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  1. Testing the water Elcan trade / Part Ex - Sling hunt

    Fairly old but still hunting. Anyone...?
  2. Elcan CQB Mount

    Nope. The CQB has seating screws in line like the green lined holes however they’re winged like the red lined holes.
  3. Elcan CQB Mount

    Yeah roger... Thats for the CQS.... I have the CQB.
  4. Elcan CQB Mount

    Anyone? 😎
  5. Elcan CQB Mount

    Hi mate. Thanks for the reply. I’ve spoken to Shield and Hall & Watts and no joy.
  6. Elcan CQB Mount

    Hi, I’m after a mounting plate to mount a Shield CQB red dot onto the top of my Elcan. Can anyone help? Thanks
  7. Testing the water Elcan trade / Part Ex - Sling hunt

    Anyone help with either?
  8. Good day all, I have a mint condition Elcan x4 5.56 reticle optic. Black in colour. (pics available on request) Would anyone fancy trading / part ex-ing my x4 fixed for a 1-4x Elcan? Also i'm looking for a Blue Fore Gear VCAS sling if anyone has a spare. Thanks
  9. WTB Aimpoint twist mount (base)

    Hi Im after an Aimpoint twist mount for a magnifier. Must be genuine. Ideally I just need the base but willing to buy the complete mount as I think this will be easier. Can anyone help? Thanks
  10. Flip to side mount for magnifier

    Still looking
  11. Flip to side mount for magnifier

    Hi mate. Not really what I’m after but always use a spare. Genuine one?
  12. Flip to side mount for magnifier

  13. Flip to side mount for magnifier

    Hi everyone, I'm after a good quality flip to side mount for my aimpoint magnifier if anyone has a "spare". Thanks very much
  14. Eotech EXPS optic

    Bump, seems I’m back looking for an Eotech XPS Again I’m after the reticle that has the ring and 2 dots within it... not the usual lone dot. Have an Aimpoint T1 on GG&G Mount with kill flashes etc for trades. That’s said I’m also able to buy with no trade if it’s the righ optic. Thanks
  15. IR laser / illuminator unit

    Up 🤪

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