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  1. 22-250 50 Norma Brass (fired twice) £15 70 Hornady Brass (once fired) £25 163 Remington FC (once fired) £40 Lee 22-250 FL die set £20 Or the lot for £80 300 Winmag 100 Hornady Brass (once fired) fully prepared £80 50 Hornady Brass (once fired) not prepared £35 37 Gecco Brass (once fired) £20 Lee die set +collet die £30 Redding Type S Bushing complete set sku 38153 never used) BRAND NEW £180 NEW Redding Nitride bushings .330 and .332 £20 each ALL PRICES EXCLUDING POSTAGE Thanks for looking John
  2. I’ll take this! Pm me payment details john
  3. 223 1-9 twist custom/factory

    Thanks for your reply banus02, i have a full custom in 223, set up for the larger Bullet and distance, but have lots of powder and heads to suit a 1-9 for a bit of good accurate plinking 100 yds up to 600yds. john
  4. 223 1-9 twist custom/factory

    Looking for a 223 ie (R700 Police, savage model 12 ) 1-9 twist heavy barrel with plenty life left in it Also any custom 223 1-9 Whats out there john
  5. Trying to pm you! 

  6. Can I have 2nd dibs on barrel if something go wrong!
  7. Dies still available once fired brass available

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