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  1. Magpul prs gen 2 with extended but pad after 240 posted. Thr monopod you see is not included. Cheers
  2. Pics of scope added as requested. Regards
  3. As above. Please see pic for details of ret etc. In perfect nick, was on me .223. I'm. After £1000 net to me. At bisely this Sunday if you want to have a look. Prefer pick up and cash but can post as long as buyer covers postage. Postage for something of this value insured will probably be at least a further £25 Very tricky with the camera to get the reticule but is mildot. Great scope for running boar, hunting and CSR
  4. I'm in biseley on sunday. Just wondering if I can have a look at the moderator and test it on me lantac .223 at all please? What's it like compared to ase jet z cqb in terms of sound suppression and size? Cheers
  5. Will have it for that price. P.m sent
  6. shooter83

    Recomendations for reloading manual

    Thank you all for your input. I have never reloaded so was asking about the manuals more for info on how to reload, I. E what equipment I would need etc. Anyone have any recomedation for a helpful shop where I can buy all the gear from and where they might be willing to spend the time to explain some of the process? I'm in hertfordshire but willing to drive an hour in any direction. Thank you all once again.
  7. Dear all, I would like to start reloading .308, .223 and 38s/357 magnum. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a good reloading manual please. There seem to be so many specific to bullet manufacturers. I'm not sure where to start really. Thank you
  8. shooter83

    .284 / 6x47 Switch Barrel Build

    Beautiful. Love the xlr chassis system. I have the element and absolutely love it. 1/4moa all day long without the heft you get with AICS.
  9. Still here and a price drop to 235 posted.
  10. Still here an a further price drop to 160 now. too many time wasters claiming they wanted to buy then letting down at last minute. Can meet in bisely or rfd at cost to buyer.
  11. Braders, I haven't a clue. How would one tell? I can't see any markings, I will take a closer look.

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