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  1. BuckhurstBen

    .243 load

    Good luck pulling one and matching the powder!
  2. BuckhurstBen

    .243 load

    Your not going to be flat to 400, but my recommendation would be a max load of N160 and 105gn Vld’s. You’ll get better accuracy at range, less wind drift and your foxes won’t get up. Ben
  3. BuckhurstBen

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    Not waded into this yet, just got in from foxing and mulling it over my horlicks. Personality I love my Swift, just nailed another one by a pen at a good 200m using 52gn Berger varmints and it always makes me smile when it rips their insides out the other side. I have the thermal on that and carry a 6.5x47 for use with the lamp shooting 95gn Vmax, which are just as hard hitting, beauty being I can switch to the 123’s when in the park. I had a 204, It was a 20” barrel sako and never felt there was enough velocity to buck the wind. Tried getting it rebarreled to a proper length (26”) but failed so sold it. With the 20 cal using 39gn I did have quite a few that ran. Loved my .243 especially with 87-105 gn, nothing gets up but needed a slightly bigger bore I felt for punching through red heads. Next on the list to try is a middlestead, the ‘best’ caliber personally tho is the one that spreads their guts the furthest;)
  4. Each to their own eh! Will you be painting the barrel ronin to match the stock or leaving it shiny?
  5. Will be a very practical build nice. What’s wrong with spiral fluting I rather like the look of it! Ben
  6. BuckhurstBen

    Plucking machine

    On a more serious note, cash waiting for a half decent plucker if there’s one out there not being used. Ben
  7. BuckhurstBen

    Plucking machine

    ?? Iv got the image in my head now of a bird straddling a plucking machine, that would leave a nasty rash!
  8. BuckhurstBen

    Plucking machine

    Na that’s called an epilator, you should buy your missus one if she’s that hairy
  9. BuckhurstBen

    Plucking machine

    Hi All, Does anyone have sat gathering dust a stand alone dry plucking machine for doing pheasants/partridge. Ideally for collection in the South Devon area? Many thanks Ben
  10. BuckhurstBen

    Summer 2018

    Mate I feel for you, gono be a tough season for a few. I can’t complain too much, get to go for a swim on the way round dogging in ?
  11. BuckhurstBen

    Summer 2018

    Good for pheasant poults, not for cover crops! Picking up a lot more vermin day and night also everything must be getting hungry and thirsty. Ben
  12. BuckhurstBen

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Ha ha ha! Classic, now that is rare!
  13. BuckhurstBen

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Thanks for the heads up Sherlock
  14. BuckhurstBen

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    I picked up a 6x42 S&B for 200 quid and it’s made me fall back in love with my .22. Just about focuses down close enough, glass is fantastic for lamping bunnies and you know it’s going to be bomb proof. Ben

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