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  1. I'll take the other 100 sako, i know theyre large primers.
  2. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    Apologies Colin, I've only just seen your post... Will it fit a standard .223 Rem Tikka T3? If so, can you let me have a picture of each side of the mag, with a bit of paper stating the word "CHAZ" on one. Apologies for requsting this. I've been scammed in the past, and lost a lot of money...... I hope you understand... If you could send the pics to jamie.s5706@gmail.com. Regards Chaz
  3. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    I'm still after a metal (if possible) 10 round .223 mag, the ones that take the longer rounds. New or lightly used model. Cheers
  4. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    I'm still after a metal (if possible) 10 round .223 mag, the ones that take the longer rounds. New or lightly used model. Cheers
  5. £540 delivered is nowhere near a good price to me! A joiner would do better for the price. And even if not, a £40 Amazon table (which I've bought and decent camping chair, again which I've bought) would cost far less than 80% of the OP's cost. that which promotes growth and vigour to that! Nowhere near a deal in my eyes. But hey folks, crack on and blow you're money.... And yes, my table and chair are rock solid!! But............ Each to their own 👍
  6. I'll reply, no i haven't heard of them. But i've heard of aim sport predator, as i use one on my 6.5CM. You can buy different threaded bushings for different threaded rifles, but the stainless steel bushings are not cheap at £40 a go.......... But I've used my 6.5CM mod with and without the Predator, and you can certainly tell the difference... Not cheap, but in my opinion worth the cost.. Although, you must do your research, as some of them do not sit squarely on the rifle and can cause bullet/moderator strikes, that cause chaos with accuracy... Mine is fine but others have not been so lucky. Just one opinion... Cheers Chaz.
  7. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    I couldn't find the advert you were telling me about Al...??
  8. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    It seems that fitting the Tikka T3 in .223 Rem magazine 'Shooting Shed' spacer, is not as easy as i thought. Some adjustments need to be made. My fault for not asking... It's a pig of a job without a very sharp chisels and needle files... Not criticizing Shooting Shed, they've been great, and very helpful. I think my expectations of it just being a few cuts with a very sharp chisel inside the magazine halves, then some needle filing and a little smoothing inside with some fine emery cloth to the magazine would be fine. It hasn't really worked out that way unfortunately...... I'll give it one more go, and then call it a day, and just buy an after market 10 round single stack magazine. Cheers Chaz
  9. That is one sweet looking bit of kit. I'm very envious......
  10. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    I settled on a spacer made by the very professional 'Shooting Shed' to expand the length of the rounds in my .223. A little delay due to there 'personal circumstances' but i'm prepared to wait until they're back on track. Cheers.
  11. Apologies for the late response. I went for a Vortex gen ll. From memory, 5-25 x50 and i'm chuffed to bits with it. Thanks for all the help. Regards Chaz.
  12. chaz

    Firearms Interview on Tuesday

    Hi Sam, There's no reason why you can't ask for .17 HMR for stoney ground. You could say your in discussions with people who own land, but didn't mention it as it's not been determined yet. (This was the case for me) I've debated calibres with my FEO, and had them changed on his visit, in my favour. What he writes up will more than likely be what you get, so no harm in asking. Good Luck. Chaz
  13. chaz

    Firearms Interview on Tuesday

    I think the chocolate biscuit thing is a load of bull, He or she is not stupid and they'll know if you're trying sweeten them up. Just an offer of tea or coffee, is more natural, and has always worked for me. You may want to ask for a .17 HMR as well as he may ask if the ground is very 'stoney', if it is you'll have lots of ricochets which is obviously not good. If you haven't already asked for one i'd ask for a 17 HMR as the bullets are frangible and break up easily when they hit the target or the ground. You also then have the benefit of 2 rifles. Just a thought. Good luck. Chaz
  14. I have the 4-16 mag version of this scope on my .22LR for around 7 years now and it's been a cracking scope with a nice reticle.
  15. chaz

    Sierra 130TMK 6.5 accuracy

    I have also found the TMK 130's to be very good and accurate in my Tikka TAC1 6.5CM. I've not played with seating depth much, but 41 grains of Viht N150 has given me half moa or slightly better on a good day. From memory the bullets were pushing around 2750 fps. I found the Scenar 139 OTM was also grouping very well with 41 grains of N150. I found finding a good consistent group with the Hornady 143 ELD-X a right pain in the butt using N150. I eventually got half moa with 39.5 grains of N150 and an average of 2807 fps.

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