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  1. Excellent Tiff, I am sure it will be another great event. Anyone looking for PRS type comps need look no further!
  2. Bushnell Elite 1Mile Conx Range Finder. Excellent condition, bluetooth connection to Kestrel 5700 Elite, Sportsman or Bushnell Conx App. Bought in April 2017. Very capable 1000mtr range finder. £300.00 inc delivery to mainland UK
  3. Hi All, Today a group of 10 like minded individuals shot at Roundhouse with Tiff. We booked a private day and shot steels and various other targets out to 1100yards. Quite satisfying shooting drink cans at 1000yards, but not when you are hot and thirsty! The weather was fantastic, the facilities and scenery just as good. Tiff is accomodating and nothing was too much trouble. If you haven't shot there, it is more than worth a visit. There isn't really anywhere else in the South West that has field firing out to 1500yards from differing firing positions and firing points. Tiff has a introducrion to PRS type shooting at the end of the month that will be good for anyone who wants to try PRS but doesn't want to take part in a comp. Give him a call or find him on Facebook. I am not affiliated with Roundhouse I just wanted to say that it is well worth supporting the people who try to offer shooters something different. Alan
  4. Cheetor

    D-Day recollections

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    Font Colour

    Scroll down to bottom of any page, there is a "theme" TAB. Click on this and select default. This is a rather fetching blue colour scheme. When you log on this will be the page colour. 😉
  6. Hi Incisor, Could you give some info on the Vectronix ranging equipment please? Cheetor
  7. Cheetor

    The New format site - problem

    The new site looks good . A thank you to all those involved getting the Site up and running without too many problems for us to cope with, though there seem to be a few with that are struggling to take in a change or two!
  8. For Sale. Short Action AICS 1.5 Stock, non-folder for Remington actions. Comes complete with the following 2X AICS polymer .223 magazines 1X AICS .308 - .223 converted steel magazine. Rear mono-pod, this is self made, it works well but easily removed if not required. 2X Original M6 action bolts, not in pictures. The skins have been adapted from thumbhole to pistol grip and have been spray painted a few of times. Skins are a bit scruffy up close but this is reflected in the selling price. £425.00 posted UK. No offers or swaps.
  9. OLC mod (full welded stainless steel). 47mm dia. 172mm long. Threaded and machined to fit over AI tactical brake. Adds 113mm to firearm when fitted. 808.5g weight. This mod is quiet and very well made. Mine was manufactured to suit 6.5mm cal, For the cost of a phone call give Colin a call and discuss your requirements, I am sure he will be able to manufacture to your needs.
  10. OLC stainless over tactical brake. Very quiet☺. Very heavy☹. Retains heat from long rapid shot strings☹. Very heavy☹. Locks up well, stays tight☺. Can be used as a club / hammer and effective hand warmer. If you are static and shoot supported its a good choice, for field competition / stalking or unsupported not so good. I do recommend it but be aware the combined weight with a tactical brake (1kg) is worth considering depending on what your intended use is.

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