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    Mainly classic military rifles and handguns, particularly rifles from the Cold War era.

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  1. Anaxes

    Girard Tri Way case trimmer

    I bought one of their power trimmers years ago. Still running well. All their products are worth the price and they’re very good to deal with.
  2. Anaxes

    30mm 2-Piece Picatinny Rings

    Still looking.
  3. 40rnds of Remington Slugger 1oz - £44 50rnds of S&B Practical Slug - £30 Must have FAC with authorization to purchase 12b slug. Cannot be bought on a SGC. Thanks.
  4. Anaxes

    30mm 2-Piece Picatinny Rings

    Now looking for another set of the above due to a slightly out of spec rail! Tier One don’t fit.
  5. Anaxes

    30mm 2-Piece Picatinny Rings

    Looking for a decent quality set of the above in either medium or high. Thanks.
  6. Anaxes

    Leupold VX•R 1.5-5x33mm Scout

    Looking for the above. Thanks.
  7. Anaxes

    .303 For Enfield

    It took a while to get to the range, but here's the first results. I bottomed out the elevation on my scope and had to contend with a POI that was around 12" inches high - it was a nuisance. These were the best and highest charges tested. 41.5gr of N140 Privi 174gn FMJ BT HXP case, neck-sized with a standard RCBS die CCI standard LRP COL: 3.071" 41.5gr of N140 SMK 174gn BTHP PPU case, neck-sized with a standard RCBS die. Remington standard LRP COL: 3.071 Range of 100yds with a NRSA 25m smallbore target (P 25M10 BM/89)
  8. Anaxes

    Wiltshire Clubs?

    Salisbury Vintage does a lot of classic service rifle shooting and a fair bit of black powder. Most range days are at a 25yd gallery range at Old Sarum, or one of the MOD ranges at Bulford Camp, or the NSC at Bisley. Let me know if you’re interested in more information about the club or attending a guest day.
  9. Anaxes

    Parker Hale PH5E

    Cheers. Yes, he’s been able to supply the dovetail and screws. Still buying a PH5E sight. I have a few sets of PH rings if anybody wants to change to a scope.
  10. £55 posted. Super high. Very good condition. These are really excellent quality rings and quite expensive new.
  11. Anaxes

    Parker Hale PH5E

    Looking for the above sight. They usually came fitted to the 1200TX rifle. I also need a front sight dovetail for a 1200TX - the one fitted near the muzzle, not the front scope ring base. This might have some interchangeability between target rifles. Thanks.
  12. Anaxes

    .303 For Enfield

    Viht loading data I would recommend the 174gn Sierra Match King if you're looking for the best possible accuracy. Hornady also do a good match bullet for .303 British, but availability can be a problem. It's best to neck size the brass to help extend its lifespan. The best quality cases are from Privi or Norma, Norma being considerably more expensive. S&B are quite thin cases, although they do make excellent factory ammo. I've had reasonable use out of Greek HXP cases for reloading, but Privi cases are far better. I just fitted a 36X scope on my No. 4 Mk 2 for some load development. Testing the first batch this week, loaded with N140 and possibly N150 if I've time. I'll eventually write up my results, including various powders and possibly several types of bullet.
  13. Sold 465 GBP with postage: Steel, 26mm tube. A4 (German No.4) reticle. Dialing turrets with zero stop. I'm pretty sure the adjustments are 2cm elevation and 1cm windage. This isn't a hunting scope - it's a militarised version intended for precision shooting. They are quite unusual these days. Nice, original sight for a Parker Hale, Enfield, or early Accuracy International rifle. It's in full working order. The optics are very, very good. Lenses are in excellent shape. The tube has scratches and finish wear, but it's not crimped or worn down to steel. It still has it's original box. Inspection can be arranged. Thanks. (Also advertised elsewhere)
  14. Now Sold Corvus Defensio Forward Accessory Rail £105 posted Takes keymod rail sections and accessories. Very high quality, Austrian-made aftermarket part. It's very easy to fit and extremely solid. As new with all its original packaging. Includes 15 slot and 4 slot picatinny rail from Corvus Defensio.

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