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  1. Mac.308

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

    Back up
  2. Mac.308

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

    PM Sent
  3. Mac.308

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

    Up. Anyone out there got a 7.62 ACOG to sell??
  4. Mac.308

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

  5. Mac.308

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

  6. Mac.308

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

    Thanks for the reply but after something with a BDC ideally. Sorry
  7. Mac.308

    7.62/.308 BDC optic

    Hi all, I'm after an optic with a 7.62/.308 bdc. Im thinking Eotech Vudu with SR2 reticle, Elcan, Trijicon etc. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  8. I’ve decided to continue to thin out my optics collection. Up for sale is an Eotech 552 A65 holographic sight. Very very good condition, only a slight nick on the hood. This is the night vision version. The reticle on this is the single dot with circle. Comes in box but some of the foam is missing. Reticle is crystal clear... the photo doesn’t do it justice. £365 OBO. (Shipping to UK).

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