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  1. That's a good price! I'd buy it if it wasn't Christmas time!
  2. chaz

    Vit double based powders

    Will do Bob. Cheers. Chaz.
  3. chaz

    Vit double based powders

    Hi Bob, Can i ask what calibre and bullets were used for the data you posted? Cheers Chaz
  4. chaz

    Vit double based powders

    Thanks TJC. I also wanted opinions on the same. I load 6.5CM and use N150 which gives me around 2800 fps with around the 40 grain mark. That's in 139 scenar, 130 Sierra TMK, and the 143 ELD-X. Thanks for the info. Apologies for "nicking" your post Badger..
  5. chaz

    Inhumane despatch in Aus.

    Christ that was bad! Also very poor judgement, weapon, and brain cells! I couldn't watch all of that. What a cruel OLHFNHC ! Should be sacked!!!
  6. chaz

    New Tikka rimfire

    😂 I knew you wouldn't be able to come up with anything of any substance to that one!
  7. What reticle does it have? Cheers.
  8. chaz

    New Tikka rimfire

    Do you also use your legs to get you everywhere, "as the Good Lord intended"?
  9. chaz

    Small Rifle Primers ?

    Cheers both.
  10. chaz

    Small Rifle Primers ?

    Could you fella's give me your opinion on the last of my batch of my Federal Premium Match SR Gold Medal primers?. I'd like to use them up, although i do have a few hundred CCI BR4's. Cheers.
  11. As above, I'm selling as i now have an electric auto measure. Mint condition, bought new by me, with both powder nozzles and the mk2 stand. Works perfectly. £90 posted. Advertised elsewhere.

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