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  1. Any members using the Pulsar XQ30V lite thermal monocular would like to hear what you think of them..
  2. Pulsar Recon X870 Digital Nightvision Spotter. Warranty Replacment (new 19/6/2017)Charger & Batteries £375 posted U.K.
  3. Bramwith

    Pulsar Ultra N250

    Any info yet on the new Pulsar Ultra N 250 Digisight
  4. Bramwith

    New Yukon

    Any info out there on the new Yukon Sightline N320 RT Scope
  5. Bramwith

    sniper cam

    anyone using a sniper cam like to use it in day/night have a Photon xt conversion with an angel eye which is great for night use but not so good on a bright day
  6. Bramwith

    Recon Doubler

    Any members fitted a doubler to a Pulsar X870 Recon for spotting you need an adapter machined anyone know where to purchase one.
  7. Bramwith

    Quad sticks

    anyone used Seeland Quad Shooting Sticks are they anygood
  8. Bramwith

    Photon Extreme

    Have removed the lens from my 6.5 and ordered a M42 adapter looking for a 105 mm lens i know nothing about lenses can anyone point me in the right direction on what to look for
  9. Bramwith

    Howa 223

    Have a Howa 223 wanted to put a sportsmatch mounts TTP66 onit so i can put my Photon 65. on but was told that the mounts will not go on the piccatiny rail is that correct
  10. Bramwith

    Doubler Adapter

    Many Thanks for info just ordered one
  11. Bramwith

    Doubler Adapter

    Many Thanks for info just ordered one
  12. Bramwith

    Doubler Adapter

    can anyone tell me where I can purchase an adapter which slides over the scope end so I can fit my Yukon Doubler not keen on trying to remove the locking ring.
  13. Have a new Photon Yukon 6.5 for sale (Replaced under Warrenty) 16/11/2016 also have a Yukon 1.7 Lens Converter 2.5x50 Doubler purchased 30/12/2015 you would need an adapter to fit the Doubler. £400 Posted.
  14. Bramwith

    Pulsar lrf n 970

    Anyone using the Pulsar lrf n 970 what is the quality of picture when you zoom in
  15. Bramwith

    Photon 6.5

    sent my photon 6.5 back under warrenty (faulty jack plug) replaced with a new one with no lock ring same as my original have a yukon doubler can screw in so no need for an adapter my old one was spot on but I am having problems with this one it will not hold zero no matter how it try the scope is mounted correctly any suggestions before I contact T.J,S

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