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  1. Thanks for the replies both. Yes I've tried Spud or Brownells UK. I'll get in touch with Dave at the Shooting Shed. What's his name on UKV? Cheers. Chaz.
  2. As above folks. I've searched every dealer i can think of and done a Google search, all to no avail.. They either don't sell them, or they're out of stock and on back order until who knows when..... Just to add, it's the Neck turning mandrel, and not the sizing mandrel i'm after, as i want the 2 thou version. Any constructive help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. +1. I loved my .204 Ruger, but as you would, "prefer to stick to factory ammo" it would have to be the .223 all day long. Always available in various types, bullets and so forth.
  4. I don't do PRS, but I like the fact that it states it caters for disabled.
  5. You're right, the extra weight was appreciated when shooting at distance. As regards to negatives, i can only think of 2 and i only suffered the one. The magazine bluing wears off very quickly, and if you forget to wipe it over with a lightly oiled rag after a days shooting, it goes orange very quick. Which i found out after one cleaning session after a few days in the cabinet... The other is something along the lines of how the shoulder is cut, when the muzzle is screw-cut for a moderator. Some moderators, (even when screwed on correctly) go out on concentric. Causing bullets to strike the baffles, and the obvious poor grouping that goes with it. I use an Aim-Zonic Predator and have had no issues. However, there is another member on here who bought the same gun and mod as me as he had some right problems. I believe he changed moderators, and all was well after that. He's VarmLR, incase you need to give he a pm. He knows more about it than me. I must admit, even with the mag rusting, and the all up weight, i love my TAC 1, and don't see myself getting rid of it any time soon! Cheers Chaz.
  6. I love my 6.5CM Tikka TAC 1, but at around the 15lb mark, scoped, and modded, it's not a carry gun. For my at least...
  7. chaz

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Cheers Paul.
  8. chaz

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Cheers Paul. My own fault for forgetting to oil it... I'll have mooch for this acf50 Cheers.
  9. chaz

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    I've noticed the bluing on my Tikka TAC 1 magazine isn't holding up well, quite a bit has worn of to bare metal already... After shooting it a couple of weeks ago, I got home, cleaned/oiled it and put it away. I took the magazine out of the cabinet a couple of days ago, and to my horror the magazine had large orange spots of rust on it. It was only very light, and was easily removed with a worn out scourer and some oil. Granted it was my fault for not wiping it over with my lightly oiled rag. But i'd expect the bluing to last a lot longer! Not sure what to do now. Whatever i do to it regarding finish, it will just wear off again after use. VarmLR, Hows your mag holding up?
  10. chaz

    Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    It's always puzzled me, how some people just can't handle other people being different...
  11. chaz

    Rabbits and .22

    I've had the same problems with the odd 42 grain Winchester subs. I thought it was me hearing things! While checking my zero a while back, the first 3 were bang on at 50 yards, but the 4th was a lot louder, and hit on target, but an inch higher than the rest, which says a lot. I won't stop using them though as they hit very hard and the bullet deforms very well giving clean kills.
  12. Thanks folks. I think a down loaded 40 V-Max could achieve the .17 Rem performance so although i love the idea of a .17 Rem, i don't think it's suitable for me. I did like my .22 Hornet, just a heavy weight rifle. But again, i wonder if a down loaded .223 Rem with a 40 V-Max could achieve the same? I wish the ammo was ok on the .17HMR as i'd probably settle for that... Were split necks an issue for accuracy? A squib is obviously a BIG concern. Is that common though?
  13. chaz

    Small primer 6.5cm vs large

    Has anyone tried magnum and non magnum primers, and found what the real world difference is? Cheers.
  14. Grim stories. I live in a rural area, but thankfully not that rural!
  15. Now sorted. A big thanks to Tahrnz for loaning me a Trail Cam. Much appreciated.

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