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  1. stephentri


    Hi I am using cfe 223 in my .223 77gr tmk getting good results
  2. With my kahles k624i I can see . 223 holes on white paper at 300 y .what rifle scope are you using?
  3. stephentri

    Atlas cal gen 2 bipod

    Any updates on atlas cal bipod
  4. Hi have any of you got to try one of the new tier one bipod ,like to hear your views
  5. stephentri

    Atlas cal gen 2 bipod

    What's your thoughts on the new evolution bipod fromtier one
  6. Hi any chance you could post a few photo of it Thanks
  7. stephentri

    Straight line recoil

    https://tier-one.eu/collections/tactical-bipod/products/evolution-bipod-1 This looks good
  8. stephentri

    Straight line recoil

    Any one else offer advice
  9. Hi have any of you found when shooting of a bipod with pan , that when paned to one side you no longer get straight back recoil and the rifle jumps to one side. If this is the case why have pan on the bipod would a phoenix or the atlas cal bipod be a better option, your views please.
  10. stephentri

    Atlas cal gen 2 bipod

    Anyone like to share their views on straight line recoil when bipod is panned
  11. stephentri

    Atlas cal gen 2 bipod

    I find that when paned you no longer get straight back recoil, rifle jumps to the side,
  12. Hi thinking of getting one of these have any of you tried one what are your thoughts.
  13. stephentri

    .20 practical

    CEF223 is REACH compliance

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