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  1. Catch-22

    Rifle stock bedding compound

    Marine tex, Devcon and Hysol are all used very regularly for bedding. As noted above, it all comes down to personal preference. Unsure whether one is superior to the other. An interesting article from a well respected gunsmith 'Speedy Gonzales' has a friend who scientifically studied a number of bedding compounds in a controlled environment over a period of time. Their tests concluded Marine tex showed the least shrinkage of all. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2017/01/what-are-the-best-bedding-materials-speedy-speaks/ But I've heard Devon is great stuff and nice to work with.
  2. What?? That's odd...they do long barrelled rifles...like 30" length. Odd??
  3. Catch-22

    Tactical stock or chassis for Barnard SM

    No probs @Woodlander Any riflesmith who gets stuff from the US should be able to import it for you. The next time your smith creates an export list for more goods (e.g. barrels, actions, stocks etc), they would simply specify the Eliseo chassis you want and you wait for it to arrive. Whilst i brought mine into the UK myself, I had Pete Walker, of Walker Rifles Europe, put mine together. He therefore now has experience with the Eliseo system and he regularly imports stuff, so I have no doubt he could order one and put it together for you. He's a super top bloke, extremely nice to deal with, doesn't do all this BS, self promoting, grandising talk you sometimes get. His work is EXCEPTIONAL and he always went above and beyond keeping me involved, in the loop and having a say at every step of the way. A true gentleman in ever sense of the word. In reality, the Eliseo's are simple systems and the only real gunsmithing needed is the barrel chambering, screwcutting for mod/brake and proofing. Any good smith can do that. The rest is simple - no bedding or anything needed...just screw the barrelled action in and shoot. It's why I went this route...no faff with bedding etc. Thing to note will be lead times. Mine took a couple of months to be manufactured. So you'll first need to be sure your smith can get one on their export (no reason why not!) and then I'd contact Gary Eliseo (via the website) to check lead times and advise your smith (via the US exporter they worth with) that an order will be placed and to check lead times. It's best to try and coordinate timings if possible. If you do go down the Eliseo route...I can assure you that you will NOT be disappointed!!! best of luck!
  4. Nice bit of kit btw. Personally I'd love to buy it myself but funds don't quite permit just yet. Good luck with the sale!
  5. Steve. Before the moderators take your post down, you'll need to first fill out your profile (including nearest town/city) and place this post within the For Sale section.
  6. Catch-22

    Tactical stock or chassis for Barnard SM

    Owing an Eliseo RTM switch barrel/multi Cal rifle, I would 100% recommend their chassis systems. Beautifully machined, absolutely solid and without flex, the chassis are designed and made to fit the chosen action like a glove. Whilst I use a Defiance Mutant tube gun action in my RTM, Gary Eliseo does produce a tactical chassis specifically for the Barnard SM. it's available as single or repeater, left or right hand and uses AICS mags. Comes with lots of goodies and full cerakote of your choosing. Only downside is they don't export to the UK without an export lisence. However I did it myself (easy enough) or I'm sure you could ask your chosen rifle smith to put one on their export list the next time they order a bunch of stuff from the US. Heres the link - scroll down till you see Barnard SM http://www.gotxring.com/tactical/ Id go for it - totally worth every penny!👍
  7. Catch-22

    Courier for shipping rifle stock

    Avoid any 'firearm' related terms. I'd use 'sporting goods' - which afterall is quite true and accurate nomenclature. I'd also agree with the point already made about sending it signed / tracked. Far less likely to go missing, plus enables you to keep an eye on it during transit for ease of mind.
  8. Agreed https://www.hps-tr.com/en/
  9. Catch-22


    Apologies - overlooked the '2' in your comment.
  10. Catch-22


    I LOVE the H2CMR on my 5-25x56. Personally I think it's far more useful than either the MSR or older P4L. The H2CMR with its .2MIL hashmarks make precise hold overs, or wind correction calls at distance, way way easier and precise. The MSR, P4L and others with the courser .5MIL hashes just make it more of a guessing game!
  11. Catch-22

    Multi calibre BARLOC

    Looks like an interesting and clever system. But I wonder about some of the practicalities. To get the best repeatable return to zero, i'd argue you need a consistent torque on the barrel. Ideally I'd say you need a barrel vice and torque wrench set to a specific value that you use each time. It seems several users of BARLOC also suggest to get the most repeatable return to zero from it, you need a barrel vice. So if that's the case, it'll be just as simple to use a barrel vice with action wench as it would be a barrel vice with the BARLOC. But I guess if you're in the field and want to spin a new barrel in, without worring too much about the most repeatable torque, then fine. Ultimately I think that's who the BARLOC is aimed at. It's people in PRS who might want to switch calibre mid match or something?! You've also got to consider the clearance between scope and the BARLOC when getting the wrench to fit. If there's not enough clearance, you may need to look into a good QD mount for you scope. If so, I can whole heartedly recommend the ERA TAC one piece QD mount (not their incline..not used that) because it is excellent.
  12. Looks like a G17 strapped to the leg and either a LBT or PIG plate carrier with integrated MkII Fanny Pack on the front.
  13. Catch-22

    Barrel length for .44 Marlin rifle

    I've a 20" barrel Rossi 92 in .44mag for general fun and cast lead bullet slinging. While a 16" is lighter and slightly faster handling, I chose a 20" because I felt it balanced better. I also feel the sight picture for longer, more precise shooting, was better. For 25m-50m shooting, you may find the shorter barrel is best. I can only suggest you try a number of guns with various barrel lengths to see what suits you best.
  14. F**kin hell mate, chill out. Their prices might be steep, but come on...really?!?
  15. I'll take a box please. PM your payment details. cheers

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