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  1. Dellboy

    transportation question

    of course not but deff not in writing ..
  2. Dellboy

    transportation question

    yes but try getting the answer in writting if he says its ok ?
  3. what weight barrel ? or diameter and length please
  4. Dellboy

    WTD: New Ruger Precision Rifle in .223REM

  5. Dellboy


    CNC machining wont make all the actions identical ,unless of course there is no tool wear i suppose ? Although the batch numbers would be low enough to make variations mimimal maybe .. Interested to know what the acceptable tolerance would be for them ..
  6. Dellboy


    I wouldnt want a barrel made to fit any gun i wanted it to fit mine , as said above really theres a lot of tolerances that could affect the fit and performance , this way that barrel fits and works with that gun . The only problem now is learning to use it all properly . I am currently the weakest link . 🤔
  7. Having bought the AI 308 I decided to add a 6.5 barrel to it so on 10th May I dropped it off to Dave at Valkyrie Rifles for the job (after all he is the UK only service agent plus I had spent time at the Birmingham show talking about it) .Got a text on 14th May saying it was off to proof, ready to collect by 31st May. Couldn’t get to pick it up till 11th June (it’s a fair way to Rotherham from Essex. Finally shot it on Saturday at Bisley, zero at 100 yards then 10 rounds at 500 in the afternoon it was V Bull 6 out of ten and just on the line for the rest .With the S&B ammo . Early next month its 800 and 1000 so it’s more of a test plus it will be wearing its moderator. Loving it .But the problem am I looked at a straight pull AR and well its already on next year’s ‘only need another 2 guns list’. Thanks Dave
  8. Be good to see some AR pics please
  9. DPT are good ive had a few now easy to add different baffles if you want to quiten it down . pm me if you need help tracking them down
  10. Dellboy

    Just about the sexiest tactical mounts there is !

    Should be playing with a 75 really ...
  11. Dellboy

    Just about the sexiest tactical mounts there is !

    Just bought my AI back home from Dave Valkyrie ( spare 6.5 barrel) and the Spuhr mount and IOR is going on tonight .... They are a lovely piece of kit .
  12. i bought a carp fishing bag similar to this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NGT-Olive-Green-Carp-Coarse-Fishing-Tackle-Bag-Holdall-Quality-Bag-909-Insulated/361405924384?hash=item542578c420:g:9CQAAOSw-tNXIQ29 Thought i would be good for a year or so ive used and abused it for 4 years no problem ..

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