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  1. dodgyrog

    Noob needing advice re handloading.

    I'd start by getting the RCBS DVDs on reloading and studying them.
  2. dodgyrog

    TargetMaster Trickler

    Wouldn't be without mine now as the DPS 1 that I have leaves a lot to be desired. I do like the Hornady dispenser too. My pal has one and it seems very reliable.
  3. dodgyrog

    Lyman 1200 dps 3

    I have a DPS 1. It's very sensitive to drafts. I have to re-calibrate it every four or five operations. It does come in useful to check other dispensers though, so I'm still using it. I'd like to get a Hornady dispenser to replace it but the cost is prohibitive.
  4. And I won the Durham and Cleveland benchrest postal comp with mine. I have three of the variants - I'd love to find a full stock one.
  5. dodgyrog

    Posting a barrel too Latvia..

    If it is chambered the chances of you getting it done are not good. If it is a barrel blank, just post it.
  6. dodgyrog

    Used brass in new barrel

    I would size with a Small Base RCBS full length resizing die. Personally, I have converted an RCBS 45ACP Carbide die to a push through die and anything with a 308 base is pushed through it to get the last bit of the case body by the case head reduced down to fit the chamber.
  7. Sako TRG 22 in .308 for sale. Very accurate shooter. Round count around 1200. PM for photos if you are interested £1750
  8. dodgyrog

    CCI BR4's

    I've had that problem with Murom SRP magnum primers with 34gr Hodgdon 4895 in 6,5 Creedmore. I've gone over to Viht 150 now.
  9. dodgyrog

    Case Lube

    I use RCBS at the moment as I got it cheap! It works extremely well and washes off easily.
  10. dodgyrog

    Big problem with new rifle

    I had a problem with a 270 I had fitted a new barrel to. A tight chamber and the slightest bit of dirt would cause the case to stick like glue after firing. I polished the chamber out with a wool mop and Autosol chrome polish - worked a treat. If the gun is brand new then it needs to go back to the supplier! I have a friend who has just acquired a Sauer in 6,5 Creedmore. The Laminated stock had a split when delivered and had to go back. Maybe their Quality Assurance isn't up to par!!!
  11. dodgyrog

    6.5 Creedmoor - pierced primer at 41.5gr RS62?

    Fad? Flavour of the month?
  12. dodgyrog

    Dillon RL550B

    Bit of heat maybe? Kroil is good too.
  13. dodgyrog

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    Unless you are shooting over 600 yards I'd consider going down the cast boolit route. Just as accurate and a lot cheaper.
  14. dodgyrog

    Advice for an alternative approach to .357 underlever?

    No Just range scrap (quite hard actually) mixed 50% with sheet lead. Trying to get a hardness around 12 Brinell Lubed with a SOFT lube and sized to .358"

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