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  1. Hi All Along with my clearout I also have this that’s not been used at the mo. It’s a very reluctant sell if it doesn’t go I’ll save it and I’ll just have to buy another rifle to stick it on;) I brought it second hand 6 years ago and it’s been on one of my main work rifles since and never missed a beat, it makes an awesome lamping scope and the fine reticle is perfect for culling. It’s mechanicaly sound. Specs are as in the title. It has 1cm elevation clicks. It has use related marks as shown in the photos and the lenses are probably 85% with no major scratches. It comes with the box, lens caps and all the paper work/ballistic stickers. Price reflects its condition £750 rmsd. For what it is it’s still an excellent scope. Any questions please ask please pm me for detailed pictures. Ben
  2. Hi All Having a sort out, all items including p+p. 100 once fired Norma .243 £35 100 once fired Lapua .243 £35 162 3-4 fired Norma .243 all were amp annealed before last firing. Free pick up or £30 49 once fired Hornady 25-06 £20 Hornady model M beam scale good condition £40 Lyman Turbo 1200 tumbler, bit dirty but perfect working order £40 Lee Auto disk powder measure £30 4x Lyman loading trays £15 10 x 50rd pistol round boxes £15 Very good condition Contessa mounts 30mm tube 8mm high to picatinny. £45 Very good condition Warne 30mm high to picatinny mounts. £30 New Wilson 6-6.5x47L new case holder £12 Any questions please ask Ben
  3. I’ll check and get back to you
  4. Yes got various 6mm heads I’ll have a count up when I go back down the yard.
  5. BuckhurstBen

    RS62 South Devon

    Cheers mate, he was my first port of call the other week but didn’t have any in stock. Ben
  6. BuckhurstBen

    RS62 South Devon

    Hi All Is there anyone in the South Devon (Plymouth-Salcombe) area that I could purchase or swap a small amount of the above from? Would like to see if my 47L likes it withought forking our for a whole tub. Have various Viht, RL and Hodgen powders could swap for.. Many thanks Ben
  7. BuckhurstBen

    RS62 South Devon

    Top man cheers Adrian! If I’m passing on the way to see family I’ll pop in. Many thanks
  8. BuckhurstBen

    RS62 South Devon

    Cheers James, aware of that. Just wanted to try a dozen or so rounds before I spend £80 odd on a new tub to find it doesn’t work! Ben
  9. F***ing funny stuff!! Makes me realise how lucky I am to have my own range of 1500 acres of beautiful Devon countyside that I can shoot what I want when I want. Mostly doing what all these rifles were designed for, killing stuff!!!
  10. BuckhurstBen

    Aimsport mod section

    Dauntsy Guns used to keep a few aim sport threads they might be able to post you one? Ben
  11. BuckhurstBen

    Moderator covers

    Lee if you can’t buy Uk, Armegedon Gear in the US make good mod covers Iv got a couple. Ben
  12. BuckhurstBen

    Essex Variation. Woop !

    Varies immensely I think. Thames Valley were spot on when I was there, I used to email them in the morning to book an appointment then drive up in the afternoon and get it sorted there and then for a variation. Ben
  13. BuckhurstBen

    Essex Variation. Woop !

    Lucky you! Exeter headquarters have balled my latest variation right up!! Ben
  14. BuckhurstBen

    What waterproof jacket / smock

    Bit late as you’re sorted now, but to anyone else thinking along the same lines I would recommend Nomad or Rivers West. Nomads a bit pricier but extremely durable and waterproof. Rivers west is good also but fall apart a bit quicker, (4-5 years of hard use). Both have big front pouches which as you mentioned are great for sticking the thermal or bins in. Regards Ben

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