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  1. Rifle Scope for .223. Max £400

    I have a Minox 6-30 on guntrader at the minute. It is in good order and has come off my 223 Blaser .
  2. Separated case head remover

    Sorted now gents thanks.....M.O was a 12g bronze brush wrapped in a bit of cammo tape at the end an rotatated into the case on the end of a 12g cleaning rod then a mate yanking it out whilst I held onto the upper receiver.....job done.....happy now but a few 338 cases now going for recycling !
  3. Looking to buy a case separated head removal tool .Who sells them ? Need a 338 variety Thanks
  4. Bump A lot of interest ...but still for sale
  5. Minox ZA 5 6 -30 scope in very good condition 600 Bdc reticle boxed £500 posted Rmsd Photos available please provide email address
  6. 338 300gr bullets £38 per box of 50 posted
  7. Calamity and disaster

    Just been getting my toys ready for a day at the range tomorrow....stacked my lefty Ruger scout against the bed then stepped back forgetting it was there....long story short I ended up wrapped around it in the floor and somehow the bipod ripped the front stud out and split the stock back from the stud for about 4" . Any suggestions for either a good stock repair chap or where I can obtain a replacement ? Thanks
  8. Steel pins

    Chaps Just wondering where to buy the stainless steel pins for tumble cleaning brass. Thanks
  9. How about £50 posted for the 38s and the sling pack ?
  10. What weight are the 38 bullets ?
  11. What type of scope are you looking to replace it with?
  12. Cerakote

    Thanks for the info chAPS
  13. Cerakote

    Looking for a cerokote applicator in the North West for a barreled action. Does anybody have any recommendations? What should I expect to pay? It is a Rem 700
  14. Air rifles in Scotland

    Thanks for the heads up gents.However having read all the stuff involved,wanting to know where I am staying ,what land I am shooting etc,etc I don't get that travelling with several full bore rifles/shotguns plus £20 fee not that £20 is a problem but about £20,000 worth of principle. I will just take a rimmy instead which is on an open ticket anyway.
  15. Air rifles in Scotland

    Going up to Scotland next month for a bit of stalking and thinking of taking my air rifle for a bit of plinking .Given the state of affairs in respect of airgun ownership up there do I need a permit to take it to Scotland?I am a FAC holder

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