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  1. Sako trg accessories

    Hello does anyone one have any of the following trg black 3mm cheek piece spacers and also any butt-stock lop spacers Many thanks Rob PS please pm me as we don't receive notifications for forum posts
  2. Which PM11 to buy?

    5-25x56 PMII Msr reticle mil/mil ffp clockwise turn double turn turrets simple does the job
  3. Hi when viewed from the top like a clock and rotated clockwise the elevation clicks will go up in number, there isn't really a normal turret rotation direction, the benefit of cw turrets is that the scale reads in numerical order. Many thanks, Rob
  4. ASE ultra

    used ase utra for a decade now with many different cartridges never had any problems
  5. Hello im looking for Sako trg 42 Cheek rest risers and stock spacers please ideally 6mm worth of cheek risers and 15-20mm of stock spacers Many Thanks Rob

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