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  1. Hi selling my minox high grade 8.5x52 binoculars Price drop now £360
  2. stephentri


    I had the chance to compare the ior recon with a kahles k624i, I went with the kahles. ior takes so much playing about with to get a clear image if shooting crow's they would be long gone.
  3. Thanks pm me payment details
  4. What one do you have for sale?
  5. Tried to pm u ,is your in box full, can u post a photo of the 34mm rings as I am interested in them. Thanks
  6. stephentri


    That's all you can do is bottom it out then you can't read the marks ,I had the ior recon from optics were house I did not like the soft turrets or the so called zero stop also a lot of playing about to get a sharp image ,I sent it back
  7. stephentri

    Wanted kahles k624i

  8. stephentri

    Wanted kahles k624i

  9. stephentri

    Wanted kahles k624i

    Anyone got one for sale please pm me Thanks

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