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  1. I have the Opticron folding bipod featured on their website (without ball head). I haven't used it very much since it doesn't work with my current spotting scope. I always found it very stable on a bench and easy to transport. The simple design allows you to set it up in a couple of seconds. If you have any more questions I'll try to answer them.
  2. L B Jefferies

    260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    Mick Miller Thanks for starting this thread. It might help me too, since I'm also trying new powders in 260 Rem. I'm on my second 260, having used H4350 in my first, but with the new regulations, I'm moving away from Hodgdon powders. I'm currently using 123 Scenars with N160, which give fantastic 3 shot, 100 yard, load delelopment groups, but I haven't had chance to work out how they shoot at longer ranges. They seem ok out to 300 yards, but not amazing. I stopped at a slight crunch when seating the bullet as I'm not keen on compressed loads, and have reached around 2900 fps, but with an ES of 50 or more. From what Laurie has said about N160 in 260 Rem, I suspect it's too slow for 123s, but it sounds like N150 may be too fast to get the 3000 fps I would like to be competitive against 139 gr bullets. I hoped that you might have good results with N150, because my other options seem to be either switch to 139s to possibly suit N160 better, or go to other powders, Reloader Swiss, Ramshot? I've had sudden pressure signs with Viht 500 series powders before, so I avoid them. Keep us posted how you get on.
  3. L B Jefferies


    Thanks BD, I was lucky that there were a few watches on there that I really like, so spotted them straight away. Number 8 is one of those, TC!
  4. L B Jefferies


    10 out of 10. Although number 7 was a 50/50 guess. I must spend too much time on Watchfinder!
  5. L B Jefferies

    S&B 12-50x56 SFP P4F Question

    It may be at 25x, it is on my 12-50 according to the booklet that came with it.
  6. 6.5 shooter Ats is angled Sts is straight Hope this helps
  7. L B Jefferies

    Harris bipod on an AI

    You need a Harris bipod adaptor. It's basically a sling swivel that bolts into the bottom of the chassis using the keyslot system. You would need the shortest Harris swivel bipod and a Pod-loc to lock it solid. Edit to add I said shortest Harris because the AT chassis is quite tall and ends up with the butt quite high
  8. L B Jefferies

    S&B Owners - Parallax Question

    I can't remember the exact markings, but I think mine is at least as far out as yours is.
  9. L B Jefferies

    75gr amax

    Not a CZ, but I tried them in my 9" twist 223. They were hopeless, although Hornady do say they need an 8" twist. The 75gr BTHP are supposed to work in a 9" twist. Mine loves the 70gr Berger VLDs although I think they have a reputation for being fussy about jump.
  10. L B Jefferies

    Remmy 700 SA 20MOA Rail

    You're welcome, glad you got it sorted
  11. L B Jefferies

    Remmy 700 SA 20MOA Rail

    I have a Ken Farrell rail for a Rem 700. They're quite a tall rail compared with rails like the Third Eye ones. If you think it would be suitable, drop me a PM.
  12. L B Jefferies

    Harris Bipod Stud for AI AT wanted

    I need the short rail with a sling swivel that clamps to the underside of an AT chassis. They would normally be available from Sporting Services, but they were out of stock when I needed one. If anyone has one they don't need that would be great. Many thanks LBJ

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