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  1. Keithkilvo1


    32-40 dies and brass wanted
  2. Keithkilvo1

    Obsolete calibre

    Can’t see it on airgun bbs don’t think I’ve posted enough to get on that part of the forum
  3. Keithkilvo1

    Obsolete calibre

    Looking for a Marlin preferred or Winchester in obsolete calibre 32-40 Also a .310 cadet Cheers
  4. Go to the Phoenix meeting at Bisley it's on all weekend and they have shed loads for sale,
  5. Keithkilvo1


    Looking for a XL650 cheers
  6. Keithkilvo1

    Dillon press

    Looking for a XL 650 press. Has anyone got one for sale
  7. Keithkilvo1

    Ruger Red Hawk

    Looking for a Ruger Red Hawk LBR in .357 Ready and waiting Cheers
  8. Keithkilvo1

    Reloading dies

    .243 dies split and full length sold others £25 each posted
  9. Hi I have 1\2 a tub (470g) of Vit N140. Pick up Ascot/ Bisley SOLD
  10. For sale . 243 brass no more that twice fired most once fired. 60 x Federal 20 x Sako 20 x Winchester 1 x 50 round box All of the brass has been sized and primed so face to face only Ascot/ Bisley £25
  11. I have for sale 22 x Federal Powershok 100grn SP 13 x PPU 90grn SP Face to face only with correct permission on licence Ascot/Bisley £25 for the lot
  12. Set of 3 Redding dies for .243 and a set of 2 Lyman dies and 1 Redding die for .308 £50 per set pick up from Ascot or Bisley or can post for £5 a set .308 SOLD

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