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  1. rover


    Hi There was one on the night vision forum. Jim
  2. rover

    cpc certificate.

    Hi Ronin. If you want to get back to driving you will have to do 35 hours class room to get your cpc. Then take it from there. JIm
  3. rover

    Nightsite 200 and 50

    Hi yes very disappointed with them. To just refuse to even look at them I was quoted £150 plus parts from them at the end of January for them to have a look at it. I did not have that amount of spare cash to justify the repair then. But I've learnt my lesson I will never buy anything from Nightsite again. Jim
  4. rover

    Nightsite 200 and 50

    Night Site 200 and 50 Hi All, Just received this email from Nitghtsite. I regret to inform you that, as of March 2017, we no longer support repairs on the NS200 or the NS50 units. This is because, having not produced any NS200 units since March 2014, we have run out of components and parts with which to repair them. We are very sorry that, since our last response offering our service, our support has been discontinued for these components. However, even if your unit were to be sent to us we would be unable to perform repairs on it. Kind Regards, Sam Horwell So that's us stuck with units that will not be able to be repaired. Jim Technical Department Support (NiteSite)
  5. rover

    Night vision gear uk

    Hi You only get great service of them. Wife broke battery holder, phoned carl three days later two dropped through letter box. Jim
  6. Hi These look nice. Just purchased t3 laminate in .223. Only thing that disappoints is the plastic mag,I had a tikka 595 22-50 before although the mag was plastic it was more sturdy. Jim
  7. Hi is paypal ok? Jim
  8. Hi Steve Your inbox is full. Do you have screws to go with rail? I'll take it if still for sale. cheers Jim
  9. rover

    Brexit? A quick poll

    And the right answer to them both out out
  10. rover

    Wanted Tikka .223

    As in title wanted Tikka .223 with mod if possible. Jim
  11. Hi 100% better Bob, pity I'm not after one. Don't think you will have it much longer. Jim
  12. Hi Jay, can I have Rcbs trim pro manual trimmer 90355? can you please pm payment details. cheers Jim
  13. rover


    Hi Phone them and ask to speak to Danny. If he's not in leave your number and he'll get back to you. I decided to get the full works done full bedding etc. Expensive but I'm happy. Jim

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