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  1. moonfleet

    Drone pro

    When will the drone be available and who’s the dealer plse.
  2. Hello, I’ve been looking at a few fox calls and came across a call called a mini mag it’s sold by a company called m&m sporting has anyone got experience with this call it seems quite small pocket sized so it’s ideal for my purpose but would like more info if possible. many thanks.
  3. moonfleet

    Bergerac B14hmr

    So while I’m waiting for my new rifle to arrive I’ve been looking at the bergara B14 hmr 22.250, just wondering if anyone has one or knows anything about them good points bad points etc. they do seem a good rifle for the money.
  4. moonfleet

    New rifle decision.

    well after looking for a replacement rifle for my Remington I’ve put a deposit down on a Tikka T3X super varmint tactical in .223, don’t know how long I’ll have to wait for it to arrive in the shop but hope it’s the right choice. In the meantime what’s a good moderator for said rifle I’d like it as light as possible .
  5. moonfleet

    Browning x bolt.

    I was looking at barrel twist rate and adjustable stock in.223, and thought the browning would fit the bill I did look at a tikka T3x super varmint but changed my mind weight was the biggest issue.i had a look at a Remington 700 police 20inch with a pillar bedded stock fluted barrel but no stock adjustment.i see sako do a nice rifle stainless with ceracoated. Carbon fibre stock so nice and light and of course sako quality, however not available in .223.
  6. moonfleet

    Browning x bolt.

    Hmm interesting if rather rude answer especially when you don’t know circumstances, any one else like to air their views .
  7. moonfleet

    Browning x bolt.

    Still looking for a new rifle I’ve been looking for over a year and thought of a T3x super varmint, but I’ve seen a browning x bolt stainless fluted with adjustable cheek piece rifling twist is 1 in 8 or 1-9 as I’ve enquired. has anyone any experience with the x bolt or perhaps owns one?it sounds a pretty nice rifle but what’s people’s views on them.
  8. moonfleet

    Rifle twist

    That’s what I was told it’s a Sauer 202 ,I don’t know anything about Sauer just thought I’d ask.it does however look like a very nice rifle I’ll probably end up getting the tikka T3x as I think they offer good value for money and I believe a one in eight twist.
  9. moonfleet

    Rifle twist

    I have been looking for a new rifle probably a tikka T3x but have seen a rifle that I rather like it’s also in .223 but its in 1in10 twist only, what weight heads would this stabilise ?I know the tikka is 1in 8 which appeals to me which would you go for going on twist rate?
  10. moonfleet

    Tikka T3X super varmint.

    It’s for both I’ve got two empty slots for.223 on my ticket but may Change for something else on one slot. I’ve only two slots after selling my Remington.
  11. moonfleet

    Tikka T3X super varmint.

    Hi Marty mark, I’m after a.223 but can’t get it till January not that I mind the wail, I’m sort of interested in the tactical T3x. But I don’t know if I can justify an extra £400 quid on top of the price of a standard T3x super varmint. Thought I’d ask though as by the time you buy the rifle and realise you’re going to spend a fortune on it doing up grades it may be easier and cheaper to just get the next model up.
  12. moonfleet

    Tikka T3X super varmint.

    could anybody point out the difference between the T3x super varmint and the T3x tactical apart from the finish and the magazine what’s different.
  13. moonfleet

    Subsonic rifle scopes

    Thanks all for the answers reguarding dedicated subsonic rifle scopes ,as I suspected not really investing in.
  14. moonfleet

    Subsonic rifle scopes

    Does anyone use or know anything about these scopes for .22 rimfire subsonic ammunition,how accurate are they ? Thanks in adv.
  15. Still for sale Remington 700 sps tactical .223 with scope rings very little use £350.00

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