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  1. Dellboy


    Cammo flip flops obviously .....
  2. Dellboy


    thought i had will check iy out . lets face it most people are on more than one forum aren't they
  3. Dellboy

    My DIY annealing machine!

  4. Dellboy


    where did you get my picture ??????
  5. Dellboy


    Decided to jump in and have a go (Cheers Dan ) so whats the fashion thats cheap warm dry and not too expensive ?
  6. Second hand but look unused LEE 32 S& W £30.00 LEE 7.65 X 53 £30.00 LEE 22 HORNET £30.00 LEE 6.5 CREEDMORE ULTIMATE £35.00 LYMAN ? 11.5/58 WR £30.00 USED Individual pics on request INC UK POST
  7. Dellboy

    Markers Bisley

    We have found the electronic targets very hit and miss (no pun intended) . The other week at 1200 we were told the weather was affecting the bluetooth so shots were not being recorded previous to that on 1000 we were told some of the screens were a bit iffy . one time on 900 as we were leaving we enquired about the screens not recording and when we said our lane number the guy said yep been having trouble wth that .
  8. cant really compare on an AX as ive only used the AI one on 308 and 6.6 cm but its quiter than my 308 Howa with an ASE on it and as Dave said it doesnt affect the aim point (mind you im not that good ) . Comes apart easy to clean as well ..
  9. Dellboy


    is this the 1200 yard plus answer Dave
  10. Dellboy

    General purpose target rifle.

    as a club gun we bought a howa in 6.5 creedmore with a heavy 26inch barel a dpt moderator a atlas style bipod and the big hawke eld scope all in under 2 grand . put in a grs stock it would be adjustable and good looking Ammo bought at Bisley S&B 140grain at £19 a box ( nay have been 17) and it was in the bull at 1200 last sat in the rain .
  11. Dellboy

    Screwcutting Annie Barrels

    Funny enough i asked a couple of people about screwcuttin my old target rifle (22) and all three said they would but it may well shoot badly afterwards .. so it hasnt got a mod on it ...
  12. Dellboy

    Range mat.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Gun-Mat-Range-Target-Shooting-Padded-Waterproof-Roll-Up-Outdoor-Rifle/153572274035?hash=item23c19eef73:m:mz209tFshnOwIH-amIp6zYQ cheap enough to replace every year .... a couple of guys at our club use them when rabbit bashing ..
  13. What model did it start off as ? any other mods ?

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