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  1. RS52 and 308W load data

    I used to use RS52 under Sierra MK's 155's (2156) and RWS cases in my Target rifle with a 32" 1:12 barrel. I needed to get them up to 3000 fps for 1000 yds on Stickledown. The suggested charge according to Quickload was a tad over 48 grains (I think it was 48.3) I did a velocity test and found them to be running way over 3K, plus I had pressure signs and a hard bolt lift. So, to totally back up what Laurie says, don't trust QL too much! I eventually wound it back to exactly 46 grains before finding the 3000 fps I was looking for, but once there I found it to be a very effective powder for my use.
  2. Weekend Bump. Price on Forster 30-06 Ultra micrometer seater die now reduced to £70
  3. fonts colour

    Hey, fellas, I'm no computer whiz not by any stretch of the imagination, but on my PC at work the side bar headings or whatever you call it comes up as a really harsh vivid green against a darker tan background and is almost impossible to read & the computer geeks at work agree. However, on my home PC its not so pronounced, thats all......... Bradders, what you've put up on you're post is not the same image I'm getting so I guess its some sort of glitch in the machine itself. Oh yeah, I like the bit about "non-ladyboy types", funny. However if you are into 57 yr old, 6ft 1in, 17.5 stone welders than I'm your man, I'll show you a good time sonny.
  4. fonts colour

    Bright, almost luminous green against a tan background, Ouch! Never mind "Specsavers," I'll be trying a welding mask
  5. Weekend Bump! Also to mention these are now also advertised elsewhere.
  6. BUMP. Pricedrop: Redding 30-06 F/L sizer die - £25 Forster 30-06 Ultra Micrometer Seat die - £80 Lapua 30-06 cases - £65-00 All items are in "Perfect / As New condition" as they were never used !!
  7. x2 Reloading trays for 6.5CM before i buy new?

    Hiya. I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, but is it not easier and cheaper to get a decent piece of smoothed, polished wood and drill a few rows of appropriately sized holes in it with a pillar drill? Just a suggestion
  8. For sale are some items I was going to use on a rebarrelling project...then had a change of direction. 1. Redding 30-06 full length sizer die, series A, #91148. Perfect condition - never used. £25-00 2. Forster 30-06 Ultra Micrometer seating die, #U00113. Also perfect condition - never used. £70-00 3. Unopened & still sealed box of 100 x Lapua cases, 30-06. £70-00 ..... CASES NOW SOLD! Please PM me and I'll send photos if needed but I'll assume you all know what dies & cases look like These items can be collected from my home address in West London, We can meet up at Bisley or I can post at additional cost. Cheers!
  9. Hello Jay1 Could you tell me what the postage of this would be to England (London area)? Cheers
  10. MTc scopes

    Yep, I concur with banus02 on this one. I too have the same model sat atop my CZ .22lr, good as gold and used it out to 200 yds at S/siberia with no worries.
  11. Douglas Bader

    I remember this chap very fondly from when he visited my school (Pimlico in London) for a prize giving back in about 1972-3. We had a massive main hall in the school which was bursting with kids. When he walked in, bolt upright, onto the stage the whole place just erupted with cheers & shouts! It could have been any of the top pop stars, movie stars or footballers of the time who had walked in, such was the response. Even at our tender age, we knew the reputation of this man and what he had done for this country.......God bless him!
  12. Aargh. Why does everyone live so far away
  13. Whidden bullet pointing die

    Hello. PM sent
  14. Whidden bullet pointing die

    Hiya. I've got a "Shooting Shed" .30 cal pointing die which fits inside a Forster seating die if you're interested?
  15. Are these still for sale? If not, I'll have em.

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