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  1. Wrong place for this buddy, needs to be in the WANTED section!
  2. Posting Pictures

    So you're limited to a max file size when uploading in a message thread. What you'll need to do is reduce your image file size, re-save them, then upload them. For example, the forum limits you to a file size of 2.93MB. If the size of the image you have is 6MB it's too big to upload. In my case, I use the forum via my iPhone and all the images I post are taken using my phone. The raw image stored in my phones 'Photos' folder is too large, somewhere in the region of 6MB as it's a high-res camera. So to get round this I simply edit my photo by cropping the image a bit and re-save it. That usually reduces the file size enough to be able to post it. If the above doesn't work, I simply email myself the photo from my phone to my email address. In doing so, my email asks me what size to make the photo attachment, small, medium, large. I choose medium for example, then send myself the email. I open my email and save the attached photo back into my iPhones Photo library (I delete the original image that was too large to avoid confusion). The newly added image will be a much smaller file size because when I emailed it to myself, it was compressed in size. I can then upload the photo to my comment in the forum in the same way, this time it'll upload without any file size issues. Bit convoluted I know, but it works and in reality only takes 2mins. Hope that helps.
  3. Posting Pictures

    It's possible you've already uploaded too many attachments and reached your storage limit, which in turn affects your image upload size. Go to the main menu and take a look in your 'Account' and then 'My attachments' to see if you've used up your storage allowance. If so, you've got to cull some existing images to make space for new uploads. EDIT: The only way I've found to remove your pre-uploaded images (caveat: if viewing on mobile) is to visit a post containing the image you want to cull by clicking the thread link listed under each image in My Attachments. Now edit your comment. You'll see each of your images now has a little 'Trash' icon on it. Click this and your image is permanently deleted from your attachments. Visit your My Attachments again and your upload quota will now have increased as the number of existing images has now decreased. HTH
  4. Tempilaq or no?

    I too use the Templiaq 750f on the INSIDE of the neck from the same reason DaveT notes. Ensure neck is clean and paint Templiaq. Leave a minute or two to dry and spin up the annealing machine. i find shining a bright handheld torch into the case neck aids with seeing the green Templiaq change to black. i remove from the heat the moment the Templiaq darkens..just a smidge before it goes black as it stops the case from going beyond 750-800f and over annealing.
  5. 6.5 Creedmoor Loads

    There's been lots of discussion regarding Viht N150 & N160, RS52, RS60 & RS62, and IMR Enduron powders 4451 & 4166. All of the above are Reach compliant but what your gun / load prefers will come down to testing. For a Varget replacement in the 6.5 Creedmoor, I believe the consensus is RS52/62, IMR 4166. They're all 'higher energy' powders and so may burn hotter than Varget (don't quote me on this bit) but you'll get the velocity. The others in the list are slower burning and aren't higher energy (with the exception of IMR 4451 which is a higher energy), so your barrel may last a bit longer if you're pushing your loads to the limit & shooting multiple long strings of fire. again, lots of excellent info in the Handloading section by others more qualified on those powders & cartridge than me.
  6. 6.5 Creedmoor Loads

    Lots in the 'Handloading' area of the forum.
  7. Legal??

    That's right. If you don't have .223 on your certificate, as soon as you make up a round, you're falling foul of the law. if you do have .223 on your certificate, as does your friend, you can make the rounds up for him but you'll need to 'sign it over' to him from your certificate to his. personally, unless your mate is really not up to the task, show him how to reload - make an afternoon of it. Bit of instruction, give him a shopping list of reloading gear, and encourage him to roll his own! 👌
  8. 5 shot mag

    A .223rem mag by either AICS or Accurate Magazine will do the trick, though the AICS are only 10rounds I believe, the AM's come in both 5 & 10 rounds. Sporting Services offer all of the above.
  9. I have the Era Tac QD one piece mount and can attest to the quality. Simply an excellent bit of kit!
  10. Hand priming tools

    I too have the single feed super precision one, with ultra fine 0.00125" adjustments. its the best priming tool I've used, beautifully made and actually very quick & easy to use. I had thought it might take a while being single feed but it's surprisingly fast.
  11. 300 norma magnum brass

    Balls - I've already got 400x of .338 Norma Mag brass. The Norma brass is supposed to be very good, but I do like my Lapua brass. itll be interesting to see if Lapua get the rim specifications per Norma brass correct. Though both the .338 Lapua and .338 Norma Mag are based off the .416 Rigby, the rim dimensions are a bit different, so much so that some shell holders aren't interchangeable if using a .338L or .338NM.
  12. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    I concur with VarmLR's first post. Had a visit today from my local force (Gwent) as part of my renewal. He raised the whole 'GP' thing, specifically that if my GP wants to be paid for responding to the police, to not pay and ignore it as they shouldn't be charging. Interesting - f**king GP's only in it for the pay!! When I asked if by refusing to pay and consequently the GP not signing off for the police, would I be refused my renewal (hypothetically). The response was, my certificate will be renewed UNLESS the GP actively states I shouldn't be in possssion of an FAC, based on documented medical grounds, within 21 days. If the police aren't notified about any concerns, they 'must' grant the license because they have no good reason not to grant it.
  13. SVLK-14S Sumrak 4K capable!

    What these guys are doing isn't anything new - all marketing BS. Loads of people shooting beyond 4000m.

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