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  1. First dibs on the Vortex scope caps please. Payment by transfer is possible please? Cheers, J.
  2. johnnyb0_1

    Adjustable Comb

    Simon did two for me last year, a Sako quad and an Anchutz , quick turn round and top notch work, highly recommended, The rifles are much more user friendly now. They look like they came from the factory. Top drawer.
  3. johnnyb0_1

    That Spud 1967 bloke .......

    You're pushing it Mark. 😲LOL. 😂 As for the rest ,top marks, best customer service I've had in the UK. First stop when I need stuff. Cheers. J.
  4. johnnyb0_1

    Filming at Bisley

    I shot the PSUK meeting at Bisley 3 maybe 4 years ago at Bisley, as I have done for the last 30 years. Was woken on the Monday morning at 4am by lots of vehicles moving into the car park of St. Georges Lodge. Turned out it was for the filming of, 'Endevour'. Turned out lovely folks and when the crew had fed they invited us to their canteen, (a converted double decker bus), so nothing would be thrown out. As I said lovely people. JP.
  5. johnnyb0_1

    Big Larry torch

    +1, got one of these, fantastic, for the landy when rummaging around for kit. Cheers. J
  6. johnnyb0_1

    Happy new year.

    May I wish a peaceful, prosperous, happy and healthy new year to all on here? The feedback, and passing of information and support, entertainment is outstanding. My wife watches TV, I watch UKV, which I find more entertaining. I raise a glass to you all. J.
  7. Have you any of the 338 left? Cheers. J.
  8. Evening, I have a Labradar but have found it to be a real faff to use. I follow the instructions to the letter but most times it doesn't pick up the bullet. I have access to our club magneto speed and despite the basically tying it onto the barrel I've found it to be reliable. 1066, gonna try to get to grips with the labradar or move it on. Any chance I could get one of your printed sights? Send payment details by PM please. Thanks. JP.
  9. Would you consider splitting some of the Lapua brass? Cheers. JP.
  10. johnnyb0_1

    Lapua brass

    Steve, may I have one 223 please? Bacs details please and I will get you squared up. Cheers. JP.
  11. Evening All! I'm wondering if anyone in your clubs has purchased one of the above. Apparently being made in Luxembourg to UK spec. form original parts. A bit spendy, so I don't want to buy something that won't shoot well. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks. JP.
  12. Can you confirm the thread size of the brake please. AI thread is M18 x 1.5 not as you state M18 x 1. Thanks. J.

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