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  1. Prepared to consider offers IRO £1150 for rifle, mod, dies and new or used brass.
  2. Been a while, rifle not getting to see the light of day, should be out getting used. Open to sensible discussion on trades and/or price.
  3. Malxwal

    Dating Nightforce scopes

    If you contact Nightforce customer service they will tell you. I did this previously with an older NXS and they responded very promptly.
  4. Malxwal

    22-250 1x12 twist

    Using Sierra 55gr BTHP (#1390) over 37.0gr RS52 loaded to 2.350, through a standard Tikka 14 twist, and it's producing one hole/cloverleaf.
  5. Malxwal

    S/H Scope S&B, or Karl Kaps Or similar Wanted

    PM'd you. Cheers, Malc
  6. Malxwal

    Looking to minimise my cabinet

    6.5x47L, 6.5 Creed. As JCS says, bear in mind the ever increasing likelihood of a lead ban.
  7. Malxwal

    Using dry lube for inside the necks

    Vaguely relevant, but not indicative of major research, I had very good chrono readings purely neck sizing using a collet die and reloading cases, no cleaning, just a fresh chamfer. Not so important the neck sizing bit here, but the lack of cleaning.
  8. Malxwal

    S&B PMII 5-25

    Tried Hunters Cabin ? He has two brand new at very good price. Might be SFP though.
  9. Malxwal

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    You may get a new unit from GMK (via your local gunshop) but it could cost you £145... I previously tried a CG trigger from the mob that are doing them in Australia, but it was a disaster, didn't fit, hopeless technical asisstance etc, so was retutned. Expensive mistake that one, a shame as I'd heard the CG units were great.
  10. Malxwal

    Lee Breech Lock quick change bushings

    PM inbound Sir.
  11. Malxwal

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    Apologies, too brief there. To expand, I was sent a T3 unit by GMK in error, it didn't fit, but this could just be due to the angle of the thumb pad on the safety lever. However, that's not a very easy thing to modify. I went on to purchase a unit from Bix n Andy, which I was assured they'd done many times. Turns out it also didn't fit due to the safety lever. I had to modify the action of my M595 slightly to make it work (done after consultation with a most revered riflesmith). Bix n Andy solution was just to bend it, but to me that was not the solution, it was simply the wrong shape. In summary, do not order anything that is designed for T3 and expect it to be a straight fit to M595/M695.
  12. Malxwal

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    FFS, I just sold a brand new unused M595/695 genuine assembly for half price two days ago, as it had been lying about in my cupboard for a year. I have a Tikka set trigger unit (Stecher) for these too, could be persuaded....
  13. Malxwal

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    T3 unit is not interchangeable, from experience.
  14. Malxwal

    Lee Breech Lock quick change bushings

    Bump...anybody ?

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