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  1. BuckhurstBen

    6mm heads

    87gn Vmax and Scenars gone to the man above
  2. Had a count up of spare 6mm heads I won’t be using any time soon. Prices include p+p. If anyone wants the odds and sods for working up loads they are free to collect or just cover the postage. 97x Hornady Vmax 87gn-£25 43x Hornady Vmax 58gn moly-£12 35x Hornady Amax 105gn -£12 79x Berger 105gn vld match -£25 Going free, 28x Barnes 62gn varmint grenadade 18x Hornady 58gn Vmax 16x Lapua 90gn Scenar Also have 77x .204cal 32gn Nosler Bt-£20 Ben
  3. Sure replied to your pm
  4. Loading trays, tumbler, Lapua brass and pistol round boxes sold
  5. They should do, internal measurements are .4x.4. Shown with a .204 case that fits. Ben
  6. Hi All Along with my clearout I also have this that’s not been used at the mo. It’s a very reluctant sell if it doesn’t go I’ll save it and I’ll just have to buy another rifle to stick it on;) I brought it second hand 6 years ago and it’s been on one of my main work rifles since and never missed a beat, it makes an awesome lamping scope and the fine reticle is perfect for culling. It’s mechanicaly sound. Specs are as in the title. It has 1cm elevation clicks. It has use related marks as shown in the photos and the lenses are probably 85% with no major scratches. It comes with the box, lens caps and all the paper work/ballistic stickers. Price reflects its condition £750 rmsd. For what it is it’s still an excellent scope. Any questions please ask please pm me for detailed pictures. Ben
  7. I’ll check and get back to you
  8. Yes got various 6mm heads I’ll have a count up when I go back down the yard.

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