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  1. Delta Stryker

    Got mine yesterday and looks really good - very well made. I've not had a chance to use it as yet, but I'm certainly looking forward to it. The 1/8th MOA reticle with illume dot is simplicity itself, so it should be very good for its intended use (long range targets with a 6.5 CM)
  2. Delta titanium Stryker HD 5-50x56

    Just got mine yesterday and I'm very happy with it! I haven't used it yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. It seems VERY well made and the 1/8th MOA reticle is pure simplicity. Just have to see if it compliments my 6.5CM

    Keep plugging away mate, but be aware. Once in a blue moon a scope will have a slightly canted reticle as its been set in the scope wrongly ( though I can't believe S&B would have that!!). I recently had to send a Vortex Golden Eagle back to get it exchanged as the reticle was totally pi**ed inside the tube. I thought it was me at first, but the boys at Fultons confirmed it. When everything was perfectly squared, the reticle was out by about 10 degrees. The good news was I got a new one and its super duper! All the best
  4. Forster "National Match" f/l dies.

    If you lived closer I'd let you borrow mine when it arrives
  5. Forster "National Match" f/l dies.

    Thanks a lot for that TreeWorks. It sounds as though its the right die for my rifle then.
  6. I'm looking at getting a new full length sizer die in .308 Win and have seen the Forster .308 "National Match" F/L sizer die. Can anyone tell me the difference between that and the normal bench rest f/l sizer as I've not really seen these before. In case it makes any difference, I intend to use it for my Paramount Target rifle
  7. Redding decapping die query.

    Yeah, you're right there mate. I still can't quite believe what happened there though. Still, its an even bigger excuse for me to get rid of my little CZ rimfire. Oh, and thanks for not taking the P***
  8. Redding decapping die query.

    PROBLEM SOLVED! Taking a look up inside the die this morning I could see a flat, brass coloured piece of metal with the decapping pin protruding through it, which I assumed was a kind of collet holding the pin to the rod. Wrong! When I took the circlip off and dropped the rod out of the body what was actually on the end of the rod, with the pin through the base of it, was a ".22lr case" !! My only guess it that somehow a empty .22lr case had found its way "inside" one of my fired .308 cases, and when I was decapping it the .22lr case was speared, perfectly through the middle by the decapping pin, but then got stuck on it with the pin protruded out through the base, which then prevented it entering the neck of a 6.5 Creedmoor case. God, you couldn't make it up - or actually do it if you tried to......
  9. Redding decapping die query.

    Cheers MarkR, it looked alright to me last night, but I'll double check it over the w/end. I should have brought it into work today (engineering workshop) to look at it properly, put it in a vice, and smash it up if its not right - well, thats what I normally do when problem solving!
  10. Redding decapping die query.

    No, its Hornady brass, but its not the size of the flash hole thats the problem, the problem is that whatever holds the actual pin to the end of the rod (some kind of collet presumably) is too wide to pass through the mouth of the case, in other words, its narrow enough to pass inside a .308 case mouth but too wide to get through a 6.5 mouth. I may have to take the circlip off the top of the rod, drop the rod out and have a butchers at it to see whats going on!
  11. Redding decapping die query.

    Hello all. I'm in a bit of a quandary about using a Redding Decapping Die (small) # 69100. Please go easy on me if this is a really stoopid question and I've missed something obvious, but I've been using this bit of kit for quite a while now on .308 win cases with no problem. Then last night, for the first time, I tried to decap some 6.5 Creedmoor brass, only to find that only the pin itself gets past the case mouth, as the part that holds the pin in place at the end of the rod (pin holder?) has a wider diameter than the case mouth! Is this right? I thought this die was able to decap a wide range of cases and I'm not exactly trying to stuff a 50 BMG up it. WHAT EXACTLY AM I MISSING HERE.
  12. Reloading with Rosie

    What do you mean, lack of clothing? I thought it was PPE in case of "flash burns"!
  13. Delta Stryker

    Yep, I've just put my name down for one of these (the 5-50 x 56), roll on April !
  14. Hello rickosf Can you tell me if you still have the 34mm short saddle, medium height, 0 moa Unimount? Cheers Eric
  15. Not too sure about actions etc, but I have fired one round in this cartridge from a friends rifle and it was absolutely spot on at 1100 yards! It does boom a bit, mainly due to its very effective muzzle brake which made it feel more like a .308, but in his hands there was no problem scoring successive V's at this distance!! A hell of a cartridge from my experience.

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