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  1. The only sorry one is me! Wives can be so cruel!
  2. Now sold to Phillips321. Thanks Matt, good to meet you. Jamie
  3. On hold until end of Thurs evening. Cheers.
  4. On hold until the end of Thurs evening until a potential buyer has viewed it. Cheers Chaz. Just to add it is not illuminated. It would be worth a lot more if it was.
  5. Well i bought the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge Powder Dispenser. All in all i'm happy with it. Especially when they're reduced from nearly £400 down to £207 delivered! You can also guarantee it will drop most loads .1 grains light, even with the straw adaption. Which is a pain. And is sooo slow when dropping it's last kernel or 2. I've clearly been spoilt by a tuned RCBS 505. Especially when using a camera showing my loads hugely magnified and the 1066 level pointer that 1 kernel made a big difference on my tuned 505's...... 😕 I did manage to contact 'Rosie' Bradders. Rosie was a great help. She sent me a pair of her used 'draws' (in an air-tight wrapping), to calibrate my new scales. They were 'bang' on! 🚻 Right down to the last drop! I mean kernel!! I'm so uncouth at times. Sorry mods... Please go easy on me...☂️
  6. As above I'm selling my Marlin Model 883 bolt action , in .22 WMR. The magazine holds 11 rounds. I bought the rifle as used, and have had it for a few years now. Bought on impulse, but rarely used, and left in the cabinet. Although it has open sights, I've always used it scoped. The woodwork is in lovely condition, with a few very minor marks. The blueing is mainly good, but it has worn thin on the bolt through cycling, and there is some thinning on a couple of other places, Nothing major, just normal wear with use. Shoots and cycles perfectly, and i presume the trigger has been lightened at some point in it's life as it breaks around 3lb. Selling due to the need for space, and other projects. £225 collected, or plus rfd charges. Also advertised elsewhere. Pics to follow.. Cheers Chaz.
  7. As above, I'm selling my Leupold VX3-L 4.5 - 14 X 56 (30mm tube) scope due to lack of use and a new project. It's been a cracking scope, with very good quality glass, side focus, and a very nice Varmint reticle. The tube is totally unmarked. It's was on my .223 for a while, and for the last couple of years on my .22 WMR, which is also for sale, as I've not used the set-up for some time. I have everything that comes with the scope from new. The neoprene type cover, box, and paperwork. Being a 'gold ring' scope it also comes with a lifetime warranty, regardless of who owns it. It has a very fine 2mm scratch on the eye piece at the bottom left edge. I've tried to photograph it, but it's just too small/light to show up. This has no effect on the use or ability of the scope, and was already there when i bought it some 4 years ago. If it were not for this minor imperfection, it could be described, 'as new'. It will be sent Royal mail 'Special Delivery', fully insured and signed for. I have lots of pictures. I will upload as many as i can. Failing this, if you send me an email for the pictures, i can send all of them in high definition. £350 posted. Also advertised elsewhere. Cheers Chaz.
  8. I do know someone who works both here and in the US. But wouldn't he/me get charged import tax and vat? It would probably still be a bargain though... Cheers Folks. Chaz
  9. As above folks, is the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge Powder Dispenser worth the money? Even if 40% off retail? I'm after some construction opinions on the above. Preferably from people who have used them??? Opinions appreciated. Cheers Chaz
  10. Cheers Brillo. I've bought QuickLoad v3.9, and i'm pleased in some area, but not in others. Especially when comparing loads I've used for 5+ years that are almost always of the money with velocity, (with a new battery) but the velocity is down by 100 fps. Perhaps i'm pick.... But it wasn't like tested at February and again in August. Even with the water capacity test, be it worth it or not....😕
  11. chaz

    EU Beginner load development - 6.5creedmoor

    Good advice there.
  12. chaz

    Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    That's the one JCS. You have to be a little careful as there is an internal larger one. But the one you've put the link to is the right one, (for 6.5CM or lower. Certainly less than .50 cal). I like the fact that the sizing mandrel isn't held in place so solidly like the mk1, which can push the neck out of concentricity. Where the new one has an inner o ring. So as long as you don't screw the top on too tight, the mandrel will enligne itself to the neck. I personally like the 2 thou neck tension, and won't be ordering the 1 thou neck sizing mandrel... Chaz

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