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  1. Catch-22

    Storage for FAC application

    Yes as long as your club has the right storage facilities and lets you use them. When applying for your FAC, there's a section you fill out which asks for the address of where you intend to store the firearms. Once you've got your own place, you'll need to update your FAC with your new address details - and it's then that you state the firearms will now be stored with you. The FLO will need to first check the suitability of your new place (cabinet needs to be installed already) before you can move your guns from the club to your home.
  2. Sounds nice - you did mention you had a special 'Canadian' project underway. out of curiosity, does the Coyote have a small firing pin or do you anticipate needing to bush it in order to work well with small rifle primers?
  3. Clearly you've missed the point. The point is; your question is the same question that's been asked many many times before. There is no 'this is THE best' because if there was there wouldn't be any need for more people to ask the same question over and over again. In all reality, there is no one definitive best of the lot. If you're hoping for a definitive clear cut answer to one over the others...you're not gonna get it. However, be rest assured that with any of the cited options you'll be laughing all the way out to 1000m+ with the ease by which you're doing it. If you already feel there is or are leaning towards a choice (you've said a few times before that the 6.5 CM appeals) then more power to you...go get it and enjoy.
  4. Catch-22

    Sinclair Expander Mandrel 6.5mm

    As per the title, if you've a spare you don't need anymore, I'd gratefully appreciate it. Must be the standard Sinclair stainless steel expander mandrel - NOT turning Mandrel. thanks
  5. I think the reality is...pick one, shoot it, master it and enjoy it. Any of the above will suit your middle/long range needs, especially transitioning from a .223. And any of them will do it to the levels of accuracy (and ease of reloading) that 99% of shooters can realistically achieve - myself included.
  6. Pete...I'd take a look at all the Scandinavian target shooting disciplines. Short, medium and long range precision stuff, mostly using the excellent Sauer 200 SRT chambered in 6.5x55. Granted it's THEIR local calibre, but if it ain't broke... In a modern rifle with good Lapua brass, modern powders and 130-140g+ bullets, you'll gain better velocity than the 6.5x47 and 6.5 Creedmoor, and be on par with the .260rem. It is an inherently good design and forgiving to load for and shoot. The reason for the Creedmoor's success is partly marketing (just such s huge push behind it by Hornady) and the fact that it does maximise what can be done in a short action IMHO. The 6.5x47 is a wonderful round (I currently load for it myself) but unless you go with one of the few off the shelf rifles (like Sabatti) your only other option is the semi/full custom route. The .260, with long bullets seated out of the powder column, won't really work in a short action magazine. You'll end up having to seat bullets into the powder column or single load. The 6.5x55 is really an intermediate action length...too long for s true short action...so if you do go with the SWEDE, you'll need a medium/long action. Each has their pros and cons and it's up to you to see which one fits the bill best - long or short action, single feed or magazine fed, off the shelf or semi/full custom etc...Not suggesting the SWEDE is the best of the bunch (not much between them all tbh) but certainly not to be discounted.
  7. I'd echo looking deeper at your technique. If you admit you're not comfortable and maintaining a solid and repeatable position, shot to shot, it will show up on target. Being able to shoot consistently small groups can only be done with a good technique - regardless of the load. As stated above, ask a fellow shooter, ideally someone proven to consistently shoot very small groups, to watch and critique your technique and offer some pointers. While you're about it, I'd maybe even give them a box of ammunition and ask them to shoot some groups. Having another shooter behind your gun may help to rule out equipment issues and highlight technique instead. Cheaper and quicker than replacing a scope, stock, barrel etc. Personally, I've seen this happen to someone. They'd spend upwards of £2k on a new AR-15 but couldn't get it to shoot better than 3" at 100m. Frustrated, he asked a couple of us to have a go. All managed to put our 10 round groups into around 0.5", with the best two 5 shot groups being under 0.2". The issue - he was using a monopod (waste of time those!) and was trying to 'free recoil' the rifle, rather than have it seated firmly in his shoulder. Once he addressed these two points, he immediately went on to shoot 0.5-0.7" groups.
  8. Catch-22

    22-250 1x12 twist

    With a 1-12" twist you're not likely to stabilise bullets above 60gn. I'd look at the 55gn Hornady VMax or Nosler 50gn and 55gn Ballistic Tip varmint. Powders for the 50-55gn class bullets, Noslers website load data suggests Vhit N140, Varget (good luck finding some without needing to remortgage your house!) and Ramshot Big Game (for better velocity). Vhit powders are readily available and I'd also consider maybe Reload Swiss RS52 as well, being a very good Varget alternative (not identical substitute though).
  9. Due to the turgid level of response and the fact my A&D scale is on the way, this needs to go now. Now £250 posted or £240 collected. This is extremely cheap for a mint auto powder thrower that I've proven to hold completely spot on with N140 and to within +- 2 kernels of Varget.
  10. Yup...if you look further down the list of forums, you'll see a 'For Sale' section. You just need to ensure you've filled out your location per the forum rules.
  11. Catch-22

    Bit of a mystery?

    I may be the stupid one but isn't the faster bullet just getting to the target more quickly, so has a flatter trajectory...thus impacting BELOW the slower round?!??
  12. Catch-22

    Barrel conditioning

    Or why not sell the consumables you don't intend to use, buy the stuff you do plan to use and get on developing a load that you plan to use for the future. IMHO there's no point running a barrel in and doing some load dev only to then switch components and start all over again.
  13. Catch-22

    Using dry lube for inside the necks

    Leaving some carbon in the necks from previous firings acts as a sort of lubricant. When you Ultra Sonic clean, and remove all carbon from the necks, the inside of the neck becomes 'grabby' on the bullet. I think the only people who may 'graphite/lube' the inside necks are those who U/S clean but I may be wrong.

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