? Lets not get into the politics of envy, if it were not for the great capitalist world we live in, we would all mostly be getting hung as poachers for the taking of any of the Kings game. Always seems to be the middle classes who come away with the left wing holier than thou attitudes regarding the rich and what they get up to with their millions, when in fact they're not doing too bad out of the system.
  15. Malxwal

    Behind the license revocation

    We all need to stick together on all aspects of shooting. Those who are blinkered enough to think that a ban on game shooting will not in any way lead to a ban on them playing with their black rifles or their ten different guns at the range are in need of a reality check. Yes, there are issues within driven pheasant and partridge shooting, but they lie in getting the game to the table, the actual numbers shot on a day are irrelevant. The releasing of reared birds is no more harmful to environment in the greater scheme of things than a poultry farm, where the birds live in much worse conditions, even free range.

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