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  1. Would you sell the Hornady cases separately? if so, how much
  2. ezmobile

    Vortex Golden Eagle issue?

    He he love it. And, unlike the missus, doesn't question when I'm off out shooting - again.☺️
  3. Sorry mate, but I'm none the wiser? Its just the case where, when you employ the use of the word "plonker", it could be taken as a derogatory term, as in Del Boy's "Rodders (or even Bradders) - You Plonker"! Even if its not intended to be derogatory, as no doubt is the case when you use the expression.
  4. I think it refers to someone who's not particularly into his style of shooting or competition (CSR I think), but I stand to be corrected.
  5. Hi mate, I'll have these please!
  6. How much are the 178 grain A-Max? sorry, I cant see the price on your ad - its hidden behind the "OPTIX" advert on the r/h side. Cheers
  7. I have heard about this possible problem, but thankfully haven't encountered it yet on my Mod 12LRP. I first heard about this from the lads at Fulton's, Bisley who told me that people come in from time to time to have this same problem sorted out by them. I made an inquiry on a US savage shooters website about this and received the usual tirade from some members, basically saying that we (Brits) not knowing what we're talking about - one going on to say the boys at Fulton's were "Bull Sh*****s"! Something I was happy to correct him about!!
  8. ezmobile

    Terminal velocity

    Hi John. I've just been running some numbers for you here and it looks like you will need to get the 190's up to, at the very least, 2700 fps to be just on the edge of supersonic / transonic (c. 1300 fps) at 1K, but I think you will hit a bit of a problem with bullet stability as the speed drops off. The stability calculators seem to indicate that even at that muzzle velocity, you're only getting a S. G. of just over 1.4, so its going to be marginal from the beginning. By the time you've lost several hundred fps over that distance I think they'll start tumbling. I've personally only used these bullets once before, about 20 or so years back, in a 1:12 twist barrel and they weren't that great, and I have since been told they really need a 1:11 or, better still, a 1:10. In addition to that, to get to those muzzle velocities using N150 you will need a compressed charge in the case (even if you seat the bullets long) and will most likely get some very high chamber pressures - somewhere in the region of high 50's / low 60's thousand psi Please don't take this as gospel, and if anyone can chip in and correct what I've said, then please do - as I'll have learned something new as well. All the best.
  9. ezmobile

    Stock help required pls!

    The H-S precision stock is CAD /CAM machined, Aluminium bedding block chassis. The shell is woven kevlar & woven fibreglass + carbon fibre. No need for bedding compound. A Savage rifle with the correct action screw spacing / centre feed will drop straight into it, as per other chassis systems (MDT for example). The problem is that the action screw spacing on this item is 4.40 inches and I think Oly's rifle has the 4.27 inch action screw spacing. The difference of 0.13 inch equates to 3.28 mm.
  10. ezmobile

    3D Prints

    That'll be Bob Hahin I guess?
  11. ezmobile

    3D Prints

    Good on you, I can see a business opportunity there. What about the small Tikka single shot mag insert? They're a lot of money for what they are....
  12. ezmobile

    Long range scope options.

    I would also throw into the mix the "Delta Stryker" 5 - 50 x 56 . I bought one a few months ago from optics warehouse and certainly didn't regret it. Great glass, tons of elevation, very nice reticle with illuminated center dot (DLS-3 1/8th MOA), 34mm tube & a very good price (sub £1400) Seriously, give it a look.
  13. Yeah, I get your point, it just seems very OTT sometimes. I guess its simply the difference between typical British "understatement" and American "Brashness / bigging everything up". But what you mentioned reminds me of a story I heard some time ago of the American car company "Edsel" I think it was, who produced a car that had a grille that reminded people of, now how can I put this politely, a certain area of a ladies anatomy. and sales of the car bombed. Still, I'm certainly not knocking the yanks, god bless em anyway I say!

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