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  1. gazzarM1

    IOR rings

    I'll have them please send me your payment details
  2. gazzarM1

    Lyman Gen 6

    Had a problem with a set of Lyman scales, sent them an email explaining the problem sent me a new set free of charge.....second to none customer service
  3. gazzarM1

    IOR rings

    Looking for a pair of 35mm medium picatinny rings please
  4. Sorry mate meant the Recknagels

  5. I will take the Warne rings....please send me payment details
  6. gazzarM1

    Guns for sale

    Do the TRG mags you have for sale fit the CTR?
  7. gazzarM1

    Tikka T3x CTR mags

    As above need to locate a couple please in 308/260 Thanks
  8. gazzarM1


    Got a varmint synthetic stock ...not sure if HS though, bottom metal too I think
  9. gazzarM1

    Bringing dies back from the USA

    No need to declare them unless you are over your incoming goods allowance ....currently £390 doesnt matter if they are jeans shirts or dies £390 worth
  10. gazzarM1

    IOR 6-24

    I have the above scope and I have lost one of the small turret grub screws.Can someone point me in the direction of a place to get a replacement please?
  11. gazzarM1

    couldn't help noticing

    Do you not think the loaner is a subtle sales pitch?.....lovely machine btw
  12. gazzarM1

    couldn't help noticing

    As a scooter rider in the early 70's I was really into the scene, soul music ,the whole nine yards and after a load of years on bikes decided to get another so a 1962 series 3 slowly growing in my garage.That said in the ensuing years have owned some cool metal ,a 250lc on an x reg ,owned from new a zzr1100 ,a buell and several Harleys. Current main bike for the last 11 years is a Nightrod....lovely machine. Also had a few Hondas a Guzzi ,bmw k100, Aprilia Futura and a Suzy GT 185 ...loved most of them.
  13. gazzarM1

    Rifle Scope for .223. Max £400

    I have a Minox 6-30 on guntrader at the minute. It is in good order and has come off my 223 Blaser .

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