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  1. BamBam

    22lr AR/ black rifle.

    I'm thinking of selling my CMMG MK4 Improved. Has a Stainless WL match chambered barrel, Lantac SPADA handguard, Lantac trigger, ambi safety, atec wave mod, mag adapter for M&P mags and 2 or 3 M&P mags. £900
  2. BamBam

    Dried food meals

    I've used Mountain House for a few years, but this sample pack of UK FD food was not bad, by that I mean better than my own cooking. https://www.emergencyfoodstorage.co.uk/products/emergency-food-sample-pack-fuel-your-preparation
  3. BamBam

    Iver Johnson lbp .22 race gun

    I think the shop at Yorkshire Shooting Centre has one, call them on 01924 492458
  4. BamBam

    1/2"x28 UNEF MuzzleBrake

    I have at least 3, Battlecomp, an ALG SCB and a JP enterprises Recoil Eliminator.
  5. BamBam

    New Lantac Stealth Raven

  6. BamBam

    New Lantac Stealth Raven

    Loving it.
  7. BamBam

    Lantac ONYX Receiver Sets...

    Executive Ordnance, they're out of business, surprisingly comfortable.
  8. The bloke who made the action figure seems to lean more toward the Seal Team patch.
  9. BamBam

    AR15 in .22LR

    Got a 15-22 with a 12" barrel for sale.
  10. BamBam

    M&P15-22 magazines wanted

    £26 each plus £4 for post.
  11. BamBam

    M&P15-22 magazines wanted

    25 round only.
  12. BamBam

    M&P15-22 magazines wanted

    I have a couple, new in the bag, black only.
  13. Lantac Raven .223 16.5" barrel 1-7 Straight Pull Side charger as standard. ALG ACT trigger Magpul moe+ grip IMI buttstock. Ergo rail covers. Lantac Dragon muzzle brake. Lantac folding iron sights.
  14. BamBam

    S&W M&P 15-22 factory M-LOK hand guard

    I got mine from here. https://www.tacticalsolution.co.uk/product-page/m-p15-22-m-lock-gen2-handguard

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