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    Please enlighten me on how you get Charlie to to co-operate and stand broadside for you every time?!
  2. BuckhurstBen


    Dear Op Think Iv butted in on conversations regarding 204R before but I’ll mention my findings again. I had a lovely Sako 85 in 204R with a 20 inch barrel and shot hundreds of foxes over a couple of years but could never get the velocity I wanted and after failing to get it rebarreled to a sensible 26 inch sold it. ( I only say sensible as I can’t see the point in running a high velocity round out of a short barrel if your chasing “laser tragectories” ). I got a bit pissed off with the 204R because I missed the odd one due to the small bullets 32-39 gn not bucking the wind all that well at 2-350m. Also the only foxes I had run shot with it were ones shoulder shot, which happened a few times. I came to the conclusion it didn’t penetrate all that well on say a big dog fox. If you want to cleanly kill foxes every time I’d recommend a .223 caliber pushing a 50-55gn bullet as fast as you can get it. Or better still a 6mm. If your only going to shoot the occasional fox and not go out in all weather get the 204R. But if your serious about it maybe get something other than what a lot of other people recommend as good for “rabbits and crows”. Ill say it again you can never over gun a fox! Ben
  3. BuckhurstBen

    Varget East Sussex

    Dear All Has anyone in the Tunbridge Wells/East Grinstead area got a part tub or any Varget that I could purchase? Thanks Ben
  4. BuckhurstBen

    Varget East Sussex

    Says you can’t recieve pm mate, please drop me one with your number. Cheers
  5. BuckhurstBen

    Varget East Sussex

    Legend thanks mate pm’d you. Ben
  6. Also interested if details could be posted? Ben
  7. She’s a beauty mate, my personal defender is an early td5 90 they are fantastic trucks, mines on nearly 200k and still purring. Good luck with the sale, it’s a good price with all the mods, a few dings and scratches only add character to a landy!
  8. BuckhurstBen

    Summer Boots

    https://www.brandecosse.com/product/fagiano/ I now wear these all day all year, can’t fault them got a high pair also for the winter. Went off Meindl as the insoles wear through rapidly and the rubber rind peels off. They’re not cheap but my first pair are 4 years old now and still going strong after a lot of hard wear. Splash out treat your feet. Ben
  9. Hi Everyone With much regret I need to pass this on. Brought new from Optics Warehouse January this year. Fantastic bit of kit that Iv had on my 47L and used out to 1400m on steel and extended my precision vermin control game. First focal plane, CW turret. Scope is near perfect condition one slight mark on the knurling on the parallax knob shown in pictures. Glass perfect as had Tenebraex covers on which are included in the sale, as is the scope coat. Spuhr Sp-4601 mount included obviously 34mm with a 6mil/20.6moa cant. Perfect condition. All boxes and paperwork. Cost over £2600 new for the set up Asking £1925 couriered. For sale on Sd also Thanks , Ben
  10. Scope sold many thanks.
  11. Hello mate replied and on hold for you.
  12. Thanks Lapua, tried to find a way to keep it but need to pay for a house move! ☹️
  13. Don’t suppose your coming down Devon way this summer? Would take the H414 if you are. Ben
  14. BuckhurstBen

    Outdoor clothing repairs

    http://westtailoring.com/ Used them for various clothes, suits, leather jackets, rucksacks. Looks like their local to you?
  15. Pm sent re 30gn Bergers.
  16. BuckhurstBen

    30mm 2-Piece Picatinny Rings

    Got some contessa rings?
  17. Hi All After just finding out the wife is expecting again... This will have to go. I brought it second hand 6 years ago and it’s been on one of my main work rifles since and never missed a beat, it makes an awesome lamping scope and the fine reticle is perfect for culling. It’s mechanicaly sound. Specs are as in the title. It has 1cm elevation clicks. It has use related marks as shown in the photos and the lenses are probably 85% with no major scratches. It comes with the box, lens caps and all the paper work/ballistic stickers. Price reflects its condition £750 rmsd. For what it is it’s still an excellent scope. Any questions please ask please pm me for detailed pictures. Ben
  18. Hi all, For sale pair of Minox BL 8x42 BR binoculars. Just come back from Minox for service and new eye cups. Got another pair whist was waiting for these so now surplus. Good condition glass is ok clarity is fantastic. Price £150 posted rmsd Ben
  19. Pm replied to Lapua sold pending cheers
  20. Bump, solid optics for anyone wanting a decent pair of German bins at a cheap price.
  21. Would swap for 6.5 140gn VLD hunting heads

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