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  1. That is one sweet looking bit of kit. I'm very envious......
  2. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    I settled on a spacer made by the very professional 'Shooting Shed' to expand the length of the rounds in my .223. A little delay due to there 'personal circumstances' but i'm prepared to wait until they're back on track. Cheers.
  3. Apologies for the late response. I went for a Vortex gen ll. From memory, 5-25 x50 and i'm chuffed to bits with it. Thanks for all the help. Regards Chaz.
  4. chaz

    Firearms Interview on Tuesday

    Hi Sam, There's no reason why you can't ask for .17 HMR for stoney ground. You could say your in discussions with people who own land, but didn't mention it as it's not been determined yet. (This was the case for me) I've debated calibres with my FEO, and had them changed on his visit, in my favour. What he writes up will more than likely be what you get, so no harm in asking. Good Luck. Chaz
  5. chaz

    Firearms Interview on Tuesday

    I think the chocolate biscuit thing is a load of bull, He or she is not stupid and they'll know if you're trying sweeten them up. Just an offer of tea or coffee, is more natural, and has always worked for me. You may want to ask for a .17 HMR as well as he may ask if the ground is very 'stoney', if it is you'll have lots of ricochets which is obviously not good. If you haven't already asked for one i'd ask for a 17 HMR as the bullets are frangible and break up easily when they hit the target or the ground. You also then have the benefit of 2 rifles. Just a thought. Good luck. Chaz
  6. I have the 4-16 mag version of this scope on my .22LR for around 7 years now and it's been a cracking scope with a nice reticle.
  7. chaz

    Sierra 130TMK 6.5 accuracy

    I have also found the TMK 130's to be very good and accurate in my Tikka TAC1 6.5CM. I've not played with seating depth much, but 41 grains of Viht N150 has given me half moa or slightly better on a good day. From memory the bullets were pushing around 2750 fps. I found the Scenar 139 OTM was also grouping very well with 41 grains of N150. I found finding a good consistent group with the Hornady 143 ELD-X a right pain in the butt using N150. I eventually got half moa with 39.5 grains of N150 and an average of 2807 fps.
  8. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

  9. chaz

    6x47 Lapua A-Max to ELD-X. help

    I found the 6.5CM 143 ELD-X the hardest work of any load development I've ever done. I use Viht N150 in all my 6.5CM loads at the moment, (Maybe not the best choice with hindsight) but I will move over to Swiss when it runs out in a few weeks. I'll do a lot more research as to what type of Swiss this time.... Having said all the above, i found a great load with N150 very quickly using the 139 Scenar, and with the 130 Sierra TMK. I've got reasonable groups/loads now with the 143 ELD-X's but it's been by far the hardest work I've had in building a good load. In fact i'd be happy to sell my last sealed full box ELD-X, or swap it for a box of Sierra 130 TMK's! Chaz
  10. So as long as my brass stays in Sammi/CIP spec. I'm not being OTT by making sure my brass is no more than a maximum difference of 3 thou?
  11. I appreciate and agree with your comments Catch-22. I suppose i'm asking if there is a maximum difference in length between brass when it gets to a point where it affects accuracy. I know there's a maximum length for my brass and keep it well under max. I also personally do my best to keep my brass to be within 2 to 4 though difference in length. Is that going too far? And what is too far? There must be a point where it becomes a factor? Cheers.
  12. Thanks for the info. I'd appreciate further opinions on the subject to get a more opinions. Thanks.
  13. Hi folks, I was wondering what the difference in total brass length makes to the point of impact. Say at a 1" group. For instance I try and get my .223 Rem brass to as close as i can to 1.750". And allow 2 thou difference. And my 6.5CM to 1.910" but again with 2 to 3 though thou max difference, longer or shorter. At what difference in length of brass in both calibers will it make a difference to a 1" group?? At the moment i allow a 2 to 3 thou difference to be OK. But i would appreciate some more CONSTRUCTIVE accurate feedback as to how much difference in brass length would it matter to a 1" group at 200-300 yards for argument sake, in .223 Rem, and 6.5CM. Constructive replies very much appreciated... Thanks

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