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  1. If the 357 dies come with a shell holder I will have them.....please send payment details
  2. Body die please ? Please let me have your payment details
  3. Point taken....only swapped over cos I managed to lock myself out of my previous nom de plume. Does seem a little redundant now....btw tremendous piece of kit
  4. gazzarM1

    Big problem with new rifle

    Have had the same issue with a 243 a few years ago ...new brass and factory ammo were fine .My fired brass even though Norma/Lapua was fired through another rifle .Bought a body die and problem solved ..
  5. Sold my 30-06 M1 recently and I have 15 no en bloc clips and a shoulder pouch that holds 12 loaded clips . looking for £75 posted
  6. gazzarM1

    Vortex Sparc red dot sight.

    got one spare mate....boxed up
  7. gazzarM1

    Left hand blues

    I have several left hand stocks for a Sako rifle Lazzaeroni and Mcmillan ...will let you know if you are interested when I get home tonight... also have a lefty thumbhole Boyds stock for a Tikka t3x CTR
  8. gazzarM1

    S&B pmll ret. change

    Not used it much as yet...bought the scope about five weeks ago...don’t find the ret fussy but there is a fair bit to learn in order to get the best results.I am liking it though
  9. gazzarM1

    S&B pmll ret. change

    got the MSR reticle on my Khales ...very good but you need to practice with it in order to become proficient
  10. gazzarM1

    Dillon RL550B

    Spell check is your friend 😊
  11. gazzarM1

    Dillon RL550B

    Anybody got one of these or can offer some help ? I have had mine for circa 25 years and have stripped it down to give it a good service/lubrication. Have it in bits but the pins in the upper link arm are being very stubborn to remove...the manual says you put a punch through the hollow one on the right hand side...drift the solid one out then drift the hollow one out in reverse...done that up to the point that I wouldn’t want to hit it any harder in fear of doing damage ....need to get them out to regrease any ideas chaps?
  12. gazzarM1

    Minox ZP 5-25

    Have had a couple of Minox scopes used one of the Zp models....very good they are too and a strong alternative to the big boys out there.
  13. gazzarM1

    6 Creedmoor

    Unbelievable this site sometimes.I swear some folk would argue over day and night.I merely offered up some advice given to me by a gunsmith whose opinion I value...I never said it was his knowledge he imparted or did I ask. him from whence it came...following that gem it would appear that I have spent all my life stealing information from others..best stop learning whilst I still have my freedom then.Btw I read that article myself at a later date Some folk need to get a grip,a life or both.
  14. gazzarM1

    6 Creedmoor

    For what it is worth Mike Norris once told me that the optimum length for a 243 barrel is 21.75 inches
  15. Sorry to hijack your thread.. but where did you buy the bipod ?

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