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  1. Might need to state size of dovetail?? Cheers. JP.
  2. Are the screws Tier One original or after market? Thanks. J.
  3. If it's still available, I'll have this please. JP.
  4. Clear out

    PM sent re 223 brass. J.
  5. Tactical Marlin.

    Check out the Shooting Shed. Alan , the gunsmith talks about rebarrelling lever actions with blown barrels. Look for his blog, it's on there. May be worth a call too, nice fella to chat to and know's his stuff. Hope this helps. JP.
  6. Who built this please? J.
  7. Price please, Longbow, thanks. J.
  8. The Redding Shell holder set, is this the set with 5 x shellholders each one 10 thou longer? If so, price? Cheers. J.
  9. Apologies, difficulty at my end. You have a PM. J.
  10. Your in box won't accept a PM. J.
  11. 30 cal Barrel

    Gbal, thanks for that, very useful. Dave, was hoping it would cover 155's up to 200gn in 308 and as you state it does indeed. Thanks and regards to both of you. JP.
  12. 30 cal Barrel

    What bullet weights will a 30 cal. 1 in 9 twist barrel shoot. Ie lowest to highest that will be supported. Thanks. J.
  13. Evening, are the AI mags 5 or 10 rds? Thanks. J.
  14. Thanks Mark, I was on their sight and missed that. Cheers. JP.

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