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  1. Unfamiliar with the length of DTA mags, but before you go .338LM route, double check how long you’ll be able to load your bullets. You don’t want a short mag length forcing you to seat those long bullets (the 300g are long) deep into the powder column. Seating 300g bullets out of the powder column when using non CIP length mags was one of the key design considerations of the .338NM & .300NM.
  2. @John MH Those Area419 sidewinder brakes are very nice, they definitely do an amazing job on taming my .338NM.
  3. Amazing value and what an offer! Very best of luck with the sale.
  4. I have the parent cartridge (.338NM) and tbh, once you get behind the big boom the first time, I can guarantee you’ll want to shoot it more than 200-300 rounds per year. It’s just too much fun 😁
  5. Catch-22

    223 lapua brass

    Use an expander mandrel (die body and calibre appropriate expander mandrel), one by Sinclair, 21st Century etc. Always a good idea on new brass as it straightens necks, pushes brass inconsistencies to the outside of the neck and improves neck tension (usually gives 0.02” tension). Here are examples of the expander die. You will need to add the correct calibre mandrel too; https://www.1967spud.com/shop/sinclair/sinclair-expander-mandrel-17-thru-338-caliber-expander-die-body/ https://www.1967spud.com/shop/maintenance/21st-century-std-expander-die-body-with-floating-ring/ Btw - I have no affiliation with the retailer, just what Google found.
  6. Barrel life will also be significantly less with the .300NM.
  7. @ShawIan Did this sell? If not I’d be interested. thanks

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