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  1. Hi. What profile is the last one (dia of muzzle etc?) Cheers. Sorry, read it again and the profile is mentioned. Duh.
  2. Mid week price drop: £50 inc postage or £45 face to face.
  3. I have a box (100) of Hornady .30 cal ELD-Match 208 grain bullets for sale. Part No. 30731. Price £50.00 inc P & P or £45 face to face I will be at Bisley from this Sunday 22nd July until Sat 28th so I can bring them down if you're there. Otherwise PM me for postage. Cheers.
  4. ezmobile

    Twist rate

    Begging to differ. I HAVE used 77 smk's in a 1:12 Howa to 300 and they were not bad. Not quite match winning rounds , but were much better than I thought they were "supposed" to be. It was, after all, merely a suggestion to try it.
  5. ezmobile

    Twist rate

    I've used 62 grainers with success in a 1:12 out to 300 yards. why not load up a few a little heavier, like SMK 77's etc and just give them a try. They'll not be good at long range i.e. 600 yards, but "may" be o.k. for what you're doing. It's worth a try at least.
  6. Cheers Ronin, thats good news as, like I said, its too nice a stock to bin
  7. ezmobile

    .284 win with 180gr ELD M

    Hello Sean. I use 55.5 grains of N165 under a Sierra 183 grn MK (# 1983) and gets it to about 2,800 fps with a 34 inch 1:8 Bartlien courtesy of Mick Maksimovitch @ Dolphin. seated "just" off the lands. A good, accurate round.
  8. I hope you mean "1,000 yards"?☺️
  9. Cheers for that Varm, I'll have a go with that and work it from there. I wasn't trying to get high velocities in the first place, I was only working from multiple articles I'd read to give me a ballpark figure to start off, and while "Quickload" is helpful, I've learned from experience not to trust their predictions on loads too faithfully, as they're quite often way off the mark. A morning down on Short Siberia will be needed me thinks!
  10. Thanks for the input fella's, much appreciated. Everything was as it should be re; the rifle, scope etc. It's funny though, as a few days before I had just finished running the barrel in with its original H-S Precision stock and I was using cheapo S&B 140 grain FMJ's, VV N150 loaded low at around 38 grains, and it was shooting o.k. not brilliant, but I was still running the barrel in as mentioned, and so far has only had 60 rounds through it. The brass I was using was once fired Hornady with large primers (using CCI BR primers). As for load development, this was to be a starting point for me. I made up this small batch to see how they would go and take it from there. I agree that the velocities were a tad high (highest recorded was 2829 fps) and should be looking at 2750 or thereabouts, so that'll be easy to take care of. Cheers
  11. Just testing the water here, but I've recently replaced the H-S precision stock & 4 round detachable mag on my Savage, mod 12 LRP short action rifle, with a chassis system. I was just wondering if there is any market for the H-S stock as its far too good to chuck out? I believe its model no. is PST114, with an Ali full length bedding block and is made from fiberglass & Kevlar, Uncle Mikes recoil pad & sling swivel studs. Its channeled for a heavy tactical / varmint barrel and is the 4.4'' action bolt spacing with center feed. these are sold in the U.S. for around $495 Any help would be appreciated Cheers.
  12. Well, I had an interesting morning yesterday at Bisley testing out some homeloads at 300 yds. Loading 44.3 grains of RS62 behind some Nosler 140 RDF's. COAL of 2.815'' (giving a .009 thou jump to lands). The rifle was chucking them all over the bloody board. I was getting velocities from 2791 fps, up to 2829 fps and everywhere in between ( a little too fast I think)! but I've never shot like that before. I know it wasn't me as the other two rifles I took were consistent V & 5 shooters to 300, 900 & 1k all day long, and in excellent conditions too. But here's the rub. Its a new rifle, Savage mod 12 LRP, which is supposed to be a pretty good factory rifle. Mated to a new MDT chassis and very decent scope and is a peach to shoot, so I'm a little perplexed and don't know what to look at first, but suspect it may be down to the ammo?? These bullets have a wide array of opinions from really good to not that great and powder is good for this caliber (6.5 Creed). Any thoughts anyone?
  13. I'd go the .308 win - 6.5 Creedmoor route.
  14. Could you please pay me with paypal  Thanks       peterppri@aol.com  I will need your address .



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