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  1. Catch-22

    Best AI magazine (long action)?

    What stock/chassis do you have? If you’ve a stock, what bottom metal are you using? Is it designed for normal AICS long action (.300wm) or CIP length? And when you say “...the AI mag isn’t the slickest feeder and is rattley” what do you mean exactly? The round is hard to strip from the mag? And the mag to bottom metal is rattley, or that when stripping a round, the spring is rattley? I would say if the mag is rattling in the bottom metal itself, then there’s a poor fit somewhere. Sure Mags will move a bit, they’re never going to be completely stiff, but it shouldn’t be flopping about (that’s what she said!). If your stock/chassis is AICS, do you have the correct model/length of AICS magazine? The long action come in several sizes, including standard and CIP length. There’s even a wider AX type cut, which is a wider mag well opening for double stack, double feed.Could you by chance be using a shorter standard length mag in a stock/chassis/bottom metal that’s designed for CIP length or even AX mags? If the round is hard to strip from the mag, you can always carefully adjust the feed lips just a bit, opening them outward to let the round sit a little higher in the mag and with less tension, this permitting a smooth bolt cycle. Go gentle here if you do open the feed lips a bit, a little goes a long way and you need to keep the lips straight. Otherwise, I think I’d be speaking to the person who built you the rifle for clarity on what’s going on. And in terms of alternate mags, you can look at Accurate Mags or American Rifle Company (ARC) but tbh, you’ll be hard pressed to beat a genuine AI mag!
  2. Catch-22

    Reduced .308 Win Loads

    Per the V-V website, using N140 (which you have) it suggests a starting load of 46gn and max of 49.0gn with a 110gn Hornady VMax. I would say that should duplicate the recoil felt of a 6.5 Creedmoor with 130-140gn bullets. Id suggest you move her up from the .220 Swift to the 6.5. Then transition to the mild .308w load...then slowly work her up to mid .308w loads. The .308 is great for learning to read the wind whilst rapidly chucking lead down range.
  3. Catch-22

    Defiant Deviant 6.5 CM

    Hausken - says on the side.
  4. Catch-22

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    Yeah absolutely - it was a real shame the recent Sennybridge J3a was cancelled because they’d seemingly lifted the .30cal only ban, so was looking forward to taking the .338NM out again. ☹️ Next time.
  5. Catch-22

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    Yeah that’s right. If you have some graphite (or similar) just swab a little on the internal plastics of the thrower. I believe Adam puts some details in his instruction manual. I used HbN because I coat my bullets with it. But I could have also used just a dab from the Redding Dry Lube (graphite) I use for sizing brass. Neither graphite nor HbN will affect powder in a case. I believe most powders have a slight graphite coating (or similar) applied to them anyway. Coating the internals may help (it did for me) but may not. Worth giving a go. If it doesn’t work and loosening the screw doesn’t work either, no matter how much you loosen it, then it might be worth getting the v3. For me it worked well enough to not need to upgrade to v3.
  6. Could I have 2nd dibs on the Seb Mini w. Blake top please, if Elwood doesn’t take it?!? Cheers
  7. Catch-22

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    On the outside of the round drum (thrower) there’s a small Philips head screw. Per the instructions, it needs just fine adjustments. Essentially it loosens or tightens the operation of the thrower, changing how different powders flow through it. I’d originally tightened it a bit for use with RAMSHOT Magnum (ball powder) but had trouble with RS80. Unscrewing that screw, thereby loosening it a bit, made RS80 flow through it better. Also worth mentioning is the fact that I also followed Adam’s suggestion of coating the inside of the thrower drum with graphite or HbN (I used HbN on a Q-tip) to make the internals just that much smoother. That might have also helped a bit?!??
  8. Catch-22

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    I still use the v2 and haven’t had issues with large kernel powders (i use RS80 too) since adjusting the screw in the Auto-thrower. But the v3 updates do look nice. You’ll be happy with either tbh!
  9. Don’t bother with the monopod...totally useless for anything other than making the rifle stand up after taking it out of its slip. Personally I’d put a bag rider (if your stock isn’t flat) for use with a rear bag. Way more stable IMO.
  10. Catch-22

    Powder scales

    You do have a point, the A&D with Autothrow & Autotrickler combo does look a bit like a delorean. And admittedly there’s a bit of trial and error with setup when using it for the first time. But having used mine for a while now, it’s surprisingly quick to plug and play - about 2mins to setup which I do whilst I leave it to warm up for an hour. I use the dining room table, so must setup and pack down each use, and it’s very easy. And it’s actually a lot more robust and stable than it might look. Adam MacDonald did an excellent job in manufacturing the Autothrow/trickler combo, nothing looks cheap nor amaturely put together. Plus he backs his product with a no quibble life time guarantee. Why not buy a Matchmaker and see. Does seem convenient to use. I liked my CM Lite for the same reason.
  11. Catch-22

    Powder scales

    The vid I’ve seen is the ‘Ultimate Reloader’ one. Weighing a charge on another scale isn’t what I mean. My testing on the CM Lite showed the load cell was capable of weighing accurately and repeatedly to within 0.02gn - no different with this Matchmaster. But what he didn’t show was throwing a new charge into an empty pan, record what weight the load cell said, THEN check this thrown weight on a different scale. Two VERY different things. Personally I think he didn’t want to show the unit automatically throw a charge, then compare what the LCD said the weight is on the A&D, because I bet they wouldn’t match. The way he fudged the test simply looked at the accuracy of load cell, not Accuracy of throwing and load cell combined. His channel is after all sponsored by RCBS...so why would he run a thorough test that could show RCBS up? And again, at the same price point of the A&D setup, I’d much rather the A&D because it throws and weighs a perfect charge in 10 seconds or less, compared to the 20-30 seconds for the MM. so why for the same price would you buy a slower and likely, less precise unit?
  12. Catch-22

    Powder scales

    I have...it’ll be interesting to see if someone actually does a proper test with it by validating thrown charges on a separate & known dependable scale. Believing what the display tells you isn’t good enough unfortunately. But the current MRSP in the US shows it’s not cheap, at around $850. So when it hits the UK, it’s likely to be almost the same $ to £ ratio. If that’s the case, that’s A&D with Autothrow & Autotrickler money...and I know which I’d rather have.
  13. OCRD were due to shoot on J3a (Sennybridge) this Saturday. Unfortunately it’s since been cancelled (MOD use) but the calibre restriction had also been lifted on it. Was very much looking forward to taking the .338 boomer out for a play. 😭 But the good news might be that the ban is slowly being lifted. Will be interested to see if this extends to other ranges in time.
  14. Catch-22

    Powder scales

    There’s a lot of discussion about auto throwers. IMO none of them are very accurate if you’re using it to throw a charge and dump it in a case. Fine for hunting perhaps, not target shooting. But simply changing how you use it, they can actually be very accurate and repeatable. When I had an RCBS Chargemaster Lite, I ran some thorough tests using N140, Varget and Lovex SO70 (similar to Accurate and Hodgdon 4350) and got some surprisingly good results. I found that by a imply throwing a charge it was usually somewhere around a 0.1gn to 0.2gn out. BUT....by under throwing a charge, then removing and replacing the pan (this bit is CRUCIAL) and then manually trickling up the to the desired charge, the CM Lite would accurately measure to within 0.02gn...and with N140 is was better...essentially perfect. My conclusion was that the scale was accurate, it was the thrower that was sub-par (or rather to be expected for a mass produced unit). But with a slight change in how it’s used, it was very very good. And it was far better and quicker than using either a beam scale or GemPro (excellent kit...just slow to use). In the end, funds permitted me to upgrade to an A&D FX-120i with Autothrow and Autotricker combo. Seriously good, like to within a Kernel in 10 seconds good, but seriously expensive. But for me the time and hassle I now save from not having to trickle up, outweighs the cost of the Autothrow. However, if you’re sticking with one of the commercial electronic scales, just modify the procedure (key is remove pan, replace and trickle up), I’m confident you’ll get much better results. HTH

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