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  1. Taylorj

    MOA rail

    hi I’m looking for a MOA adjustable rail for a ELR !! John
  2. Send me your list on .224 ,6mm , 6.5 , 7mm and 308 taylorj123@tiscali.co.uk can meet up to collect as only live up the road john
  3. I’ll take these pm payment details john
  4. Taylorj

    Bedding kits

    hi , I’m looking for some black bedding kits ie pro-bed 2000 black anybody have a kit or know who has them thanks in advance john
  5. I will take the .30 cal fat b john
  6. Thanks for replying to my pm
  7. Would I be right in saying it’s the “Classic” grade by John Carr
  8. Taylorj

    Custom 22lr

    I’m looking a custom 22lr or even CZ 455 precision trainer /tacticool with custom barrel whats out there john

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