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  1. Ms3 sling please. And some cmmg magazines
  2. Still here bit will be off to the bay if no interest this week.
  3. I have a sparc 2 vortex for sale in excellent condition. Vety nice red dot sight. Perfect for AR15 or shotguns, especialky where quick target acquisitions requited. Comes with everythng as yoy would expect. 125 posted. At this price no offers please. Need it gone as I have a spitfire now. Thank you
  4. I'm glad someone did. Otherwise I may have been unable to resist the temptation
  5. These are great scopes and we'l worth at least 100 more than the asking price. If I didn't already have one in ould snap it up. I compared one to a night force shv side by side and optically neither me nor my friend cold tell the difference. As far as tracking again exactly the same no problems. My friend looked rather disapointed he had spent 400 more than me.
  6. XLR evolution chassis ?!

    I have the evolution I think. Thr all alluminium xlr and absolutely awesome chassis. Much lighter than the aics and we'l made. I had to pay 166 tax on top and wait quite some time maybe 6 weeks to recieve once in uk as it had to clear customs. I bought it from - noray
  7. I have a short saddle unimount 0-MOA in medium height. I would like £110 net to me please. Postage will be an additional £3. I only bought them last week but realise I can't put them on me rifle as my rail does not support the short saddle. A bargain fro someone. I can supply the 34 to 30mm reducers at an extra 11. Cheers https://flic.kr/p/YgoABB
  8. 6.5 creedmore info

    Thank you all for taking the time to provide your advice and input,much appreciated. My friends juat but a tikka tactical rifle in 6.5C so will look at the barrell length abd the bullets he runs though it. All the best all
  9. 6.5 creedmore info

    I have an xlr industries element chassis with aics mags so will suffer he same oal as you I guess. I don mind going down the 26 inch route bit currently have a heavy taper barrel so would prefer something a little lighter, maybe a palma type profile to reduce weight. Or even flutes to make it useful for stalking.
  10. 6.5 creedmore info

    Hello all, Just after some advice on a 6.5creedmore barely length. I have a .308 custom action and would like to get the lug pinned so I can swap over to a 6.5creedmore barrel. Just at the researth phase so was wondering what was the best barrell length to get me from 100 yards to 1000 yards. I will be reloading as well as using standard factory ammo so what sort of reamer is best for the applications described. Also what barrell contour for repeatable shots without it heating up too quick please. Also,can I use a .308 mod and muzzle brake or does that have to be changed to a specific 6.5 mod? Thanks
  11. Pm sent.can pick up depending on where you are in london.

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