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  1. Braders, I haven't a clue. How would one tell? I can't see any markings, I will take a closer look.
  2. I have a stainless steel remington 700 short action rail. This rail is pinned so when on will not shift. £60 posted and net to me please. Cheers
  3. I have the following for sale that came with my CMMG .22lr Ar15 stock. £25 posted AR15 grip £15 posted Magpul flip up backup sights. £33 posted for the pair. Bipod for target rifle £35 posted Thanks for looking
  4. In used but very good condition. Came with me rifle but I have no use for them. £250 posted for the pair. I've had a look online and they seem to go for £300+ a pair.
  5. shooter83

    Looking for a 700SA chassis. What’s about?

    I have a folding xlr element chassis in black. I might sell.if the price is.right
  6. shooter83

    Ar15 .223 mod advice

    Thanks guys. Will look into ASE ultras then.
  7. shooter83

    Ar15 .223 mod advice

    Dear all. I'm after a moderator for my .223 AR15. End of barrell, serviceable and ofcourse quiet. Any recomendations would be much appreciated. Thanks you
  8. shooter83

    Temporary relocation abroad and FAC

    Thanks for getting back. If I can keep my FAC in can store the rifles at bisley and use them when I come back.
  9. Dear all, I am thinking about working abroad for 2 years and was wondering what would happen if I wanted to keep my FAC and my rifles. I have a number of rifles I have aquired over the years and do not want to sell them. I would rather keep as it took a while to acquire them. Can I possibly leave the rifles locked in my cabinet whilst I'm a way. I will be back a couple of times a year and in the mean time the house will be occupied by my sister in law. Thanks in advance for your input
  10. How much for it and a part trade for a plastic black one? I have a standard one that came with my cmmg.
  11. Bipod arrived. Does the job great. Not sure the atlas I have on the other rifles is worth the extra £200.
  12. bipod and cheek riser please.

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