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  1. Recknagel 34mm rings, fixed, low height (6mm): £65 posted (Sold) Very good condition with original wrench. Warne 34mm rings, fixed, high height (13.33mm): £25 posted Good condition, some small external marks as pictured.
  2. Recknagel 34mm rings, fixed, low height (6mm): £80 posted Very good condition with original wrench. Warne 34mm rings, fixed, high height (13.33mm): £30 posted Good condition, some small external marks as pictured.
  3. Anaxes

    .308 with cuts running parallel

    Like this? Fired in a fluted chamber.
  4. Anaxes

    Steyr AUG QD Barrel Parts

    Thank you for the informative reply. Would the stock also require modification for the OEM parts to fit?
  5. Anaxes

    Steyr AUG QD Barrel Parts

    Looking for a barrel quick release button and grub screw, although the grub screw isn't essential. Unfortunately unable to order either part through the UK importer or Steyr. Thanks.
  6. Anaxes

    Show your Accuracy International

    If you're reading this and thinking "Christ, I wish I could afford one!", the NRA at Bisley now have several AI rifles available to rent. (2x AT, 1x AE) I think it's around £34 per day.
  7. Anaxes

    Scope choice

    One of these instead. Vortex has superb customer service and the Razor series of scopes is very good.
  8. Sold Product page from S&B £1100, postage with insurance and tracking £20 34mm tube 1cm per click, single-turn turrets Parallax adjustable (50M and up) Illuminated reticle P4L fein reticle Aluminium anti reflection device (ARD) and printed copy of manual included. Mechanically sound, scratch-free lenses, tube free of crimps or dents, or ring marks. Small scratch visible in photos and slight loss of finish around the edge of the turrets. Can be collected or potentially delivered between Salisbury and West London. High resolution photos of scope available via email - PM me your address. *Also advertised elsewhere.
  9. Anaxes

    Parker Hale Bipod & Attachments

    Message sent. Not the thing, but thanks anyway.
  10. Anaxes

    Parker Hale Bipod & Attachments

    Looking for a standard height Parker Hale bipod without a fixed spigot. Also in need of a hand-stop with spigot, to fit a UIT rail and one to fit a Parker Hale rail, also a standalone spigot, to fit a picatinny rail. Thanks.
  11. I have owned both the T4 and the TX1200, also spent a fair amount of time using the Enfield Enforcer. Both the PH rifles were late models in as-new condition. Fulton's modified the T4 to feed from a 7.62X51mm mag - it came as a single shot with .303 British mag which they told me was standard on late models. I added a Fulton's picatinny rail to the T4 which worked very well. T4 was about £350 with target sights, 1200 was £200 with 1" inch PH rings and bases. Both bought in the past ten years. I traded the T4 sights for about £200 worth of kit. Both of them were/are superb. Accurate, reliable, robust, etc. The T4 was slightly quicker to cycle and held 10rnds rather than 5rnds, but was marginally less accurate than the 1200. I do prefer the Mauser 98 style action of the 1200. The Enforcer was very similar to the T4. They are very valuable now and cost thousands for a decent example. Wonderful rifle, but I wouldn't personally fire a completely original example much due to its value. A real highlight of a rifle collection, but not worth the extra as a shooter. Parker Hale also did the M80 series of rifles, like the M84, M85, etc. Suppose to be an improved Mauser action, I think. Some are again very valuable, primarily the M85, but you can get a decent price on the single shot match rifle versions. Worth looking at. But, yeah, short answer is, highly recommend. Punch well above their price in the case of TX1200, T4. If you buy one and need PH original mounts, I have spare 26mm and 25mm sets for less than a dealer will charge.
  12. Anaxes

    34mm Low/Medium Rings

    All sorted. Thanks to all that replied.
  13. Anaxes

    34mm Low/Medium Rings

    To fit a picatinny rail. Thanks.

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