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  1. I was advised by the shop armorer to buy the Bergara, but bought the 6.5 Creedmoor. And i'm very happy with my choice in spades as they say....
  2. Hi, Steve, I've not received your pm? Cheers Jamie
  3. I've decided to go with a different bullet in my 6.5 Creedmoor, so i have 2 new sealed boxes, of the same lot number. £85 posted, signed for. Also advertised elsewhere.
  4. I was in search of the new alloy made magazines made very well, put put together. They're a 10 shot mag that fit standard, and fit Tikka standard lower mag wells. My request went unanswered, and "Black Rifle" showed them as out of stock at that time. I thought i'd give Pete a call anyhow, and he did me a good deal on an ex demo mag he had. That looked like new to me... He went out of his way to help. And i went ahead and bought the magazine. The quality has to be seen to be believed. And I've used quite a few mags from all makes! I won't give it a second thought where i'll go when i want another another mag! Cheers Pete! Chaz
  5. Got the brass, all wrapped up well. Thank-you. Chaz.
  6. I'll take the other 100 sako, i know theyre large primers.
  7. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    Apologies Colin, I've only just seen your post... Will it fit a standard .223 Rem Tikka T3? If so, can you let me have a picture of each side of the mag, with a bit of paper stating the word "CHAZ" on one. Apologies for requsting this. I've been scammed in the past, and lost a lot of money...... I hope you understand... If you could send the pics to jamie.s5706@gmail.com. Regards Chaz
  8. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    I'm still after a metal (if possible) 10 round .223 mag, the ones that take the longer rounds. New or lightly used model. Cheers
  9. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    I'm still after a metal (if possible) 10 round .223 mag, the ones that take the longer rounds. New or lightly used model. Cheers
  10. £540 delivered is nowhere near a good price to me! A joiner would do better for the price. And even if not, a £40 Amazon table (which I've bought and decent camping chair, again which I've bought) would cost far less than 80% of the OP's cost. that which promotes growth and vigour to that! Nowhere near a deal in my eyes. But hey folks, crack on and blow you're money.... And yes, my table and chair are rock solid!! But............ Each to their own 👍
  11. I'll reply, no i haven't heard of them. But i've heard of aim sport predator, as i use one on my 6.5CM. You can buy different threaded bushings for different threaded rifles, but the stainless steel bushings are not cheap at £40 a go.......... But I've used my 6.5CM mod with and without the Predator, and you can certainly tell the difference... Not cheap, but in my opinion worth the cost.. Although, you must do your research, as some of them do not sit squarely on the rifle and can cause bullet/moderator strikes, that cause chaos with accuracy... Mine is fine but others have not been so lucky. Just one opinion... Cheers Chaz.
  12. chaz

    Tikka 10 round metal mag wanted.

    I couldn't find the advert you were telling me about Al...??

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