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  1. ezmobile

    AICS .223 cal magazine.

    Just wondering if anyone has a used AICS 10 round .223 cal magazine they want to off load? This will be to fit into a MDT ESS chassis, so I don't think a polymer mag will do it as they tend to bulge when fully loaded. Thanks a lot.
  2. Am I right to assume this will fit a Tikka T3 Varmint .223? If so, I'll have it please.
  3. ezmobile

    Which RWS powder ?

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows which powder RWS use in their .223 cal 55 grain soft point rounds? I'm suspecting its Rottweil R901 / R902. I've looked all over the interweb and can't find out anything - and whatever it is, is there a Vitavhouri equivalent? (N130 - N133?) Many thanks.
  4. ezmobile

    Advice on vintage watch

    I agree about the servicing costs. Many years back (34 to be precise) I was very lucky and came across a Sea Dweller that was going cheap, but it was in a state. It cost quite a lot to have it serviced and put right, but I thought was worth it at the time - then I sold in on about 9 years later after it started losing time, and at quite an alarming rate! (should have kept it though as it'd be worth a LOT of money now). I've recently been looking at a nice 2nd hand Omega Speedmaster, a lovely looking thing, but then I looked into the servicing costs of around £300 - £400 every 4 or 5 years and I had to ask myself if I really needed to have that bill every so often? Eventually, the answer came back, no I didn't! There is always a temptation to own something beautiful & well put together, but like a couple of old flames from my youth, they cost a lot of money to keep going in the long run! Now I make do with a good, reliable old banger that never lets me down. As for watches, well a tough, radio controlled, solar powered job is good enough for me. I don't need to try to impress anymore.
  5. Hi Sean, If you still have them I'll have the 180 grain ELD-M's please. PM me with details
  6. For sale are 2 boxes (2 x 100 bullets) of Hornady .30 cal "Match" BTHP 195 grain bullets. #3095 *WEEKEND PRICE DROP, NOW £30 PER BOX, POSTED !* NOW SOLD! These can also be collected from my home address in West London, we can meet up at Bisley or I could drop them off to you if you're not too far away. Cheers!
  7. Hi mate. Call it cash and I'll drop them down to you - sound ok? PM me and we'll sort out the details. All the best
  8. ezmobile


    These are a couple of very interesting vids, thanks for posting
  9. Cheers mate. It surprised the hell out of me, I can tell you!! As for next time....I bet they'll be all over the flipping place

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