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  1. markyw2

    .17fireball reloaders

    I have used several powders to good effect in my .17 FB,, including Ramshot Xtreme, H4198 and of late RS40.....although I have not shot this last batch yet. I primarily use the Krank's 17gr bullets (but have used 20 and 25gr vmax) and find there is little difference in point of impact if I load to similar velocities. I normally aim for about 3800 FPS, so not too hot. As for length, I load to standard length given by Quickload, as I worry that even a small difference can increase pressures more than wanted. The rifle is a Remington 700 VSSF II with a 26" varmint barrel and I have had regular .5 MOA at 100yds with all loads. Just remember to start safe and work up in small increments, as pressure increases far faster in the little 17 FB case than in others. Regards Mark
  2. Done. Wouldn't have been able to teach my son to shoot if this was law. Happy memories. Mark
  3. markyw2

    BRNO Model 5 22lr bolt action rifle

    Good luck with your search. I have a Mod 1 and Mod 2, both from the mid-50s, and love them. neither of mine are in anywhere near excellent condition, although both shoot well. Mark
  4. I have used H322, and IMR4198 to good effect under 50gr and 55gr varmint bullets. Have now moved to RS40 as trying to limit my number of powders (RS40 and RS50 seem to do a lot of my calibres), but still to test fully on this. Surely with a .224 if you push it too slow you will have more chance of bounce? Also, I was videoing a target shooting session a few months ago and my CZ527 FS running IMR498 under 50gr Sierras didn't sound as loud as I expected down range (on camera). Regards Mark
  5. markyw2

    Fab CZ 455

    Why CZs poor? They usually shoot well out of the box. Admittedly no frills, but good workhorses and will go on for years. My pair of BRNOs are both from the 1950s and still shoot much better than I can. Looks like a nice rifle. Mark
  6. markyw2

    .308 Howa 1in 10" , 150Gr a good option?

    I have had good results with a similar setup, but using 155gr SMK out to 500yds. Still perfecting it, but reasonably happy. Mine has a 24" heavy barrel, but not sure how much difference this would make. Regards Mark
  7. markyw2

    electric vrs beam scale

    Have friends who have gone the chargemaster route and ended up back at beam scales and trickler. Personally, upgraded my Lee safety scales only because they don't work with the Targetmaster. Now use Lee scoops to throw near the charge and trickle up using the Targetmaster into RCBS 505s. Mark
  8. There was a good post and article (I think on here, but cannot find it looking back) where someone mentioned utilising scent / additive free soap to mark the case necks and then torching until the soap turned black. Apparently, this is a good indicator of a 400 degree heating (evidence was provided) - enough to anneal the neck and only costs an appropriate bar of soap and a gas torch. Regards Mark
  9. markyw2

    Changing Powders

    Apologies if I am stating the obvious after the informative and detailed post above, but changing powders basically means a load workup from the start. In my personal and somewhat limited experience, if the bullet and rifle like each other then it is just a matter of finding what new powder weight gives the right push to bring everything back together. Good luck. Mark
  10. markyw2

    17hmr vs small CF

    I went for a .17 CF as I needed something a little more frangible than 22LR on the land I shoot and also didn't fancy a HMR. Ended up going for a Fireball, which presented problems in factory ammo and brass for reloading. However, great round and a great rifle (Rem 700 VSSF 2) which I probably paid a bit over the odds for, although it was practically new. Factory is about £1-£1.50 a pop, but I can reload for about 20p a round not including brass. I have some .17 fireball and now also dies to make .17 FB brass from .221 FB brass - which is much more readily available. Personally, if you are considering a .17 CF, then .17 Rem may be a good option. Not sure I would recommend Fireball due to availability of consumables. If you do go any .17 CF Krank are a good source of 17gr bullets @ £5.50/100 and they shoot well. Regards Mark
  11. markyw2

    BRNO Mod 2 rear sight

    , Saddler, Your inbox is full mate. Regards Mark
  12. markyw2

    BRNO Mod 2 rear sight

    As subject states, I would like to put a rear sight back on my 1957 BRNO Mod 2. If anyone has a take off lying around due to scope fitting, then drop me a message please. Thanks Mark
  13. markyw2

    .222 loading advice

    I am away at the moment and so no access to my notes or powered store, but think I am currently using IMR 4198 under various bullets with good results. Was using H322 until I ran out and switched to 4198 as I had this for my .17 Rem FB. Getting low here too, so thinking of looking at RS40, as have had good success with RS50 in my .308 and 7.5x55. And it is a good price per Kg. Regards Mark

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