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  1. JBirchall

    Cz replacement stock

    The American stock doesn’t fit the Silhouette. The distance between bottom metal screws is diffferent. I have looked for a replacement in the past but drew a blank. Someone on here might know otherwise and if so I’d be interested to know too.
  2. Dear all I have 2 full and one part box of these (246 in total). I’m looking for £40 plus post. Please PM if interested.
  3. Thank you Laurie. I was assuming there to be some latitude in favour of the .284 based on the increased bore size as you confirm and so thought it seemed a sensible suggestion to be able to substitute .284 with 6.5x284 data. I wonder why Viht don’t list any .284 data? It seems surprising considering the popular use of this cartridge in competition.
  4. Dear all I am reloading for my .284 Win and have changed over to Viht powders now exclusively. I notice that Viht only lists 6.5x284 data and not .284 Win data. I am sure I read somewhere that data for the the .284 Win can be substituted with 6.5x284 data (assuming same weight bullets etc). Before I go down this route I wondered if anyone had real world experience of this and or any opinions from the guru's out there as to if this is a safe route to embark upon (assuming the usual caveats)? Many thanks
  5. JBirchall

    Trigger Tech

    No probs. I got them both from Paddy.
  6. JBirchall

    Trigger Tech

    I sold both of my Timneys to go Triggertech. Very pleased. Not sure if they are any significant improvement over the Timney in terms of the felt pull but the design and the aesthetics are.
  7. JBirchall

    McMillan Stalker

    That is a very impressive weight for a rifle of that ilk. Is it the stock in the main that contributes to the majority of weight saving?
  8. Dear all2 years old in immaculate condition complete with box and papers.Looking for £45 posted. Please note these are the X dies.Please PM if interested.
  9. Dear allI have 199 x Norma .300 Win Mag brass for sale.100 has been once fired and the other 99 have been twice fired. The reason there is only 99 of the twice fired is that somehow I've lost 1 case unfortunately. Loads of life left in this brass.I also have 20 x Remington once fired brass in the original factory box that I will throw in if anyone is interested.I'm looking for £110 posted.Please PM if interested.
  10. JBirchall


    I find it difficult to believe you have had your certificate revoked due to making official complaints. If when you say "telling the police what you thought of them" you mean acting agressively, maybe they had good reason to revoke your certificate. You comes across to me as someone who might act aggressively in relation to the tone of one of your posts.
  11. Still for sale and now reduced to £800.
  12. JBirchall

    Sako 85 Long Range 300WM ?

    Yes he will soon get bored of emergency dental treatment with a light weight rifle in win mag.

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