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  1. Hi, Is the MDT folding stock adapter for collapsible or fixed stocks ? Many thanks
  2. watkins666

    Nitride Barrel treatment

    I will be talking to them tomorrow as found this http://www.hauckht.co.uk/Tufftride-QPQ
  3. watkins666

    Nitride Barrel treatment

    Many thanks for the input. I am surprised that looking at the possible benefits regarding extended barrel life that no body provides the service in the the UK. Have you come across or been in contact with http://www.nitriding.co.uk or http://www.hauckht.co.uk ?
  4. Hi one and all. Does anyone have any experience of Nitride Barrel treatment ? Does anyone in the UK do this ? Many thanks
  5. I am in the process of planning my first project and would appreciate any advice regarding whether the barrel should be stainless steel or chrome moly and why ? Many thanks for any input.
  6. Best I can do at the moment
  7. Would like to say that Simon is a true gent and a pleasure to do business with. The Steyr is perfect and looking forward to shooting her. Many thanks for a smooth transaction. Glyn
  8. I found an article on snipershide the link is below. Have used this process and it works well. http://forum.snipershide.info/showthread.php?t=109211
  9. watkins666

    Kestrel 5700 elite

    Hi, many thanks for the replies, I have watched the panhandle clip on YouTube and found it very informative. I did in fact buy the kestrel 5700 with link together with the wind vain and am gradually getting used to using it.
  10. Hi Chaps. Have been reading up on the above bit of kit. Can anyone give me any first hand experience with it and is it worth getting ? Many thanks for your invaluable help. Glyn
  11. watkins666

    creedmoor brass trouble

    Try contacting Rakers in Sussex on 01428 708102 and ask for Daren he may have some in.

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