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  1. moonfleet

    Rifle twist

    That’s what I was told it’s a Sauer 202 ,I don’t know anything about Sauer just thought I’d ask.it does however look like a very nice rifle I’ll probably end up getting the tikka T3x as I think they offer good value for money and I believe a one in eight twist.
  2. moonfleet

    Rifle twist

    I have been looking for a new rifle probably a tikka T3x but have seen a rifle that I rather like it’s also in .223 but its in 1in10 twist only, what weight heads would this stabilise ?I know the tikka is 1in 8 which appeals to me which would you go for going on twist rate?
  3. moonfleet

    Tikka T3X super varmint.

    It’s for both I’ve got two empty slots for.223 on my ticket but may Change for something else on one slot. I’ve only two slots after selling my Remington.
  4. moonfleet

    Tikka T3X super varmint.

    Hi Marty mark, I’m after a.223 but can’t get it till January not that I mind the wail, I’m sort of interested in the tactical T3x. But I don’t know if I can justify an extra £400 quid on top of the price of a standard T3x super varmint. Thought I’d ask though as by the time you buy the rifle and realise you’re going to spend a fortune on it doing up grades it may be easier and cheaper to just get the next model up.
  5. moonfleet

    Tikka T3X super varmint.

    could anybody point out the difference between the T3x super varmint and the T3x tactical apart from the finish and the magazine what’s different.
  6. moonfleet

    Subsonic rifle scopes

    Thanks all for the answers reguarding dedicated subsonic rifle scopes ,as I suspected not really investing in.
  7. moonfleet

    Subsonic rifle scopes

    Does anyone use or know anything about these scopes for .22 rimfire subsonic ammunition,how accurate are they ? Thanks in adv.
  8. Still for sale Remington 700 sps tactical .223 with scope rings very little use £350.00
  9. moonfleet

    new rifle trouble

    thank you for the offer but I don't re load and I would like a new rifle when I eventually decide and get what I want it will not be getting replaced the adjustable stock is what I would like though. moonfleet.
  10. moonfleet

    new rifle trouble

    thanks for replies as for the advice to look at a howa I have had a look new models have improved triggers.and I believe faster rifle twists theyre now doing a smaller action but I cant find any real info on accuracy.223 david hancock has a hice 22.250 ive looked at several times on forum but too big for my needs. anybody know anything about .223 howa accuracy also how about the weatherby which is a re branded howa does anybody have info on them id love to hear ffrom owners of both rifles so if you've got one please tell.
  11. moonfleet

    new rifle trouble

    bloody hell I wish I hadn't posted im going to take a look at the remy and tika I chose the tikka with adjustable stock for night vision (eventually) I do like remi actions but the cost of re stocking may be a little expensive the c/z well after market stocks etc isn't readily available as in future I may want that option.
  12. selling my .17 hmr as not being used excellent condition very well looked after its the c/z 16 inch varmint 452 American this gun is also for sale on .17 hmr £300.
  13. moonfleet

    new rifle trouble

    deciding on a new rifle this year .223 but cant decide tikka t3 lite hopefully adjustable or Remington sps stainless what would you go for.
  14. moonfleet

    Show us your tikka?

    hello just wondering the two tikka rifles above what stocks are they in and dealers etc. many thanks in advance.
  15. moonfleet

    rexmington 700 floor plate

    ok gunner here goes its got the Hogue stock which fits me nicely but its bloody awful it touches the barrel when mounting a bi pod so that has to go I had a replacement trigger installed as the rifle was under re call,but the adjuster screw now digs into my finger as the trigger breaks crisper barrel threading and probably getting it painted. oh and a new floor plate of better quality but that may end up as a detachable mag the thing is the more I look the more I get confused but will have to work on that as I haven't a clue probably get a Stafford stock as I spoke to danny a few wks ago and explained my plans and he offered to mail me some pics if I maild him a reminder I will have to try mailing again as it wouldn't send maybe a phone call and my e mail details will be ok. anyway happy new year to all.

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