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  1. Kit Advice Please!

    I never knew HPS replace the plastic length gauge. I really do need to take a trip down there.... Although metal if better, i usually repeat the process a number of times and take an average...Do you happen to know off-hand if they'll tap drill and tap a case if it's pre-arranged? Cheers.
  2. Island for sale

    No point buying it. As once the Spineless UK/Jock Government have filled every bit of green area left for immigrants to live, they will just compulsory buy most of the Island and build houses on it to house even move foreigner. They won't be happy until every part of the UK is grey with concrete and speaking foreign languages. I've seen so much of my local so called local 'greenbelt' land around my local area turned into housing. I've no interest in reading Corbyn loving naive replies, so don't bother replying.....
  3. I used N133 with my 40 V-Max, and the combo worked a treat. I don't have the stats to hand, but great velocity, and accuracy.
  4. As above, I have a Sightron S111 6-24X50 MOA/MOA. Retcle is MOA2. 30mm tube. SFP. Comes with original items including sunshade, scope caps, paperwork and box. SOLD. Offer made and accepted, payment made and scope collected. Just to add, i'll also be selling a Leupold VX-L 4.5-14X56 Varmint Reticle and a Marlin 883 .22WMR when i get chance to list them. All items will be, or are listed elsewhere
  5. Hi folks, Anyone out there using Peterson "Match-Grade Brass" ? Just wondering how it compares to Lapua, and if it's worth giving it a go as apposed to Lapua? Any constructive opinions appreciated. Cheers. Chaz.
  6. Hi folks, Out of interest i had a thought. How about using a 40 grain V-Max head, in my .223 Rem and dropping the powder to give me around 2300-2500 fps. Not for any other reason, than for the hell of it. I already have what i need in my own stock items, so why not give it a try? If nothing else but to see how accuracy and noise levels are?? I would be using my Tikka T3, 1 in 8 twist. And using Viht N133 powder, and my 40 grain V-Max heads, seated to the depth of at least the width of the bullets... I will use what very little data my 2nd Edition Lee Reloading Manual will give me... The items used like the Viht N133 and 40 grain V-Max heads, are what i already have available in my own stock items.. Firstly, my manual did give details about using N133 and 40 grain bullets. But the starting velocity was around 3400 fps. (I've not got the manual to hand at the moment though, for specific data) I decided to divide the stated lowest velocity by the amount of grains of powder. This gave me around 142 fps per grain of powder. I say around, as even the manuals can't/don't accurately give 100% details of fps due to obvious differences in rifles. Is that a safe mathematical equation to use??.... Apologies if that's a dumb question. But i'd rather ask a dumb question, than put myself, and maybe others that may want to try this at risk... I'm trying it just out of interest, and seeing how quiet it would be in 'real world terms', but still be able to take out vermin at around 100 to 150 yards....Maybe... Before anyone asks, 'But why'. It's because i want to, (if it's safe enough.) It's as simple as that..... I could buy slower burning powder listed in my manual, but i don't want to. As i have already stated i have the items already...If it is safe enough to try. Hence my post... I'd like to try 4 shot groups, between 16 and 18 grains in half grain increments of Viht N133. This will give me around/between 2343 fps and 2556. And give me some idea of the potential accuracy with more load testing, in smaller increments. Obviously safety is the key factor here, hence my post, asking for constructive advice. Firstly i'd obviously double check the round has left the barrel, and secondly a hole in the target to prove this. And if needs be, removing the bolt between shots and looking through the bore to be absolutely sure the barrel is clear!!. Although i presume at around the lower end of say 2200 fps there shouldn't be a problem?? Other than this, can anyone give me any other constructive advice, whether that be safety advice, or anything else?? Cheers Chaz
  7. I thought if anything it may be pressure. Cheers Palo.
  8. Thanks for the reply Palo. I'm trying to get some info on why it is dangerous to use charges below the minimum stated. I'm after some clarification. As at present i have already made up some rounds in groups of 4, but i can't bring myself to shoot them due to being told it could be dangerous.
  9. Thanks both. I've never tried working a load down before, it's clearly a whole new ball game... banus02, why would reducing the minimum load of N133 be dangerous? Could you explain? Over pressure?? I only used N133 as it's what i already have, and it's listed in my reloading manual, so i knew the minimum load for the 40 V-Max. But i also have N135 and N150. But both are not even listed in my reloading manual, hence not using them, as i didn't have any data on what the minimum load was. Cheers. Chaz.
  10. squirrel eating

    I sneaked a squirrel into the slow cooker when the wife was making a chicken stew, and was at work. I took all the meat off just before the wife returned and mixed it in. It Fooled the Mrs and kids, as it was white meat very similar to chicken anyhow. Everyone thought it was great! (Which it was!) Until i told them... The kids were fine about it, but it took a few days for the wife to come around.... She was just as uninterested when i cooked a Pheasant stew a few months back. Until she tasted it. Now shes hooked! She's a typical, 'Doesn't meat grow off sheets of polystyrene wrapped in cling film type.
  11. No problem. I hope you find what your'e looking for. Chaz.
  12. New dies

    Please excuse my ignorance, but how did you go about doing this? I have a Hornady custom 3 die set. The usual FL, Neck sizing and seating with a Hornady micrometer seating die. Granted, nothing like as good as a Forster. The 1 thou increments are almost touching!.... I can get a Forster Comp Seater for my 6.5CM, but have no idea how to go about getting a Forster 'honed FL forster die'. How do i go about it, and how do i get the required 'honed' dimensions?? Or will they do that for me? Constructive opinions appreciated. Cheers.
  13. New Tikka rimfire

    I love Tikka, and own several, but i won't be replacing my trusty CZ 452 .22lr for one....
  14. I'm chuffed with my newish Mod. The AimZonic Triton Predator made of stainless steel, with a 'soft touch' alloy sleeve. Loads of different barrel thread types fit the mod. A tad expensive at £40 a time, but they are stainless steel...
  15. Powder measures

    No need for the red face Alan, your knowledge is great, and you really know you know stuff, and are happy to help people. When you get chance in your busy schedule. Cheers!
  16. Powder measures

    I use a tuned RCBS powder thrower to get near, then on my tuned RCBS 505 scales, which gets me near. A small bit from the trickler if needed. I always have a small amount of powder on a white piece of card. Then add a kernel/or half at a time to get me my exact charge. MY scales are tuned, including a pointed indicator and a sticky pointer indicator on the scale body, then get them lined up point to point to be exact. All is made large enough to see clearly using my mini camera, which is fixed to the scale body with a usb to my laptop. So half a kernel can make me under or over. It really is that accurate. Just to add 1066 didn't tune my scales, But gave me some great instructions on how to do it. I understand he's too busy with projects now (I presume) but i couldn't have done it without his advice and guidance. Top Bloke!!
  17. You know, i hadn't thought of that! But you're right. The house feels like it's had a burst of life since the new pup arrived. Had her second jab today. Just like the first, never blinked. It makes me laugh when she gets shirty when she wants to play with our 4 year old Spaniel X, when she's lounging on the sofa. The pup can't get on there yet, and it really gets her riled up. She keeps yelping at the X to play, with her feet just touching the edge of the seat of the sofa and her tail spinning like a planes prop! Eventually our Spaniel X cross gives in, jumps off the sofa and all hell breaks loose! It's an absolute bliss to watch! The X must be five times our Bedy's weight, but the pup just won't give in. You were right about letting them sort out the hiarachy themselves. The atmospheres great between them now. Like sisters. If the pup crosses the line, the X snarls loudly, which causes the pup to go submissive. Before throwing herself on her back exposing her underside and she starts frantically licking licking lips. 10 seconds later it's play as usual. It's a pleasure to watch! Cheers Chaz. Chaz.
  18. So we've had our Bedlington Whippet for 8 nights now. Shes as you would expect any pup to be in the day. Lots of racing round, with just as many sleeps in between. We've bought a plastic moulded bed and lined it with fleece bedding and plenty of toys to chew. She's happy to sleep in it during the day outside her large sleeping crate, but will not sleep in it during the day if it's in the crate. Secondly, 8 nights in a row shes been in her bed in the crate. And every night she has yelped and cried almost all night! She only stops for half hour here and there. I presume as shes shattered and has a nap. I thought she would be over it now, but shes been consistently bad through-out. We put a heavy crock bowl in there with a little water for the night, and have tried leaving the toys in and taking them out. All have made no difference. The only thing we do now is take her out once in the middle of the night for a wee and poo. This was due to her stepping in it and covering everything in crap! And to be fair, when let out at night, she'll wee and poo almost on command! She comes out fine in the night, and does a wee and poo, and is happy to go back in. But hates being locked in. The last thing I've tried is having a small radio on throughout the night. Which has made very little difference. I'm running out of ideas! The wife and i are shattered! So any constructive advice would be much appreciated. Cheers Chaz.
  19. I can't argue Al. I wanted to put the pup in the study so i/we couldn't hear it. The wife wouldn't have it. So i told her it's the Study or she sleeps down stairs with the pup. Probably not the right thing to say, but i was pi55ed off after 2 weeks of little sleep. But it kind of backfired, as she refused to agree to put her out of earshot in the study, and she's currently on the sofa with the pup. Who (not to my surprise) now sleeps a straight 8-9 hours without a toilet break!! I'm deflated about the whole thing. I'm disabled to a degree, and look after Poppy (Pup) from 8 am until 8 pm. Which i don't mind. No pup will ever be easy work. But i'm strong willed, even with poppy. Yet the Mrs isn't, which has led to this position.... I'm waiting until the wife has enough, and Poppy goes in the study. A bit of 'watch this space'. But i can't argue with your thoughts, and appreciate your honest, yet respectful and constructive criticism. EDIT - Just to add, I have some Howard Leight Ear Plugs, which serve me a treat! I rarely heard anything. It's more not being able to withstand the unrelenting earache from the wife at dinner time.... Which, joke aside, we can all relate to.... One thing i do love is the way both my Spaniel X and Poppy get on now. It's a joy to watch! Cheers Chaz
  20. We're on the 14-15th night with no change yet. Plenty warm enough with heating on. Plenty to drink.Tried light on low, light off. Radio low, radio off. I think she may be missing her mum and siblings. The wife slept on the sofa with her last night. Never seen such a happy pup in the morning, (Or such a grumpy wife!!). And not a sound out of the pup all night. She held her bladder and bowels until morning. Although rod and back springs to mind....
  21. Hi folk's. I'm curious as to what types of brushes/mops people are using to clean their rifle chambers. I currently just soak the area in a good cleaner with a bore mop designed for a slightly bigger caliber, then use a nylon brush after a good soak. The mop and brush are screwed into an 'adapted' cheap heat shrink covered alloy rod so i can use a twisting motion to clean the free bore and case mouth edge. But It's a job to see how well my efforts are, properly without a bore camera. I saw an M15/16 cleaning brush the other day which looked just the trick. Do many of you folks use the M15/16 brush, or something else? Some constructive replies would be appreciated. Cheers Chaz.
  22. That would be at no point as i would presume it causes damage. And i don't know enough about Chamber/bore finishes to make that call.
  23. I'd never use a steel brush on the bore. Ouch! Thanks for the info and the link folks. Chaz.

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