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  1. Very nice! Good luck for what is a complete bargain!
  2. Many thanks for the detailed help Brillo! Yeah after such a long hiatus due to the delay ODRC has renewing their HO approval, I thought I’d give Kingsbury a go as it’s one of the first shoots this year. Really looking forward to it, I know the ODRC chaps who venture to Rogiet and Sennybridge F, J3a and G ranges are always pleasant and good for a laugh. Thanks again!
  3. Catch-22

    Redding F/L die set .223AI

    Bump - anything out there?
  4. Can anyone who shoots at Kingsbury please help me out with some info. I’m a member of ODRC but I’ve never shot at Kingsbury before - this coming Saturday will be my first trip. Is the range briefing at 08.30am, ready for a 09.00am start? And is there anything I need to know about where to park, protocols over bringing kit to firing points then moving the car etc? Thanks in advance!
  5. Catch-22

    77gn SMK, 80gn SMK, 77gn TMK or 75 ELD-M

    Thanks very much for all the photos, help and insight, really appreciate it. @Bangbangman @MichalS @Mattnall Seems there are a few good options and flexibility with powders. I was planning to use N140 and RS52 as I have plenty of these powders for use in other cals. I think I’m likely to use the 77gn TMK and/or 80gn SMK as they’re readily available. I had thought about going with a 1-7 or 1-6.5” twist and throat it for the 90gn+ bullets but i felt the faster twist will have a negative impact on barrel life and really I’d need to single load those long bullets when they’re seated optimally, which I don’t want to do. And I too agree with your point about better cals out there suited for 800m+, and plan to continue shooting my 6.5x47 at these distances, with the big .338NM for further out. 600m is likely to be the mainstay for the .223ai. Thanks again all!
  6. I’m interested to hear from anyone with experience shooting .223 or .223AI with heavy bullets, mainly out to 600m - possibly 900m. Bullets I’m most interested to hear about include; Sierra 77gn SMK and 80gn SMK Sierra 77gn TMK Hornady 75gn ELD-M My .223AI barrels will be 26”, 1-8” twist and be for training on paper, not comps. I believe the .223AI chamber will be cut with a freebore of around 0.069”...similar to the Wylde. I’ll be using .223 Accurate Mags (AICS pattern) which should allow me to seat bullets far out enough for a 2.700” COAL, so plenty of boiler room to play with. Any experiences? Thanks!
  7. I agree with the last two. I bet it was cut with the reamer used to chamber the barrel and it’s gotta be either; 1. Loaded length gauge, indexing off the OGive or 2. Case gauge to measure headspace against the reamer used to cut the chamber Definitely something to gently pull apart and see what’s inside. Does the previous owner know what it’s for?
  8. Catch-22

    Neck expanders - for seating tension?

    The only place I’ve found to have Sinclair expander mandrels for expanding, not the oversized mandrels used for neck turning, has been Brownells UK...though they order them from the US I believe. I think 21st Century Reloading also offer expander mandrels but think they’re setup to worth with their own expander die body. Spud may have these in his inventory. Or just Google it. You can of course order from them direct. Both the Sinclair and 21st Century expander mandrels are designer to provide around .002” neck tension.
  9. Catch-22

    Redding F/L die set .223AI

    Per title, I’m looking for the Redding Full-Length sizing die and seater for .223AI (40 degree improved). And if you also have a .223 shelf holder for a single stage press, I’d happily take that too. Whats out there? Cheers
  10. @johnnyb0_1 tried sending you a PM but you cannot accept messages - I think you need to clear out your inbox.
  11. Catch-22

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Ronzi, Using TRASOL and Lapua ballistics, they both suggest that from a 26” barrel, 123g scenar pushed at 2997fps, the bullet will enter the transonic realm at around 1000m. It will then go subsonic at around 1120m. Hth.

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