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  1. dashed

    Best AI magazine (long action)?

    Cheers baldie - sounds like a bit of fettling could have it feeding a lot smoother... 🙂
  2. dashed

    Best AI magazine (long action)?

    Thanks Ronin - that makes sense - round is currently pushed down into the forward lugs rather than at a slight upwards angle. I've dropped you a PM. Not sure on bottom metal tbh - I think it might be badger as I'm not sure Tier One did LA when I had it built. I can live with the tape if it was a smoother feed though! 🙂
  3. dashed

    Best AI magazine (long action)?

    So to expand... The mag rattles when inserted into the action - it's fully retained and won't fall out, but rattles side to side - so yes, mag to bottom metal is loose fit. I wouldn't say floppy, and a couple of bits of insulation tape on the sides of the mag have taken up some slack to stop it rattling in the field (but a fairly agricultural approach on a nice custom rifle!). I was led to believe AI mags are designed for squaddies to bang around and are robust rather than precise. The feed issue is as you describe - shoulders of the case run into the feed lips at the front of the magazine and it sort of jams the case rather than lifting and feeding it upwards into the chamber. I've never been unable to chamber a round, but it's definitely not slick. Bolt travels forwards smoothly until the shoulders run into the feed lips and then in needs a bit of a clunk to push the round forwards so it pops up and into the chamber. Pics below - second one you can see how the round feeds forwards rather than being lifted at the tip. It's a 6.5x284 if it makes any odds. And yep, spoke with the builder at the time and he wasn't aware of any other mag alternatives, but I thought it was worth a check on here just in case anyone knew of anything else around.
  4. I’ve got a standard metal AI long action magazine and one of these https://riflemags.co.uk/magpul-pmag-5-ac-l-magnum-aics-long-action-magazine/ for my bighorn custom stalking rifle and to be honest, neither are a patch on my factory Sako magazine. The standard AI metal one isn’t the slickest feeder and is a rattley big lump. The plastic one is ok but has a horrible, loud springy twangy when loading. Are there any better options out there? i spoke with Paddy Dane a while ago about Curtis mags and he really didn’t rate them.
  5. Brilliant - thanks! I've spent ages searching for the right thing over the years to try and get another pair! Plenty on ebay but sure the quality won't be as good as the link above
  6. dashed

    scope removal.

    Nothing illegal about public transport and firearms.
  7. dashed

    6.5 questions

    I have a 260 rem built on a short action sako 75 and it’s very accurate but velocities are lower than expected, probably because it can’t optimise the long 6.5 bullets due to the short magazine length (everything is seated quite deep). I had a custom built last year and went long action with 6.5x284, partly because I wanted the extra velocity for lead free bullets. I can honestly say that I’ve never noticed the difference between short and long actions and love the calibre.
  8. dashed

    Magazine for Borden Alpine?

    Yes please!! I’d take one tomorrow. I’ve a custom build with a detachable AICS mag (for the same reason as the OP - in and out of highseats / vehicles) and the mag system is such a let-down on a nicely put together custom. Rattles, noisy and generally not a patch on my flush-fitting Sako 75 mag!
  9. dashed

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    As the OP bought it from a gun shop, I’d not be touching it myself but making sure it was their problem to sort.
  10. Tefcold full height commercial chiller / fridge. Internal fan, 7 shelves and hanging rail. Holds a couple of roe (tight, but had 2 in there), 2-3 muntjac or a single fallow. Images below show 2 x munties and a big fallow doe. Here's a link to the exact model for more details - they're around £600 new: https://www.heatoncateringequipment.co.uk/catering-appliances-c803/refrigeration-c906/upright-fridges-c907/solid-door-refrigerators-c1832/tefcold-sd1380-sd1380-solid-door-refrigerator-white-p22464 External dimensions 1850mm x 600mm x 600mm, internal dimensions 1550mm x 450mm deep x 500mm wide. All in really good condition - immaculate inside and can be seen running on collection. Quickly chills down to around 1 degree on lowest setting (temperature gauge built in). Located in Manchester and only selling as I'm getting something bigger. £220.
  11. I have no idea - that's why I can't find them on eBay!! Sorry! Nearest I can find are Babcocks forceps, but they have flat blades rather than coming to a point.
  12. Just had a look at the Jelen video - yep, very similar to that but without need to go poking around in there with your fingers or change gloves etc. Style of forceps below...
  13. I've had a quick look on eBay for the type of forceps I've got and closest I can fine is "Babcocks forceps" but they're not quite the same. I'll take a couple of pics of them later and add to the thread...
  14. No problem - tricky to describe in words but I'll try! 1) I like a suspended gralloch (but also works lying down) so hang the beast and open up the stomach. 2) Locate the bowel and move any faeces away from the anus, back up towards the intestines etc. You want don't want a rectum that's stuffed full of poo! 3) Now move to the outside of the back end of the deer. Use forceps to pinch the skin either side of the anus. 4) Insert knife through skin and cut a hole around the anus (and forceps which are still clamped either side of anus). 5) Withdraw the anus, trimming around the bowel / rectum as it withdraws from the body. You can also insert the knife into the pelvic cavity to free the bowel away from the body. Keep the knife facing away from the bowel so you don't nick it and don't worry about running it around the inner edges of the pelvic girdle - nothing in here you can damage. 6) You should be able to free up all the bowel as it goes through the pelvis and (making sure it's empty of faeces - see earlier!) pull it back into the body cavity and withdraw with the bladder and the rest of the guts. If you open the ribs you can actually gralloch the whole deer without cutting any part of the digestive tract so no risk of contamination. Hopefully makes sense??
  15. Waste of time. However I've a set of surgical forceps I use for trimming around the anus. They were given to me by a retired surgeon years ago and this is apparently the same technique used for bowel surgery in humans!! Getting hold of the anus, trimming around it and then withdrawing it slightly as you further release the bowel means it releases really easily once withdrawn the other way (including the bladder - handy if it's a full one!). I don't split the aitch bone, so find this is by far the cleanest way of removing the back end and keeps everything intact without need for knots or cable ties etc (or need to expose additional haunch meat to drying out). I'm sure you'd be able to get a set on eBay these days...

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