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  1. Elliott

    .17fireball reloaders

    Sounds like a good varmint calibre that can take down the ocassional fox as and when 😎
  2. Elliott

    .17fireball reloaders

    Presumably no problems dropping the fox, then?
  3. Elliott

    .17fireball reloaders

    Lovely looking rifle. Quite like the 17 rem and fireball. Great little vermin bashers. Do like the 204, though.
  4. Elliott

    .17fireball reloaders

    Nice one. They're shifting! Decent BC on those 25gr V-Max. If you can develop a good load they'll be great for long range rabbit/corvid control!
  5. Elliott

    New to varminting

    Out to 200 yards you'd be looking at 17HMR or one of the Hornets. Noise is about the same, but nowhere near as quiet at a 22LR using subsonic ammo. That's virtually silent. I have shot rabbits with the 22LR out to 180 yards, but that's extreme and not something I've done since. Sensible to keep the range of the 22LR down to sub 120 yards. 22LR does have a loopy trajectory, so can be difficult at night when judging distances is difficult. I'd favour the HMR or Hornets for that.
  6. Elliott

    New to varminting

    Three questions: 1. What range are you talking? 2. What kind of volume of rabbits are you shooting? 3. Day time or night time? My advice: - High volume day time rabbits: 22LR. I'd go for CZ452 or 455 - High volume night time rabbits: 17HMR. Same rifle as above - Low volume, longer range: 22 Hornet CZ527. Good out to 300 yards for rabbits. Also option for ocassional fox, sub 200 yards. Preferably homeloaded ammo with 40gr V-Max.
  7. Elliott

    COAL Test - 204 Ruger

    Yeah, I think it'll still be jumping to the lands. The CZ's seem to be the same. These fit into the mag nicely, too. The old Hornady stuff is passed its best, so I'll stick with the load I've developed - no more messing about needed 👍🏻
  8. Elliott

    COAL Test - 204 Ruger

    Yeah I reckon, too. No, didn't bother comparing the volume!
  9. Elliott

    COAL Test - 204 Ruger

    Thanks. It was 2.248" Interestingly, it grouped just as well at 2.248" with the Hornady brass when I first developed the load. I have shot around 500 rounds since then, though. Wonder if I've worn away the throat and I'm chasing the lands? Cleaned with solvent after every use, so it's well looked after. Perhaps it's got more to do with pressures changing with the different brass vs seating depth? Either way, I'm happy with the results.
  10. Elliott

    COAL Test - 204 Ruger

    Bought some new Nosler brass as the old Hornady stuff was getting passed its best. Turned out the same powder charge of 25.6gr Vhit N530 provided the most stable groups, but I wasn't happy with 3/4" at 100 yards. Thought I'd adjust the COAL and see what difference it made. Started with the longest 2.275" and decided that'd do! https://photos.app.goo.gl/nRqDby7uFp3PxkL8Ahttps://photos.app.goo.gl/dtQroAyLNf8Pba967
  11. Elliott

    204 Ruger with vn530

    I get 3,740fps with 25.6gr. My barrel is 25" though.
  12. Elliott

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    That's great shooting at 300 yards!
  13. How many of the once fired ones do you have? Could be interested.
  14. Go on, then.. What do you think is the best varminting calibre for UK vermin species? Fox size and under. I have 223, 204 and 22 Hornet. Mine would be a toss up between 204 Ruger and 22 Hornet. 22 Hornet upto 300 yards (<200 yard fox), 204 beyond.

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