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  1. Thanks, Davie, do you know what after all that Im Gonna have to send my fac to your Rfd after all due to police bureaucracy my end... They wont simplify things my way I'll speak to your rfd in the morning....sucks!!!
  2. Thats ok as at least you got the clips. I'm still ok with the price. Ring or text me when you are ready we'll swap email address and I'll send you a copy of my FAC so you know I'm genuine.
  3. OK that's fine with me, my RFD details:- RFD 346 Minsterley Ranges, The Bog, Minsterley, Shropshire SY5 ONJ TEL: 01743 791 858 controlled by Warwickshire and West Mercia police I will let them know your sending when you tell me you have the money. Can you phone me on 07880 976904 or 01933 275778 be good to put a voice to the name. Larry
  4. Works both ways, my way I don't have to send my FAC off. The RFD does all the transfering under their RFD licence and we tell the police whether we acquired or disposed When your RFD contacts my RFD to arrange a legal transfer by post, he then gives you a receipt for £0. IT's now effectively under his licence. You tell the police you disposed the rifle to your RFD. MY RFD receives the rifle which is now his under his licence. He calls me and enters it on my FAC where I pick it up as if he sold it to me for £0 ( he can state sold or given) under section C firearms table. I tell the police I acquired the rifle. Obviously we have to both trust our RFD's. My last transaction was done like this, a lot less messing around. What do you think ?
  5. Hi Davie That sounds great I'd say we have a deal. So That's £375... for the rifle 110 cases 22 stripper clips, including RFD to RFD charge. If you let me have your email via text to 07880 976904 I will send you a copy of my FAC and then communicate the rest via email, then I will pay you via bank transfer, when your happy It's in your account you send me the rifle. Just thought I'd ask have you got the reloading dies (let me want you want for it) or did you just use ammo. Done one of these before you are giving your rifle to your RFD he will do the RFD to RFD transfer so he fills in your FAC as if you sold it to him for £0 then he sends the rifle to my RFD who then fills in my FAC as if he sold it to me . So your RFD needs to see your FAC and my RFD needs to do the same with me...all part of the fee.
  6. Hi Davie Being a rifle of that age need to ask you if there are any marks or pitting down the barrel, Is the action quite smooth and how would you rate the trigger pull. If all's good I'll take your say so, and I'll agree to the trade if you include the clips and cases for £350 + £25 RFD charge. Regards Larry
  7. Hi Davie I'm too far to come and view it, I'm sure It's Ok I'm definitely interested but I do normally like to inspect any gun up close B4 I buy. Also I cannot take possession of the loaded rounds so will you take £325 by Bacs transfer plus £25 for the Rfd to Rfd transfer. Call please on 07880 976904 Larry
  8. Rifle looks good got a slot on my fac for a 7.92 is it still for sale Larry
  9. A model 92 Puma in black with 20” barrel. Holds 10 rounds, approx 700 rounds fired, I now use a Uberti 44-40 lever action. The Rossi is a very lightweight rifle and in excellent condition. Positive lever action, feed and ejection with action smoothed out. Looking to sell so just £225 required. Please phone 07880 976904 would be photos but cannot get files small enough

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