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  1. Final price reduction before it is goes off to the RFD
  2. Elliott

    Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    Yeah true BC is interesting. The 204 seems Ok to me. I shot a crow at 490 yards in an 8mph crosswind a few weeks ago and then followed it up with a Rook at 505 yards a few weeks later. I don't think the BC of the 53gr V-Max was spot on. Passed 400 yards it seemed to drop off from memory. I'm really enjoy the 204 to be honest. As I say, you'd be lucky to get the 223 53gr V-Max to 3,500 fps. 3,740fps seems pretty easy for the 204
  3. Elliott

    Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    You need to compare the 39gr Blitz in 204 of if you're comparing it with 53gr V-Max (my favourite in the 223). Forget the 40gr 204 bullets. I'm getting 3,740fps using the 39gr Blitz. Consider how good the BC is and the frangability of such a small, light round. It's ideal for varminting and my loads are still very mild. Also, virtually zero recoil. You'd struggle to match it with a barrel of similar length in 223 using 53gr V-Max. Also consider the minimum fps requirements for expansion/fragmentation using varmint bullets: Usually 1,600fps. 22-250 may get you there, but it's a different beast, noisy and has more recoil. I'll crunch the numbers and post them up.. - Top one 223 using 53gr V-Max @ 3,500fps. - Bottom one 204 using 39gr Blitz @ 3,740fps Wind for both is 10mph 90°
  4. Bought secondhand from Malmo Guns. Shame to sell, but since I bought the 204 this has been a cabinet queen. Had some real days out with this rifle. I've put around 2k shots through the barrel. Shoots 1/2 MOA when I'm on form. Load data available, so save yourself the faff. To see the rifle in action check out TriggerPullTV and PointOfImpactTV. Slight chip in blueing 1/2" from end of barrel where the sling came off. Only noticeable aesthetic mark on the metalwork. Lips worn on mag - usual thing with the plastic mag. I single load so not an issue. New mags can be had for under £50 if it bothers you. Cleaned the bore and outside of rifle after every use - regaerdless of how many shots of fired. Sold with an ASE Utra SL5 and Optilock mounts. May even throw in the reloading dies. Have GRS Bezerk stock, but plan to sell this separately. May negotiate a deal, subject to the usual. £500 FTF or + RFD Transfer
  5. Elliott

    Gsr biforst

    F-ugly! 🤢
  6. Elliott

    CZ527 Single Set Trigger

    I use the SST permanently for long range varminting with my 527 204. It's spot on!
  7. Elliott

    Rebarrel from 223 to 204

    Haven't shot a fox with the 204 yet, but as far as varminting goes, the 204 seems to have the edge. Fast, flat and very explosive. I'm getting 3,720fps with excellent accuracy using 39gr Blitz. If I could get 3,400fps + from the 53gr M-Max with my 223 there would be less competition, but I can't. The lighter bullet has the additional safety factor, too. As much as I enjoyed my 223, I've made the decision to sell it after using the 204. It just seems so much easier to shoot.
  8. Elliott

    204 Vermin Control

    Or a tight reloader, not wanting to waste his ammo like in my case Here's the full target.
  9. Elliott

    204 Vermin Control

    Thanks. Four shot groups
  10. Elliott

    At last a perfect afternoon for varminting

    Very nice rifle. Great sport sniping crows and rabbits at longer ranges. Looks like that 6.5x47 will do the job.
  11. Elliott

    204 Vermin Control

    Nipped out again this evening while the weather was nice. Very still air and blue skies. First shot on a clean barrel and managed to to dump this Rook at 505 yards. Safe to say the T3 Varmint 223 is definitely going to get sold. The 204 is fast, flat, has zero recoil and is deadly accurate.
  12. Elliott

    204 Vermin Control

    Here's the wind meter - pretty basic, but perfectly adequate: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332380306194 Rangefinder is a Hawke 1000. Not sure they make them anymore

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