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  1. Thumbhole stock for custom build

    Been looking into the Holland’s Signature series and really like the look of them. Anyone know if there is a uk distributor or how I get one over here? Website says they don’t ship outside of US and struggling to get in touch with them direct.
  2. Reloading solutions

    Spoke to them yesterday to get some prices and asked about the website - hoping to be up and running by the end of the year!!! Surely it can't take that long to set up a website. I can't believe a business would go online only these days without a website that allows you to buy stuff. It's basically mail order. Real shame as a good company who were always really helpful and had good stock when I used to live down that way. Can't see them surviving 9 months without a functioning website.
  3. Thumbhole stock for custom build

    I do like the look of these but wanted a synthetic stock rather than laminate.
  4. Thumbhole stock for custom build

    Cheers for the thoughts, but I really couldn’t get on with the lazzeroni - just didn’t suit me at all, wasn’t just a case of twisting my wrist, I couldn’t get it to sit right in the shoulder. I’m going to try and find a std McMillan thumbhole to try. Will also look at manners...
  5. Currently in the process of putting together a spec for a custom build stalking rifle - most likely on a Big Horn or Borden action, so inletting shouldn't be an issue. I've always had a fancy for a thumbhole but recently handled a mcmillan lazzeroni and it just didn't fit at all - quite a cant on the pistol grip meant that the stock was far from level when mounted. Obviously I won't order something without trying it, but a couple of questions: 1) how much less of a cant does the standard mcmillan have? A Sako 75 stock fits me nicely, so I'm not a strange shape - is a standard mcmillan T/H likely to be similar in overall dimensions / cast etc? 2) what else is out there that I should look at?
  6. 6.5x284 suggestions

    I had a quick play with quickload the other day (I don't have my own copy unfortunately) and RS70 did seem to be a powder that would work well. Cheers
  7. 6.5x284 suggestions

    Sorry, I was thinking of efficiency over case fill - makes sense now thanks!
  8. 6.5x284 suggestions

    Thanks, but looking at that Vhit data, N160 gives very similar velocities to N165 but for about 5gn less. Why would you go for 165 over 160? cheers
  9. 6.5x284 suggestions

    I'll shortly be adding a 6.5x284 to the cabinet and looking for advice on best recipes. Lapua brass and Barnes 120gn TTSX as a starting point in a 24" barrel. I'm thinking that N160 or one of the reloader swiss powders (RS80 or RS70 maybe?). Load data seems thin on the ground and the go-to powders in the US seem to be H4350 and H4831 so I'm looking for something available in the UK as a starting point. Thanks in advance.
  10. Only the "Precision Riflesmiths Showcase" - all other forums I have "Reply to this Topic" option but not in here - confused Have I been naughty?? EDIT - to say I can't even reply to my own post! EDIT No. 2 as I can't reply! Screenshot inserted - I usually have a "Reply" option up where is says "Start New Topic" - that option is missing in this forum. What am I doing wrong??
  11. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    Not long range (stalking use only) but struggled to get decent velocities with N160 for 120-130gn bullets in 260rem. Went to n150 on Laurie’s recommendation and worked much better.
  12. Live in Manchester, never been to diggle! I see from the website you can turn up and pay a day fee without being a member. My question is when? The calendar shows a load of competition dates etc, but when can I turn up with my stalking rifle and shoot a bit of practice out to 300 yards? Have tried calling the number on the website and emailing, but no response. Thanks in advance.
  13. gralloching knife recommendations

    Except they get pretty slippy when you've got blood on your hands and you really don't want your hands slipping down the handle as you're using it! Mora etc get my vote as nice rubber grip and, as above, cheap enough at about a tenner and available in a range of bright colours so easy to find if you put it down in the dusk.

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