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  1. What's happened to these subs?

    So what did Eley have to say ?
  2. I am looking to keep weight of build to a max of 7.5 pounds do you think that is possible with a barrel length of 24 inches and a light stock possible a pse.
  3. I phoned sassen today but Adam away until next week ,but thanks for info I am looking to get a tikka t3 light 6.5x55 re barreled and a new stock needs to be light enough for deer stalking but also heavy enough for informal target shooting. Thanks
  4. Hi how much lighter in pounds would the light varmint profile be over the standard varmint profile. Thanks
  5. Barrel contour

    On the border barrels chart would the R1 be the equivalent of the Remington sendero profile.
  6. Barrel contour

    The table is from border barrels hope this helps
  7. Barrel contour

    Number A B C D E F Description R1 23,24,26,28,33 1.24 0.79 2.20 2.35 0.95 Varmint R2 22,24,26 1.24 0.67 2.20 2.35 0.95 Varmint Lightweight R3 22,24 1.18 0.66 1.12 10.0 0.70 Sporter R4 26 1.24 0.83 2.2 2.35 0.95 PSS Hi could anyone please explain to me were the measurements are taken from on the barrel I can figure out A is the length and C is the end ,also would anyone know the weight and the difference in weight between lightweight varmint and varmint both finished at 24 inches. Thanks
  8. Which ballistic app

    Hi I use strelok pro good features on it and easy to use.
  9. Creedmoor or 6.5x55

    So is there any advantages to re barrel in creedmoor I will be mostly shooting 140 grain bullets
  10. Creedmoor or 6.5x55

    Hi regarding barrel length I don't want to go any longer than 24 inches as rifle will be used for deer stalking as well as target ,would this change your choice.
  11. Creedmoor or 6.5x55

    Thanks Laurie lots of info on the 6.5 ,even after 123 years the 6.5x55 is still a contender.
  12. Hi I have a tikka t3 6.5x55 looking to get it re barreled, is there any advantage changing to creedmoor.I know the creedmoor fits a short action but as the tikka is long action it makes no difference. Could anyone here list the advantages and disadvantages Thanks
  13. Best Wellies?

    Muckboot muck master 3 years old and still going strong.
  14. Hornady ELD X no thump

    Hi I was going to give the 143 ELD-X a go but reading this post think I will stick with 140 sst out of my 6.5x55.

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