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  1. Air rifles in Scotland

    Thanks for the heads up gents.However having read all the stuff involved,wanting to know where I am staying ,what land I am shooting etc,etc I don't get that travelling with several full bore rifles/shotguns plus £20 fee not that £20 is a problem but about £20,000 worth of principle. I will just take a rimmy instead which is on an open ticket anyway.
  2. Air rifles in Scotland

    Going up to Scotland next month for a bit of stalking and thinking of taking my air rifle for a bit of plinking .Given the state of affairs in respect of airgun ownership up there do I need a permit to take it to Scotland?I am a FAC holder
  3. £30 k for a half minute rifle.... a bit ,no a lot OTT . No doubt someone will buy them though
  4. Ruger mini 14 parts

    Or muzzle brakes ?
  5. Ruger mini 14 parts

    Definately have the flash hider
  6. Been loading my 308 155s to just fit in the mag of my HS precision with excellent results
  7. Thanks for the info James ...did he volunteer a timeline ? How does he want paying .....up front ?
  8. I would imagine that most dealers could import a barrel, send it to the proof house and then put on an individual FAC?
  9. I would like a medium varmint 308 barrel for my R93 . Has anybody an idea of cost from Bix n Andy?
  10. Blaser LRS2 Magazine

    As above gents in 223 cal needed so I can have a spare
  11. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    Nvm ?

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