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  1. Will you do this £200 posted to my RFD? Cheers. JP.
  2. Thread size and bore in description might attract more interest. Good luck with your sale. Regards. JP.
  3. johnnyb0_1

    Firing Pin Bolt Bushing

    Cheers Ronin, Please keep posting yours vids. all very interesting. JP.
  4. johnnyb0_1

    Firing Pin Bolt Bushing

    Would this translate to an Accuracy Int. AW or an AX? How about Sako TRG 22, 42? I drive them hard. Interesting and informative post, thanks. JP.
  5. Postage included? JP.
  6. Sorry just realised this is metric only, cancel my last. Regards. JP.
  7. Mitutoyo caliper please. Please pm payment details. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks. JP.
  8. I'd be interested in a box of the creedmore brass if you have any left? Thanks. JP.
  9. johnnyb0_1

    7mm Rem-Mag

    I'm looking hard but I don't see a price mentioned? Cheers. J.
  10. johnnyb0_1


    Unable to send you a PM is your inbox full? JP.
  11. Hi, are you ever in the vicinity of Antrim or Belfast? Cheers. JP.
  12. Anyone tell me the correct size please? Thanks. JP.

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