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  1. 195 bullets for sale, same lot £65.00 plus post.
  2. Leeman

    General purpose target rifle.

    Clover, Just one correction is that .223 can be used in TR although it's generally only a few hard core individuals that use it and mostly at club level and regional comps, that allow handloads, the ammunition offered in most national events, being issued is not conducive to high scores!
  3. Leeman

    Rifle Basix trigger

    Pat, I have a RB L3 trigger which may not be the model you have but there are three adjustment screws on the front face of the trigger body. Top is weight of pull, clockwise increases this, middle is overtravel, clockwise reduces this, bottom is sear engagement, clockwise reduces this. I made some notes on the instruction manual that weight and overtravel require a 5/64 allen wrench and sear requires 1.5mm/.060". I'd recommend a mid strength thread lock if you're going to adjust these, but I found them relatively easy to set up and mine is very reliable, it's been on my 40X since 2003 or so and never malfunctioned, just clean it with lighter fluid every so often. Richard.
  4. Leeman

    Improved 284?

    I also have both and they are 35 degrees, the reamer prints also show that, it's the KMR that changes it to 40, not sure about the other wildcats based on that case.
  5. Dies now sold, Thanks for looking.
  6. Whidden full length bushing die with .288, .289 bushings & shoulder bump gauge Forster Ultra micrometer seater Excellent condition, not much use £150.00 plus post
  7. Another one for N165 & KVB-7 in the Shehane
  8. Leeman

    HELP !! Screw rounded off

    See if you can smash a slightly oversize torx bit into what's left, clamp the base in a drill press and using downwards pressure on the handle use a suitable spanner to turn the bit .
  9. Used both, first the Winchester M70 .30-06, then the Remington 700, 7.62, the Winchester with an 8x Unertl scope, the Remington, Redfield 3-9x.
  10. Leeman

    Imperial dry neck lube

    Make sure to check no balls have adhered to the inside case neck, great way to ruin a good barrel.
  11. Leeman

    Reload swiss powder

    Lets hope so because that was posted in 2014
  12. Leeman

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Hornady recommend a 1:8.5 twist for this bullet.
  13. Leeman

    Trigger Maintenance

    Dunking them in lighter fluid every so often used to be the recommendation. I use Zippo lighter fluid available on ebay for not much money.
  14. 76 new unfired cases, 120 once fired, all in MTM ammo boxes £100.00 plus post

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