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  1. Can anyone help with this no matter what distance I put in all the elevation and windage is calculated in full clicks the photo below shows 26 clicks but should show 26.4 Thanks
  2. stephentri

    Delta Stryker

  3. stephentri

    Atlas bipod what one

    Hi tjc may I ask why you would not buy one again, what would you go for
  4. stephentri

    Atlas bipod what one

    Any one used the cal version of the atlas
  5. Looking for a new bipod for informal target and vermin shooting looking at the atlas models is it worth going for the prs version have any of you used both and are able to compare.
  6. stephentri

    hornady eld match

    That's interesting has anyone sectioned them to compare jacket thickness
  7. stephentri


    Hi have any of you problems getting eld-m to shoot , do you find them seating depth fussy ?
  8. stephentri

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    No such bullet you must mean 143gr eld-x

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