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  1. Provisionally sold pending funds sorry happyshooting sale agreed just before you! If anything goes wrong you’ve next shout
  2. Swap 175 TMK for 155 TMK

    Does it have to be 155 TMKS
  3. Selling for a friend a GRS stock in green , inletted for a Tikka T3 heavy varmint barrel, £680 r so new so grab a bargain at £250 pm email address for pictures
  4. Wanted. 223 PPU brass

    Look on SD ! Someone selling some
  5. 45-70

    Looking for a good sharps 45-70!! Any out there? John
  6. 243 ackley improved

    Hi ! As above I after a 243 ackley improved FL/ body die 40degree not a Winchester improved cheers john
  7. No , but if you buy 3-400 r more I’ll cover the post john

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