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  1. Elliott

    CZ 527 Bolt handle

    I ground down the bolt handle on my CZ527 in 22H to provide better clearance. Casey cold blue afterwards and it looks great.
  2. Elliott

    595 .204 Ruger

    Well done, Malcolm. Top job! Sounds like you've got a great setup there. 26" barrel sounds just about perfect to me. I'm running a 25" barrel in the CZ527 204. Love the look of that rifle though, Malcolm. I bet it's an absolute tack driver and should spit out 39gr Blitzkings at a good speed. It's left me wondering what magic could be done to my CZ. Not sure they use them much for custom work, though? Be nice to get the action trued up, trigger polished, custom barrel and bedded into an adjustable stock.
  3. Elliott

    595 .204 Ruger

    Great calibre. How long is the barrel, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Elliott


    I haven't tried the 32gr Blitzkings to be fair. As soon as I git the rifle I knew the 39gr Blitz were the way to go. Great BC and the 25" barrel handles them really well. Powder wise, I'm using 25.6 gr of Vhit N530. Max recommended charge is 26gr, but mine groups really well at 25.6.
  5. Elliott


    Well, I have a 223 that has been sat in the gun safe since my CZ527 204 Varmint arrived 18 months ago. Zipping 39gr Blitzkings at 3,800fps. I drop crows out to 400 yards on a regular basis, the furthest so far being 580 yards. Fast, explosive, great BC and whallops foxes, too. I chest shot a fox at 230 yards a few months back and it reacted like it'd been hit with a lightning bolt!
  6. Elliott

    Tested some more 22 subs

    The old 40gr Eley Subs stack on top of each other in my CZ452. Luckily, I bought a brick a while ago that should last me. I picked up a brick of old Winchester 40gr subs yesterday, too. Thought I'd give them a try out of curiosity. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dmjQ2AmVjaGNxwQE6
  7. Elliott

    Springtime Corvids - 204 Ruger

    You bet. Speed certainly kills!
  8. Elliott

    Springtime Corvids - 204 Ruger

    Yeah, the 204 doesn't half make a mess. Arranged those magpies sympathetically. One of them was chopped clean in half at 220 yards 😲
  9. Elliott

    Springtime Corvids - 204 Ruger

    Fantastic bullet!
  10. Elliott

    Springtime Corvids - 204 Ruger

    It's great fun. Shot two crows at 340 yards last week. Best so far has been a Rook at 505 yards 👍🏻
  11. Elliott

    Springtime Corvids - 204 Ruger

    Nice setup!
  12. Elliott

    Springtime Corvids - 204 Ruger

    39gr blitz @ 3,720fps. Lambing season and nesting time. Thought I'd have a bash at the corvids. Ended up with three magpies and one crow. Range from 177 - 220 yards. 10mph crosswind. All shot one after the other inside 20 mins. Awesome vermin basher, is the 204! https://photos.app.goo.gl/StUT7d4kkH2Br9GF9
  13. GRS Berzerk stock for Tikka T3. Great condition. I'd post pics, but it looks brand new to me so not much point. £250 + postage. Also advertised elsewhere.

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