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  1. johnnyb0_1


    Your inbox if full. Cheers. JP.
  2. johnnyb0_1

    Some of this weeks finishings.

    That Bighorn action is calling me. I had the pleasure of handling the one Dave had at the shooting show, absolutely fantastic. Nice work as always Dave. Cheers JP.
  3. You have a PM re the mod. Cheers. JP.
  4. I would be interested in both mod. and brake. Pm me with your best price please. Cheers. JP.
  5. Regarding the Lapua 308 cases, you have a PM. JP.
  6. Apologies, read without my glasses. Good luck with the sale. JP.
  7. I'll take the hog saddle please. Send details for payment. Cheers. JP.
  8. Good morning, I have a TRG and managed to find a You Tube video of the ckeek piece and but stock adjusters Terge made. It seems a number of viewers were interested but he did not appear to reply. By chance do you have any contact details for him? Best of luck with your sale, a lot of kit for the money. Regards. JP.
  9. Thanks guys, appreciate the replies.
  10. Fair point, I take it there's no ITAR issues? Cheers. JP.
  11. Thought I had corrected the title but Mac changed it back, sigh, WHIDDEN !🤗

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