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  1. It's been sold unfortunately. I should have marked it down.
  2. GSAC 1000 Yd Benchrest - 5 November 17

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up David (Y)
  3. I don't have any of the actual dies but this is them.
  4. It's is. If you were dead set on changing neck tension though I'd look into a mandrill for your necks. Cost about the same as a bush and In my humble opinion give alot better neck consistentcy
  5. Forster dies for sale all excellent condition 6mmBr Ultra Die Set set with Micrometer seater SOLD 6.5x47 Bench Rest Dies With micrometer seater SOLD 30-06 Ultra Die Set set with Micrometer seater £70 shipped .270 Ultra Die Set set with Micrometer seater SPF 6.5x47 Ultra Die Set set with Micrometer seater SOLD
  6. 7mm Saum spraying

    It's very difficult to give any input due the lack of information. You say shoot at 1k a lot but can't give an idea on what you are capable of shooting. If you can drill .5 Moa @1k on a regular basis and this rifle is far outside what you are genuinely capable of then you can take a step back and look at the rifle. Just because a rifle shoots well at 100 doesn't mean anything at 1000. I'd check all your bolts are to the right spec and go back to the beginning of you load development. It's when you push the distance out you realise that nice little group you chose in the OCD wasn't the best choice.
  7. 7mm Saum spraying

    What have you shot at 1000 yards before? have you got a bench mark to work on? With any rifle..
  8. 7mm Saum spraying

    Have you chronoed it?
  9. Selling my crusher press. Had it for about to two years and in great condition. Only reason for selling is due to picking up a Co-ax. £SOLD
  10. A Wildcat is born

    Aye that was me. When i started to reel off half the alphabet after you hear "6.5" I'd had switched off aswell. Your more than welcome to have a shot of it next time I'm down
  11. A Wildcat is born

    I had the reamer for the version you see above custom ground by Manson and I used Neil Mckillop for that build. I don't think he has the standard one either but all you can do is ask.
  12. Tab Gear rear bag works well for me. £35 shipped

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