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  1. 30 cal Barrel

    Gbal, thanks for that, very useful. Dave, was hoping it would cover 155's up to 200gn in 308 and as you state it does indeed. Thanks and regards to both of you. JP.
  2. 30 cal Barrel

    What bullet weights will a 30 cal. 1 in 9 twist barrel shoot. Ie lowest to highest that will be supported. Thanks. J.
  3. Evening, are the AI mags 5 or 10 rds? Thanks. J.
  4. Thanks Mark, I was on their sight and missed that. Cheers. JP.
  5. Anyone know where I can find a Black sure grip ERGO deluxe tactical grip for an AR 15 ( curved grip not flat top). I’m having difficulty tracking one down. Thanks. JP.
  6. Your local force cannot, in law, prevent you selling RFD to RFD. Look at it as if you were selling direct to the RFD. He signs it into his books then sells to another RFD anywhere in the country (read UK), which is totally legal. As long as he uses an approved and licenced carrier to transport. The receiving RFD can retail the firearm to whom ever he chooses. (Provided the licencing process is followed). I'm away at the mo. but will forward you a link to the ACPO guidance on firearms. Yes it is 'guidance' but local plod cannot invent their own laws. Challange this with you're FEO and insist they show where you cannot sell to a third party via an RFD to RFD transfer. Another case of over zealous, over bearing PLOD not knowing their jobs and what the law empowers them to do?? Good luck with the sale. JP.
  7. Thanks Akeld. Had a look, not his. Phoenix thanks also, looks like what I’m after, will give them a shout. Cheers buddy. JP.
  8. Morning all. Dorset Winmag on here was making a modular, marine ply, shooting bench and selling on the forum. It would appear his inbox is full and he cannot receive messages. Anyone, by any chance, have any contact details for him? I would like to order one of his benches. Thanks. JP.
  9. Cases sold, pending the usual. Thanks. J.
  10. Maffs, I’ll take the 6 x 47 comparator please. Cheers. JP.
  11. Dead centre yes, no problem I'll contact you by PM. ALL 308 LAPUA BRASS NOW SOLD. THANKS.

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