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  1. Only the "Precision Riflesmiths Showcase" - all other forums I have "Reply to this Topic" option but not in here - confused Have I been naughty?? EDIT - to say I can't even reply to my own post! EDIT No. 2 as I can't reply! Screenshot inserted - I usually have a "Reply" option up where is says "Start New Topic" - that option is missing in this forum. What am I doing wrong??
  2. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    Not long range (stalking use only) but struggled to get decent velocities with N160 for 120-130gn bullets in 260rem. Went to n150 on Laurie’s recommendation and worked much better.
  3. Live in Manchester, never been to diggle! I see from the website you can turn up and pay a day fee without being a member. My question is when? The calendar shows a load of competition dates etc, but when can I turn up with my stalking rifle and shoot a bit of practice out to 300 yards? Have tried calling the number on the website and emailing, but no response. Thanks in advance.
  4. gralloching knife recommendations

    Except they get pretty slippy when you've got blood on your hands and you really don't want your hands slipping down the handle as you're using it! Mora etc get my vote as nice rubber grip and, as above, cheap enough at about a tenner and available in a range of bright colours so easy to find if you put it down in the dusk.
  5. I know it's not the same calibre, but I had similarly sedate velocities in my 260rem with N160 (2,600fps with 120gn bullets). Very accurate and not a problem for shorter range woodland stalking, but it was still a bit disappointing. N150 got me a fair bit more velocity (2,750fps with 130gn bullets) and no pressure signs.
  6. 260 Thumbhole Stalker

    Very nice Andy! Do you know if it's possible to drop a Sako 75 III action into a Lazaroni stock - I really like that but doesn't look like they do a Sako specific model?
  7. 260 rem anyone using n160

    Tried N160 but the velocities were pretty low (2500fps from memory) but very accurate. I tried N150 and immediately got +250-300fps velocity increase with equally good accuracy. That's with 130gn accubonds btw.
  8. Reload Swiss RS62 Where to buy???

    Interested to hear how the RS62 performs in the 260 Laurie.
  9. 260 velocities - bit slower than expected

    Thanks Laurie, that's fantastic - very grateful!
  10. 260 velocities - bit slower than expected

    Next question...! Anyone have any N150 load data? Struggling to find anything for 130gn bullet in the manuals - N150 loads only seem to be given for the much lighter bullets (108gn). Thanks in advance
  11. Is Quickload worth it and where to download?

    Thanks - is it only available as a cd or is there somewhere you can legitimately download?
  12. Never used Quickload before but seems like a really useful but of software. However, it appears to be £125 and not available as a download (except for free from a bunch of dodgy looking sites!) - am I missing something?? Is it worth the outlay?
  13. 260 velocities - bit slower than expected

    Thanks - will hunt down some n150 and give that a go...

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