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  1. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    No probs. And no offence taken. I'm loathed to waste firing the loads I've made with such pants neck tension... I see the shoulder bumping, and neck tension issues as just another learning curve for really. Which is still interesting, even if a pain in the butt! I'm more pissed at Brownells UK. Why call it that if your order has to come from the states!? I presume doing it the way they have must be to avoid red tape? As i have plenty of sorted brass, and due to Brownarse UK plenty of time.... I may for the time being FL size some more of my 6.5CM brass and just seat some bullets and see how the neck tension is..... Off Topic. Have you heard of any of the Tikka TAC1 owners being issued these so called 'washers' to avoid mod strikes? I've not been contacted? Cheers Chaz.
  2. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    Now that is impressive! And certainly says a lot about FL sizing all the time. I don't mind having the odd new 'problem' here and there, or at least minor ones, as i enjoy the research and obviously gain more experience.
  3. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    I did Webby, the only place that at least stated they had all i wanted in stock was Brownells UK. They've said i should have read the terms and conditions. But if a UK shop states they have the items you need in stock, i believed that meant in the UK shop, It makes me wonder how many sales they would get if everyone knew most, if not all of their stock probably comes from the US, once you've paid your money. I was going to ask for a refund, but having read parts of their terms i'd lose my postage money and a percentage for handling, so i'll just have to wait a few weeks. Live and learn is the lesson there for me....
  4. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    Forster is good stuff, although i only have a few items made by them..... I have the 'original' case trimmer, fitted with the 3 in 1 case trimmer, chamfer, and deburring head. It was a pain to set-up, but now set up for my 6.5CM it's a great bit of consistent kit. Perhaps I should have bought Forster dies in the first place...??? I've ordered a Sinclair expander die, mandrels, and graphite type dry inside neck lube from Brownells UK. Which turned out to be a mistake. Although their prices were better than most, and I was silly enough to believe that when a site says items are 'in stock', and see others saying 'back-order', i believed that mean't in stock in the UK. But it doesn't. It means in the USA!! I thought i'd have the items to at least try and sort out my neck tension issues over the weekend. But apparently 'in stock' in a UK suppliers, (according to Brownells UK) means i will have to wait nearly 2 1/2 weeks for delivery!! I did question this by email, and got the old 'terms and conditions' reply. I won't make the mistake of ordering off them again... Maybe my Lee collet neck sizing die will sort things out. At least that was a genuine UK 'In stock' item from a real UK dealer.... Chaz.
  5. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    To the contrary Webby, I'm also interested in peoples findings, so add what you want. I've never had to deal with body sizing, and poor neck tension before, so i'm keen to have all the constructive feedback i can. Just to add, from my limited knowledge on the suspect, 6 thou to 2 thou seems a lot of work on the brass to me too. I've not really paid too much attention to the forces pushed down on the neck while the expander was going in. Although It had also crossed my mind that maybe the expander pulled the necks straight and true on the way out... Chaz
  6. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    VarmLR. Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well with your Tikka TAC1 6.5CM. But why the silly ott emoji at the start of the post? Then some constructive advice in the middle. Then the 'Just my humble opinion' at the end? I believe that's known as a '**** sandwich'.... I'm not known for being the sensitive type.... But i had to mention it, as it made me smile, and reminded me of some of the less than inspiring management in my last job. Anyway, I mentioned the lack of 'different' members responses nearly 24 hours after my initial posting. And exactly the same time i got a response from a second person. That being JCS. (Thanks JCS) I also explained my reasons for having 'lots of keyboard' time. And as you may appreciate, the more advice the better. Different perspectives and the like... However all constructive advice is much appreciated as per my original post. Cheers Chaz.
  7. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    Cheers Chris. You're spot on. I just found a review of sonic cleaners on the Accurate Shooting forum. And that's what was said on there too. I'm just sorting out some Imperial dry neck lube. Got to be worth a try. And they do come out very 'squeaky' indeed! I'll also be buying an expander mandrel. Just not sure whether to buy the 001" mandrel, or the neck turner mandrel (states matches the same in reviews) but is 002". In fact probably best to get both... Cheers Chaz.
  8. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    Thanks for the input folks. My comment wasn't mean't to offend, I forget most people have busier lives than me... I have plenty of 'keyboard' time as i'm partly disabled and forums take my mind off the pain sometimes. No sob story just explaining. I've been reloading for around 5 years, so have done most things, and got there by advice from forums and trial and error. I found the .22 Hornet and .223R reloading pretty easy going to be honest. The 6.5CM is turning out not so easy i suppose. I've previously used mostly new Lapua brass, and some PPU cases from cheap ammo I've bought to try new things out before doing the same with my best brass. I've always bought a standard Hornady Custom 3 die set, consisting of standard non bushing FL and NS dies, using the decapping rod and expander. Along with a seating die with the A-Max seating stems where needed and a Micrometer adjuster. I've done the same with the 6.5CM, but things are not going so easy. I guess JCS has a point by me initially trying 3 different types of bullets, albeit everything else was the same. As I've said the Scenar 139's were a quick job to find a good load thankfully.... I suppose in essence i'm just puzzled how new Lapua brass can have such inconsistent neck tension when it's only on it's second firing, and using new dies. Albeit standard basic dies. Which i stripped and cleaned the storage rust preventive oil off before setting them up, and all looked well made, to the best of my knowledge. The issue was after bumping the shoulders back with my FL die, with the decapping rod and expander removed. Then neck sizing with my non bushing standard NS die. I was a believer that neck sizing once fire formed was the way to go, then FL size when needed, and anneal after 5 loads using Tempilaq. And start again. I've read that sonic cleaning can have an effect on brass, but couldn't find any info that said why. Another good point stated by Catch-22 regarding my method of reloading, was when it got to the stage where i needed to FL size my brass. I'd always have to waste 3 or 4 rounds, making sure my point of aim was still on. I could of just done it the once, but peace of mind made me do it after every FL sizing, as i hate the thought of a poorly placed shot causing an animal to suffer. So FL sizing is better than neck sizing in that respect. And when added to the point about using an expander mandrel die to size the neck, it seems a better more consistent way of resizing my brass. VarmLR, I'm not keen on crimping, just a personal thing really.... But i have used a Lee factory crimp die before, and didn't get on well with it. Although that was when i first started reloading, so it was probably down to my inexperience... I use a Chronograph when doing load development though, and always right everything down in my pad. Although i must admit ES is quite new to me, so I've only just started recording it. I'm interested to see if others use this method, as it sounds like a lot of serious target shooters size their brass this way. According to You-tube anyhow.... And as i had to bump the shoulders of my Lapua brass on it's second firing, it seems a better way to go...?? I'll have a mooch on Accurate Shooter and see what else i can find. It seems a great source of true info... Cheers Chaz.
  9. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    I post that and at the same time JCS replies. Thanks JCS. Whats your reasoning for the focusing on one bullet and one powder? Consistency? Cheers.
  10. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    Thanks for the reply HTH. Before i read more indepth and put a reply to your advice. I'm quite surprised nobody else has bothered to chip in.... Anyhow, and have a good read of your help and advice. Chaz.
  11. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    Thanks for replying. I'll answer things in order. So FL size using my dies expander, then after this, use the Expander Mandrel die then too? The Scenar 139's were the easiest and quickest to do. I haven't got my data book near me, but the Scenars are sub half moa with 39 grains of N150. I don't recall off-hand what the bullet depth, and the fps was.. The 130 TMK's were not too bad. Easily well under sub moa within the first batch of loads. No further data at the mo though. The 143 ELD-X's were/are the hardest, which surprised me, as i use mostly V-Max and A-Max, in my .223R and find them quite easy to sort a load for. So the verdict is still out on these at the moment, bar maybe sub moa, just... As regarding a bushing die, i'm not using one. Just standard dies. Always have... Albeit, with hindsight, i knew i was going to use the 6.5CM for distance, so perhaps i should have bought more wisely at the time.... I appreciate same calibre bullets of different makes come with slightly different diameters. I should have clarified i mean't of the same make. Spooky you mention measuring neck tension as I've been reading (back up) on how to do it, along with bushing dies, and as of this morning watching some videos on using mandrels. It was probably obvious to everyone else who watched it, but i wasn't sure if you left the original dies expander in or not, and the 2 videos i saw weren't clear enough to tell which was the case... Apologies, another dim question.. When you use a bushing die, do you draw the brass back over the standard expander? And if so, does that not defeat the object of various bushing die sizes. I obviously need (and will) watch more videos....... My understanding was that bushings came with corresponding expanders?. Like the new Whidden's 'Click die'.?? And lastly, has it ever been proven that there's no obvious winner when it comes to accuracy and case life, when using a NS or FL sizing die? There seems to be a lot for both sides? Cheers Chaz.
  12. Hi folks, I've got a problem. New Tikka TAC 1 rifle, in 6.5 Creedmoor, broken in 'properly' with around 70 rounds. New Lapua small primer brass, (FL Sized before using on first firings) Developing new loads. 139 Lapua Scenar, 130 Sierra TMK, and 143 Hornady ELD-X. All Various loads with Viht N150 powder, and Federal Gold small primers. Had a few promising groups at the upper end of the powder range on first firings..... Dies used were all Hornady Custom.... Brass then decapped, Sonic cleaned, and left to dry on a hot lounge radiator. Then Run through my full length die, (minus the complete sizing rod) due to the shoulders coming forward. (A first for me). Rightly or wrongly, after bumping the shoulders back with the FL die, minus the rod and expander, i then neck sized the brass. Priming went fine, nice consistent fit with all, (around 44 odd). Filled the cases with various loads of N150, as before. I then loaded around 16 cases with 130 TMK's. And around 28 with 143 ELD-X heads. While seating the TMK's, they were seated at around 80% of the whole neck gripping surface. As for the 143 ELD-X, they were fully seated in the neck surface. However, the neck tensions were all over the place! Very lightly held some times, Then a decent amount. More so, with the ELD-X's, compared to the TMK's, but not far off. And i did load a lot more ELD-X rounds. The only brass that gave consistent tension were the 8 pieces of new virgin brass i used for a couple of loads of 4 rounds. Same dies, same press, shell holder, the lot! So where am i going wrong? Just to add there were no compressed loads. In fact nowhere close..... I've used my sonic cleaner for used brass given to me. And i use it for my Lapua .223 brass. Both with no problems like this. It makes me wonder if its even worth trying the new loads...??? I could really do with some constructive advice here folks....
  13. couldn't help noticing

    Possibly. Maybe a bit of both?
  14. couldn't help noticing

    That's because they wouldn't be allowed in...
  15. couldn't help noticing

    Now that's a beauty! I was a Kawasaki man myself. Lost count of how many Ninja's i had! Great bikes, bar the tank slap on a couple' at high revs in low gears. Used to scare the Shize out of me! I also promised myself a damper but never got round to getting one... We were a 1 car family then, so the wife had the car 90% of the time. So dry days the Ninja came out. Wet days, my 1980's Honda CG 125 (with a top box) came out. Great little bike!

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