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  1. Hi Incisor, Could you give some info on the Vectronix ranging equipment please? Cheetor
  2. The New format site - problem

    The new site looks good . A thank you to all those involved getting the Site up and running without too many problems for us to cope with, though there seem to be a few with that are struggling to take in a change or two!
  3. For Sale. Short Action AICS 1.5 Stock, non-folder for Remington actions. Comes complete with the following 2X AICS polymer .223 magazines 1X AICS .308 - .223 converted steel magazine. Rear mono-pod, this is self made, it works well but easily removed if not required. 2X Original M6 action bolts, not in pictures. The skins have been adapted from thumbhole to pistol grip and have been spray painted a few of times. Skins are a bit scruffy up close but this is reflected in the selling price. £425.00 posted UK. No offers or swaps.
  4. OLC mod (full welded stainless steel). 47mm dia. 172mm long. Threaded and machined to fit over AI tactical brake. Adds 113mm to firearm when fitted. 808.5g weight. This mod is quiet and very well made. Mine was manufactured to suit 6.5mm cal, For the cost of a phone call give Colin a call and discuss your requirements, I am sure he will be able to manufacture to your needs.
  5. OLC stainless over tactical brake. Very quiet☺. Very heavy☹. Retains heat from long rapid shot strings☹. Very heavy☹. Locks up well, stays tight☺. Can be used as a club / hammer and effective hand warmer. If you are static and shoot supported its a good choice, for field competition / stalking or unsupported not so good. I do recommend it but be aware the combined weight with a tactical brake (1kg) is worth considering depending on what your intended use is.
  6. Dry firing

  7. Show your Accuracy International

    6.5x47 AT and .223 Remi AICS
  8. Thanks for the offer, I will let you know when I get the boat
  9. Hi Bradders Many thanks for bringing the Primers yesterday. Alan
  10. Hi Bradders If they are still available could I have the CCI BR4 sr primers please? Would it be possible to pay for and collect at the RBL? Alan
  11. 20 MOA rail dimensions

    Hi BigAl This may be one way to calculate the inclination of 20MOA on any given rail length :- 1MOA = 1.047" at 100 yards. 100 yards = 3600". Divide 1.047" by 3600" = 0.000291" this is the height difference of a 1" rail at 1MOA 20 x 0.000291" = 0.005817" this is the height difference of a 1" rail at 20MOA For each 1" of rail length the difference in height of the rail at each end will be 0.0058" (rounded down 4 places) 1" rail length = 0.0058" 2" rail length = 0.0116" 3" rail length = 0.0175" 4" rail length = 0.0233" 5" rail length = 0.0291" 6" rail length = 0.0349" and so on. This will determine the difference in height of a 20MOA incline for any given rail length in inches. Other MOA inclines could be calculated by multiplying the 1MOA dimension of 0.000291" x the required MOA incline eg. 40MOA incline = 0.000291" X 40 = 0.011633" per inch of rail Hopefully, this is right but please correct me and apologies if I have messed up wouldn't be the first time Regards Alan
  12. 8th Military Snipers World Championships

    Well done to you both, by the look of your cheesey grin you were enjoying it. Bonus with the blanks. Alan

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