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  1. Chronograph purchase.

    Thanks Elwood, much appreciated.
  2. Chronograph purchase.

    I’m thinking seriously about buying a decent chronograph for load development of calibures from .223 R.E.M. upto and including .338LM. I have very little experience or knowledge of chronographs, and would appreciate any thoughts or advice on do’s and don’ts, as well as good makes and those to avoid etc. Many thanks Triumph045
  3. Diopter sight

    Thanks Mark, I'll have a look.
  4. Diopter sight

    I'm looking for a tang/ diopter Sight for my marlin underlever. Thanks
  5. Morning A.J.P. I'm interested in an "all in batch" of .38 special / .357 magnum ammo. I'm only in Bedfordshire, so could you please P.M. me contact details? Thanks
  6. Possibly interested, could you p.m. me please? Thanks Triumph045.
  7. A mate of mine is considering a .22wmr semi auto for general plinking, possibly a bit of light varmint. Has anyone got any experience of said calibre? Accuracy? Reliabillity? Etc etc? Many thanks in anticipation. Triumph045.
  8. Thanks Chris, that's good to know. Thanks to Incisor, I'm currently speaking to Klaudia in Germany trying to get one sorted.
  9. Looking at a Hensoldt spotter 60 spotting scope. Does anyone know of any importers/ distributors in the U.K. please? Also, I'd be interested to know if the Spotter 60 can be supplied with an M.O.A. reticle? Many thanks Triumph045
  10. Thank All. I'll do a bit of smurffin based on your suggestions.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a good quality spotting scope with a m.o.a. ranging reticle. Capable of 1000yds +. Any recommendations on manufacturers, models, price and U.K. supplier please? Many thanks Triumph045
  12. New to reloading

    Thanks very much. Kind regards. Triumph045.
  13. New to reloading

    All, New to reloading. On occasion I get a small dent in the shoulder of the case when de priming and resizing, it's not a consistent problem only the odd case now and then. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? Should I bin these cases? Many thanks Triumph045
  14. Shooting Insurance.

    Time to renew my insurance again. Need cover for a bit of everything, competition, target and varminting. Anyone got any opinions on a good package / provider? Many thanks Triumph045
  15. ATN X Sight 2 on a CZ455

    Thanks for the above Jeff. I'll contact Scott and County re an additional battery cover. Kind regards Triumph045.

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