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  1. I'm in Consett I can do a swap for small rifle primers PM me
  2. dodgyrog

    .357 bullet mould

    I have a 6 cavity Lee I don't use. PM if interested
  3. dodgyrog

    Scope choices for .22 BR

    I regularly shoot benchrest .22 in the postal leagues. I would say definitely that a Weaver T36 or equivalent Leupold is required. I not be shooting using a bipod either! The recoil spreads the impact too much. Use good ammo, Eley Match or Tenex or RWS R50 if you want to get good results.
  4. dodgyrog


    That's a heavy load. I'd not go over 18gr. Anyway, you seem to have a load you are happy with.
  5. dodgyrog

    7.92x57 brass wanted. Old fired/live

    PM sent
  6. These have been fired only once. Deprimed and tumbled in pins - all nice and shiney. £15 per 100 posted.
  7. dodgyrog

    Weaver T10 and T6 Scopes

    As a user of a T36 all I can say is that the quality of these scopes is superb. They command a good price in the USA but less so here as they are not the latest 'gizmo' with all the bells and whistles T6 and T10 are less desirable due to their lower magnification although the T10 might suit the UKBR22 Sporter class where 12x power is the limit I would have thought a T6 would suit many .22 postal league shooters but as stated above they might go for the latest gizmo
  8. Brand new These were originally loaded rounds that I have disassembled and as such will need neck sizing. £25 posted
  9. Once fired Decapped and tumbled in pins I found some in the man cave that are surplus to my requirements. The offer is 120 cases shipped for £30 - two available
  10. dodgyrog

    7 mm rem mag brass

    Message sent
  11. dodgyrog


    Won't any Mauser action trigger group fit???
  12. dodgyrog

    .308 RIFLE

    Parker Hale in vgc any good to you? Message me if interested

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