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  1. BuckhurstBen

    hornady eld match

    Right o...
  2. BuckhurstBen

    hornady eld match

    Yes mate understood but should you be shooting live stuff a silly ranges if your not certain it’s going to hit? Regardless of what flavour bullet is used and weather it’s a rat or a deer. 😀 Ben
  3. BuckhurstBen

    hornady eld match

    Am I missing something but what’s wrong with the intended hornady bullet range for shooting vermin, Vmax? Not sure about everyone else but I can get just as good accuracy from Vmax throughout the spectrum as from target bullets for shooting vermin at normal-medium ranges. I have shot a few foxes with the 47 using the new eld-x 100gn bullets over the last month as couldn’t get any 95gn Vmax, can’t tell any difference they all dropped to the shot. Ben
  4. BuckhurstBen

    Tikka T3 stock

    Hi All Im after either a McMillan, Manners, Robertson or PSE stock in an A3-5-T4a or similar style inlet for a T3, in a gap camo type colour would be nice! If anyone’s got something gathering dust before I order new. Many thanks Ben
  5. Hi Mark, what condition is the 5 round Mag in? I’ll take it if it’s in good nick. Thanks
  6. Hi, Would be interested in your 3-12 S&B if sold separately. Regards Ben
  7. BuckhurstBen

    Expanding Bullets now section one.

    Bit behind the times down here in Devon mate!
  8. BuckhurstBen

    Expanding Bullets now section one.

    Will make life a lot easier, good times!
  9. Hi, Although I go out with the thermal more often than not now you still can't beat lamping for covering ground, especially after grass and crops have come off and bunny bashing. I have two lightforce hid roof mounted strikers with the 75w 5000k bulbs. They throw an awesome beam although the bulbs are expensive when they fade I would recommend them. Lightforce do handheld hid lamps and are a very reputable brand, well made and robust. Ben
  10. BuckhurstBen

    Trail cam

    Alright can't help you but I have just brought a couple of Minox DTC 390 trail cams, for the price circa £100 they are good units the spec are similar to ones priced a lot more. Ben
  11. Ok Graham will let you know, haven't heard back from Reccy yet. Ben
  12. Hi Reecy, Yes it is the same mate. Will pm you. Ben

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