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  1. BuckhurstBen

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Ha ha ha! Classic, now that is rare!
  2. BuckhurstBen

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Thanks for the heads up Sherlock
  3. BuckhurstBen

    Rifle scope for 22LR

    I picked up a 6x42 S&B for 200 quid and it’s made me fall back in love with my .22. Just about focuses down close enough, glass is fantastic for lamping bunnies and you know it’s going to be bomb proof. Ben
  4. BuckhurstBen

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Ask any gamekeeper this time of year their thoughts on foxes, personally I’d wipe the f**kers of the face of the planet. I might get some sleep then. Ben
  5. Have Forster dies, Lapua & Norma brass and a selection of Berger 6mm bullets if barrel and action sell. Ben
  6. Hi All. This is not beign used at the moment and I have another build in the making. I’m selling it as an action and bits but the barrel still shoots great with home loads if someone wanted to drop it in a stock. Tikka T3 short action with bolt and trigger. Border .243 chambered 24 inch light varmint contour threaded 14x1 1-9 twist. Barrel done 1500+ rounds regularly cleaned with wipeout. All ceracoted in graphite black but a bit worn. High optilocks and JetZ compact. Shoots 58-87gn bullets superbly still by no means shot out. Selling as a package £300 inc rfd or collection from South Devon.
  7. BuckhurstBen

    6.5mm Berger hybrid

    Hi, Iv got an open box with 80 in I could sell you or swap? Ben
  8. BuckhurstBen

    H414 can swap for Varget

    Sorted now thanks
  9. BuckhurstBen

    H414 can swap for Varget

    Hi all I am on the hunt for a couple of tubs of H414 as I havnt the time to work up a new load in the swift. I know it’s not been sold anymore but has anyone got a tub or two on the shelf I could buy or swap I have a tub and a half of varget I could barter with. Many thanks Ben
  10. BuckhurstBen

    Lightforce 170 reflector

    Cheers bud! It’s for the hid 170 which Iv always got on well with. All the best
  11. BuckhurstBen

    Lightforce 170 reflector

    Hi All, I’m after just the reflector for a Lightforce Striker 170. The gardener kindly drove my buggy into a low shed and smashed the roof mounted lamp. Has anyone got an old Lightforce 170 kicking around that’s broke I can use for spares? Many thanks Ben
  12. BuckhurstBen

    hornady eld match

    Right o...
  13. BuckhurstBen

    hornady eld match

    Yes mate understood but should you be shooting live stuff a silly ranges if your not certain it’s going to hit? Regardless of what flavour bullet is used and weather it’s a rat or a deer. 😀 Ben

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