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  1. Apologies Mick, my fault, i forgot to say they're sold. Chaz.
  2. Shot gun followed by rifle shooting

    As above really. I'm not too bad, but it's definitely gone down since i use the rifle more.... Chaz
  3. Apologies Eddie for the late reply. I haven't. Chaz.
  4. I heard he can platt his ring tail hair within a thou of an inch long! Although being curly butt hair concentricity suffers.
  5. Having read baldie's second more grown up post, which was very helpful. I've changed my post and will look into it. Thank-you.
  6. I would imagine baldie can knit a knotted tie with that amount of butt hair. A double knot too!
  7. Joke aside, me too. He is the man of knowledge on this site without doubt.
  8. Wow really! I never new that newbie.
  9. Appreciate the suggestion, i have a couple made from mdf and varnished. I was just being lazy. Now sorted though.
  10. No, and whats more, i have no interest in your answer.
  11. Thanks George. I thought that may be the case. Cheers Chaz
  12. Hi folks, Apologies if this is a dim question... I had to pull a few bullets yesterday, and noticed some scuffing on the copper of the bullet jacket. But not to the degree that i could feel it when dragging my finger nail over it. I appreciate there will obviously be marks when the bullet is seated and held in place by neck tension, but is there a limit where scuffing could affect accuracy, and an inside neck polish would be worth the effort? It's a 6.5CM caliber, the bullets are Lapua Scenar 140's, and the brass is new Lapua. I'm thinking human error are more likely to affect accuracy than the scuff marks, but I thought i'd put it out there for UKV members more experienced than me, to give me some constructive opinions. Just to add, as I know small imperfections make more of a difference at longer ranges, i thought i'd add that i mean to use the rifle out to around 800 yards or so some times. Cheers Chaz.
  13. Cheers Varm, i'll leave it at that then for now anyhow... Chaz.
  14. I'm shocked at that. How do i get on with my identical set-up then?? I haven't had any problems, but like yours my moderator can't butt up tight against the barrel. I had it come very slightly loose once, but that was within the first few shots after buying the set-up. I tightened it up and it hasn't come loose since. I also check it now and again, especially if out target shooting. Please excuse my stupidity, but what is the "mini" shoulder squared off several mm in front of the main barrel shoulder? The gap where the barrel moderator threads stop, and the flat face where the "un-cut" part of the barrel starts? I'm worried about my set-up now. Should i contact Clinton at Dauntsey? Cheers Chaz

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