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  1. That's a good price! I'd buy it if it wasn't Christmas time!
  2. chaz

    Vit double based powders

    Will do Bob. Cheers. Chaz.
  3. chaz

    Vit double based powders

    Hi Bob, Can i ask what calibre and bullets were used for the data you posted? Cheers Chaz
  4. chaz

    Vit double based powders

    Thanks TJC. I also wanted opinions on the same. I load 6.5CM and use N150 which gives me around 2800 fps with around the 40 grain mark. That's in 139 scenar, 130 Sierra TMK, and the 143 ELD-X. Thanks for the info. Apologies for "nicking" your post Badger..
  5. chaz

    Inhumane despatch in Aus.

    Christ that was bad! Also very poor judgement, weapon, and brain cells! I couldn't watch all of that. What a cruel OLHFNHC ! Should be sacked!!!
  6. chaz

    New Tikka rimfire

    😂 I knew you wouldn't be able to come up with anything of any substance to that one!
  7. What reticle does it have? Cheers.
  8. chaz

    New Tikka rimfire

    Do you also use your legs to get you everywhere, "as the Good Lord intended"?
  9. chaz

    Small Rifle Primers ?

    Cheers both.
  10. chaz

    Small Rifle Primers ?

    Could you fella's give me your opinion on the last of my batch of my Federal Premium Match SR Gold Medal primers?. I'd like to use them up, although i do have a few hundred CCI BR4's. Cheers.
  11. As above, I'm selling as i now have an electric auto measure. Mint condition, bought new by me, with both powder nozzles and the mk2 stand. Works perfectly. £90 posted. Advertised elsewhere.
  12. I think I've already read enough of your posts to know. So it will not be necessary..... Having said that, we all have different personalities, and it would be a very boring forum if we were all the same.. I don't want to derail the OP's thread so i shall leave it at that.
  13. Off topic briefly....... More of an acquired taste...
  14. I too have used Vhit N150 solely for my 6.5CM Tikka TAC1 I've not experienced temperature sensitivity. I found the easiest load to develop was a 139 Scenar at 39 or 40 grains of N150. I also use it for Sierra TMK, which was also easy to find a load for. However, the 143 ELD-X was a bit of a pig to get an accurate load. Although, i think i've cracked it now. I initially thought i made a big mistake wasting money on the Viht 150, but thankfully i was proved wrong.... Although, i will change powder next time, (I'm a sucker for load development...) Maybe one of the RS powders... I'm also getting to the end of my 1000 Fed Gold srm, and wondering in magnum primers are the way to go?? Just to add, i've found Vhits powder data to be VERY conservative to say the least! Chaz
  15. First off, apologies, it's an R92, not an R94, as I first thought. I bought this rifle brand new on impulse several months ago from a dealer. I've shot it around 8-9 times, and since then it's sat in the cabinet. As you would expect, it's as new condition, with all paperwork, and original box. I also have a very rare genuine Rossi scope rail designed to fit the R92. It is curved to fit the barrel perfectly, and comes with the screws, which attach to the barrel under the rear sight. (The rear sight is fitted via a dovetail joint, so just needs drifting out) The rear open sight covers the factory drilled and tapped holes. I also have a set of 30mm mounts that fit the picatinny type rail. I also have all the items for reloading .38 Special, and the .357 Magnum. As in a full 4 die set. 3 x100 boxes of bullets, new x100 brass, primers, and a tub of IMR 4227 powder. I've made up around 30 rounds. As it is practically new, I'm after £500 ono for the rifle. Or will swap for an FAC Air Rifle, with cash either way. Rifle buyer has first option to buy the rail/rings, and reloading gear. Also advertised elsewhere. Cheers.
  16. chaz

    .223 Reloder 15

    I've used Viht N135 for 40 to 75 grain, with great success over the last 5 years or more. Rarely have a visibly dirty bore. ☺️
  17. British/English engineering/Gun-Smith craftsmanship at it's best. You can't beat it! Thanks for sharing Ronin.
  18. chaz

    Different Groups

    I'm no expert, but as "Catch 22" has stated, it maybe barrel to stock contact. I'd see if you can slide a bank note under the barrel without touching the stock as far up as you can. If it's tight when cold, then even a small amount of barrel heat may cause the barrel to touch the stock channel, and shift the point of impact. It's interesting that the point of impact changes the most when firing the 3rd group. Even a small amount of heat in the barrel could move the P.O.I. Just a thought...

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