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  1. phaedra1106uk


    Our club members shoot a lot of downloaded cast bullet loads at our 25m indoor range, Lee Enfields, Mosins etc. The usual choice of powder is Viht N310, about 4.5 to 5.4gr, this gives velocities in the 800-950fps range and keeps the ME below our range limit. For 44mag with a lead 240gr rnfp I use either 5.4gr of TiteGroup or 6.1gr of Nobel GM3.
  2. phaedra1106uk

    Case annealing machine

    Typing the words "annealing machine" in the search box would have given you this,
  3. 1Kg Alliant Reloder 15 - £70 .58Kg ReloadSwiss RS52 - £35 Collection from Durham preferred.
  4. phaedra1106uk

    6.5 Creedmoor brass

    Starline brass is very high quality, you won't have any problems with it Just remember to keep away from high pressure loads with the large primer brass.
  5. Is this the folding version and does it come with the CTR/Tac magazine, forend & stock etc.??
  6. Vihts max load for the Sierra 168 is 42.6 so that's pretty close, however Vihts data is usually slightly on the conservative side. The 175 however is 2.6gr above max recommended. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/?cartridge=30
  7. phaedra1106uk

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    3 here, an 8-32x56 and 2 of the 10-50x60 No complaints at all, only reticles I wouldn't have are the fine crosshair and the target dot, I prefer MOA2 or the newer MOA-H reticles. https://sightronusa.com/reticles/
  8. phaedra1106uk

    Small primer 6.5cm vs large

    At the moment I'm only pushing the Nosler 140's with 36gr of N150, I did a ladder test from 35.0 to up to 43gr with no obvious signs of pressure, best nodes were at 35.6 to 36.4 and 38.0 to 38.4. 36gr will do what I need it to, as I've posted elsewhere my days of consistently shooting sub-moa groups with anything are long gone due to disabilities. Even sat with an MTM High-Low shooting table I can just about manage 1moa! at 100m. No problem dropping Sarts falling targets at 800-900m with that load though I'll stick with the Murom KVB-223M primers as I still have about 9,000 of them to get through!!.
  9. Sold to the nice man above, thank you
  10. Almost forgot, there's a set of bases with them, marked A5 & A12,
  11. I'd say 1", just tried them on a Simmons 1.5-5x20 WTC and they're a perfect fit with about a 2mm gap between the rings either side.
  12. One pair of as new Parker Hale RAHS.3 Scope Rings. (May have a second set but still looking) Original, sought after and not that easily found these days Parker Hale RAHS 3 scope rings with studs. These will also fit original bases as used on Lee Enfield Enforcer / SMLE No1 MK111 and No4 MK1 service rifles etc. and were the original mounts supplied and used on these rifles when scopes were fitted. £60 inc. post. (I have well used pairs listed at £99 and above!)
  13. phaedra1106uk

    Small primer 6.5cm vs large

    Yes, not a lot to be honest. The Murom magnums produce a slightly lower speed than standard Federal or Magtech. There's another thread on here about it where Laurie explains that the Muroms are not really "magnum" in power but do have thicker cups to withstand the pressure better. Laurie also has an excellent series of articles in Target Shooter, this is the one on small rifle primers, http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=2662
  14. phaedra1106uk

    Small primer 6.5cm vs large

    I've been using Starline SRP for about 8-9 months now, the one's I shot on Sunday and Monday are on their 6th and 7th firings with 1 anneal at 5 firings. No difference in accuracy to first firing, biggest limitation in the equation is me not being physically able to hold anything steady enough to better than 1MOA on a good day!. Current loads are 42gr N140 with Lapua 100gr Scenar or 38gr of N150 with Nosler 140gr Custom Competition, both using Murom KVB-223M small rifle magnum primers.
  15. phaedra1106uk

    S&B Creedmoor Brass

    Only experience I've had of S&B rifle brass was in .308, quite a lot of neck splits after 2/3 firings, I certainly wouldn't use them again. Kranks are selling high quality Starline 6.5 Creedmoor brass in LRP for £58.40 and SRP for £71.20.

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