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  1. Kenblock apologies but it went on a phone call this afternoon and have only just got access to my machine to update thread Ruger branded Aics and the MDT polymer 10 round only ones left now
  2. The following magazines are for sale. Aics 10 round 308 £35 posted Aics 5 round 308 £30 posted Mdt polymer 10 round to fit aics unused £35 posted Ruger branded aics fit 5 round £30 posted Thanks
  3. gazzarM1

    Wanted 34mm scope med mounts

    Apologies for jumping in .....but I am in need of the same after you get sorted
  4. As above in good condition threaded 1/2 inch unf £90
  5. gazzarM1


    Am I correct in saying that the Ruger scout 308 takes AICS mags?
  6. I have just taken delivery of a new scope to go between 2 rifles hence the following are up for grabs Firstly IOR 6 - 24 x 50 illuminated SH4 illuminated reticle boxed in very good condition comes with Tier one mounts Sold subject to funds Leupold 8 .5 -25 x 50 Mk4 non illuminated mildot reticle ,no box sorry ,a little bit of wear round the turrets but other wise good condition . £525 reduced for quick sale Both scope prices include delivery to your home address (mainland uk only) pics available
  7. Interested in as much as I would like a lighter barrel for my own AR ...will it take military ammo?
  8. Mark Pictures would give me an idea of the look of the profile mate ...not knowing what that particular barrel resembles ....apart from being long but not so much and black not shiny....lol
  9. gazzarM1

    Sponsor Bradders

    Done mate
  10. Just checked the online manual and the thread is 3/4 x 24
  11. Dont know mate it came all together... Also has a brake that was original
  12. Still got this for sale...a must if you own a Ruger Gunsite Scout .....open to a sensible offer.

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