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  1. Edit Added. Would swap for a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 x 50 Scope preferably NP2-did reticle.
  2. Thanks Onehole and Gunner, Yes great rifle. The little Sako A1 is a perfect size action for the PPC cartridge.
  3. Sako .22 PPC USA Sako A1 Benchrest Repeater Action Trued (Original PPC not modified) 60cm 1in14 Stainless Sporter Barrel Screwcut 1/2" UNF Vapour Blasted with invisible Cap Fully Adjustable 2 Stage Trigger Sako Bottom Metal & Hinged floorplate Bedded into a Mcmillan Sako Sporter Stock, Raised Cheekpiece & Palm Swell. The Factory ammo shoots 1/4 MOA A superb little rifle that is just not getting used. Built by Neil Mckillop Comes with: 170 Factory Ammo Sako. 230 Once fired Brass Redding Die set Forster Micrometer Seater Die £1150.00 or would swap for Nightforce NXS Scope Preferably 5.5-22 x50 NP2-dd reticle.
  4. MacPherson

    Sako PPC

    Thank you DanPD, I have a Rifle down with Neil at the moment to get re-barrelled so have just called him. I'll keep my fingers crossed, Thanks for the info.
  5. MacPherson

    Sako PPC

    Sako PPC, would prefer a 6 ppc but would take a 22 ppc, I have missed out on 2 just recently, would love to own own, its my dream rifle. Thanks.
  6. MacPherson

    Sako 75 or A1 to 17 Hornet?

    If anybody is very friendly with Baldie, dasherman or other rifle smith could they please ask them if it is possible to convert a .223 sized bolt face to shoot .17 hornet? I am keen to get this calibre but want a rifle I actually like and will enjoy shooting. Thanks for everybody that has replied so far but It is this calibre I want. To compare 17 rem to 17 hornet is like comparing apples to oranges, each calibre has its use and effective range, I think 325 yards is beyond what I will use it for or expect out of it. I think the 17 hornet is a 200 yard at most small game cartridge.
  7. MacPherson

    Sako 75 or A1 to 17 Hornet?

    My .222 is a Sako A1 and a fantastic little action, I would love the same but in .17 Hornet, so after seeing that Sako 461 in Australia it means it can be done but I am still hoping for one of the rifle smiths to come on here and say Yes this is possible, what spec do you want and wheres the money? haha
  8. MacPherson

    Sako 75 or A1 to 17 Hornet?

    Morning Guys, Yes the main reason for wanting the .17 Hornet is factory loaded ammo is available, moa accuracy is fine for me. I know some people just love reloading and have this as a hobby but I would rather spend the time shooting. I probably would go for a .17 fireball if factory ammo was available. My .222 is a Sako A1 and is a fantastic little a
  9. MacPherson

    Sako 75 or A1 to 17 Hornet?

    I'm so excited!!!! I've found this https://usedguns.com.au/Product.aspx?p=53191 It's a sako L461 converted to 17 hornady hornet but it's in Australia. So I think this can be done?!? Rifle smiths help.......dasher man?! Baldie?! Etc
  10. MacPherson

    Sako 75 or A1 to 17 Hornet?

    Thanks, I did have a look at the other .17's but thought the .17 hornet suited my needs better, was looking for a crow. magpie, hare and rabbit rifle. I Have tried a .17 HMR and although it was reasonable, I felt the ammo let it done hugely. Has anybody ever heard of these smaller sako's getting adapted to shoot the Hornet? I am looking to commission a build if this is possible. I already have a .222 Sako and a .22 rimfire but just want an in betweenie.
  11. Good Morning, A question to rifle smiths: Can the Sako 75 1 or Sako A1 be altered to shoot the .17 Hornet, I know the bolt face would be too large but could this be bushed or altered to take the smaller case size? This calibre fits the bill perfectly for what I want but I don't like the rifles that are available for this calibre off the shelf , eg CZ, Savage. I am not concerned abt the rifle being a repeater and would use as a single shot. Many Thanks.
  12. Good Evening Lee, If you would like to PM me your email or number, I would like to make you an offer. I can't send PM's unfortunately? Many Thanks
  13. MacPherson

    Sako 75 6mm BR

    Good Afternoon Duff, Is this rifle still available? Thanks.

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