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  1. £850 for scope, £950 with a Spuhr mount.
  2. Apologies, I've been thick and not put price on the rifle. £335.
  3. Trijicon RM01 & 2s £325 delivered. CZ 455 Thumb stock, heavy barrel. .22lr 10 rd mag & 5 rd Mag. Rimfire magic trigger to get rid of the old CZ tractor roads pring factory trigger.
  4. Southern Guns AR 15 straight pull. Low round count, barely used, Samson stock, Hogue pistol grip & butt. Left hand charging handle removed and replaced with a cover slide. Side cocking. Surefire Muzzle flash. Handfull of plastic & metal magazines, magpie slug swivel. £1450
  5. A few more bits of kit am getting shut of. 1. Sabre defence AR-22 Cerokoted in khaki & Black. 3 Magazines, Surefire muzzle flash, AR iron sights and carry handle, Ergo pistol grip, Fab defence mag grip. Not to be confused with the tin & plastic HK416s & MP15-22s, this is a Mil spec AR and a bargain at £850 Ruger 10-22 Volquartzen Custom trigger, mag release & charging handle. Right hand gun, thumb stock, carbon fibre barrel. Shoots exceptionally well. three magazines included. £650 Rifle only, or £800 with the MTC viper scope
  6. 1 of Sphur mounts sold too. Dropping price on Sig scope to £925 to get rid. Will put the remaining Sphur with it for £1050.
  7. Hello chaps. Having a bit of a clear out of stuff I'm not likely to use. 1. Sig Sauer Tango six optic. 1-6x24 Brand new in box retails at £1375 - Will take £995 including special delivery post. 2. Spuhr Mounts: SP3002 - 38mm high 30mm tube. SP3006 - 34mm high 30mm tube. By far the best mounts Ive ever used, these are two surplus, never been used , brand spanking new in box - £215 each. Vortex strike eagle 1-6X24 Unused / Unwanted. No experience of them, was won in a competition and never been on a gun. £225 including postage More items to follow, any problems or queries please drop me a line or call 07780 777880
  8. mdn8409

    22LR semi auto

    I had an MP15/22 Preformance centre and was very impressed although found it temperamental on ammunition. I ended up buy a sabre industries .223 AR15 with the .22 TAC Sol upper, ended up buying a lower for it and haven't looked back. I've chucked a Trijicon ACOG on it and a CQB sight and its a whole load of fun at the end of a shoot. Apols for dragging up an old thread
  9. mdn8409

    Remington 700 bolt lift

    Very helpful. thanks fellas
  10. mdn8409

    Remington 700 bolt lift

    Thanks chaps. Ive just tried to buy direct from Kinetic and the only options for country selection are USA Peurto Rico etc, no option to choose UK.
  11. mdn8409

    Remington 700 bolt lift

    Thanks mate, is that direct from kinetic or through Midway?
  12. mdn8409

    Remington 700 bolt lift

    Have seen the kinetic research one, does anywhere in UK sell these or similar? Open minded, but I'd like a bigger knob! (on my rifle clearly)

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