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  1. Hi There,

    Are the scope rings still for sale, if so what is the actual height off the rail to the bottom of the scope tube, if so please email me back my email is vince.mitchell12@gmail.com or better still call on 0774 260 6779. I don't use UKV much.

    Is this the best price on the rings I am deffienantly interested.



  2. hunter686

    Ladder V's OCW: Which works best for you?

    I use this method to great effect. My current match round was picked up in the very first test (about 10 rounds) and I havn't changed it 700 shots. Apart from to chase the lands. I'm looking for to 1/3 MOA out that gun to 1000 yards
  3. It's a panasonic hc-w580eb-k. Pretty cheap and films in full HD
  4. I'll give this a shot once the snow clears up. I'v got a 2 Litre bottle of "Orange Pop" Rolling about my foot well thats starting to piss me off lol
  5. Eh? The batch of 440, 139gr, 9 gram, 6.5, .264 Scenars
  6. hunter686

    AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    I'll take you up on that. As soon as I free up some cases I'll tie in with you.
  7. hunter686

    AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    For the test i have in mind I think 20 should be fine. 10 shots over the chronograph then a 10 shot group @ 1000 yards should give the information one needs
  8. hunter686

    AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    Tell you what. If someone wants to do 20 cases for me on an Amp I'll do a comparrison between all 3 states; Work hardened, flame annealed and amp annealed and get some quantative evidence including velocity (SDs and ES) and grouping at a 1000 yards...
  9. hunter686

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    I use the 140 ELD-m on crows and Fox's and they do fine. Wouldn't fancy lobbing them about at night though.
  10. hunter686

    AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    I personally anneal every time. With the testing I have done i found i started to get velocity/and POI flyers the further into the work hardening i got. I segregate my rounds by seating force and found it progressively more difficult to tell the more the brass work hardened. It's not a real issue for me to anneal; It takes 20 minutes to do my batch from set up and finish so it's not a real ball ache in the grand scheme of things. I do shoot 1000 BR on occasion and have had consistent enough results on paper to keep doing what I'm doing.
  11. High 30mm tube Tier One scope Scope mounts with level for sale. Only used for 2 weeks. Basically brand new in box £85 posted
  12. hunter686

    139gr Lapua Scenars

    Anyone have any surplus? I have a few left here but need a few more to test before taking the plunge and buying 1k

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