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  1. Leeman

    Imperial dry neck lube

    Make sure to check no balls have adhered to the inside case neck, great way to ruin a good barrel.
  2. Leeman

    Reload swiss powder

    Lets hope so because that was posted in 2014
  3. Leeman

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Hornady recommend a 1:8.5 twist for this bullet.
  4. Leeman

    Trigger Maintenance

    Dunking them in lighter fluid every so often used to be the recommendation. I use Zippo lighter fluid available on ebay for not much money.
  5. 76 new unfired cases, 120 once fired, all in MTM ammo boxes £100.00 plus post
  6. No worries, mate, how does a tenner sound, I'll bring it to Diggle Sat if you're coming.
  7. Redding type S full length sizer die Redding 305 steel bushing Forster Benchrest seater die All excellent condition £110.00
  8. Leeman

    First Custom Build

    You don't fall foul of the proof rules if it's imported for personal use. Doesn't need proof unless offered for sale or exported.
  9. Depending what Chrono you use, you will likely see more variations due to atmospheric and ambient conditions than you will from any differences in brass. As Brillo says, I've never observed any significant difference over a half dozen or so different cartridges either.
  10. Leeman

    rebarreling a ruger no1V

    Luke Wadsworth re-barrelled my No. 1, not many gunsmiths are prepared to do them. He's based in Huddersfield so not that far from you. I can PM his contact details if you're interested. Richard.
  11. It's not a problem for Remington or the majority of their customers!
  12. Leeman

    Faulty Reloads

    Seat some primers in empty cases and see if they ignite, you will hear them with no powder or bullet. Could be weak firing pin spring or oil/grease in the bolt that is reducing the energy of the firing pin, some primers need more energy to ignite than others. Richard.
  13. Bushing full length sizer & micrometer seater dies. Barely used so virtually as new with box & shoulder bump gauge. £150.00 plus post
  14. I'm sure joe west stocks would have the inlet for a Quadlite or Quadlock action

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