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  1. gazzarM1

    Courier for shipping rifle stock

    Absolutely no need to overthink this
  2. gazzarM1

    Courier for shipping rifle stock

    take it to the post office... when asked what is in the parcel ...fibreglass mould or wooden furniture is fine ...sent about a dozen this way never an issue.
  3. I really couldn't agree with a random check on security being a good reason ….not unless the visit was in conjunction with somebody waving a gun around on the front lawn which could rightly be construed as a credible threat? Being treated like a potential criminal under the veil of achieving public protection to my mind is nothing short of intimidation... which begs the question why ???
  4. Something the Al kebab cowards never considered.....Respect Sir...
  5. Nothin wrong with the North Mark.....we now have a 2mile range within a 2.5 hour drive from us on top of the other places locally Diggle etc..
  6. gazzarM1

    New to firearms, have a question.

    A total lack of consistency …..I am under Lancs and have not long purchased a 22wmr on a 22 rimfire slot from a dealer in GMP area...not even a raised eyebrow,. Some of these people do not have a scooby doo.
  7. gazzarM1

    Wanted: .22 Semi Auto

    got a Bretta ARX 160 little use 3 mags very accurate good price as I need the slot
  8. Yes indeed I do ...keeping hold for the time being ....used the spare cash to get a lefty AT 308
  9. gazzarM1

    HS Precision mags...

    I paid £70 for a gen one 10round mag ....I would also be interested in the bottom metal when you come to part company with it.
  10. Thanks for the assistance but the adaptor has now gone sorry
  11. As above for sale FDE coloured AI AX bipod surplus to requirements these are £240 new yours for £180 posted . Also for sale is a brand new fitted but not used AI key mod spigot adaptor that fixes underneath in the rail giving you an extra inch or so in height. Bought for £65 2 weeks ago for sale at £50 or will exchange for a 10 round AT mag
  12. Tier one unimount 35 mm 20 moa still for sale

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