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  1. Elliott

    204 Ruger with vn530

    I get 3,740fps with 25.6gr. My barrel is 25" though.
  2. Elliott

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    That's great shooting at 300 yards!
  3. How many of the once fired ones do you have? Could be interested.
  4. Go on, then.. What do you think is the best varminting calibre for UK vermin species? Fox size and under. I have 223, 204 and 22 Hornet. Mine would be a toss up between 204 Ruger and 22 Hornet. 22 Hornet upto 300 yards (<200 yard fox), 204 beyond.
  5. Elliott

    New .204 load

    Nicely done. Definitely point and squirt out to 300 yards. Just played about with Strelock Pro to see what 7.5" of drop at 300 yards would give me in fps using 39gr Blitz. I get just under 3,500fps. You zeroing at 100 yards?
  6. Elliott

    20 cal

    204 does it for me @ 3,740fps using 39gr SBK ?
  7. Elliott

    New .204 load

    It's not cheap, but give Vhit N530 a try. It's what I'm using in my 204. My CZ has a 25" barrel and the 39gr SBK's are clocking 3,740fps with 25.6gr.
  8. Elliott

    New .204 load

    Here's the data from the Hodgdon webpage with a 40gr bullet and 24" barrel. This data is usually exaggerated, so I'd say you'd be lucky to hit 3,600. Perhaps 3,500fps. I've uploaded a data sheet from Strelock. 100 yard zero, 39gr SBK at 3,500fps. Looks like you might even be slower than that.
  9. I have a T3 223 Varmint, which shoots 53gr V-Max fantastically, a CZ527 204 Varmint which is awesome with 39gr Blitzkings and a CZ527 22 Hornet that stacks 40gr V-Max. My pal has had two 17 Hornets. Lovely calibre, but his have been very finicky. Brass problems etc. My 22H, however is an absolute doddle. 12.7gr of Lil Gun gives 3,019fps in RWS brass using the 40gr V-Max. I have dialled and shot rabbits out to silly distances in clam weather conditions. It's a 200 yard fox gun and 300 yard rabbit gun all day long. Cheap as chips and a doddle to reload for.
  10. Elliott


    You won't be disappointed!
  11. Elliott


    Love my 204 ? Didn't think they were rare, but 223 is more common. I have a CZ527 varmint.
  12. Final price reduction before it is goes off to the RFD
  13. Elliott

    Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    Yeah true BC is interesting. The 204 seems Ok to me. I shot a crow at 490 yards in an 8mph crosswind a few weeks ago and then followed it up with a Rook at 505 yards a few weeks later. I don't think the BC of the 53gr V-Max was spot on. Passed 400 yards it seemed to drop off from memory. I'm really enjoy the 204 to be honest. As I say, you'd be lucky to get the 223 53gr V-Max to 3,500 fps. 3,740fps seems pretty easy for the 204

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