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  1. dodgyrog

    7 mm rem mag brass

    Message sent
  2. dodgyrog


    Won't any Mauser action trigger group fit???
  3. dodgyrog

    .308 RIFLE

    Parker Hale in vgc any good to you? Message me if interested
  4. dodgyrog

    forest bore foam

    I much prefer C2R from the shooting shed I shoot a lot of cast and I need a barrel totally free of copper fouling
  5. dodgyrog

    Tikka trigger spring

    They're on the Evil bay
  6. Lovely rifle - I have one I use for UKBR22 sporter class benchrest - it outshot my custom Anschutz 54 in the last season's league. Good luck with the sale.
  7. dodgyrog

    Tikka 595 bottom plastic

    I've got one for a T3 if it will fit
  8. dodgyrog

    30 AAC Blackout

    Can anybody help me find a chamber reamer and head space gauges to borrow or rent, please?
  9. dodgyrog

    FAC Renewal with Northumbria Police = Happiness!!

    Pity Durham aren't as efficient - not the office staff but the policies (not the law) they have to enforce are ridiculous.
  10. dodgyrog

    22lr target upgrade time?

    I've just lucked into an old Finnfire sporter - absolute mint condition for £500. Shoots a dream but I will be working on the trigger to lower the pull weight. I'm getting rid of my two Anschutz rifles, one of which is a sporter that I rebarrelled with 16" cut from the middle of an Anschutz 54 barrel, the other is one of the 14" barreled sporters
  11. pm sent on the other place you advertised it
  12. dodgyrog

    Parker Hale target rifles

    I had a 1200TX which I recently sold in absolutely mint condition. I got a good price for it. I have another one from a University shooting club that is completely shot out which I am rebarrelling. They are excellent shooters up to 600 yards but (I'm told) they are not good enough for really long shots. Anyway, the price of them is on the up and I'm glad I still have one.
  13. dodgyrog

    Keeping warm up a hi seat?

    Have a look at the German Bay of E under hunting - they have some really good gear
  14. dodgyrog

    Keeping warm up a hi seat?

    Have a look at the German Bay of E under hunting - they have some really good gear

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