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  1. I'll take a box please. PM your payment details. cheers
  2. Having only ever used soft bean bag 'tactical' type rear bags, I'd appreciate some advice on which rear sand bag would be best. Ultimately I want greater stability at longer range which I feel the softer bags lack. I'm leaning towards; - Lenzi LR - Edgewood Original with handle - Edgewood Gater But advice welcomed on what brand, size, width of bunny ears is best. My rifle sports an Eliseo tube chassis with their standard bag rider. 1/2" wide, 4" long and reversible, so angled one side or flat the other. Pic attached of what it looks like. Shooting position will be off bench or on flat grass with shooting mat and bipod. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks Monty. Yeah, the volcanic optimised pre-fill was the big selling point that stood out for me too. I've read getting the correct fill is crucial but quite difficult to do oneself. I also completely share your fear about the rain though. Good leathercare will be essential. Personally, I couldn't give a monkey where the leather comes from (Farrari is a nouveau riche brand now anyway) but as long as the stitching is very good and holds up, then happy days. Interesting your point about the shooting matt, that it doesn't affect/negate the effects of the bag. I hadn't thought about that but makes sense when you think about it. What modification are you making? Like a cut out in the matt, or a hard point stitched into it? Cheers for all the comments.
  4. Many thanks Dr. T and Vince - I really appreciate the comments and your real world experiences. 👍
  5. Thank you Vince, I greatly appreciate the input! To be fair the standard 'rider' is of good quality and stable enough (no dissernable flex/movement) with a bean bag, but I've long suspected that it's not ideal for a rear sandbag. I'm not an F class shooter so I'd be interested to understand your comment about not using the Gater on the grass. Why is the Gater not suitable but the Lenzi is? And good to know about the handbags. None needed here 👍 Thanks again.
  6. Catch-22

    Starline brass. Any good??

    I'm using Starline in my .44mag and it's fine. Probably better than Winchester but not quite as good as Remington in quality. All my brass were short (not crazily so) but fairly uniform in length. I thought the flash holes were rather good, no issues with mine, though I wouldn't really care if they were as my .44mag is used purely for rapidly slinging cast lead downrange. Dunno then. Maybe Starline have different machines or processes for the various calibres they produce. Or maybe it's luck of the draw?!
  7. Catch-22

    Rear bag

    Does anyone have a decent rear bag they no longer need? Ideally a Lenzi or Edgewood original or gater. Btw, my bag rider is 1/2" wide, so I assume I'd need a bag with 3/8" bunny ears?!? Cheers
  8. Catch-22

    A&D Scales and Adam McDonald Auto Trickler

    That's a good point. Ensure the weight is a F1 class calibration weight for best accuracy. Pricy though.😞
  9. Catch-22

    A&D Scales and Adam McDonald Auto Trickler

    I'd be VERY suprised if anyone wanted to sell their setup. Personally I'd just bite the bullet & order one. Lovely bit of kit, works very well, very accurate and very speedy once going. Instructions are simple but setup of throw rate and the straw geometry, so it doesn't bounce kernels all over the place, is a bit fiddly at first. Its totally worth the money. I didn't bother with the Area419 base - personally I don't think it's needed. I love Area419 kit, bit in this instance its just a bit of 'bling'. Adam is a super nice guy too. You'll be very happy. Btw, best price on the A&D fx120-i was Oakley Weigh. Nice people too.
  10. Catch-22

    Moderator covers

    Good luck Craig 👍 I've got two little ones and know how busy life can be! Regarding covers, I'd look at Cole-Tac https://www.cole-tac.com/
  11. Catch-22

    Moderator covers

    You are thinking of @silent_varmintor
  12. Catch-22

    6mmbr modified case

    Personally I wouldn't bother with the Hornady cases, they're not very accurate. Useful videos in this thread will help you out!
  13. Catch-22

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    What a load of old cobblers. I'm not on about my local RFD. I have no beef with the end of the chain - I feel for them quite honestly, they have it hard. I personally know a few and see how much they have to graft for a living. And I do support my local RFDs wherever I can FWIW - however much of what I want/need isn't available through them. My issue is with those who are SUPPLYING the local RFDs. The main importers/distributors set the RRP prices and the local RFDs have to scrape whatever small margin they can from the sales. It'll be this practice of over egging the RRP set here that will be the demise of your local friendly RFD. And regarding 'cheapest is best', I completely agree that it isn't good most of the time. But my example was like for like. So would you buy the same brand new model car ( exact same spec, guarantees, options etc) from Dealer A down the road for £30k, or Dealer B a bit further away for £20k? You'd be a mug to not go for the obvious.
  14. Catch-22

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    I have no issue with making profits at all. I believe in making profits - its healthy. But so is savvy consumerism. As a consumer I like to shop around for the best price. Don't we all? A good example of what I'm on about is ive recently purchased 3000x 6.5mm 123g Lapua Scenar and 3000x 300g .338cal Lapua Scenar in bulk from a Lapua distributor abroad. After taxes, shipping and even the dealers profit margin, it was over £550 cheaper for me to do so than buying exactly the same from the Lapua importer/distributor here in the U.K. The foreign dealer is still making their margin, they're paying taxes, business rates, employees wages etc etc. And the included shipping wasn't cheap - about £70. So where's the £550 difference going for the UK importer?? But hey, that's ok. Not begrudging the extortionate markup. As any sensible consumer, I'd rather be wise with my money and keep the huge saving I've made for a future rebarrel down the line. That'll be money for a UK engineering business which might otherwise have just gone unnecessarily into someone else's profit margins.
  15. Dies aren't ITAR restricted. I too ordered my 6.5x47 and .338 Norma Mag direct from Whidden, plus one or two other things. Very helpful chap, arrived very quickly & no problems. Way cheaper going direct too!
  16. Catch-22

    50 Cal

    I believe a key one is the premises must have an alarm fitted. Dunno if there's a specific type that's required though.
  17. Very helpful as ever Pete, thanks. Ive not heard of Robla before, seems interesting stuff. As I too use HbN, I'm merely dry patching but will strip everything out with Sweets 7.62 after a couple of hundred rounds or when it's been particularly rainy/damp. After dry patching, I reswab the bore with my HbN solution and burnish the bore to coat the barrel again. Will be interesting to see how it all works out - I may need to invest in a bore scope.
  18. Catch-22

    .357 lead

    if shooting lead cast, I can't speak highly enough of the people running Shell House Bullet Company: https://shellhousebulletcompany.com/ Ive used a mix of bullets for .44mag and they're great quality at a brilliant price. It even came beautifully packaged with care. Top company!
  19. Very interesting - thanks for sharing Pete. I'd be keen to know what your typical cleaning process has been, specifically round count between cleaning, solvents used, whether you were carbon cleaning or full decoppering, scrubbing with a brush or just mopped with patches etc. You've also been using HbN haven't you?? Thanks
  20. From Lilja's articles; "Fluting a barrel removes weight, up to one pound or so depending on flute size. It also lowers a barrel’s moment of inertia value but not by very much. Some have the mistaken idea that fluting alone increases the stiffness of a barrel. This is not true. The fluted barrel of a given weight and length will be stiffer than an unfluted barrel of the same weight. The fluted barrel will not be stiffer than the same taper and length barrel that is not fluted though." http://riflebarrels.com/a-look-at-the-rigidity-of-benchrest-barrels/
  21. Catch-22

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    But that's because for some reason people in the US believe Stella to be the holy grail of imported beers and so market and cost it as such, not realising it's actually just pi$$ water. But coming from a country that loves Bud, Coors and their respective 'lite' versions...what can one expect! 😂
  22. Catch-22

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    Personally I don't believe the issue lies with the local retailers, they're simply stocking items based on prices set by the main importer/distributor. In many instances their hands are tied. Of course your local retailer has to make a living. Their margins are usually very small, so I begrudge them nothing and do support where possible. However I do believe the issue lies at heart with the main importer/distributor, in our case it's GMK for many products brought into the UK. Through their Beretta ownership and influence they also happen to be a key European distributor, giving them a huge monopoly share and control over most goods bought and sold. Because they are the monopoly, they set the prices and through their influence, remove the possibility for competition to work with manufactures and source products directly for the consumer. GMK has no concern for the consumer, like your friendly local retailer does, they're simply in it for the profit. I've noticed on the continent some key distributors do offer products at lower prices than here in the U.K. Most of the time that's due to the ability to buy in bulk. But this is quickly being discouraged or simply no longer an option in the UK because there's more profit to be had by not selling in bulk. Powder is a good example. You used to get Viht powders in 20kg bags for dealers or 3.5kg pots for the end customer, but this has now all gone - it's all 1kg tubs now. More profit to be had in 1kg tubs - the importer clearly removing the option for savings to be passed on to the consumer through bulk buying.
  23. Don't bother with a monopod, complete waste of money imho. Get yourself a decent rear rest or bag (if shooting on the move) - your shooting will be way more precise & consistent!
  24. Tell me about it. It'll be the importers and distributors who will price most shooters out of the sport IMHO. Ive not bought bullets from a UK distributor for years due to the insane markups imposed. Funny that only just across the channel prices are considerably cheaper than than here, even when all taxes and shipping are paid as you note. Interestingly I saw various stores in the US having end of year clear outs. For example Lapua Scenar 185g .30 cal going for $25/£19 a box, or 139g 6.5mm for $28/£22 a box. You'd NEVER, EVER, EVER see that in the UK. I know we don't have the volume of shooters here but even so...UK prices are a joke!

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