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  1. Selling my CZ527 .22 hornet, comes with 18" barrel and has a Boyds grey laminate thumbhole stock, which has been glass bedded. comes with sportsmatch CZ scope rings and a steel Kozap picatinny rail in the photos. Its In good condition and is a very accurate little gun, will throw in the many 100's of hornet brass I have and bullets I have left over Im after £425 for this There is about 100 or so 40gr Sierra hornet bullets, ive also got about 250-300, 45gr H&N hornet bullets, they are a great cheap rabbit round when made up with either H110 or Lilgun. if the guns collected I'll thrown in the Bipod and reloading die set for it too and the last of my H110 powder to Any questions feel free to get in touch
  2. My pulsar Trail XQ50 up for sale as I’m planning on going back to an addon, if anyone’s interested bought it in November. I’m after £2575 ? Also comes with pulsar QD112 Mount .very good condition, comes with the latest firmware update with soundAny questions feel free to get in touch
  3. Lyman gen 6 digital powder systemGood condition, not done a lot of work, come with all original bits ,it’s not a year old as I’ve just found the receipt in the boxI’m after £225 posted for this
  4. Selling vanguard equaliser2 pro bipod , come with three fitting kits so can be swapped between guns .as new and never been out the house. £75 posted
  5. Hawke vantage 30ir 2.5-10x56 with Lr dot reticule .The scope is in excellent like new condition, mounted but never used. Selling to fund a scope with side focus as it will suit my needs better . Im after £170 posted for this Any questions , just drop me a PM
  6. Spready

    Trimmer advice

    Im looking into getting a decent trimmer for my brass, at the moment I use the basic lee hand trimmer , but certainly is very time consuming, I really like the Hornady Cam lock trimmer , also had an idea of getting one of the Frankford Arsenal prep centres and importing it from the USA, obviously id need to get a voltage step down adapter aswell. I mainly reload .222 and .22 hornet . Any advice or information on something different would be great, or better still someone selling one
  7. Spready

    Digisight zero problems

    Now sorted... thanks for your advice tho
  8. Spready

    Digisight zero problems

    Ive got a Pulsar digitsight 970 ,that has ran out of horizontal adjustment to the right, it max out at 40 with still about an inch and a half to go. its always been in the high 30's but after fitting a Pinto doubler and its seemed to make it the problem worse. the Tikka its on came with a contessa 20moa rail, so I'm close to the high adjustment limits too, so thinking of changing to a standard 0 MOA Rail. but has anyone else had any problems like this? anything to look out for? can the scope be shimmed to get the adjustment I need? any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. All thats left is the bits below , so will take offers on these bits... anyone? Hornady Reloading Manual £35 Nikko Steel Lok QD Mounts 30mm low £20 Hawke rings 9-11mm ,high mounts £10 200 H&N 45gr Hornet Bullets .224 £30
  10. Hornady Reloading Manual £35 Kozap Steel rail for the CZ527 £40 Nikko Steel Lok QD Mounts 30mm low £20 Hawke rings 9-11mm ,high mounts £10 200 H&N 45gr Hornet Bullets .224 £30 Any questions feel free to get in touch,Thanks
  11. Its pretty similar to be honest, I got it for the digital zoom but prefer the xt with a doubler personally
  12. Selling my Yukon photon RT 6.5 x it's just over a week old, thought I would give it a try but I'm gunna stick with my xt with doubler, I'm after £540 posted for this. Any questions feel free to get in touch I will get some photos up later when I'm home from work
  13. Never thought of that! Brilliant idea .It's just shy of 2mm so I'll have a look through my bits tomorrow, thanks for your help

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