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  1. Cheetor

    Ammo Wallets

    £25 for .308 or .223 £35 for .338 Plus postage
  2. Cheetor

    Ammo Wallets

    Hi Scotchegg, I make these. Silent made from cordura, will hold 20 rounds, .308 parent case cartridges. 4 rolls will fit in a standard osprey ammo pouch. Also made for .338LM again 20 rounds. Available for .223, 30 rounds. Picture shows loaded with 6.5x47
  3. SOLD Hi All, I have a pig saddle for sale, good condition £100.00 posted.
  4. Hi Bart, The monopod is a CTK precision, from the US when they could post to UK. The thumb locks for the cheek riser I made. They come free if you buy the rifle?
  5. Parker Hale AI bipod Fitted with tensioner for reducing cant Complete with rubber feet £65 posted, advertised for sale elsewhere
  6. RIFLE AND 7.62X51 SOLD Accuracy International AT rifle with 1, 10 round magazine. CTK Precision rear monopod Fitted with 24" 7.62 x 51 AE barrel, round count 1500, £SOLD Spare 6.5 x 47 Lothar Walther Match barrel, round count 1805 price £100.00 Face to face sale or RFD to RFD at buyers cost No swaps please, also advertised elsewhere.

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