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  1. ezmobile

    More scottish bans being proposed

    The "Thin end of the Wedge" argument was not made by a game shooter (me) as I'm purely a target shooter and I was certainly against the MARS & 50. cal ban. The comment was made purely about the increasing distrust & fear of the firearms owning section of the population by clueless "townies" (of which I'm one.) and the political parties they tend to support, who would do anything possible to stop the public at large from owning firearms, so please don't think that all "Townies" are lefty lib snowflakes and shooting sports are the sole preserve of country folk. That's all I was saying
  2. ezmobile

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Thin end of a wedge eh?
  3. ezmobile

    MDT ESS Forend

    Hello mate. I've got one of these I'm looking to sell. its the 15'' version in black with a short rail at the front end / or you can have one without a rail. Please PM me. All the best
  4. Please PM me your postage details. Cheers.
  5. For sale is my Accu-Shot BT04-QK Monopod. This is the standard height (3.75'' to 4.85'' adjustable) with QK01 Quick knob model for use with a "STUD MOUNT". Its in very good condition with little use. I can send more pics if you PM me. NOW SOLD!£75 + P&P
  6. Hi mate. Just to let you know that I transferred the money at 3-30 this afternoon. Please post them to: All the best. Eric
  7. Hiya. N165 using 55.5 grains. Getting 2,800 fps with Sierra 180 grain MK's, but out of a 34'' barrel
  8. Hi. I'll take the 55 x Win .284 Brass if you still have them? Please PM me with details Cheers.
  9. Hi. I'll have them, please PM me with details. Cheers
  10. For sale is my "SiteLite" SL-100 Mag Laser Bore scope. This item is in perfect condition as its not been used, the only slight damage is to the outer clear plastic case to protect the contents. All details can be found here https://www.shoothouse.co.uk/laser-bore-sighter/sl100-mag-laser-boresighter-red-laser This was bought as a present but not used and all contents are in A1 condition. Price £70.00 + P&P.00 + P&P
  11. I tend to use one of those plastic tool box things that you can get from B&Q's (other DIY stores are available). A big one with a flip up lid, tray inside and loads of room for all your kit. Just make sure it has a set of wheels at one end and a pull out / extendable handle at the other so you just pull it to the firing point. Jobs a good'n!

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