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  1. Eotech EXPS optic

    Bump, seems I’m back looking for an Eotech XPS Again I’m after the reticle that has the ring and 2 dots within it... not the usual lone dot. Have an Aimpoint T1 on GG&G Mount with kill flashes etc for trades. That’s said I’m also able to buy with no trade if it’s the righ optic. Thanks
  2. IR laser / illuminator unit

    Up 🤪
  3. IR laser / illuminator unit

  4. Hi everyone, Ive a spare brand new AI 308/338 double chamber muzzle brake for sale. Threaded for the attachment of the AI moderator. No scratches etc, just a bit of dust. Asking £180 inc postage but open to sensible offers. Thanks
  5. IR laser / illuminator unit

    Back up. Happy new year
  6. IR laser / illuminator unit

    Old post but still looking. Anyone have a "spare" DBAL or PEQ they no longer require? Thanks
  7. Eotech EXPS optic

    Cancel. No longer required
  8. Hi, I've decided I have too many optics so clearing out. for sale is a Sig Romeo4S red dot optic... 4 months old, was mounted on my AR10 and worked fantastical however I've just brought a dedicated x4 .308 BDC optic for it. Fully working and glass is immaculate. I was hitting "bulls" at 600 once I learnt the lower dot was my hold over. (For 308 GGG that is). This red dot has 4 "dot" options selected by scrolling through them with the function buttons. 1 MOA dot n cross, cross with one BDC dot, cross with 2 BDC dots and cross, 2 dots with circle. Features on this are awesome... auto shut off but switches back on when moved. Solar panel on the top as backup power for the battery - is a standard 2032. Comes with QD picatinny mount, clear flip up lens covers, adjustment tool, rubber covers, battery, cloth, low and high mounts for pica rails. More info on Sigs website. For sale with it is a 1-4.5x flip over magnifier. The magnifier can also be removed from the mount via the QD lever. Great combo. £525 posted RMSD. More pics / info on request
  9. Eotech EXPS optic

  10. Eotech EXPS optic

    Thanks so far but still hunting

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