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  1. Why did the first bidder not complete? Genuinely interested but wondering?? Cheers. JP.
  2. Hi tried again to send a message still not able to. Regards. JP.
  3. Can,t get a message to you. What is the condition of the glass and body, any marks etc? Cheers. JP.
  4. johnnyb0_1

    Mod covers

    Craig, the cover i got from you works well and sticks the heat. May I suggest an olive drab green also? Something akin to the green AIM drag bags. Keep 'er lit mate, I'll have a couple of orders for yopu shortly. JP.
  5. Will you accept an offer of £350 all in posted? ( provided they're sepatated), Thanks. JP. If so PM me with payment details. Thanks. JP.
  6. You have a PM. Cheers JP.
  7. johnnyb0_1

    223 dies

    RCBS neck die and seating die. £25 +post. Will include shell holder. Cheers JP.
  8. How many boxes have you? Thanks. JP.
  9. Are rods included with this?
  10. Might need to state size of dovetail?? Cheers. JP.
  11. Are the screws Tier One original or after market? Thanks. J.
  12. If it's still available, I'll have this please. JP.

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