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  1. Thanks for the offer, but for £20, i may as well keep them, as i'd only be making £16. Thanks anyway,
  2. I've not fired them back to back, to be honest. In believe in short, Hornady states that at certain velocities/distances the A-Max red tip was going soft, losing shape and effecting accuracy. Best to read it on their own website. I can say that the tips on the ELD's are definitely made of a different harder material that's for sure. The 75 A-Max states a BC of .435 (G7) and the ELD-M a BC of .467 (G7). Cheers.
  3. X1 Unopened box of Hornady 143 grain ELD-X £55 posted standard delivery. X1 Unopened box of Hornady 75 grain ELD Match £24 posted standard delivery. Pics via email as laptop being a pain in the rear.
  4. chaz

    Bighorn in Creedmoor

    Another cracking job. 👍
  5. chaz

    First Custom Build

    Very nice rifle indeed.
  6. Spot on! Each to their own, as has already been said!
  7. You can be so tedious Bradders. If it's something you like, its' great. If it's not you just slag it off. Give it a rest. It's boring.........
  8. chaz

    Starline brass. Any good??

    I think "Luck of the draw" Is about right Catch 22. If possible i'd like to get some responses from users using "Bottle neck" brass by Star-Line.?? Thanks for the 2 responses both. Chaz.
  9. Thanks One on Top of two. My 1000 metre LRF came today, so i'll see now. Just need to sell my Hawke LRF 400 now. Cheers.
  10. Are any of you people out there using and getting on with Starline brass? I bought a bag of 100 new .223 Remington Starline brass from Kranks, after watching several reviews. 2 of them showing how things work in the factory itself. In the one video it stated that the brass will vary slightly in length. Going from 1.745” to 1.750”. But that’s not what I found. Mine ranged from 1.742” to a max of 1.747”. Granted it’s still the same length difference, but I hate short brass! I also tried to uniform the primer pockets, but they were so deep, my pocket uniforming tool didn’t reach the bottom of any of the brass. Just to point out that the tool being used at a factory fixed depth. Albeit, it would not be hard to adjust the deburring tool to cut a little deeper. (Bad idea??) Perhaps they are all uniform, hence not needing the procedure carrying out… One of the videos also said that although the flash holes were “Punched out” and not drilled, it was done in a way that leaves no internal burrs. Is that even possible?? On looking at the flash hole from the primer pocket end with a mild strength magnifying glass, the flash holes were rough as hell! (Perhaps the burrs will burn off??) I appreciate I can use my flash hole deburring tools, but it’s just more hassle. Would there be much difference (all other things being equal) in a 4 shot group at around 350 yards with brass ranging from from said 1.742” to 1.747”? Lastly the mouths of the cases are the worst for ruffness i have ever come across. But using the mild Lee chamfer and deburring tool soon sorted that out. Just to point out, I’m well aware you get what you pay for and I only paid around £35 delivered. I generally use Lapua, and PPU. Wish I had bought PPU now, as in my opinion, on this occasion they are far better than Starline. Constructive opinions appreciated. Chaz.
  11. Hi Folks, Thanks for the further info. To answer the question of how many minutes i have left after a 100 yard zero, it was 63 minutes to use for elevation. Is it a 1000 yard gun already?? I read your link Pete. It's quite ironic really, as i already have a really nice load/group using the Lapua brass, N150 ,130 TMK, and the Murom small rifle KVB Magnum primers. One on top of two, thank's for the offer of the data, when the N150 runs out i'll give you a shout. That's again for the replies. Chaz
  12. Thanks for the replies folks. Yes it's a 6.5CM, and the powder i'm currently using is Vhit N150, but will be moving over to one of the Swiss RS powders in a couple of months. I'll check what travel i have left tomorrow. I'd like to keep the 100 yard zero if possible. Thanks again. Chaz.

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