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  1. stephentri

    N150,N550,N160. 3006

    Anyone got advice on this
  2. stephentri

    N150,N550,N160. 3006

    Hi out of the 3 powders which one would you recommend for 150 to 178 grain bullet for a 3006, 24 inch barrel,I know all 3 will work but looking to keep to one powder,Thanks
  3. stephentri

    What 7mm?

  4. stephentri

    What 7mm?

    I have a MDT ess chassis with my tikka t3 6.5x55 it takes mdt steel mags for 6.5x55 up to 300 win mag .
  5. One of these from teir one, hope this helps
  6. stephentri

    6.5 questions

    Nothing wrong with the 6.5×55
  7. stephentri

    Advice wanted

    Cz have had one for years , good rifle
  8. stephentri

    6.5CM Necksizing Problems

    I bump the shoulder back every time with a Redding body die then neck size with a lee collet die I have found this method has less run out than using the redding full length bushing die.
  9. stephentri

    6.5CM Necksizing Problems

  10. stephentri


    Hi I am using cfe 223 in my .223 77gr tmk getting good results
  11. With my kahles k624i I can see . 223 holes on white paper at 300 y .what rifle scope are you using?
  12. stephentri

    Atlas cal gen 2 bipod

    Any updates on atlas cal bipod

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