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  1. 6.5 Creedmoor Loads

    I bought Viht N150. After buying it and reading some forum posts, I thought i'd just wasted £75 - £80.... Yet I've found N150 to be a great powder for the 6.5CM. I use it with various loads. Using Lapua brass, Fed Gold primers. With the 139 grain Scenar's, and a load of 39 grains of N150 gave me .4" groups at 100 yards. I achieved just shy of 2800 fps. Obviously, all rifles are different, even the same make, so you would have to start a lot lower than 39 grains, and build the load up to remain safe. Chaz

    If you are using a custom build rifle with your spec in mind, i'd say go for it. If you're using a standard off the shelf rifle, i doubt it make any difference. If you do have a custom rifle built to your spec, i found K&M to be good quality stuff. Although i have never tried other makes...I was neck turning, primer pocket uniforming, and flash hole de-burring. Yet it made no difference to my groups. In the end i sold my K&M tools, and just bought Lapua brass,which saved a lot of hassle and time. Chaz.
  3. Cheers both. I'll get on the net and find him. Chaz.
  4. Hi folks, Since the loss of my lovely Milly a couple of months ago, i'm thinking of getting/buying a Bedlington Whippet. I've away's had rescue dogs with various hang-ups that have been hard work, beyond the normal hard work a puppy can be that is... Not that i am bothered by this though. But what i have found over the years, is the last 2 dogs from Dog Trust have not been keen on males. I have to admit that at times this has stressed me out a bit. Mainly as the one dog did nothing but pine for the entire time my wife was out at work. Despite lots of distraction. And the other, which we still have, as we had her from a pup does the same. I presume it's been down to most scum bag dog abusers are male... So this time, i'm trying to locate a Bedlington-Whippet Pup from a breeder, or reputable source that has no behavioural issues already ingrained, from abuse from previous, or breeder owners. I've never paid for a dog before, but for once i want to have a dog that is happy in my company, (As i'm disabled and at home most of the time) and not pine for a female all the time. Granted, this is no guarantee, but it's a better bet. And having had a Bed/Whippet before, i like the breed. But being a novice, I've no idea how to avoid cruel 'puppy farms'. Apart from insisting on seeing the dogs parents, looking out for 'staged' loving and caring enviraments in the house. And checking out all documents given with the various agencies. Along with vacinations and worming. Some advice would be appreciated. Although, my mind is made up on having a Bedlington-Whippet. The dog would a pet, but will go for plenty of walks, and if possible come shooting with me. Thanks in advance. Chaz
  5. I do like the Pure Beds, but like the mix of the 2 more. I'm concerned about buying a pup, and finding out when she grows that shes not a Bed/Whippet. As i'll already be too attached to let her go by then. It probably sounds an odd thing to be concerned about, but I'm really after the breed I want, and have paid for.
  6. Thanks very much for the replies folks. I have had one previously, but i appreciate all 'same breeds' are not the same. If that makes sense... 'Silver' was a beautiful bitch, in silver grey with white paws. I walked her for around an hour. Through groups of people, other dogs and cars. She handled it first class! But nobody wanted her just because she was 7 years of age! We attended the 'charity dog show' (mainly for ex- track dogs, but lots of other breeds) with one x breed whippet and left with 2! But only as i knew the owner of the rescue center from work, and we had already had a whippet bitch cross from her.... And to cut a long story short, we arrived with 1 dog and left with 2! She was an amazing dog. So full of fun, life and mischief! It was amazing to see them play together. Silver would run across the lounge, jump onto the sofa, then bounce right over the back to catch our other dog unaware! Which we were told, was a whippet X Beagle. And her markings and and ears did look Beagle.. I just wish we could go back in time...... I'll have a look at 'The Hunting Life' . Much appreciated folks. And more replies are welcome. Cheers Chaz
  7. I've stuck with Vihtavuori powder since the shortage of other powders a few years back... So just thought i'd put my 2 pence worth in.... I thought i'd made a big mistake by buying Viht N150 for my 6.5cm. But i was wrong. I can only talk about my results in my rifle with the Lapua 6.5mm 139 grain OTM Scenar. In my 24" barrel, 1 in 8 Tikka T3X TAC1, using Lapua small primer brass. I was achieving sub half moa with all 4 groups at 100 yards using 39.0 and 39.1 grains of N150. The velocity was at and just over the 2800fps +/- 10 fps. (Dont have my data book to hand) I'm currently making up loads to test the Sierra TMK 130 grain, and the Hornady 143 ELD-X. But so far it's been great. The only signs I've seen of high pressure is a very light, (and sometimes not at all) scuff on the extractor. And i really do mean very light. The loads all being around 15 though from the lands. I have to add that i started off around the mid way of the advised powder charge given by Viht. I have also found, and been advised by a very well known reloader on this forum that Viht are very conservative in their load data. And have found this to be very true. Cheers Chaz
  8. I love the K98, and have always wanted one. If i hadn't just spent 3K on a 6.5cm set-up i'd of had that. Typical..... Looks really nice. Good luck with the sale. Bump.
  9. That whole set-up in the picture looks awesome Varm! Especially the stock!
  10. I've shot at 300 and 600 at the Kingsbury Range, through the club i was a member of then, called 'Offa's Dyke'. I was using my basic skinny barrel 24" (I believe) Certainly not a 20"... You will need something like the now 75 grain ELD Match, (previously the 'A-Max' in Hornady flavour) From memory i needed 14-15 moa to hit the 600 yard target. Not sure if you're reloading. I do, and at the time i used a converted Tikka mag that accepted very long, (for .223) rounds. The only thing i found a pain, is the height of the comb, (cheek rest). It was too low to see through the scope properly. I bought an 'Accu-Riser' cheek piece from www.accu-riser.com A great bit of kit, (Less than £20 delivered in a week from the USA). I unscrewed the supplied very low cheek piece, and used one of the holes already there to screw my 'accu-riser' on. Then marked and pilot drilled the second hole (closest to the butt) and self tapped it with the second screw provided. You then have 2 rubber type cheek pieces (that clip on securely), basically low and medium/high. I only needed the low/medium. I mentioned this, as the bag type you velcro on just move about, and look pants. You will get the best out of the .223 if you reload. But if you're just after the fun factor, then just crack on with whatever you buy. I agree that at this point there's no need to buy a 'better' scope. Albeit, more magnification may be better. You need to know if you get on doing long range and enjoy it.... As regards ammo. If you end up reloading, then you can just buy a plastic 'sled' that goes into the magazine like a round. They're cheap to buy... Then with the bolt open you can single feed by hand. Which is fine if you're target shooting like i did, as you shoot a shot, then your 'shooting buddy' will take his shot. You'll also need a chamber 'safe' flag. The pole of the flag goes in the chamber and the flag is clear to see by anyone with the bolt back. That way the RO will know the rifle is clear. Apologies if i'm teaching you to suck eggs. Just my observations from your posts... Have fun. Jamie
  11. ase sl7

    I've a Triton Predator on my 6.5CM and i'm really pleased with it. The only negative i can say about it, is that it gets hotter than the barrel on my Tikka TAC1 6.5mm. No idea why...
  12. I'm contemplating trying to source an SWFA 10 x 42 scope. The main reason being i'm lead to believe they will focus down to 20 (ish) yards. The fixed 10 magnification, and 20 yards focus, along with very good glass clarity are the first most important things to me for my purposes. I'm first after any opinions from any people out there that own one, and where they sources it. Or from people who have used it quite a bit. And their opinions.... Or maybe peoples experiences on SWFA as a whole and, if their specifications given on a scope have lived up to that spec. I've put a link, to what i'm after. Cheers Chaz. https://swfa.com/swfa-ss-10x42-tactical-30mm-riflescope.html
  13. What we wear should have no reflection on what we do, or what we 'are' The clothing is for a purpose for 99% of shooters.
  14. I'm going to post this without reading any of the posts. Just the header... 'Is the image of the British shooter important' I don't think anyone could narrow down a 'British Shooter'?? We come in so many shapes, sizes, temperament's, ages, back grounds, and life experiences. From the single young man with an air rifle to ex and current SF. I really don't think anyone could cram us all in the same box. Which is what makes UK shooters so interesting. Maybe i'm alone on this way of thinking....?? We are, and can be what we want to be. I laugh at what i would call 'snobs in tweed plus fours/ breeches' But they probably laugh at 'my kind'. That's what keeps me on the forums. We're such a diverse group. Some very nice giving folks, to those, that, well shall we just say don't give.... Anyway. A happy new year to all of you. I felt all 'Bob Cratchit' then!
  15. Lovely bit of kit. Shame to split... But If you do, could i have first dibs on the mono-pod with weaver/picatinney adapeter part as well? Chaz.
  16. What four rifle calibres - factory ammo

    I've not had too many calibers, but i love the following - FAC Air in .25 Cal. .22LR .204/.223? Apologies, can't decide! .204R Lazer flat, and good distance for caliber. .223Rem, versatility... 6.5 CM God i love that rifle/caliber.... Chaz
  17. In general, depending on how many times it's been fired... I've not heard any bad remarks about GGG brass, so i presume it must be OK, as far as used brass goes...
  18. As above really folks. I've called and emailed some/most of the RFD's in my area of the UK within a 100 mile radius to get hold of some 6.5mm Hornady ELD-X from 100 grain to the 143 grain. And heard nothing or they have no stock...... Do they even exist in the UK??? Any info of a box or 2 would be greatly appreciated. Preferably the 143 grain, but i'd accept anything they make from around the 100 grain up to around the 143 grain mark. Cheers Chaz.
  19. I've not read all the posts. But what really pisses me off, is, the moment there's an "incident" in the US, the Ignorant morons of the UK use it as a tool to spiral staircase us legal shooters over!! Always has been the case, always will be.... In years to come, ALL bar pest controllers under strict laws, and those with plenty of money (goes without saying) will have our guns taken away. The USA is worlds apart from the UK with regard to what "we" can have compared to them. Yet tree hugging morons, always use it to demonize people those people who see it as a hobby, sport, or any other reason. Personally, i'd leave the UK in a heart beat! Too many rats out numbering the working folk but the wife won't. And now their trying to change more laws, to allow so called immigrants and lazy bastards to live in our social (free) green belt areas. Could it get any worse!? (In fact forget that, of course it can, and will....) The people who run this country, regardless of party, make me puke! They won't be happy until it's to late. And when it is too late, Lord big bolluck's will just move to one of his 2nd or 3rd homes and be happy..... This country will eventually sink under the weight of Immigrants. Hopefully by then, i'll have convinced my family that all is lost.... End of rand...
  20. I've not tried that Al, i'll give it a go. Cheers Chaz
  21. Hi folks, I'm in the process of making up an accurate load for my 6.5CM using Sierra 130 TMK's and Lapua brass. After making 40 or so, i did some random concentricity checks (only by naked eye on a flat surface), and they were showing slight run-out. I don't have a concentricity gauge, so it's down to a gentle role on a flat surface, and always has been, with no previous problems ever! I'm puzzled by this, as i rarely get any visible run-out. Would this give me inconsistency in my test loads to the point of rendering them pointless? As a rule i generally always seat the bullets to at least the width of the caliber. I haven't done this in all rounds i've made, but most. And never had any issues that i can recall. Being an ELD type bullet, i also used an ELD seating stem. And sitting the bullet in the stem it seams to fit well. I could seat them around 3mm (give or take) deeper into the case neck. Firstly is this alone likely to help? Or would i be better off using my inertia hammer to bring the bullets out as far as i dare without the bullet coming out of the case, then in affect re-seat them? I usually partly seat bullets then turn them 180 degrees and seat the rest of the way. Although i can't recall if i did this when making up this batch. Some CONSTRUCTIVE comments would be much appreciated. Apologies for the capitals in this sentence, but I have had a few childish comments the last time i asked for help. Cheers. Chaz.
  22. Cheers folks. A day at the range to try them out it will be then. Chaz
  23. Apologies Mick, my fault, i forgot to say they're sold. Chaz.

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