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  1. Hi, I'll take these please bud. Please pm me your preferred method of payment. Cheers Stu.
  2. If they're hybrids they'll be 105gr bud.
  3. stu47

    6mmbr light strikes

    I'm having a similar problem with my 6x47 Swiss Match. Originally designed for LR Primer RUAG brass I have been necking down and fire forming 6.5x47 Lapua SR Brass and using Murom 223 Primers. 1 in 5 will initiate and fire, the others don't till the powder load and bullet is removed then they will initiate? 1. I've checked firing pin protrusion - this is something you should check to rule a mechanical issue out. 2. Strip and thoroughly clean the bolt and firing pin assembly - possible accumulation of crud preventing full protrusion. 3. I've bought BR4's, Murom SR Magnums, CCi 400's and 450's to try as I've been told Murom 223's dont like the cold! Can't see this myself but... 4. Your primers don't look like they're seated too deep or flattened through excessive seating force so i think we can rule that out? 5. Found this on the net when researching my issue: .075 vs .0625 firing pins and small primers? If the larger pin has a properly shaped tip (smaller radius at the edges lager in the center, not a hemisphere), fits the hole well, and the hole has a sharp edge, it will not be a problem. The problem is that this is hardly ever the case for factory actions. I bush firing pins down to .062 and turn the pin to fit. You will be able to run higher pressures before cratering a primer. There is also the added benefit of firing pin guidance when bushed properly. You get rid of the funnel Remington has in there and guide the pin straight the whole way. Let me know if a primer change resolves your issue and I'll do the same if/ when i get mine sorted. Best of luck bud.
  4. ok mate, thanks for the reply, unfortunately I'm after the 3" version. Best of luck with the sale - nice bipod!
  5. Hi - is this the 2.5" or 3" fore end version? Cheers
  6. stu47

    308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    1 moa with a factory 1/11 24" barrel in not perfect conditions is nothing to be sniffed at bud - good shooting! Especially when you out shoot more expensive/ better suited rigs (never fails to put a sadistic grin on my face). You describe the "step" as very slight which makes me think you have an older (better quality) batch - I'm half way through moving house so my TMK's are in a box somewhere - when I do get to them again I'll take a photo and post it. Cheers
  7. stu47

    308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    The new electronic targets that are available for use at Bisley are able to calculate the group size immediately on completion of firing a string. I tend to fire 10 rounds then gain this information so I can track how I'm doing throughout the day. The calculated group size is just that, the size of the group - no need to half it, hence why it is used as the standard at which (most) competitions are scored. When firing older batches of TMK's I had several groups of 0.7 MOA (or better) but on my last visit all groups fired returned only 1 MOA, when i switched to Juggernaugts (same day, conditions etc...) I was able to get 0.7 MOA again. This, coupled with the visual difference in the latest batch of TMK's, has led me to believe that the offset tips are a likely cause. The TMK 175 is a fine bullet for use at 1000 yds, its not the best out there but then neither is it the most expensive and 0.7 MOA is a good return given my level of skill/ equipment. That said, I want the best return for my efforts when you consider i won't get much change out of £300 for a days shooting at Bisley (day off work, fuel, consumables etc...) so if I have to spend another £15/20 on a box of bullets to get the results I'm after its not the end of the world.
  8. stu47

    Lovex SO70 - 6.5 Creedmoor

    Wilson & Wilson market SO70 as being comparable to Accurate 4350: http://www.wilsonandwilsonfieldsports.co.uk/product.php?id=239 Presume you mean 6.5 Creedmore and NOT 6 Creedmore? If not, disregard the following: QL shows max load of 45.1 gr of SO70 for the 6.5 Creedmore with a loaded round at SAAMI spec dimensions for a 123 ELD Hornady. QL shows max load of 43 gr of SO70 for the 6.5 Creedmore with a loaded round at SAAMI spec dimensions for a 140 ELD Hornady. As always - start 10% below max load and work your way up looking for pressure signs. A friend runs a 6.5 Creedmore Tikka Tac (TicTac) with 140 ELD's very successfully using SO70, trading blows with much more expensive rigs.
  9. stu47

    308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Hi VarmLR, In my second post above replying to Richiew I describe the accuracy drop off I observed - 1 moa instead of the 0.7 moa I was expecting. With the tips offset it will definitely affect the bullet, especially as MV decreases with range as the bullet is unbalanced (at an initial MV of 2765fps mine are roughly spinning at 199000 rpm) so any inbalance will show up in loss of accuracy. Hopefully, Sierra will address the issue and the TMK will again become my bullet of choice.
  10. stu47

    308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    They where back ordered as i wanted them all from the same batch from a reputable source (don't want to name them as its an OEM issue not a supplier issue). I received them 2 months ago and measured them (as i do for all bullets, weight/ base to ogive, OAL, bearing surface) and all seemed good dimension wise but the tips are noticeably offset - enough for your thumb to feel a distinct "step" in the transition from brass to poly tip. In all previous TMK' batches this transition was seemless. I loaded them up anyway as its all i had. Don't get me wrong they still achieved 1 MOA at 1000 but this was disappointing as previous lots had achieved 0.7 MOA average at 1000. I'm going to load develop the 155.5's but as it stands right now my "go to" load is the pointy SMK 175's. I have a very good load for the 175 OTM's and these are by far the most accurate load i have but finding them is my biggest problem!
  11. stu47

    308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Interesting posts... I've been playing with TMK175's with RS50 @ 44.3gr in Lapua LR Cases and 44.7gr in Lapua SR Cases (Murom Primers for both, 2.250" Ogive - 13 thou jump) for quite some time and was getting good groups at 1000 (2765fps, 1 in 10 twist, 28"). Unfortunately, the last batch of TMK's I bought where definitely of a lower build quality than the previous ones (I buy them in 1000's) the latest batch has the poly tip offset from the jacket which opens my groups up considerably. I switched to Juggernauts using the same cases/ powder/ primer combination and all's well again/ accuracy has returned. I now have Berger 155.5gr to try with RS50 (I've tried N150 several times in several rifles but, for me, I cant get it to work). FWIW - I bought a Bullet Pointing System from the Shooting Shed as an insert to my Redding Die to point SMK175's and these perform like for like with TMK175's - and they're cheaper! The newest/ latest purchased SMK's appear to be "pointed" as standard which will save buying a pointing system. Cheers
  12. Possible swap for an FTR/ F Class rig in .308 or 6mmBR target type rifle - barrel condition irrelevant as it'll be rebarrelled. Cash either way depending on what you have. I don't require a scope or rings. Cheers
  13. stu47

    Help with a QL run for me please?

    I was getting 2625 fps +/- 10 fps with N140. My RS50 load at 1675 fps is +/- 4 fps. I bought around 1500 SMK's, though not all at the same time so the batch numbers differed - I always measure bearing surface, base to ogive and weight which gave me over 20 different batches of bullets. The powder charge remained constant, I adjusted the seating depth specific to each batch. Some advised me to maintain the jump and and allow seating depth to differ from batch to batch but, for me, didn't give as good results as adjusting the seating depth. The SMK175 is a very jump tolerant bullet. I would have no problem going back to SMK's if TMK's became unavailable.
  14. stu47

    Help with a QL run for me please?

    I used to use N140 with SMK175's and achieved good sub .6 MOA accuracy out to 600 yds with BR2's. I then switched to RS50 with Murom Primers and am able to get sub .8 MOA at 1000 yds regularly. TMK175 with RS50 and Murom in Lapua Brass (annealed every firing) and group size reduced at 100 yds (.4 MOA), at 1000 yds (.7 MOA) and gave an average of 50fps increase over a similar N140 powder charge. I had to adjust the RS50 burn rate in QL to get the true MV with the TMK's (2675 fps). I've now switched to Palma Brass with CCI450's but so far have not seen the reduced ES/ SD I was hoping for but I'm still adjusting the jump to find the sweetspot (currently 15 thou) - more to follow if successful. Tried N150 in Palma Brass but just cannot find a combination nearly as good as RS50. Finally, the TMK's produced far less batches when measuring Bearing Surface and weight than SMK's. I thought about buying a bullet pointing system for the SMK's but even when pointed won't result in a BC increase on par with the TMK's. These are just my findings, in my rifle, with my loading/ shooting skills/ techniques - you may well get different results. Good to share though.
  15. stu47

    Novice to reloading??

    Find a member of your club (if your in one) who has been reloading for some time (experience) and who reloads the caliber your thinking of (knowledge) and who's results speak for themselves (skill). Ask if he/ she wouldn't mind showing you their method of reloading - in general, most people are happy to show their process and advise on the potential equipment your thinking of buying. They may even know others with stuff for sale in the budget range you have. Buy them a bottle of their favourite tipple and you have a source of information, guidance and help for life! You'll end up with equipment that may not be the latest and greatest but perfectly serviceable and capable of producing good quality, safe reloads.

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