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  1. 139gr Lapua Scenars

    Anyone have any surplus? I have a few left here but need a few more to test before taking the plunge and buying 1k
  2. Aye It was great. hard to beat trigger time like that. Don't often get days like that in Scotland. You'v said it on a public board. No backing out now 👌
  3. You'd think. If you look at my bipod at the beginning; that's a Bt47 atlas maxed out. Snow was at least 6 inches deep. The the weather was fantastic though
  4. Hornady OAL guage

    Looking to see what's out there before I buy one. Don't need any modified cases just the gauge on its own.
  5. BT47 LW17 PSR Bipod

    Will buy one new if need be but thought I'd put the feelers here first. Atb
  6. They are Fortser Ultra Dies with seating Micrometer
  7. A Wildcat is born

    Interesting. You learn something something new every day. Although it does make alot of sence. I do find when shooting at distance if you don't have the muscle memory for mounting the rifle exaclty the same every time you can get up to a miunte of vertical stringing when shooting prone. I found this most apparent when shooting slightly up hill if the stock sits too low on the shoulder the rounds have a tendency to drop short and vice versa if too high. Thanks for the info Vince (Y)
  8. A Wildcat is born

    SLRI update. Finally got a chance to take it out to 1000yrds on paper with recordable results. I have the ability to shoot 1k plus on my land. But that gets old really quickly walking backwards and forwards to the target. These results were from the last 1000yrd bench rest match at Dumfries. The conditions were not too bad. I think i had 3.75 MOA of wind dialed to get me on the bull. Having only shot there a couple of times it has become very apparent that the terrain causes havoc on your vertical with shifting head and tail winds pushing the rounds up or down the target. This is apparent when you were down at the target with majority of really good groups having more vertical than horizontal. It can really mess with your head if your not sure of your set up. I havn't bothered with the full BR set up with my rifle. Not saying i won't. I just havn't yet and if I'm honest I havnt seen too many Ax Bench Rest rifles Just a plank of wood vice gripped to the bench to allow bi-pod load and a rear bag. This ended up working out for me taking the smallest group at just over 5" and the lowest of Ag 8"and change. I'm currently just over 400 rounds down the barrel. Brass on its 5th firing with hardly any case head swelling to be had *small section of the brass between where the dies finished and the rim starts to rebate* Throat has moved 0.008 from new.
  9. It's been sold unfortunately. I should have marked it down.
  10. GSAC 1000 Yd Benchrest - 5 November 17

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up David (Y)
  11. I don't have any of the actual dies but this is them.

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