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  1. ezmobile

    Stock help required pls!

    The H-S precision stock is CAD /CAM machined, Aluminium bedding block chassis. The shell is woven kevlar & woven fibreglass + carbon fibre. No need for bedding compound. A Savage rifle with the correct action screw spacing / centre feed will drop straight into it, as per other chassis systems (MDT for example). The problem is that the action screw spacing on this item is 4.40 inches and I think Oly's rifle has the 4.27 inch action screw spacing. The difference of 0.13 inch equates to 3.28 mm.
  2. ezmobile

    3D Prints

    That'll be Bob Hahin I guess?
  3. ezmobile

    3D Prints

    Good on you, I can see a business opportunity there. What about the small Tikka single shot mag insert? They're a lot of money for what they are....
  4. ezmobile

    Long range scope options.

    I would also throw into the mix the "Delta Stryker" 5 - 50 x 56 . I bought one a few months ago from optics warehouse and certainly didn't regret it. Great glass, tons of elevation, very nice reticle with illuminated center dot (DLS-3 1/8th MOA), 34mm tube & a very good price (sub £1400) Seriously, give it a look.
  5. Yeah, I get your point, it just seems very OTT sometimes. I guess its simply the difference between typical British "understatement" and American "Brashness / bigging everything up". But what you mentioned reminds me of a story I heard some time ago of the American car company "Edsel" I think it was, who produced a car that had a grille that reminded people of, now how can I put this politely, a certain area of a ladies anatomy. and sales of the car bombed. Still, I'm certainly not knocking the yanks, god bless em anyway I say!
  6. Going ever so slightly off thread here, but why DO our American cousins have to give all their kit such names? What we over here would call a "XYZ3 MkII", they have to go with something like a "Thunder Dragon Beast slayer Death Star Vampire Monster Mangler" and all it is is a bloomin bipod, Muzzle brake or a cup holder you attach to a chair!! Whats that all about? Sorry, just had to get that off my chest...Hmmmmm
  7. Oh, we're having a pop at the Welsh now are we boyo? Please don't upset me, I'm a special case isn't it. I'm mixed race (1/2 English - 1/2 Welsh. The perfect combination, the mind of an Englishman & the body of a Welshman!) and have a caravan in the middle of the M4 bridge.
  8. ezmobile

    Advice on vintage watch

    After saying all that, I went out and got me a Tag Heuer Calibre 16 Link Auto chronograph. I wish I could learn to listen to myself once in a while!! (Nice looking watch though)
  9. I usually make up a batch, take them out on the range starting from 300 yds and take it from there. Either they work or don't, but from my personal experience they seem to work pretty well. Like the very first batch of 6.5 Creeds I made up for a new rifle. Shot a fairly tight group (0.6 '') at 100 yds on S/Siberia, noted the velocities of 5 of them (very close indeed, +/- 4 fps) and did the ballistics. A few weeks later, during the "Beast from the East" I took a batch to Stickledown on a crappy, awful day, the first shot was a waterline at 9 O'clock, adjusted for wind and put the next 10 straight shots into the 5 or V. and that was at 1,000 yds! So, my method is fairly simple, but it works for me at least. I was pretty surprised at it myself and got a very "sideways" glance from the NRA RO.
  10. I test for the tightest groups with nothing on the barrel at all, only when I've found the batch that comes out best do I attach the Magnetospeed for the velocity. The harmonics etc are already sorted. I always test rounds with the rifle set up as it would be at the range or in comps i.e. with nothing else attached.
  11. I have a HS Precision Pro Series stock for a Savage S/A rifle. This has the 4.4 inch action screw spacing (screws included) the model number is #PST114. This stock was taken off my Savage model 12 LRP rifle in 6.5 Creed cal when it was new and so is in perfect condition. With the stock is also the 4 round detachable center feed box magazine that came with it, so should be good for all .308 family of cartridges. The stock is a CNC machined aluminium bedding stock chassis with Kevlar. See more details here or pm me for more photos https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1006812247/h-s-precision-pro-series-rifle-stock-savage-short-action-with-44-screw-spacing-detachable-magazine-center-feed-only-tactical-varmint-barrel-channel-synthetic-black I'm looking for £230 + p&p * NOW LOOKING FOR £200.00 + P&P* NOW SOLD

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