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  1. Still here, save yourself some cash on a new set, these are like new
  2. Like the ones in the link except they are medium https://www.tacticalscope.co.uk/tier-one-30mm-tube-picatinny-rifle-scope-mount-rings-t1pic30h---high-4650-p.asp
  3. Thanks all. Rather then mess around with me rail having spoken to John, he is making me a new full length rail.
  4. I will call him in the morning. Was rather hoping someone near by could machine the rail if I could take it to them. Thank you all for taking the time to make suggestions .
  5. I have number 45. Good he has made a few. Absolute beauty you have there. I have a sphur mount. I ha d a tier one lug in the sphur would be harder to get to and if possible I would like to leave the mount with the lug as is. Thank you for the pics and suggestion. Much appreciated
  6. I have a matte black ken farrell 20moa rail to fit a remington short action.bought it for my rifle wich is a custom based on a rem700 but it is not suited as my rail is pinned etc. A bargain for a new rail which is stainless steel not alluminium as a lot of these aftermarket ones are hence why I bought it.£60 posted. Comes with everything and as new condition
  7. Dear all, I have a rem700 short action john carr made. I have an unimount I'd like to use by unfortunately the mid section of the rail does not have the grooves. Grooves only on either end. What would be my best option inorder to be able to use the unimount. New rail from John carr or can some one machine some groves in for me please? If that is an option. It is a 20moa rail. Cheers
  8. Tier one medium picatiny rings in 30mm boxed with everything. Pretty much in mint condition. £95 posted Thanks
  9. Ms3 sling please. And some cmmg magazines
  10. Still here bit will be off to the bay if no interest this week.
  11. I have a sparc 2 vortex for sale in excellent condition. Vety nice red dot sight. Perfect for AR15 or shotguns, especialky where quick target acquisitions requited. Comes with everythng as yoy would expect. 125 posted. At this price no offers please. Need it gone as I have a spitfire now. Thank you

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