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  1. Arrrrgh, Gotta say, I'm so bloody tempted......If only I had a spare slot on my ticket!! (but maybe a 1 for 1 though?) Where in Scotland?
  2. Blimey, thats a hell of a variation in powder loads / type. Did you let the NRA know about this?
  3. ezmobile

    308 moderator

    I like my Wildcat T12
  4. ezmobile

    Looking to minimise my cabinet

    Its always possible to have 1 rifle but with various barrels for it, so long as each caliber uses the same bolt face. i.e. .243, .308. 6.5 Creed, .284 Win. Just a thought☺️
  5. ezmobile

    EU Lead ban in ammo?

    I'm pleased to see that others have read this and have concerns. To me, it reeks of the incessant "Creep" of legislation against legitimate firearm ownership in the UK & European countries. Its much easier to slowly make it more and more difficult for people to pursue a pastime, thereby forcing them give it up one by one, than it is to have a quick outright ban - along with its resultant claims for compensation! If this were indeed the aim, it would of course have a detrimental effect on UK / EU companies, but as anyone who reloads knows(or even those that don't) a lot, if not most, consumables come from the US so the negative effects of a ban wouldn't be shouldered solely by companies on this side of the pond, but be spread globally. Not wishing to delve into politics here, but I wonder if we do indeed leave the EU at some point in the near future, will we in the UK be able to swerve around this impending EU legislation? Cheers all.
  6. ezmobile

    EU Lead ban in ammo?

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone noticed in the last NRA journal (Autumn) that there was a small article which states that the EU are considering banning lead in ammunition. By this, can I assume they can mean the lead cores of bullets? Has anyone else spotted this as well as me, and does anyone have any thoughts on it. Seeing as how certain U.S. powders are now banned in EU countries, if this is combined with making it very difficult to get bullets - also mostly US made, it'll start to get very difficult to get, or make ammo, that would be EU compliant, do you see where I'm going with this question?? Any thoughts anybody....
  7. ezmobile

    Hornady 75g ELD & 80g ELD Match .224

    I memory serves, I was running the 178's at around 2,800 fps - give or take, through a 28'' tube. These gave me a 50.10 at this years McQueens at Bisley. Using 44.3 grains of some old TR140 powder
  8. ezmobile

    Hornady 75g ELD & 80g ELD Match .224

    Going slightly off piste here, but I have used Hornady 178 grn A-Max (.30 cal) in a rifle with a 1:12 twist when on the box it clearly states that they're for a 1:10 twist.....They were very accurate out to 900 / 1K yds. As for 75 grn Eld's, I don't have direct experience of these, but ditto for my 75 grain A-Max's in a 1:8 Tikka T3 in .223
  9. ezmobile

    Bipods/Rests at Bisley 29/9

    Sounds like a bargain to be had folks! 😜
  10. ezmobile

    MDT ESS or XLR Evolution

    I have 2 ESS chassis. one on a Tikka T3 .223 & the other on a Savage Mod 12 in 6.5 CM and can honestly say that I really like them - a lot!
  11. ezmobile

    .284 win build.

    Personally, I would try MikMak at Dolphin arms. He put together a nice .284 rig for me a year or so ago using a 34'' Bartlein heavy barrel with a 1:8 twist. Goes like a dream and he's a nice bloke to deal with!
  12. ezmobile

    Tested some more 22 subs

    I totally agree with that. "Quiets" really are a decent round
  13. ezmobile

    More scottish bans being proposed

    The "Thin end of the Wedge" argument was not made by a game shooter (me) as I'm purely a target shooter and I was certainly against the MARS & 50. cal ban. The comment was made purely about the increasing distrust & fear of the firearms owning section of the population by clueless "townies" (of which I'm one.) and the political parties they tend to support, who would do anything possible to stop the public at large from owning firearms, so please don't think that all "Townies" are lefty lib snowflakes and shooting sports are the sole preserve of country folk. That's all I was saying
  14. ezmobile

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Thin end of a wedge eh?
  15. ezmobile

    MDT ESS Forend

    Hello mate. I've got one of these I'm looking to sell. its the 15'' version in black with a short rail at the front end / or you can have one without a rail. Please PM me. All the best

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