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  1. Been loading my 308 155s to just fit in the mag of my HS precision with excellent results
  2. Thanks for the info James ...did he volunteer a timeline ? How does he want paying .....up front ?
  3. I would imagine that most dealers could import a barrel, send it to the proof house and then put on an individual FAC?
  4. I would like a medium varmint 308 barrel for my R93 . Has anybody an idea of cost from Bix n Andy?
  5. Blaser LRS2 Magazine

    As above gents in 223 cal needed so I can have a spare
  6. Pics please pm'd email address
  7. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    Nvm ?
  8. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    I appreciate it might not be for all but as an example my local golf club carges £3500 per year membership all to kmock a ball around the lawn.....and no I dont play....not old enough
  9. For sale the following 25 cal Speer 120gr spitzer boat tail x 50 no 25 cal Sierra 100gr match kings x 70 no £ 25 posted for the lot No longer shooting 25-06 Also Anschutz 10 Round magazine 22Lr £35 posted
  10. .204 Ruger Brass wanted

    Got some used once Lyman dies £27 posted
  11. Blaser LRS2 mags

    Looking for some 223 mags if anybody has some surplus ?
  12. .22 Semi Auto Laws

    Where exactly in the HO release does it mention 22 semi autos? Probably an excellent idea to disuss the facts as we become familiar with them?
  13. Armalon

    Thanks Mark

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