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  1. 6x42 mk2 photon

    Banus, If all the other things mentioned don't fix your problem then check that the allen bolts on the two c-clamps that hold the whole front end of the Photon on are done up properly. Cheers Clive
  2. night vision set up

    I use the Ward D Vision 800L on my .223 and a few other rifles that aren't set up with thermal. Very compact and no problems with eye relief or distance even using our smallest BR20 Black Sun Ruby IR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVw_djBAtFA Cheers Clive
  3. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    Moorlander, Nothing wrong with the .17 HMR, except the ammunition variability. If you can find a batch that works in the rifle you have, then all will be well. If you can't then it will just frustrate you, or at worst have your fingers off if you are not very diligent with your misfire procedure. I think I have had a blocked barrel on 5 occasions. It's a difficult call. The .17 HMR ammunition that I find reliable and accurate soon looses that accuracy past 130 or so yards so the practical reliable field range for the .17 HMR for me isn't massively further than my .22LR which I'm happy out to about 85 yards with. I have a sorted .17 HMR but my choices are for Rabbiting and the odd close opportune fox, .22 LR and for Foxing while clearing up the Rabbits on the way, .22 Hornet. I now use the .17 HMR for daytime mooching about and as a test bed for scope mounted NV. The .22LR and Hornet both have thermal rifle scopes on them. Ammunition prices for the .17 HMR are also on the rise, but that depends on how much you will use it. Cheers Clive
  4. FCSA leading the way!

    I think the FCSA need a statistician on the case to debunk the nonsense of risk. I have already mentioned that the governments own figures state that exactly 'nobody' is murdered with a rifle in the UK, legally held or otherwise. Now the proportion of rifles that are .50 or manual release are a tiny proportion of those owned in the UK. So the risk is a tiny proportion of 'never'. brown dog has also alluded to the actual common sense and real world scenario. Which is more likely if you are a terrorist organisation wishing to mount an attack with a .50? Smuggle them in from your own stocks overseas, zeroed and with correct ammunition and personnel already trained in the system? Or mount a series of risky 'capers' to track down a UK legal owner, surveil them for a period of time, plan and execute theft of the rifle optics and ammunition, zero it and train, and then mount your attack...all without getting nicked and thwarted very early on. Once you take the probability ratio of those scenarios into account then the risk falls into the levels of almost immeasurable. Cheers Clive
  5. Hi All, I've just been having a peruse of this: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/compendium/focusonviolentcrimeandsexualoffences/yearendingmarch2015/chapter3offencesinvolvingtheuseofweapons Scrolling down you can drill down to injuries caused during crime by type of firearm. Rifles are bundled into a section with a lot of other things such as stun guns, cs guns, starting pisols, prohibited guns (Skorpions and AKs I would guess) or 'unknown'. Interestingly in this category there were zero deaths caused. Now if you look at the huge number of rifles held on FAC in the UK and the absolutely tiny proportion of those being manual release and the even tinier proportion being .50; I just can't see any real statistical evidence that they pose any kind of measurable threat to public safety. Even if it was 1 death per year from stolen rifles I would imagine the statistics would be that someone would be murdered with a stolen .50 every 7,800 years. Back to my earlier point, the estimates are infection in hospitals is a major contributor in 15,000 deaths annually and is in fact the primary cause in 5,000 more deaths. Again...do some good and spend the money on soap and cleaning. Cheers Clive
  6. Hi All, I've responded in detail on all points. Personally, I'd rather they spend the millions it will cost on actively tackling crime, rather than criminalising members of the public through poorly written legislation. If it's a simple equation of saving maximum lives for the money, then spend it on soap and cleaning in hospitals. Cheers Clive
  7. Anschutz ejector

    Fiddled about with it as per the instructions / drawings in the link provided. I bought a spare set to mess about with. Only real pain in the bum was getting the spring clip on and off. Cheers Clive
  8. Anschutz ejector

    Hi All, I sorted mine out after suffering years of tedious non-ejection from my XIV carbine. It doesn't exactly spit them out like the .17 HMR but they do now at least clear the action 100% making the rifle actually useable. Cheers Clive
  9. .22-250 36 Grain Varmint Grenades

    Hi All, Yes not the most ballistically efficient bullet, but we have a local source here at around £12 per hundred. The VGs are strange because they are very long for their weight so behave like a much heavier bullet, in terms of required twist rate, rpm to stabilise. Anecdotally, I had heard a lot of bad news about their accuracy in the .223 but luckily a chap had success with N120 and that followed in my rifle. I'm wondering if the harder sintered tin construction of these bullets needs a bit more of a sharper thump to get it to obturate into the barrels rifling. Cheers Clive
  10. .22-250 36 Grain Varmint Grenades

    Hi All, I have a friend who is struggling to get these to work accurately in his .22-250 with BLC-2. Even in the .223 they have a reputation of being a bit rubbish. I managed to get over this by going a bit off piste with the load data and actually run mine at Barne's data for COAL but with a load of N120 calculated on quickload and then verified on the range and indeed with excellent accuracy. I'm wondering if similar success could be gleaned in the .22-250 by using a faster powder than usual, such as N120? Cheers Clive
  11. Pulsar Helion

    Hi Froggy, I've got a chap near Swindon if that helps? Cheers Clive
  12. Hi Fusil, I'd like the QRW rings please. Cheers Clive
  13. Hi All, We've had another delivery and have one of these going spare. Cheers Clive
  14. Yep they've come in and gone out to customers many times over now. I've got another delivery due again this week that has a spare one in it, so I'll pop out with that when I get time (as long as nobody orders it in the meantime). Cheers Clive
  15. CZ527 22 Hornet | 146 Yard Rabbit

    There's a bit more discussion on the H&N bullets here: http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/34658-saying-hello-22-hornet-help/ Cheers Clive

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