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  1. Is the forum broken?

    Not just this site.
  2. Unless you stick to F/TR, another expense is up to £1 a round in barrel wear if you chase velocity. .284W can be a bit cheaper, though. Plenty of info within other threads on this subject.
  3. Barrel Run In

    What bullets are you using. I picked up a new rifle with the same barrel on Saturday, yet to try it.
  4. Ammunition - lack of

    http://gunshop-eb.com/CF%20Target%20Ammunition.php http://gunshop-eb.com/CF%20Sporting%20%20Ammunition.php
  5. Barrel life .284 win

    How long since you ordered it? Fingers crossed he will do mine next.
  6. I've been told that a 6.5-284 could need a new barrel after 800 rounds. The barrel could be worn out by the time you have worked up a load from scratch, That's why people are going for .284W instead.
  7. I've got a T3 Supervarmint with a Picatinny rail fitted, and a T3X Supervarmint with the integral Picatinny rail. The height, which is what you asked for, is the same on both, although 'depth/thickness' of the rail on the T3 is more because it grips the dovetails on the action. The T3X Supervarmint does not have the dovetails.
  8. Powders for .284 Win

    I'm having a 284W rifle made with a 32" Bartlein barrel. I've got an un-opened tub of Reloder22, that I will be trying, to start with, having read this thread.
  9. Mine looks to be 16mm from the centre line of the bore to the top of the rail.
  10. Badger Culling

    I doubt many people would want to eat them like we did before they became infected with TB. The skins might be worth something again.
  11. Badger Culling

    If the figure that I heard was being paid to the shooters is correct, then I'm surprised they can find anyone to do it.
  12. Two-stage neck expanding

    Delivered today, as were the Lapua cases I ordered from SGC 6 weeks ago.

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