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  1. Bushnell DMR mrad with ffp MilDot reticle, Contessa medium rings, vortex bubble, 117 moa/34mrad of elevation, 5mrad per turn pop up locking turrets (no zero stop) tracks perfectly clean glass, rubber on eye piece is a bit taty, coated in plasticoat brown. £sold😁 More pictures available to email.
  2. Box 250 40gr nosler and box 100 35gr hornady ntx goes to tahrnz😁
  3. Neck die isn't much use without the full length die, the decaper pin has broken off, I was swapping the internals around 😕
  4. Rcbs group A 22.250 full length and seater dies, very good condition. £25 Inc p&p Lee dies 22.250 full length and seater good condition £18 Inc p&p 300 hornady 22.250 twice fired (£33 Inc p&p per 100) 180 once fired lapua 22.250 (£43 Inc p&p per 100) or £60 Inc p&p for 180. Box off 250 nosler 22 cal bt varmint 40gr £43 Inc p&p(sold) 175 nosler 22 cal ballistic tip 55gr(sold) £25 Inc p@p 82 Hornady 40gr zmax 22cal £15 Inc p&p Box of 100 hornady 22 cal 35gr NTX £17 Inc p&p(sold) Thanks Neil
  5. steery

    6mm br dies and cases

    Comp or standard dies Kim?
  6. steery

    6mm br dies and cases

    Once fired would be good😊
  7. steery

    6mm br dies and cases

    As titled, looking for 6mm br full length and seater dies plus some lapua brass Thanks 👍

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