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  1. madyarra

    Creating a new load

    ^^^^^ what he said
  2. madyarra

    Dry tumbler

    Tumbler wanted, basic models will do! Thanks folks
  3. madyarra

    Creating a new load

    I admit the jamming is a bit caveman gbal but when needs must.
  4. Hi folks, after a tab style rear bag. Ideally I'd like British made and not a a silly price for a bag with some plastic in. Cheers!
  5. madyarra

    Creating a new load

    Hey man, I've just had to start a load for my .284 so I'm fresh off the process. There's a lot of things you could do with sorting components if you're that way inclined. Perhaps a target shooting member could enlighten us to the ins and outs of that. If it's just general shooting/hunting then I'd start by inspecting your brass just to check for any damage or visual anomalies. I'd then full length size all brass, (Consistency is key). If you wanted to check case length now would be the time to do it after sizing. Trim if necessary. De-burr and chamfer. For your seating depth you can either use a gauge and modified case to do this or load a bullet in to an unprimed empty case to the very minimum depth to hold the bullet. You can then load the bullet in the chamber essentially until the the bullet hits the lands and gets pushed back in to the case, once your bolt has closed that is then the max seating depth for your chosen bullet. Unload the dummy round. This may be quite hard and may need persuaded out, I've heard a length of wooden dowel passed down from the muzzle and tapped to release the bullet is the safest method for barrel damage safety. It may unload with a good pull of the bolt. Searching the bullet back 20 thousands of an inch from the lands would be an acceptable starting point. Do as much research as possible on possible loads with your chosen components. Either from manufacturer books or forums. The latter to be taken with a pinch of salt. There's a few techniques for finding an accurate load, you could find a starting point and work up by 0.5 grain increments or possibly by optimum charge weight method which is usually increasing by 1% per charge load from a chosen start point. Videos on this methodcan be found easily on YouTube. Hope this helps, there is more you can do but I'd say that is a good starting point.
  6. Can you use an 18650 battery in the magneto speed? As it can use 2 cr123's that usually equates to an 18650???? I know batteries can be quite specific things though.
  7. Cheers folks, I've been using kg1 on the barrel since I got it, I have it one clean with cr2 but didn't get much out except carbon fouling. I Concur that scrubbing is far better for carbon. I've only used my nylon brush so far as I can bring myself to use the bronze!
  8. I should maybe add that this is a stalking and plinking or more like whacking rifle. Not a match or competition rifle
  9. Meles meles thanks for your thoughts, facts and opinions. I'm very open to hear any opinions and thoughts on this as apart from shooting tikkas this is my first custom barrel rifle. Just looking for guidance really. I am going to clean the rifle this time with copper solvent just to eliminate the possibility of this affecting my load but I do think after that I will be reverting back to the "if it ain't broke don't fix it routine".
  10. Velocity also increased by up to 70fps with same charge, primer, brass, conditions
  11. This is the conclusion I have came up with. I decided on an accurate load that was a grain below any pressure signs on a hot day. I then loaded 75 ish rounds. Next day I went, same conditions and went to fire the first few rounds. All over pressure with heavy extractor marks. I've read on quite a few forums and seen on vids that after between 50-100 shots of a new barrel the copper will line the bore essentially shrinking the diameter thus creating more pressure for the bullet to travel and exit the barrel. It's a sassen stainless barrel for the record I have pulled some rounds and started loading from a lower charge. Dropped around 2gr back up to original charge. Thanks folks
  12. Just wondering how people run their barrels? Do you clean all the copper out or give it the odd clean now and again or when the copper affects accuracy? Only wondering as I've not long got a lovely custom rifle which has just bedded in after 100 ish rounds and now has increased the pressure from my load. I'm assuming it's the copper that has lined the barrel increasing resistance/pressure.
  13. madyarra

    Powders for .284 Win

    Hey folks, how is everyone getting on with their loads? I got a lovely .284 made by Dave at Valkyrie, I found a load of liked at 54.2gr of N160 and the 162gr ELD-M. Unfortunately now that the barrel seems to be bedded in this load is a bit too hot now so backing down to 52.4 and working up again. It's a 24" barrel and I was developing roughly 2800fps. I'm interested to hear about people's experiences either the reload Swiss powders, rs60, rs62. Thanks folks and happy shooting!
  14. Think you'll need to put your location on your profile mate. Great price for these though!

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