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  1. As per title 110v powered trim pro with all pilots and shell plates plus an all in one 223 trim/de burr kit £200 posted to your door
  2. gazzarM1

    Barrel import

    Thanks again for the constructive info gents... it was never my intention to bypass any rules concerning importation of ITAR items just wanting to know the status of an unchambered barrel ….Think I know now lol ….fully aware that I can get a host of different makes of barrel to suit my HTR but I wanted the exact same barrel to replace my current barrel when needed, originality etc. Armed with the info given I can now look into sorting it out early next year.
  3. I can vouch for both these venues as a current member …..well run ,well organised and I am still trying to hit the 1 mile gong.....brilliant facility and Marc and Davy always willing to assist /spot.. Wish it had been there a lot longer.
  4. gazzarM1

    Barrel import

    I asked a simple question requiring a constructive informed answer... at no point in the request was I seeking opinions or views .
  5. gazzarM1

    Barrel import

    Just wondering if it is at all possible to ask a simple question on here in order to get an informed answer to said valid question without people taking it as an opportunity to start tearing chunks out of each other? Keyboard warriors ..Don't you just love them?
  6. gazzarM1

    Barrel import

    Thanks Gents I was looking specifically at a HS precision barrel as that is what is on my HTR, it is still shooting well but I will be putting some serious rounds through it over the next few months .Thinking the round count is probably in the region of 1500 right now but given they allegedly guarantee .5 MOA at 5000 rounds it may well have a lot of life left in it .All I am seeking to do is get an identical barrel lined up for a quick swap when the need arises .So I could ask a UK importer to get me one then from HS Precision or a third party over there ?
  7. gazzarM1

    Barrel import

    Gents In terms of importation of an unchambered barrel from the States.....what do I need to do ? Not sure of the status as it would not be chambered Thanks
  8. Pics for me too please...
  9. As above ,I have 85 no brand new cases 50 of which are totally untouched whilst the remainder have been primed and then deprimed to allow postage. £30 posted
  10. Selling my spare laminated thumbhole stock for my left handed T3x CTR black and grey laminate in very good condition .Probably a Boyds stock for sale elsewhere ...price shipped £150
  11. Got three Henry’s a 357 a 44 and a 22 wmr pump....Excellent quality and very,very accurate.
  12. Sorry to but in on the thread but I have 10 rounder surplus for the same price ?

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