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  1. New Load Development Advice Please

    Just a sandbag, it could well be my shooting rather than the load!
  2. Rats in my shed

    Thanks Mark.
  3. Rats in my shed

    Thanks Mark.
  4. New Load Development Advice Please

    I am working up a new load for .243 using Vit N160, Lapua Brass and Sierra Pro Hunter 100 grain Bullets with a bullet seating depth of 25 thou off the Lands in a Sako 85 Hunter with a 1/10 twist with a view to using these for stalking rather than target shooting. I do not have a chronograph. Minimum Load is 34.4 grains, maximum is 39.8 So I made up the following batches: 1. 34.5 - No pressure signs, 1 inch group 2. 35.5 - No pressure signs, 1.5 inch group 3. 36.5 - Some marking from face of the bolt - nice tight sub half inch group 4. 37.5 - Some marking from face of the bolt - 3/4 inch group 5. 38.5 - Deep marking from face of the bolt - 1.5 inch group 6. 39.5 - didn't fire it. So is any marking over the back of the cartridge "too much pressure" or should I be content with some markings from the face of the bolt? Should I experiment with bullet seating depth? What do you recommend? Should I just drop .5 of a grain off the third load and use that?# Thanks for the advice.
  5. Rats in my shed

    Great advice. 308 and rice loaded shotgun it is then!
  6. Rats in my shed

    I've got rats in my shed where I keep most of my food. So far they haven't found their way in to any of my boxes, but have made a howling mess of the place spilling grass seed everywhere and crapping all over everything! Infuriatingly they aren't taking any of the poison that I have laid (off the shelf stuff from B+Q - probably rubbish). Does anyone have any first hand experience of getting rid of the blighters?
  7. The 'Sane' end of Prepping

    As I understand it there are no specific legal requirements on how to store diesel or the quantity allowed either in workplaces or domestic premises. I have 60 litres in the garage in 20L metal containers and I rotate them every 6 months or so.
  8. Water storage - how long

    I have just moved house so I got rid of my 120 litres for the move. Having been stored in military issue type water jerry cans for about 18 months the water was absolutely drinkable if tasting a tiny bit like it had been stored in a plastic container!
  9. Hand Coffee Bean Grinder

    Looks good! ​
  10. Hand Coffee Bean Grinder

    I have a massive stash of coffee beans and it occured to me the other day that if the power was out I'd be stumped. So I invested £8 in a hand coffee bean grinder which I am amazed to find works incredibly well. I'm so pleased with it I'm going to get another for a rainy day. It occured to me that there are probably lots of things out there which are dependent upon electricity but which have simple non-electrical solutions i.e. a meat grinder for mince or a mangle for drying clothes and it might be worth investing in a few for the day the power goes out for a month. Does anyone have any other tips and tricks?
  11. Pocket Shot

    Nice! Looks like a lot of fun.
  12. Coffee plunger thermos mug, non leak - does it exist?

    Thanks all. I've seen an aeropres and it looks great but the Aladdin was exactly what I was after. Brilliant.
  13. PM sent if Bradders changes his mind!
  14. I really want a coffee mug with a built in plunger for proper ground coffee; but that is sealable and won't leak in a pack. I simply cannot find one. Does anyone own such a thing?
  15. Light: what's the best torch out there?

    First I've heard of the Lithium Ion 18650. Sounds good but is recharging post-SHTF an issue? I just have a MASSIVE stock of AA and AAA.

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