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  1. You're right, the extra weight was appreciated when shooting at distance. As regards to negatives, i can only think of 2 and i only suffered the one. The magazine bluing wears off very quickly, and if you forget to wipe it over with a lightly oiled rag after a days shooting, it goes orange very quick. Which i found out after one cleaning session after a few days in the cabinet... The other is something along the lines of how the shoulder is cut, when the muzzle is screw-cut for a moderator. Some moderators, (even when screwed on correctly) go out on concentric. Causing bullets to strike the baffles, and the obvious poor grouping that goes with it. I use an Aim-Zonic Predator and have had no issues. However, there is another member on here who bought the same gun and mod as me as he had some right problems. I believe he changed moderators, and all was well after that. He's VarmLR, incase you need to give he a pm. He knows more about it than me. I must admit, even with the mag rusting, and the all up weight, i love my TAC 1, and don't see myself getting rid of it any time soon! Cheers Chaz.
  2. I love my 6.5CM Tikka TAC 1, but at around the 15lb mark, scoped, and modded, it's not a carry gun. For my at least...
  3. First off, apologies, it's an R92, not an R94, as I first thought. I bought this rifle brand new on impulse several months ago from a dealer. I've shot it around 8-9 times, and since then it's sat in the cabinet. As you would expect, it's as new condition, with all paperwork, and original box. I also have a very rare genuine Rossi scope rail designed to fit the R92. It is curved to fit the barrel perfectly, and comes with the screws, which attach to the barrel under the rear sight. (The rear sight is fitted via a dovetail joint, so just needs drifting out) The rear open sight covers the factory drilled and tapped holes. I also have a set of 30mm mounts that fit the picatinny type rail. I also have all the items for reloading .38 Special, and the .357 Magnum. As in a full 4 die set. 3 x100 boxes of bullets, new x100 brass, primers, and a tub of IMR 4227 powder. I've made up around 30 rounds. As it is practically new, I'm after £500 ono for the rifle. Or will swap for an FAC Air Rifle, with cash either way. Rifle buyer has first option to buy the rail/rings, and reloading gear. Also advertised elsewhere. Cheers.
  4. chaz

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Cheers Paul.
  5. chaz

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Cheers Paul. My own fault for forgetting to oil it... I'll have mooch for this acf50 Cheers.
  6. chaz

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    I've noticed the bluing on my Tikka TAC 1 magazine isn't holding up well, quite a bit has worn of to bare metal already... After shooting it a couple of weeks ago, I got home, cleaned/oiled it and put it away. I took the magazine out of the cabinet a couple of days ago, and to my horror the magazine had large orange spots of rust on it. It was only very light, and was easily removed with a worn out scourer and some oil. Granted it was my fault for not wiping it over with my lightly oiled rag. But i'd expect the bluing to last a lot longer! Not sure what to do now. Whatever i do to it regarding finish, it will just wear off again after use. VarmLR, Hows your mag holding up?
  7. chaz

    Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    It's always puzzled me, how some people just can't handle other people being different...
  8. chaz

    Rabbits and .22

    I've had the same problems with the odd 42 grain Winchester subs. I thought it was me hearing things! While checking my zero a while back, the first 3 were bang on at 50 yards, but the 4th was a lot louder, and hit on target, but an inch higher than the rest, which says a lot. I won't stop using them though as they hit very hard and the bullet deforms very well giving clean kills.
  9. Hi folks, I sold my .17WSM some time back, and i'm looking at getting a 1 for 1 variation. I'm just not sure what to get instead. The .17WSM was a nice round, and the rifle itself was the Savage heavy stainless barrel and action, with a nice laminate stock. Albeit i hated the bolt and the fiddly mag. I can only speak about the savage, and speaking of which the accuracy was crap compared to my mate's .17HMR at 100 yards, which i shot back to back. Anyway, i'm not sure what to get next. I have had a couple of .17 HMR's in the past, but got fed up with wind drift. Perhaps i expected too much from it? I also had a .22 Hornet. But i got rid of that, more so because of the rifle being way too heavy. Then i think a low powered 40 grain out of my .223 would achieve the same as the .22 Hornet?? I've never owned a .17 Hornet, but I've heard good things about them. Does anyone know how the drop and drift compares with the .17HMR? Some constructive advice would be appreciated. Cheers Chaz.
  10. Thanks folks. I think a down loaded 40 V-Max could achieve the .17 Rem performance so although i love the idea of a .17 Rem, i don't think it's suitable for me. I did like my .22 Hornet, just a heavy weight rifle. But again, i wonder if a down loaded .223 Rem with a 40 V-Max could achieve the same? I wish the ammo was ok on the .17HMR as i'd probably settle for that... Were split necks an issue for accuracy? A squib is obviously a BIG concern. Is that common though?
  11. chaz

    Small primer 6.5cm vs large

    Has anyone tried magnum and non magnum primers, and found what the real world difference is? Cheers.
  12. Hi folks, As above, I'm after a cheap NV type trail cam (2 if possible) to get an idea how our hedge hogs are doing. According to our local Vale Wildlife Center, this summer has decimated their numbers. Yes there are small pockets of them doing well, but their numbers have halved in the last 18 years alone! And according to the Guardian there are around only 1 million left in the UK, representing a 97% fall from the estimated 30 million recorded in the 1950's. I put out water and food, but i'd like to be able to count their number and be sure their getting water and dog/cat food, (and not the cats eating it) along with a few dry meal worms. You should not over do the the meal worms as it can cause a severe calcium deficiency in their bones, causing a slow painful death. Used trail cams would also be great, like the cheap Lidl's versions they sold some time back, which i missed out on. I'm on a tight budget, but want to help reduce the serious decline in their numbers if possible. I've managed to save several found severely dehydrated in my garden. If possible, please could i ask that you folks, (If your not already doing it) to put out a saucer of water in their front and back gardens. It appears (to me at least) that I've made a small difference for the numbers around my area, as i have regular night/early hour visits from the few I have seen and rescued. But a trail cam would show definite evidence. Please could i ask that any of you good folks leaving a drink out for them, not to put milk out, as they are intolerant to it, and it makes them sick. Sorry to rattle on, and sound like a scrounger. I'll pay what i can if i can afford any that may be for sale.... I just want to help as much as i can during these severe weather conditions, and their general decline. And to be honest, I've been very taken by them as they're just sooo cute! If needs be and members trusted me (I hope my selling and buying record on here shows i can be trusted) I would even be grateful if anyone was able to at least lend me a trail cam or 2 for a few months. I've not requested any help from any other forums at this time. Regards Chaz. P.S Apologies to the mods if I've put this in the wrong place. I wasn't sure as i was asking about buying, borrowing and informing members.
  13. Grim stories. I live in a rural area, but thankfully not that rural!
  14. Now sorted. A big thanks to Tahrnz for loaning me a Trail Cam. Much appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the info David. I did have a .204 Ruger and it was a really accurate flat shooting rifle. Don't recall why i sold it. Maybe to make way for the .223?? I'm intrigued by the .17H and as i reload it would be even better. Can't believe the HMR ammo is still crap. When i did a back to back with my .17WSM and a mates Annie .17HMR, the HMR grouped superbly straight from the box! The grouping on my WSM was around 1 to 1 1/2moa. I really liked my .22 Hornet, it was also a HW66, heavy barrel jagdmatch and was very heavy to carry around, hence the selling it. A nice .17H carry gun would be nice. I'll do some more reading. Cheers.
  16. Hi folks, I've found what appears to be a late 1800's blank firing Postmans/Cyclists dog scarer pistol. It's for sale at a small antique shop. It uses what looks like shotgun primers to function. And crikey it was loud! It looks a lovely little antique and is going for cheapish. I'm trying to find out what i need to look for, to be sure it's original. Can anybody help me with what to look for, and what it's value should be?? He has fired it in front of me and all works fine. Albeit, I wouldn't risk firing the shotgun primers he used. I cocked it, and held the hammer back pulling the trigger and gently relieving the pressure on the trigger. I really like it. And want to buy it. But knowing nothing about it, i also don't want to be ripped off.... I've asked on another shooting forum so i can get as many replies as possible. I'll try and upload some pictures. I'd really like some constructive opinions on what it may be worth. Maybe from some antique forum members out there?? I'll try and upload some pictures. Cheers.
  17. That's what i'm after BB. Would you be willing to sell it? PM me if you are, with your price. Cheers.
  18. chaz

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    A kind offer indeed!
  19. chaz

    Wanted part boxes of bullets

    I have around, half a box of 53 V-Max 3/4 of a box of of 52 A-Max Almost full box of 40 V-Max 3/4 full box 35 V-Max if that's any good. £45 posted. Cheers.
  20. chaz

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    +1 for the Shooting Shed, they make some great stuff.
  21. chaz

    .223 Hornady Modified case

    Hi, You can get one of your fire formed cases of your own done. Just be careful who you use. I had a fire formed .204 case done for me, from a well known forum user. I sent 2 case in case of mistakes. I received my "modified case" and all looked well. However i found the threads a little stiff, but the brass case did screw on. However, i could not remove it. Despite cleaning the brass and lightly lubricating. The result was i ended up twisting the head off my Hornady Overall length gauge. So that was £40 wasted..... If you can't find a good resource to do this. If were you, i'd have a look at the - Frankford Arsenal gauge. As per the link. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/262-2095173-6488414?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Frankford+Arsenal+Cartridge+Overall+Length+Gauge+-+Metallic I ended up buying the drill bit, and die and doing a .223 case of my own on a pillar drill. It's not totally 100% centered, as i don't have a lath. But better than the one done for me!! Good luck! Jamie
  22. chaz

    Couldn't resist.

    Watches are not my vice but that is a very nice bit of kit Paul.
  23. chaz

    6.5 Creedmoor brass

    I agree with VarmLR. I've been up and down powder charges with Lapua SRP trying to get an accurate, low/moderate chamber pressure with a "decent" velocity. I don't think i've helped myself by maybe buying a less than ideal powder. That being Viht N150. I quickly found a great load for the 139 Scenar, and the TMK 130. But the 143 VLD-X was hard work. Although I have found a reasonable balance now. I think LRP brass would have made things a bit easier. Just to add, while struggling to get a reasonable velocity with SRP, I tried the same load with LRP, (Murom KVB-7) and Hornady brass and instantly the velocity jumped very high indeed! Infact after 2 shots i stopped shooting due to high pressure signs, and silly barrel burning speed!

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