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  1. Hi Have any off you compared G7 to custom curve on your real shooting data
  2. Hi Looking at kestrel 5700 ballistic vs 5700 applied ballistics, apart from not storing as many guns and not having drop scale factor which really only matters when shooting at transonic ranges,the main differences is custom curves,is it worth spending the extra money to get custom curves,how much better is it than G7 BC shooting out to 1000y any real world information would be grateful. Thanks
  3. stephentri

    Ultrasonic cleaners

    Using sea clean and hot water 2, 15min cycles has mine clean
  4. stephentri

    What pistol grip

    https://www.blackrifle.co.uk/MDT-AR15-Pistol-Grip-p/mdt-grip.htm I have this one on my ESS
  5. stephentri

    Inside of brass neck to clean

    Hi I have noticed that when I clean brass with the ultrasonic cleaner the inside of the necks almost appear rough, do any of you polish the inside after cleaning, is there any benefit in doing. Thanks Stephen
  6. stephentri

    MDT ESS or XLR Evolution

    I have a Mdt ess can't fault it, easy to get behind,the biggest difference I noticed when I changed from a traditional style stock was the way the rifle recoiled back in a straight line with no muzzle rise.
  7. stephentri

    N150,N550,N160. 3006

    Anyone got advice on this
  8. stephentri

    N150,N550,N160. 3006

    Hi out of the 3 powders which one would you recommend for 150 to 178 grain bullet for a 3006, 24 inch barrel,I know all 3 will work but looking to keep to one powder,Thanks
  9. stephentri

    What 7mm?

  10. stephentri

    What 7mm?

    I have a MDT ess chassis with my tikka t3 6.5x55 it takes mdt steel mags for 6.5x55 up to 300 win mag .
  11. One of these from teir one, hope this helps

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