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  1. Bipod arrived. Does the job great. Not sure the atlas I have on the other rifles is worth the extra £200.
  2. bipod and cheek riser please.
  3. Pm sent. Please call to confirm your postage address. Thanks
  4. As above. Means if you have 34mm rings you can use these to reduce it down to accept 30mm scopes. £10 posted
  5. Price reduced to £250. Need the space now.
  6. Willing to negotiate on price. Need it gone for the space in the cabinet.
  7. .308 target rifle with 27" hammered barell iris sight etc. Had the rifle a couple of years and not really shooting Target Rifle much these days. Need the space in the cabinet. After £300 for what is a fantastic rifle,never misses a beat and very accurate. As far as round count goes in haven't a clue, but the rifle is very accurate and if you would like you can try at Bisely with prior arrangement. Bits to note: The cheek piece riser is a simple homemade job by me for function and all important comfort rather than aeshetics. Serves its purpose very well indeed. The stock was spray pained in matt black plastikote as it had a repair where it had a slight crack. The front sight was loaned to me for comp use by a friend so I will stick the original sight on prior to sale nit the one in the pic. Bag will be included as will the tr bipod. Apart from that what you see is what you get. https://flic.kr/p/25NjLrs
  8. Will take the BAR, subject to a few questions. Regards
  9. I'm intersted in the chassis also, of course second dibs if you chose to sell.
  10. Still here, save yourself some cash on a new set, these are like new
  11. Like the ones in the link except they are medium https://www.tacticalscope.co.uk/tier-one-30mm-tube-picatinny-rifle-scope-mount-rings-t1pic30h---high-4650-p.asp
  12. Thanks all. Rather then mess around with me rail having spoken to John, he is making me a new full length rail.
  13. I will call him in the morning. Was rather hoping someone near by could machine the rail if I could take it to them. Thank you all for taking the time to make suggestions .

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