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  1. hornady eld match

    Any updates on what's best for vermin eldm or eldx
  2. 6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    Any one try the 130 grain TMK in their 6.5 I know the 77gr TMK works well for vermin in my. 223
  3. Forster honed dies

    Hi Palo thanks
  4. Forster honed dies

    Hi if you don't mind me asking how much were you charged for postage and duty
  5. Forster honed dies

    Hi could anyone tell me if I order honed dies from forster how long it takes for them to arrive in the UK and are you hit with import duty. Thanks
  6. SWAP: Aim 50 for Aim FS-42

    I could swap you a aim 45 drag bag in black for your aim 50 black
  7. Hi mactavish What barrel length is your CM and what powder are you using for the 147 eldm Thanks
  8. New dies

    Screw the full length die in to touch the shell holder then back it off a little size your case measure it see if the shoulder has bumped if not adjust and measure again. Check out YouTube lots of video about bumping shoulder
  9. New dies

    You only need one die, a full length die set up correctly to bump the shoulder by 2 tho and size the neck all in one go no messing about with 3 dies
  10. Reload Swiss RS62: Actual V's QL for 6.5 Creedmoor

    Good to see real life velocity from a creedmoor .not like the stuff on YouTube were they're up on 3000 fps with 140 grain sst
  11. New dies

    Hi looking for some recommendations on new dies iam looking at forster full length bench rest set, and Redding premium full length set, I am not going to be neck turning for this rifle so I don't see the need to go with bushing dies. I would be grateful for your feedback on such dies.
  12. Can this be right?

    I use kahles 624i mill 4 ret for target and vermin but for deer stalking Zeiss 3x12x56 I can't find fault with either of them
  13. Have a look at a 6.5 shooting 147 grain ELD-M even at 2750 FPS it doesn't give much away to the 7MM

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