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    benelli m2 vs m3

    Owned an M2 practical (9+1) and it was a joy to shoot. Mild recoil and simply ate everything I fed it - very very reliable. The only issue I had was the loading gate was very sharp and the loading gate spring was stiff, so would often bite your fingers if speed loading under time stress. But that can be worked out with aftermarket springs and loading gate. Ive used a friends M3 and both he and I just struggled to get on with it. Being both pump and semi-auto, we'd often get confused over what to do, either pump or rack the bolt, when under time induced stress. I would agree with Baldie's point about trying Both guns. But if it were me, I'd choose either a pump or semi-auto...not a hybrid. Yes you can get used to it with enough training, but I would say it's just more habits you need to learn and get your head around.
  2. I came across this method of keeping track of one's shots and it seems very simple and completely logical to me. I'm definitely going to give it a try but I'd be keen to know if anyone else has used it? https://www.autotrickler.com/blog/how-to-improve-your-score-through-strategy
  3. Unused and completely new. This is their CIP sized (3.850" long), double stack, single feed (DSSF) magazine. Holds 5 rounds. I think it's item number 0100-0020 https://accurate-mag.com/shop/magazines/long-action-dssf-magazines/ £65 + P&P to UK address p.s top photo looks like there's a gap in the follower towards the front. Believe me it's not, the follower is all solid one-piece. What looks like a gap is where it's angled and didn't down up in the light.
  4. I'd say what ever you do, try to match the core features your LR scope has to any new scope to aid you switching back and forth between rifles/scopes. Core features I'm referring to are; + MOA or MIL reticle & turrets + SFP or FFP + Reticle type Personally I find there's nothing worse than getting used to a reticle or turret operation, then having to remember how the other settings work again when switching rifle. Keep things consistent and you can switch back and forth without the cognitive load.
  5. Catch-22

    Imr 4350/varget

    Personally I wouldn't bother...you'll have to make the switch to a REACH compliant powder very soon anyway. If I were you just try comparative RS or Vhit powders and work up some new loads. It'll also be cheaper too...both those powders are now mindnumbingly insane in price. Based on your interest in IMR4350/H4350 & Varget, take a look at the following; RS62 or Viht N150 = similar to IMR4350 & H4350 RS50 or RS52 or N140 = similar to Varget Good luck!
  6. Catch-22

    .284 / 6x47 Switch Barrel Build

    Baldie is right with needing seperate SA and LA lower units if wanting to run something long like a .300NM and shorter, like a 6x47. Take a look at the Eliseo RTM chassis systems. I built mine on one for this very reason. I literally unscrew the front action screw and I can swap the lower unit from SA to LA. At the same time I loosen 4 bolts holding the foreend hand guard to expose the freeloating barrel, stick it in a barrel vice, place an action wrench up the backend and hey presto...barrel off. Then same in reverse. Granted it's not as quick as the AI quick change system but I have zero need to do a barrel swap in the field. Overall it takes me about 5 mins in total to swap barrels, bolts and lowers.
  7. Very tidy that...well done her for 2nd time outing. The little '47 is just so pleasant to shoot.
  8. Catch-22

    Optics Warehouse, Above and Beyond

    As have I - lovely people to deal with!
  9. Catch-22

    338 Wanted

    The man above speaks truth... https://www.guntrader.uk/dealers/london/armalon-limited/guns/rifles/190115121825001
  10. Bump. FYI - this is an AICS pattern mag that will work with rifles accepting double stack, single feed (e.g. AX rifles I think)
  11. Catch-22

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Auto throw & auto trickler combo shipped came to £325. Can't remember what VAT/Duty came to. Probably around £360 all in. A&D scales are around £560.
  12. This was a route I too once explored...and also got the same response as you. As I understand it, it's not really a commercial outfit, more a guy in his shed doing it now and then for friends / close customers.
  13. Following a number of people asking for details about my switch barrel tube gun setup, I thought I might as well post some pics, especially as a few barrels were recently painted for me. Background: The gun was about a year in the planning and took nearly as much time to assemble all the bits and bring them into the UK. My goal was to have only one rifle for everything. This meant I would keep the same ergonomics, same scope, trigger, action etc. The only thing I need to do is have a new barrel fitted and swap bolts and lower unit over (if needed). I wanted the versatility of shooting any cartridge with a .308w case head - whether short or long. And I wanted a big boomer too. So I needed versatility to swap between short and long All in one action/platform. For the boomer, I chose the .338 Norma Mag for a number of reasons. All the reading I've done suggests it has improved barrel life over the .338L and the design of it is more efficient. As its shorter, I can seat those long 300g bullets out of the powder column when using standard AI mags. The reason for using standard AI mags and not CIP, was that I could use the same long action lower (albeit with a different mag) for long cartridges, such as 300wm, 30-06 etc should I want to. So total versatility. Action: I ordered a Defiance Machine XL 'Mutant' action, specially designed for the Eliseo RTM tube guns chassis with a 1.450" large diameter integral recoil lug. It's like the entire action circumference is oversized at the front. I need to get a pic, but it's this which keep everything nice and tight under recoil in the chassis. The tennon on this thing is huge...super big and with the increased OD of the action face, it provides excellent engagement for big, heavy, oversized barrels. The XL size is for large cartridges, comes with two bolts (.308w class and .338l class). The .308w bolt came with a reduced diameter firing pin, so perfect for the 6.5x47L. Both bolts and action are oversized to .750" to allow for the larger .338l bolt face. I had action and bolts DLC coated here in the UK by Oerlikon, the only people who can do it. They made a very nice job too and can't recommend them highly enough!! With a little white lithium grease, the bolt runs like it's on ball bearings...very nice. The coating is also hard as nails, it cannot be scratched or chipped off, unlike cerakote, and doesn't alter the action tolerances like cerakote can. Chassis: Gary Eliseo's RTM action is brialliant. Totally flexible and adjustable. It might look like some scaffold tubes stuck together but it is rock solid and very ergonomic. In fact, the Eliseo system has been used by shooters who've won many, many competitions and awards. It is a very good chassis and system, especially when mated to a custom action. It comes with rails and flushcups on the forend for various attachments (I've loving the Fortmeier bipod btw). The buttstock is adjustable for LOP, Cant, offset and cheekpiece height. I can swap out lower units, long action to short action, in minutes. Accepts AICS short mags and single stack AICS .300wm or .338L mags. Barrels: I had 4 Bartlein barrels shipped but only two chambered. The 6.5mm is a 1-8 twist, 5R rifling, finished at 26" with an MTU contour. The .338cal is 1-9.3 twist, 5R rifling, also finished at 26" and is a custom contour of my design - it mimicks a Heavy Varmint contour but is 1.35" at the breech face, straight for 5", then tapers to around 1.2" at the muzzle. The reason for 26" length was that it was deemed to be the optimum length for the .338NM during testing and trials. In the near future I think I'll also get a barrel with a tweaked .30-06 chambering. Barrel life will be good, with 200g+ bullets it's capable at 1000m+ and has a bit more oomph than the .308w, which I think just doesn't have the boiler room. Anyway, food for thought. Trigger: Huber Concepts 2-stage ball bearing trigger. I had this set to 3lbs, evenly split between take-up in the 1st stage and 2nd stage break. I chose 3lbs because it's a not an f class gun, and as it's a big boomer, I didn't want an overly light trigger. All I can say is - it's lush. No creap or over travel. It breaks and stops. Very consistent. Scope & mount: S&B PMII, 5-25x56 with the H2CMR reticle. I've written about this reticle before and simply love it. It's very precise and allows me to accurately measure and correct my next shot using the .2mil hash marks. The mount is an ERA-TAC one piece, 20MOA QD mount. I had this before on my previous 6.5x47 and after shooting, removing, replacing and shooting again over a 10 shot string, I didn't notice any shift in POI at all. The QD is very robust (better than Arms mounts tbh) and very handy for travel and storage. Muzzle brakes & moderator: Area 419 Sidewinder, self-timing muzzle brakes in .30cal and .338cal. Beautifully machined from PH-4 steel with a melonite finish. The adapter goes on the muzzle, then the brake screws on with a LH thread onto the adapter. As you screw it in, you align the ports and 'push' the brake into the adapter. The adapter is cone shaped which creates a solid lock up when the brake is pushed onto it. The locking ring then holds it in place. Very solid, doesn't move and abnoxiously loud 😁 The moddy is a .338cal, end of barrel custom unit by OLC. It's good, though I wasn't overly impressed with some of the external cosmetic finish to be fair. It'll get a suppressor wrap at somepoint but still...for a custom unit I was a little disappointed. But it works and is quiet, so it is what it is. Grip: A lovely solid walnut grip by Nill Griffe in Germany. Very ergonomic and comfortable with the adjustable shelf. I can use the standard 'wrap around' grip or place my thumb over to the right side and rest it on the thumb 'nipple' on the side of the lower receiver. This gives a more vertical grip and is very comfortable. Other stuff: Ive the Fortmeier bipod, which is great. I also ordered about 500x of 6.5x47 brass and 400x .338NM brass, which I figure will last both barrels in both calibres if I anneal them properly. I've also several thousand bullets in both calibres, for lot consistency but primarily in anticipation of post Brexit price hikes. I also have the .338NM and 6.5x47 reamers for future barrels. I'll be coating both bore and bullets with HbN in an effort to preserve the throats a bit. Every little helps. Anyway, here are the pics. Feel free to give me a shout if you want any specifics on parts.
  14. Catch-22

    Defiance / Eliseo Tube Gun

    Ha - don't worry about it. Nills replied saying that it is indeed walnut. I agree with you that it doesn't entirely look like walnut, but that is what they state it to be. Likely to be a different type/grade from the main grip itself.
  15. Catch-22

    Defiance / Eliseo Tube Gun

    Yeah I'm not sure tbh Bob, they don't state anything on their website/brochure. I've emailed them to find out for curiosity sake. I agree that it does give off a sapele vibe about it.
  16. Catch-22

    Defiance / Eliseo Tube Gun

    Thanks Bob. Yeah the Nill grips are very nice. The camera doesn't do the colour justice though, it's lovely in person. Not sure what you mean about matching adjustable shelf...are you referring to the cheapo folding pine kitchen table it's all sitting on? Yeah...I wish that was walnut too 😀
  17. Catch-22

    7mm LRM

    I'd looked into the LRM a while back. In practical terms it doesn't offer any performance or real life accuracy gain over the 7 Rem Mag. The big downside I saw with the 7LRM is the propriety brass. Can't be bought from anyone but Gunwerks in the US. And you can't form it from other parent brass. I'd already emailed them about this a while back so decided it wasn't for me. But we all love shiny new toys 😁 That specialist die looks interesting though!
  18. Catch-22

    The Fix from Q

    Looks fab - great quick change system!
  19. Catch-22

    Surge protection for electronic scales

    If your reloading room has a window and gets direct sunlight through it, it will definitely affect air temp and cause the scale to drift. My previous reloading room had a bench that backed out onto a large window (didn't have anywhere else at the time) and noticed that as the sun beamed into the room, the scale would start to wander. On less sunny days or night time, no drifting occurred.
  20. Catch-22

    Gary of MARCH scopes contact details

    I have as it happens Terry. Bad experiences with both the person in question and his sidekick. I won't go into detail here but I've been mugged off for well over a year. Needless to say that it is by the grace of God I eventually had Pete Walker help me out. I understand there is a fine line one treads when speaking publically. But if no one in the community speaks out about the bad apples out there, then many countless unsuspecting people will simply walk unknowingly into what could be a very bad situation. I would say it's my duty, as a member of both this forum and wider shooting community, to advise others not to have the same problems I had. If you saw someone about to walk blindly off a cliff edge, wouldn't you want to stop them?
  21. Catch-22

    N140 vs N150 in creedmoor

    Likely because of both case to fill ratio and most Creedmore shooters use 130g+ bullets most of the time. N150 is a slower burning powder with a tad more energy than N140, so better for the heavier bullets. But if you're shooting the 123g bullets, give N140 a go. Has worked very well in my 6.5x47L and has done equally so for years in the .308w. It's a good powder, burns cleanly, metres nicely and has always given consistent results.
  22. Nick, First, ensure that you are indeed depressing the 'thingy' as well as the trigger correctly. It is a bit different from a normal trigger. Think of it like a Glock trigger. If you're sure you're doing everything right but still encountering issues, you might need to adjust the tension set screw at the front of the trigger. Adjusting the set screw makes the trigger pull lighter or heavier. Occasionally the triggers are adjusted too light (or this can happen over time with shooting) which does something internally and prevents the trigger from resetting properly - meaning it won't budge even after the bolt has been cocked. This is a common issue on Savage triggers.
  23. Catch-22

    Defiance / Eliseo Tube Gun

    Thanks! Yeah pretty chuffed with it tbh. I also forgot to mention the rifle smith who made it all happen. Whilst I figured everything out, exported/imported all bits, I simply wouldn't have this wonderful gun without Pete Walker of Walker Rifles Europe. I had previously reached out to another smith I had used before but needless to say I was led a merry dance for over a year and given a whole bunch of BS along the way. As fortune would have it, I received a call from Pete who informed me he had all my bits (still in bits after a year of waiting!!) who graciously took the job on. I cannot thank Pete enough. Not only did he do a stirling job on the barrel work (that's all that's really required for the tube gun), but what impressed me most was his communication and availability. Every time I sent him a question, he'd respond. He would also proactively involve me in the decision making along the way. He double and triple checked everything with me before proceeding. Pete Walker is a master gunsmith and a true gent. I cannot thank him enough for completing my dream build. To Pete - cheers pal! 👍

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