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  1. Catch-22

    .243 comparisons to 6br

    No worries. PM me if I can help further. New rifle/barrel OCW findings: http://ukvarminting.com/topic/45941-defiance-eliseo-65x47-ocw/ Old rifle/barrel load: http://ukvarminting.com/topic/43032-replacement-options-for-varget-in-65x47lapua-123scenar/?do=findComment&comment=333448
  2. Catch-22

    .243 comparisons to 6br

    If you’re doing some informal plinking but mostly hunting, I’d stick with the 243. Excellent cartridge, inherently accurate, easy to tune and mild recoiling. If you’ve an appropriate barrel twist and throat, so can load the heavier bullets (115gn), you have a great all rounder. Obviously don’t get the barrel screaming hot as the 243 suffers from poor barrel life if pushed. I’d enjoy it for what it is, you’ll bag many a rabbit and goose before needing a rebarrel. Gives you plenty of time to save up and have a custom barrel spun up in whatever flavour you want next. Regarding lowering ES/SD, I switched primers early on with my previous 6.5x47 and saw the SD drop from around 52fps to 6fps. ES is 16fps. A simple change like that can bring it all together.
  3. Catch-22

    Range booking system/calendar for clubs?

    ^^ I was just thinking the same before I read Pop’s post. I’ve used Google Calendar (and the full suite of GDoc products) in my business for years - so, so helpful.
  4. Thanks bud. The rifle was designed and built from the ground up as a switch barrel/calibre gun. The chassis has an ‘upper’ and ‘lower’, meaning I can switch from long action lower to a short action lower. The lowers use AICS mags and work perfectly. The action is a custom Defiance, designed specifically to work in the Eliseo chassis. I ordered multiple bolts, so I can shoot just about anything with a .308w case head all the way up to .338NM/LM. The barrels I have spun up include 6.5x47, .30-06 (custom throat and lead) and .338NM. By simply changing the bolt, lower unit and unscrewing the barrel I can go from basically any calibre, long or short, in a few minutes using a barrel vice, torque wrench and action wrench. If I want another calibre, I just have a new barrel made - no need to lay down extra cash for more rifles, scopes, mounts etc. Simples!
  5. My custom Defiance Mutant in Eliseo chassis has been flawless - no issues what so ever. With a heavy barrel (mine is 27” inch, 1.30” at the shank, straight for 5” then gentle taper to 1.2” at muzzle), a decent muzzle brake (I’ve a 419 Sidewinder...don’t use the moddy much) and a straight recoiling stock, recoil is minimal. I liken mine to a .308 with heavy load...though the concussion/blast from the brake is significant. I concur with Pops, get a good twist. I went with a 1.9-3” Bartlein and shoot 300gn Lapua Scenars into tiny holes. 5 shot groups during 100m load development below...new brass, hadn’t even adjusted seating depth or neck tension yet!!
  6. Catch-22

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    Slow burning powders work best with heavier bullets in longer barrels as the powder is given time to generate sufficient pressure. If the barrel is too short, or the bullet too light, the slow burning powder usually isn’t able to reach its full pressure potential before the bullet leaves the barrel. You could give RS62 a go in your stubby barrel, but I suspect your velocity will be way down and you won’t get a full burn (sooty barrel). Personally, I’d try N150 for the shorter barrel with heavier bullets. If you’re gonna try lighter bullets (eg 123gn) in the shorter barrel, then an even faster burning powder (like N140) is even better.
  7. Catch-22

    AICs magazines

    Anything that has bottom metal which accepts AICS pattern mags. They are probably the most common type of detachable mag system out there, so a lot of people will be interested in any spare mags you have.
  8. Tried sending you a PM but you can’t receive emails.
  9. Catch-22

    6.5CM, RS62, overpressure signs.

    Dave, are the cases sooty at all? If so it is usually a symptom that shows with lower velocity charges where the case hasn’t fully expanded to seal the chamber, which allows soot to cover the case.
  10. Catch-22

    Stock bedding

    Some very good reads on the process of correctly bedding a rifle. https://www.ballisticstudies.com/Knowledgebase/What+is+rifle+bedding.html https://www.ballisticstudies.com/Knowledgebase/MatchGrade+Bedding+Compound+Instructions.html
  11. And actually, I’m in the same boat but in reverse. I need to get in touch with FCSA about Salisbury dates.
  12. I think you’ll need to register with the ODRC website to gain access to the calendar. Emailing the club secretary should ensure you’re given access.
  13. Apologies - I read this incorrectly - I thought you were talking about ODRC.
  14. ^^ This is a shame! As a member of ODRC, it makes me sad to hear this 😔 Personally I think it’s ridiculous to expect probationary shooters to attend 6 shoots in 6 months...especially considering that many shoots have been cancelled recently. I can completely understand if you’re put off joining...I would too if I were in your position. This is not the attitude the club should exhibit if it is to both retain members and accept new ones. As a member, I apologise that you’ve been treated this way.

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